April, 2010

April 30, 2010: An off-duty armed security guard was able to stop a bank robbery that he found himself in the middle of. The private security guard pulled his firearm and held the robber at gunpoint until the police arrive. The classroom portion of the handgun carry class went very well yesterday. Thanks to Kyle, Peggy, Jeremiah, and everyone else that helped make these classes happen. It is incredible that today is the last day of April. It seems as though the year has just started. Last night a security guard in Colorado fired two shots at a car full of young people that had been drinking. The security guard reportedly asked them to get out of the vehicle. The driver put the car in reverse and gunned the engine. The door of the vehicle knocked the security guard down. The security officer then fired two shots from his handgun. 
Yesterday a Green Hills woman was convicted of First Degree Murder. The woman was convicted of strangling her husband to death in 2008.

April 29, 2010:  Thankfully, the weather in Nashville did not stay cool for too long. Today is a very big day for On Guard Security. Today will be the very first class that we will instruct. Our instructors have had much experience, but this will be the very first training class for On Guard Security! I'm sure that we will be just as successful training security guards and teaching handgun carry permit classes as we have been at providing quality security guard services. 

A man in Florida was criminally charged after biting a hospital security guard on the hand.
Preparation for tonight's handgun carry permit class was much more than any of us had expected.

April 28, 2010:  Late last week a Rite Aid was robbed in Hermitage, Tennessee. Police are still working to identify the woman that is responsible. This robbery is just the latest robbery of a pharmacy connected to OxyContin or other prescription pain medication. There are only two days left to register for our handgun carry permit class.
A man in Ohio is accused of trying to run down a private security guard with his vehicle earlier this week. The man also a allegedly had a gun.
Ronal Serpas, Nashville's Chief of Police, is one of three finalists that are still being considered to be the next chief of the New Orleans Police Department.
A man admitted to police today that he is responsible for a string of catalytic converter thefts in Nashville.

April 27, 2010:  Nashville's Chief of Police has recently been talking with officials in New Orleans about taking a job there. Police in Lexington, Kentucky held a meeting for small business owners about how to keep their property safe from criminals.
Evangel University has made the move to arm the security guards that are on campus. They are the first university in that area to use armed security guards. No particular incident inspired the change.
Yesterday a man was arrested that pepper sprayed a security guard outside of a bar in Hollywood, California. Police in California are still seeking a second suspect.
The weather in Nashville has certainly taken a turn for the worse.
Extra Duty Police Officers charged 25 people with DUI last weekend.

April 26, 2010:  On Guard Security would like to thank Victor L. for his help as an unarmed security guard last weekend.
April 24, 2010:  Special thanks to Sandra P. in Nashville.
April 23, 2010:  On Guard would like to thank Brandon B. Thanks for all the help again. A tip to Crime Stoppers led to the identification and arrest of a 24-year-old man in connection with a robbery Thursday morning at a bank in south Nashville.

April 22, 2010:  We have officially set dates for our first few classes. The first class for concealed carry permit will be on April 29th and at the range on April 30th. The class will be in Nashville. Sign up soon, because there are a limited number of openings.  Nancy Pelosi reportedly had more security guards at a recent fundraiser in Florida than guests.
Three teens in Kentucky are being charged with kidnapping and attempted murder among other charges for attacking an openly gay 18-year-old girl.
The body of a custodian at MBA was found early yesterday morning in west Nashville.
A 79-year-old man was tied up and robbed in his own house. On Tuesday night two men broke into the elderly gentleman's house and tied him up at gunpoint. Police believe that the men were looking for prescription pain medication.
Another marijuana grow house was found by the Nashville police last week. Over ninety marijuana plants and over a hundred pounds of marijuana were discovered inside a house in South Nashville.

April 21, 2010:  Yesterday a jury convicted a man of shooting a security guard in Cathedral City in 2007. The man was not convicted on a seperate charge of shooting a second security guard. The man said he shot the security officer because he did not like security guards.
April 20, 2010:  A security guard in Las Vegas was murdered Sunday night. The guard was shot several times. Polices say three men were seen running away from the scene of the crime.
April 18, 2010:  I have just returned from a relaxing vacation in Florida. I'm well rested and ready to get back to work.
April 11, 2010:  Police in Frankfort, Kentucky are searching for suspects for an armed robbery this morning around 3 AM at the Kats7 market.
April 9, 2010:  Yesterday was the official beginning of Mule Day in Columbia, Tennessee. A man was shot and killed outside a K.F.C. yesterday evening in Nashville. The shooting happened around 6 P.M. at the K.F.C. in Bordeaux.
A man was arrested yesterday in Texas for impersonating a private security officer. The man had allegedly been working at a nightclub dressed as a security guard and carrying a firearm.

April 8, 2010:  Starting May 1st the Metro Nashville Police Department will have a new gang unit on the street. The new unit will be in addition to the two gang units that Nashville has already. In Oak Ridge, Tennessee a woman robbed a family in their home for cash and prescription drugs. The robber was caught shortly after the incident.
A store clerk at a discount tobacco convenience store in Nashville was killed last night. The victim was shot in the head. Police believe the motive was robbery. 
The weather here in Nashville changed very quickly. It is not nearly as nice as it has been.

April 7, 2010:  Three people were injured in a shooting last night in Nashville. The shooting happened at a nightclub called Atlantis in downtown Nashville. Police are reporting that a man fired his gun into the crowd outside of Atlantis because he had violated the dress code and could not get in the club. This holds special meaning to me and everyone else here at On Guard Security. Less than one month ago three of our security officers worked a private party at Atlantis. This announcement is way past due. I suppose it's better to announce it late than to never announce it at all. We have a new captain at On Guard Security. M. Reeder was promoted to Captain.

April 6, 2010:  A gas station in Clarksville, Tennessee was robbed early Monday morning. The robber demanded cash and cigarettes.
Police in Kentucky are looking for suspects in a robbery. The robbery happened earlier this week at a Motel 6 in Lexington, Kentucky.
Scientists have discovered a new lizard. It is a very large fruit eating lizard that lives on at least one island in the Philippines.

April 4, 2010:  Happy Easter!!
All security guard operations went well over the weekend.   Everyone remained safe, and we achieved our objectives.
The weather forecast for Nashville, Tennessee promises a beautiful week ahead.

April 2, 2010:  Last night's special-event went very well for everyone. Armed guards from On Guard Security provided supplemental security for a book signing by Tim McGraw at a Nashville area Barnes and Noble. There was a big crowd. Working with the other security guard companies was pleasant. McGraw, his personal security, management at Barnes and Noble, and everyone else that was involved was a pleasure.

Thanks to Mike, Nate, Dan, and Brandon.

April 1, 2010:  I can't believe that April is already here. March was a wonderful month for On Guard. All of our employees are well, all security guard operations went well, we were able to meet and work with some terrific people, and we had the best month that we have ever had.


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