April, 2012

April 30, 2012:   An 18-year-old in Texas was arrested over the weekend for assaulting a private security guard. After the security guard reported the assault, police officers found the man being restrained by event security. The man was struggling and refused to comply with officers orders. In addition to being charged with assault on the security guard, the man was also charged with disorderly conduct and underage drinking. Police in Nashville are investigating a shooting that happened yesterday in east Nashville.  A dispute between neighbors led to the shooting according to police.  The victim was a guest of one of the neighbors. The victim was shot in the arm and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  Yesterday at an Elk's Lodge in Maryland three people were stabbed in a "triple stabbing."  Two men allegedly stabbed three people early Sunday morning.  One of the three people that were stabbed is a security guard.  The stabbing occurred at a party at the Elk's Lodge.  The security guard and the other two victims were taken to the hospital.  All three are reportedly in stable condition.

A would-be security guard in Pennsylvania shot and killed a friend over the weekend.  The would-be guard was showing his handgun to a friend.  He thought the gun was unloaded.  The woman that he was showing the gun to was shot in the face.  The woman died at the scene.  Records show that the man that believed the gun was not loaded had taken handgun safety classes, had taken classes to be certified as an armed security guard, and had a concealed-carry permit in the state of Florida.

April 29, 2012:  Police in Clarksville, Tennessee are investigating a murder after a man's body was found in a wrecked vehicle with a gunshot wound.  A passing driver discovered the body in the wrecked vehicle around 12:30 a.m.  Police are seeking the information from anyone that might know something about the murder or that possibly witnessed it.

A man in Kentucky has been arrested and charged with DUI after he hit a police officer.  The man was trying to pass a wreck on the road and hit the police officer with his truck.  The officer went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The man is a high school softball coach and a private security guard.  

Last week in Texas a woman that was being chased by security for shoplifting at a mall.  In the process of fleeing from the security guards, the woman ran over a security guard's foot.  The security guards were able to get the woman's license plate number as she was leaving.  The security guard that was hit by the woman's car only suffered minor injuries.

A man in Lexington, Kentucky was found dead this afternoon by his roommate.  The two roommates had been in a fight the night before.  Alcohol was involved in the fight.  The two men went to sleep after the fight.  One man slept in his bedroom.  The other man (the one that died) slept on the floor.  Police are investigating the incident.  The cause of death has not yet been determined.

April 28, 2012:  Thanks to Otis and Allstar Limosine!

A school security guard was fired for "inappropriate communications" with an 18-year-old student in Massachusettes today.  Authorities say that they believe that the interaction between this security officer and student was an isolated incident.  The high school is routinely patrolled by up to five security guards.

The DEA wants everyone's help to prevent drug abuse and theft.  The DEA has declared today "National Prescription Take Back Day."  This program allows people to drop off any pills that they don't want or need with no questions asked and no charge.  Participants must take the pills to designated locations to participate in the program.  Last year over 6,000 pounds of prescription pills were collected in Tennessee. 

A man was shot at a nightclub in Clarksville earlier this morning.  According to police reports the shooting happened around 4:15 a.m. this morning.  Police found the victim just inside the entrance to the nightclub.  Investigators believe that the victim was shot inside the club.  The victim suffered a single gunshot would to his back.

It is a very warm and sunny day here in Nashville.

Two weeks ago in Hawaii a shipping container full of solar panels was stolen.  Police are still investigating the missing shipping container.  At least one security guard at the shipping yard saw the man that stole the shipping container.  The private security guard was fooled into that the thief was the legitimate owner of the shipping container because the man had keys to the container and access to it.

April 27, 2012:  Police officers in Clarksville found a teen girl tied up in the back of a vehicle.  The vehicle that the girl was in was found off road in a field by citizens that had volunteered to help look for the girl after her mother had called the police to report her missing.  The girl went missing Wednesday evening when she left church with a friend.  After she dropped her friend off she saw a man walking down the road.  The man fell and the girl got out to check on him.  The man, who was wearing a mask according to the girl, jumped toward her.  The girl ran and jumped back in her vehicle.  The man managed to get in the passenger seat and grab the wheel before the girl could get away.  The girl was struck in the head and blacked out.  There was no sign of sexual assault.  The girl was not seriously injured. K-9 units search the area where the girl was found, but they found nothing.

A man from Dyersburg, Tennessee has been added to the TBI's most wanted list.  The TBI announced today that the 25-year-old man is wanted for two counts of attempted murder and other charges in connection with a shooting earlier this month at an after-prom party.  Two people were injured in the shooting.

Two security guards at a medical facility in Illinois were indicted for involuntary manslaughter by a grand jury today.  The security guards pinned down a patient during a struggle.  The man stopped breathing and died.

Police arrested two men early this morning in Antioch for several charges related to robbing people while dressed as security guards or police officers.  The two men allegedly robbed a man of $190 in Antioch last night be pretending to be security guards that were investigating the victim.  The two men were dressed in security guard uniforms when they approached the victim.  The men allegedly told the victim that he was being investigated for a drug complaint.  The men then asked for the victim's wallet.  When the men had the victim's wallet they took the $190.  

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating six former state employees in Nashville at the request of the district attorney and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.  The six people were employed by the Department of Commerce and Insurance.  The people were fired for sharing, selling, or buying prescription drugs from each other in state buildings.  The group got caught because they utilized state email to contact each other and make drug transactions.  One of the six people wrote to her boyfriend that she was "selling to all the junkies up here".  All six worked in administrative or clerical positions.

A man in Canada pleaded guilty to several charges including assault causing bodily harm for an incident that happened earlier this year.  A security guard caught the 19-year-old shoplifting in January.  Two security guards followed the shoplifter out of the store to confront him about the stolen merchandise.  The man began to argue with the two guards, and a scuffle began.  The two private security guards, both female guards, tried to hold the man on the ground.  The security guards managed to get the man handcuffed, but not before he had already kicked one of the female guards in the head and bit an enormous chunk out of the other security guard's arm.  The guard that was bitten required extensive medical care.

Police in Kentucky used Facebook to catch a 50-year-old man that was trying to have a sexual relationship with an underage girl.  An undercover detective was actually writing the suspect back.  Investigators say that the man tried to arrange meetings for sex and sent nude pictures of himself.  The conversations continued for over a year. 

April 26, 2012:  Security guards at an airport in North Dakota discovered that a man that was attempting to board a flight to Colorado was carrying a loaded handgun.  According to reports, the airport security guards saw the outline of a handgun in the man's carry-on bag with x-ray.  Police say that the man had a .45-caliber pistol and two loaded magazines.  One of the magazines was in the pistol.  Police arrested the man for a misdemeanor weapons violation.

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Yesterday afternoon a security guard at Home Depot was stabbed during a robbery.  According to reports two men attempted to steal copper wire from the Home Depot and assaulted two security guards during a robbery in Pennsylvania.  One security officer was "scratched" according to reports.  The other security guard is still in the hospital after being stabbed by the robbers.  The guard is currently in stable condition.

Two employees at a high school in Florida have been arrested.  A school security guard and a custodian were arrested and charged with grand theft.  The two men allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of furniture from the school and sold the furniture to a local scrap yard. The security guard and the custodian admitted to taking the furniture to a scrap yard according to police.  Both men claim that they thought that the furniture was trash.  Both the security officer and the custodian admitted that they did not ask permission to take the furniture.  The security guard was charged with grand theft auto in 1989, but the charge was later dropped.   

A security guard in New York received an award from the Central New York Association of Chiefs of Police.  The security guard and three other citizens were honored by the organization at a ceremony earlier this week.  The security officer was honored for helping police subdue a man that was armed with a sawed-off shotgun during a disturbance in a mall.  23 law enforcement officers were honored at the ceremony, too.

A man in Nashville was shot last night after meeting a woman at a bar.  The victim and the woman left the bar to go to an apartment in Madison.  When the two got to the apartment, someone was waiting behind the door of the bedroom with a gun.  The gunman attacked the victim.  In the struggle the gun went off and the victim was shot in the torso.  The victim was found by police officers lying on the sidewalk of the apartment complex.  Police are still looking for the shooter and the woman.

A Canadian bill, Bill C-26, is now in its third reading in the House of Commons.  The bill would broaden the authority of private security officers in Canada.  Many Canadian officials oppose the bill.  Opposition to the bill say that private security guards often lack the training and equipment to make a lawful and safe arrest.  One oponent of the bill says that such powers will lead to vigilante security guards and that the bill is essentially a "very big gift to private security guard companies."

A three-week-long investigation led to the seizure of 22 firearms, 200 pounds of marijuana, and $1.3 million dollars in cash.  Eight people were arrested in connection with the marijuana conspiracy.  The operation was carried out by law enforcement officials in Nashville, Maury Counnty, Alabama, and Smyrna.  The Drug Enforcement Agency, Metro Nashville Police Department, the 20th Judicial Task Force, the Maury County Sheriff's Office, the Smyrna Police Department, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation all helped in the investigation.  

A woman was taken in to custody earlier today in Alabama.  The woman has been charged with criminally negligent homicide for the death of her boyfriend earlier this year in Columbia, Tennessee.  Her boyfriend died of a prescription drug overdose.  The woman will be extradited to Tennessee.  She is currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals.  

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April 25, 2012: Thanks to Todd B. for his help last night.  It is greatly appreciated.

Earlier this week in Iowa a man was arrested and charged with assaulting a security guard among other things.  The security guard works security at Drake University.  The security officer approached the man because he believed that the man was urinating in public.  The man became belligerent and poked the University security guard in the chest.  The man was later arrested by police for assaulting the security guard.

A Court of Criminal Appeals judges from Nashville is in some trouble.  The judge was arrested and charged with DUI in Knoxville a few days ago.  The judge was released on his own recognizance.

It's only 8 AM and it is already a busy and stressful day.

April 24, 2012:   A very special thanks to Miles and Sharon.  Your extra work as a security guard is greatly appreciated by me and everyone at On Guard Security.  Thank you very much.

A dead body was found early this morning in south Nashville.  Police were alerted to the body by a man that had many injuries and said that he had been in a fight.  The man told police that there might be a dead body in an area that is used as a homeless camp.  Police found the body and are investigating.  There is a man in custody that is a "person of interest".

A police officer in Alabama claims in a lawsuit that he was assaulted by three security guards in a mall last month.  The police officer was off-duty at the time of the incident.  He was not in uniform either.  The lawsuit claims that the guards used racial profiling against him.  The off-duty police officer is black.  The incident began when one of the security guards told the victim to remove his hoodie.  The victim was exiting so he left the hoodie on.  At least three security guards began assaulting the victim when he refused to remove his hood according to the lawsuit.  The lawsuit also claims that the mall where the incident happened has a history of African-American males being attacked, challenged, and/or bullied by security guards that work for this particular security guard company. 

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The police officer that was assaulted at Tennessee State University last night was working as security at a party that was being held by two fraternities.  The party was open to the public.  There were over 2,000 people at the party.  The officer was knocked unconscious and was taken to the hospital after he regained consciousness.  No one is in custody for assaulting the officer yet.

April 23, 2012:  A man in Murfreesboro has been arrested and charged with vandalism, theft over $100, and burglary for breaking into Murfreesboro Water and Sewage.  The man that broke in was a former employee.  Police say that the man was seen in the surveillance video.  The building and multiple vehicles had been vandalized or burglarized according to police.

A man in Texas was killed by a security guard in Walmart last Friday.  The man had been caught shoplifting by the security guard.  The security guard and other Walmart employees were escorting the man to an office at Walmart when the man began struggling with the employees.  The man pulled a handgun from his pocket during the struggle.  A gunshot was fired during the struggle.  The security guard was able to get control of the firearm during the struggle.  The shoplifter then pulled out a knife and began to approach the security guard that had taken his gun.  The security guard shot the man one time in the mid-section. 

An officer at Tennessee State University was assaulted tonight.  The assault occurred on the TSU campus.  The assault happened around 9:30 this evening.  There is not much more information available.

A man in Michigan was arrested and charged with assault for attacking a security guard earlier this month.  The man allegedly charged the security officer after he got out of his car to investigate a large group of men arguing at an apartment complex that he patrolled.  The security guard fell backwards and hit his head on the pavement.  The security guard suffered from a concussion and a strained neck.  The security guard had to be taken to the hospital on the night of the incident.

April 22, 2012:  A former security guard in California was sentenced to 189 years on Friday by a judge in California.  The former guard received the sentence for a shooting spree at an elementary school in October 2010.  The jury ruled that the former security guard was sane after he entered an insanity plea.

We had an extremely busy week at On Guard Security last week.  Everyone has been really great about helping out.  I am so thankful that the security officers that we hire are not only top quality private security guards, but also wonderful, helpful people in general.  Several security guards worked double shifts last week to help us out, and we are very appreciative.

Happy Earth Day!!

Security guards at the zoo in Indianapolis alerted police to a burglary that was happening at the zoo.  Police arrived at the zoo to discover a man that had been stealing metal fixtures from the zoo hiding in a dumpster in an enclosed area of the zoo.  One other man escaped from police.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky believe that three gas station robberies that have happened over the last two days are related.  Police say the robberies had some similarities that are unique.  Two of the robberies occurred at the same gas station.  

It's a cold morning in Nashville compared to the weather that we have been having.  

On Guard Security is looking for one unarmed security guard to work a post in Nashville.  The job is part-time.  Normally 18 to 30 hours a week.  Job starts immediately.  A valid Tennessee unarmed security guard license is required.  Anyone that is interested should fill out the contact form in the  Contact  page of our website or email us. 

Last Wednesday in Texas a man was arrested and charged with Abandonment of  Child with Intent to Return for leaving a 9-month-old baby girl in a locked vehicle at the Webb County jail.  The man that was assigned to work in the security guard shack of the jail parking found the infant in the car after hearing the infant cry while doing a routine security check of the parking lot.  The officer broke the window out of the vehicle and got medical personnel out to check on the baby.   

April 21, 2012:  A security guard at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art accidentally shot himself yesterday.  The security guard was cleaning his firearm in a basement locker room when the firearm accidentally discharged.  The security guard that shot himself was one of the few armed security guards that work at the museum.  Most of the security guards there are unarmed security guards.

An armed security guard at a jewelry store in California was badly injured today in a robbery attempt.  The security guard was beaten with a "hammer-like" object by two of the three robbers.  The security guard exchanged gunfire with one of the robbers, and the robber was killed.  At least two others that were involved in the robbery escaped the scene in a vehicle.  No one else in the building was injured at all.  The security guard has been taken to a hospital for a gunshot wound and head injuries.  The security officer's condition is unknown at this time. 

Thanks to all our security guards and other security professionals.

A 70-year-old man was arrested by police in London, Kentucky today.  The man is charged with 20 counts of sexually abusing an underage girl.  The man is in custody at the Laurel County Detention Center.

Vandals have cost Big South Fork National Park over $10,000 so far this year.  The vandalism is causing a strain on Big South Fork's already tight budget.

A man in White County, Tennessee was charged with bigamy.  The man allegedly married another woman before his divorce was finalized.  

A private security guard in Florida that works at a high school was recently caught with a Tec-9 that he was attempting to hide.  The school security guard said that he had the firearm for protection.  The guard has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.  

April 20, 2012:  A police officer in Lebanon, Tennessee was arrested last night for domestic assault.  The officer has been released on an OR bond and placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.  The officer has been with the Lebanon police since 2007.  The police officer denied assaulting his wife, but his wife's injuries were consistent with injuries from domestic assault.

An airport security guard at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport found an envelope that someone had apparently lost.  No one in the area where the security guard found the envelope had lost anything.  The envelope contained $9,500.  Eventually, the rightful owner of the envelope had his money returned because of the honesty and integrity of a security guard.

Earlier this month a man in Arizona posed as a security guard and kidnapped three young girls.  The man pretended to be a security guard at the apartment complex where the three girls live.  The "security guard" then accused the three of drinking.  He put his hands on a 12-year-old girl, pretending to search her.  The man then took the three girls back to his apartment.  The man attempted to touch the 12-year-old again.  He had left the other two girls on his couch.  The 12-year-old's sister walked by and the man ran away.  Police have arrested the man.

Police in Nashville are investigating a beating death at Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute.  A 53-year-old patient was attacked by another patient early Thursday morning.  The victim was taken to Summit Medical Center for treatment.  He died during surgery.

A Maryland-based contract security guard company that provides security guards to many federal buildings and offices in the Washington D.C. area filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The private security guard company is attempting to transfer many of its federal contracts over to another contract security guard company.  The company is also trying to borrow money to pay its security guards.  The security guard company that filed for bankruptcy currently provides private security guards to the White House. 

The "Crime in Tennessee" report that is released annually by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that the total number of crimes that were reported in Tennessee in 2011 decreased for the third straight year.  The report show a 1.7 percent decease from the 2010 report.  Juveniles made up 8.9 percent of the total arrests in 2011.  That number is a decrease from 2010,too.  The number of DUI and murder charges increased in 2011.  Murder charges were 4 percent higher. 

The Tennessee Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue team will start training selected dogs from the Memphis Animal Shelter to become certified rescue dogs.  The goal is to train dogs that are not adoptable to become rescue dogs or to be more suitable as a pet.  The task force hopes to reduce overcrowding at the animal shelter, save some dogs from being put down, and train new dogs to be certified rescue dogs.  It sounds like a win-win situation and a great idea to me.

The police in Tampa, Florida are going to ask their city council for more than $500,000 to buy uniforms for the Republican National Convention.  The convention will be held in August,  and August in Tampa is hot.  Police hope to get tan khaki uniforms that are made of cotton.  The regular uniform that they wear is dark navy blue and made out of polyester.  The new uniforms would be more breathable and cooler.  The money would provide uniforms for others that come from out of town to work as security, too.

Police in Memphis shot at a man that attempted to run over an officer as he was trying to get away.  The incident occurred during a traffic stop.  The passenger of the vehicle that was stopped jumped into the driver seat and drove away.  Reports don't indicate whether or not the suspect was hit.  

Happy Birthday, Brenna!

April 19, 2012:  One person was injured in a shooting last night in north Nashville.  The victim was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The shooting happened very close to a Metro police station.

A private security guard that works at a newspaper in New York was arrested and charged with second-degree murder Tuesday.  The security guard is being charged in the death of his stepson.  The child was found beaten to death.  The security guard pleaded not guilty in court yesterday.  The former security guard remains in custody.  

A security guard in Florida was assaulted yesterday.  The security guard was working at a shelter.  The security guard asked a man to leave the shelter because he was causing a disturbance.  The man began to punch the security guard repeatedly.  The man was arrested and is currently in jail.  The security guard suffered only minor injuries.

Two men in northern Kentucky have been indicted on several charges related to putting a 6-year-old in a dryer and turning it on.  The 6-year-old was burned while in the dryer.  

A man in Scott County, Tennessee was shot by deputies after a car chase.  Deputies chased the man in his Winnebago until the man got stuck in the mud on an ATV trail.  The man then attempted to ram the truck that the deputies were in.  At some point a deputy got pinned between an embankment and the Winnebago.  Other deputies shot at the man in the Winnebago.  Authorities confirm that the man was shot in the leg.  He was then taken to UT medical center.  The suspect was on a medical furlough from the Scott County jail and refused to return.

April 18, 2012:  Our website is currently under construction.  We are making some changes to On Guard's website that will make some parts of our website unaccessible at different times.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Private security guards in Michigan helped stop a potential robber at the store that they were working at.  The private security guards watched the potential robber load a semi-automatic handgun in the parking lot of the store.  The security guards alerted the police to the situation.  The store security officers followed the would-be robber into the store at a safe distance.  Police arrested the man in the store with the handgun.  The man did not have a permit for the firearm.  He was taken into custody without incident.  The man was charged with carrying a concealed weapon.  This situation clearly illustrates the value of vigilant security guards.  The two guards that noticed the man's behavior in the parking lot almost certainly prevented a robbery and all the costs that are associated with it.

Knoxville police executed a search warrant at a house in Knoxville where a suspected drug dealer lives and allegedly sells drugs.  The resident (and suspected drug dealer) was arrested and charged with dealing drugs in a school zone.  Knoxville police found at least two different types of illegal prescription drugs.  Officers began the investigation because of multiple complaints from neighbors.  

A private security guard in California was arrested Monday night.  The security guard was charged with grand theft.  The guard allegedly stole five guitars from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  The guitars were stolen from a sound stage where the band was practicing.  The security guard sold one of the guitars to a pawn shop.  Police tracked the security guard down, recovered the other four guitars, and arrested the security guard.

Police in Nashville arrested a man in connection with a shooting that occurred in east Nashville on Sunday.  The victim of Sunday's shooting was shot three times.  He was taken to Vanderbilt with serious injuries.  Currently, his condition is listed as stable.

On Guard Security is looking for one unarmed guard for a part-time security post in Nashville.  Anyone that is interested should submit their resume to employment@onguardsecurityinc.com or fill out the form on the  Contact  page of our website.  Applicants should have experience in private security.  Applicants must have a valid Tennessee unarmed security guard license, too.

Two juveniles in Hendersonville, Tennessee were charged with burglary and arson yesterday.  Police responded to calls to find a fire in an abandoned house.  Witnesses told police that they had seen two young juveniles running from the house.  Police found the juveniles shortly after talking to witnesses.

A security guard in Oklahoma was shot earlier this week.  The security guard was working at a nightclub when he was shot.  The security guard was returning to the nightclub with four other security officers when two men that the security guards' had just escorted out of the nightclub began firing.  The security guard, an off-duty police officer, was shot in the arm.  The two men that allegedly shot the club security guard have been arrested. 

Police in Kentucky arrested a man that allegedly shot two Western Kentucky University football players early Sunday morning.  The shooting happened outside a nightclub in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

South Toledo, a neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio, recently decided to hire private security guards for their neighborhood.  Patrolling security guards will be in the neighborhood 7 days a week.  Residents of South Toledo hope that the contract security guards will help reduce crime in their neighborhood.  The owner of the security guard company that was hired said that his company has been successful at deterring crime in other neighborhoods that have hired his company to patrol their streets.  The security guards that will patrol South Toledo will be armed security guards.

Thanks to all our security guards.  Our selection of high quality private security guards not only creates more value and a better experience for our clients, it also makes my job that much easier.  Thank you.

Police in Nashville seized 12 pounds of marijuana from a house in Antioch on Monday.  The house was used as a marijuana grow-house.  Several grow-lights were found as well as marijuana plants that were drying and generators.  Text messages in the resident's cell phone indicated his involvement in many drug deals.  Police got the tip from deputies that went to the residence to serve an eviction notice.  The man that lived at the house was arrested.  His girlfriend was arrested, too.  In addition to the marijuana charges, both were charged with firearms charges.  

Last week in Chicago a man was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon after he told security guards at a bus station in Chicago that he had firearms.  The security guards are required to ask all passengers if they have any weapons with them.  The man replied that he did have weapons with him.  The security guards alerted the police.  Two firearms, ammunition, and a knife were found in the man's luggage.

April 17, 2012:  On Guard Security's next unarmed security guard class is less than 10 days away.  The unarmed security guard class is on April 26th.  Class begins at 6 PM and will conclude at 10 PM.  Seats are limited.  Reserve yours immediately.  Class is only $55.

It is an ugly, rainy day in Nashville.

April 16, 2012:  Congratulations to Chris P. and Leslie on there wedding.

A woman in Clarksville was arrested over the weekend for several charges when she was caught with a child on her lap, very intoxicated, and behind the wheel of an automobile.  Luckily, the woman was arrested before she put the child's safety or her own safety in jeopardy.

A couple in Manchester, Tennessee were taken into custody over the weekend because police believe that burns that were found on their daughter was caused by exposure to chemicals that were used to manufacture methamphetamine.  The couple are in jail on a variety of charges ranging from promoting the manufacture of meth to child abuse and neglect.

Two security guards in Texas are in the news today. The security guards found themselves in the middle of a robbery attempt at a pharmacy where they worked.  The man that attempted to rob the pharmacy took a uniformed security guard as a hostage outside the pharmacy.  The robber led the abducted security guard into the pharmacy at gunpoint.  The robber was unaware of a plainclothes security guard that was also inside the pharmacy.  The robber demanded that the pharmacist open the safe.  The second security guard was able to sneak up on the robber.  The robber pointed his firearm at the second security guard for a brief moment, and the second security guard shot the robber several times.  The robber was killed.  No one else in the pharmacy was hurt.

Warm weather has returned to Nashville.

Two private security guards in Colorado are being praised as heroes for rescuing a man from a wrecked vehicle.  The man that was in the wrecked vehicle was trapped.  The vehicle was overturned in a creek.  The water was deep enough to have drowned the trapped man if he had not been rescued from the overturned vehicle.  Fortunately, two hospital security guards had heard about the incident and were brave enough to try to help.  The private security guards were able to pry open the vehicle's doors and cut the seat belt in order to free the trapped man. 

April 14, 2012:  Police in Nashville arrested four people today involved with the manufacturing of methamphetamine.  Three of the four people were charged for buy cold medicine for the manufacture of methamphetamine. April 13, 2012:  A man in Nashville surrendered to detectives that were searching for him today.  The man has been charged with attempted murder and a firearms charge.  The suspect allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend.  The suspect allegedly fired his pistol at the woman as she drove down the street.  The victim was hit by one of the gunshots.

A jury in Nashville convicted a 33-year-old man of nine counts of rape and one count of criminal exposure to HIV.  The man was convicted of raping a minor.  The incidents happened three years ago.  The girl that the man was convicted of raping was only 13-years-old at the time.  The rapist was seeing the girl's mother during the time the incidents occured.

It is a very nice day in Nashville today!!!

The package that was spotted by a private security guard in a World Financial Center building in New York city turned out to contain a toy grenade.  The entire building was evacuated after the security guard notified police about a suspicious package.

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April 12, 2012:  Thanks to Robert M. for all the help.

A security guard in Florida was hit by a fleeing car earlier this week.  The security guard was patrolling the parking lot of a mall when he spotted people having sex in a car.  The security guard and his partner got out of their patrol car and approached the vehicle.  The man inside the vehicle reversed into one of the security guards as he fled the scene.  The private security guards were able to get the license plate number of the vehicle. 

Police in Memphis raided a pair of rooms at a motel in south Memphis.  Arrests were made at the motel.  Authorities seized marijuana, cash, and a loaded firearm during the raid.  Police investigated the drug dealers for months.  Investigators made controlled purchases of prescription pills and marijuana during the investigation.

21 people in Lauderdale County, Tennessee were indicted by a grand jury for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and more than 500 grams of crack.  19 of the 21 people are in custody.  

The security guard that made a man get out of his car and lay on the ground at an apartment complex in Nashville last week has had a complaint registered against him for working at the apartment complex without having a valid security guard license.  The apartment complex is in trouble, too.  The complex does not have insurance that is required to directly hire a security guard in Tennessee.  The apartment complex is also liable for the private security guard not having a valid security guard license.  

A gunshot was fired during a marijuana transaction at a Sonic in Nashville last night.  According to police, a fight occurred when a man with a handgun attempted to rob two people for the money that they had intended to buy weed with.  During the struggle a single shot was fired in the air.  Police recovered the firearm at the scene.

A security guard at a World Financial Center building in New York spotted a suspicious looking package during routine screening of packages today.  The building has been evacuated as a precaution.

A private security guard in Oregon died yesterday while on duty yesterday.  The security guard was working at Oregon State Hospital.  The security officer died during an incident with a patient.  Investigators are not sharing most of the details regarding the security guard's death yet.

Police in Knoxville are looking for a man that robbed a Burger King in North Knoxville last night.  The robber was armed with a knife.  The robber threatened the employees with the knife and fled in a gold Nissan Maxima.  Investigators believe that this robbery and a similar robbery that happened less than 15 minutes later are related.

A school bus that had three students on board was in a minor accident early yesterday morning in Rutherford County, Tennessee.  No one was injured in the accident.

April 11, 2012: A security guard in California interrupted a robbery last night and probably saved the victim from sexual assault.  The robber was forcing the woman that he was robbing into a secluded area when the security guard intervened.  The robber fled and the woman remained unharmed.  The security guard heard the woman screaming from where he was parked. 

Police in Nashville are investigating a bank robbery that happened around 11 this morning.  The bank that was robbed is on West End Avenue.  The suspects are not yet in custody. 

Congratulations to Miles!!!!

Thanks to all the security guards that work for On Guard Security.  A very special thanks to James, Miles, Deondre, Kyle, Jermaine, Ms. Wilson, Peggy, and everyone else that has pitched in over the last three days.  It has been extremely busy and hectic at On Guard's office since Monday. 

April 10, 2012:  Thanks to Otis, Duffie, Miles, Josh, and Tiffany!

Police in Nashville are investigating after a body was found in west Nashville earlier this morning.  According to reports, the man whose body was found was covered in blood and had been shot.  The body was found by someone that was going to visit the victim.

Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed a convenience store in Antioch earlier this morning.  The man enter the store with a handgun, robbed the store, and fled on foot down Antioch Pike just before 5 this morning.

One person was taken to the hospital last night following a shooting in south Nashville.  The victim and his associates wrecked their vehicle trying to flee the two gunmen.  Police are investigating and looking for two suspects.

It became quite chilly last night in Middle Tennessee.  I worked an unarmed security guard post last night to help fill in.  The temperature got much lower than I had expected.  The last few weeks felt like summer.  To my surprise it was in the forties last night.  My security guard attire was not quite warm enough for my tastes.  BDU pants and a BDU shirt are not what you want to have on in forty degree weather.  

Private security guards and security guard companies can expect much more scrutiny for the foreseeable future.  Especially, security guards in states or regions that have recently had an incident involving security guards that is all over the news.  Nashville happens to be one of those places.  

April 9, 2012:  Thanks to all our security guards.  A very special thanks to Miles and Peggy.

A security guard in Nashville ended up in jail Friday night.  The security guard allegedly assaulted a man at gunpoint at an apartment complex where he was working as a security guard.

April 8, 2012:   Happy Easter!!

April 6, 2012:  Cooler weather has come to Nashville.  

A report about crime on Tennessee's college campuses shows that the majority of crimes that are committed are theft and drug related.  The study was done by the Tennessee Bureau Investigation.

Police in Clarksville are seeking the public's assistance to help locate a man that is suspected of being responsible for multiple vehicle burglaries.  The suspect has a warrant for vehicle burglary and is wanted for questioning in several other burglaries.  

Thanks to all the security guards at On Guard Security and all of our other security personnel.

April 5, 2012:  Police in White Bluff, Tennessee responded to a shots fired call last night to find that a landlord had shot at a tenant.  The shooting began after the two got into a dispute.  The landlord has been taken into custody.  The victim was injured in the incident.

Private security guards that work in state buildings  in Connecticut have voted to authorize a strike if they deem it necessary.  The security guards say that they have been cheated.  Security guards have not been receiving contributions to their pensions from the contract security guard company.  The security guard company is obligated to make contributions to guards that work in state buildings or other posts that are contracted by the state.  There are many other issues in the dispute, too.  The security guards' low wages and lack of benefits are a major issue, too.

A security guard in Nassau was tied up and beaten by robbers at a school last night.  The robbers pistol-whipped the school security guard several times.  The robbers stole some laptops, a small amount of cash, and various other items.  The principal's office was ransacked along with some other offices and a few of the classrooms.  Many items that were not stolen were simply destroyed by the robbers.  One of the robbers was reportedly armed with a shotgun.  The security guard was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Police in Wilson County, Tennessee are looking for a man that allegedly tried to coerce a 13-year-old girl to get in his van.  The incident occurred last week while the girl was waiting for her school bus.  The man approached the girl in a threatening manner.  According to police, the license plate on the man's van was obscured by a trash bag or piece of plastic.  Authorities say that similar incidents have happened in Gallatin and LaVergne recently.  There is no evidence that the incidents are related, but it is a possibility. 

A security guard at a casino in Illinois was assaulted earlier this week.  The security guard asked a patron to leave because he was very intoxicated.  The patron agreed to leave and said that he would call his wife for a ride.  Later the man "chest bumped" the security guard.  Police came to the casino and arrested the man.

April 4, 2012:  Police are investigating an attempted abduction that occurred in LaVergne last Friday.  A black SUV followed an 11-year-old girl after she got off the school bus.  The people in the SUV were yelling obscenities at the young girl.  Eventually, one of the people in the SUV got out and chased the girl.

Thanks to Brandon, Tiffany, and Danielle for all their help with On Guard Security.

Police in Murfreesboro are investigating a possible kidnapping attempt.  The incident occurred late last month at a Walmart in Murfreesboro.  The would-be victim was a 17-year-old girl.  According to reports, a stocky Hispanic man approached the girl and asked for her phone number.  The girl said that she did not have a phone, and then she walked away.  The man followed her to another part of the store and grabbed her butt.  The girl found a nearby family and waited until she believed that the man had left.  The alleged incident occurred on March 24th.  It was just reported to police on Tuesday.

April 3, 2012:   Get well soon Lloyd.

A 16-year-old has been charged with carjacking a man Tuesday morning in Nashville.  The victim was on his way home from work when a gunman approached him at an intersection in Nashville.  The victim got out of his vehicle, and another man searched his pockets and took his belongings.  Three others that had been hiding ran out and also got in the victim's vehicle.  Police spotted the vehicle a  little while later.  All the occupants fled.  Police picked up the 16-year-old a short time later walking down a nearby street.  The victim subsequently identified the 16-year-old as the gunman.

Last night a private security guard in Oklahoma apprehended a man that was burglarizing a business.  The security guard responded to an alarm at a store that was in the shopping center where he was working.  When the security guard arrived he saw a white truck out front of the store where the alarm was going off.  The driver was still in the vehicle.  The guard took the man into custody.  A second man ran out of the store and fled on foot when he saw the private security officer.  Police have identified the second man, but he has not been found yet.  All the merchandise that they attempted to steal was recovered.

Rain is coming soon to Nashville according to the forecast.  The unseasonably warm weather will come to an end as well according to the forecast.

Private security guards that work in state buildings in Connecticut will vote tomorrow on whether or not they will strike.  The wages and benefits for the security guards are the issue.  Private security guards that are in state office buildings in Connecticut are employed by five different contract security guard companies.

Five people were busted at a meth lab in Hawkins County, Tennessee late last week.  Deputies say that the smell of meth was what prompted the search of the residence.  Inside the house police found several meth labs, marijuana, and prescription pain killers.

April 2, 2012:  Metro firefighters in Nashville fought a brush fire yesterday.  The brush fire ran along I-24 at Bell Road and Hickory Hollow Parkway.  The Nashville Fire Department said that the fire he was contained around 4 p.m.  The fire started behind Best Buy.  Eleven fire engines responded and helped with the brush fire.  Fortunately, no buildings were damaged in the fire.  There was no indication that the fire was intentionally started.

An inmate at Woodford County Corrections in Kentucky walked away from his work release today.  Police are looking for the escaped inmate that was serving a 5 year sentence for receiving stolen property.  The inmate is originally from the Lexington area.

April 1, 2012:  April already.  Time sure does move fast.  Time seems to move even more quickly when you stay busy, and we definitely stay busy at On Guard Security.

A man wrecked his vehicle into a house early this morning in Nashville and then fled on foot.  The incident began a few minutes before the man wrecked into the residence.  A few minutes earlier the driver of the vehicle was pulled over by police for a routine traffic stop.  The driver gave the policemen a fake name and then drove off.  The policeman did not pursue the driver.  Minutes later the vehicle that was stopped by the policeman had wrecked into a house.  The driver fled the scene on foot.  Police did identify a person of interest.

Earlier this week in Texas a man was shot in the leg outside of a bar and rushed to the hospital.  The man that was shot in the leg was shot by a private armed security guard that was working at the bar.  Investigators questioned the security guard after the incident.  Investigators say that the armed security guard shot his firearm because when the initial gunshots went off that night the security guard believed that he was the intended target of the gunshots.  Investigators are still unclear on exactly what had occurred.  The man that was shot in the leg had several weapons in the back of his truck during the incident.

A Hawkins County, Tennessee man was arrested a few days ago for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.  The man was also charged with driving on a suspended license.  According to reports, the man was initially pulled over for a registration violation.  Police had been investigating the man for several weeks because of suspicions that the man had been manufacturing and selling meth.  Police performed a routine pat down and search during the traffic stop and discovered over a gram of methamphetamine.  The accused man is being held in jail on a $50,000 bond.

Last week in Kentucky a man was arrested and charged with 20 counts of child pornography.  The 24-year-old man is charged with having and distributing child pornography.  Authorities report that the arrest stems from an undercover investigation. 

Downtown Nashville was very busy last night.  At least, it was busy everywhere that I went.  It was the perfect temperature  for a night out on the town.

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