August, 2009

August 31, 2009:  Davidson county has seen an overall increase in burglaries in the first quarter of 2009.  Five of the six precincts saw an increase in burglaries. The West Precinct had an increase of nineteen percent.

August 30, 2009:  A private security guard in Indianapolis shot a man outside of a club earlier this morning. The man tried to hit the security officer with his car, and the security guard fired several shots at him. The security officer hit the driver at least one time. The man is currently listed in critical condition.

August 29, 2009:  The jury was divided in Nashville yesterday in the murder trial of a former security guard. The former armed security guard is on trial for shooting and killing a patron at a bar in South Nashville. After long deliberations, the judge declared it a mistrial.

August 28, 2009:  Last night some of our security guards worked a concert at a local university. The entire evening was enjoyable even though it was work. The artists that performed, the event staff, faculty, and students were very friendly and helped make our job that much easier. Also, thanks to Lloyd, John, Keith, and Garry for making the drive with me. Look how happy and excited they look after a couple hours in the car with me.

August 27, 2009:  Yesterday in Nashville (the Antioch/ Hickory Hollow area) I saw exactly how ineffective a distracted and poorly trained security guard can be. As two security guards were making conversation with each other at their post, I watched a young man shoplift. A worker in the store noticed it and began to go after the young man. As they ran out the door the security guards still had no clue about what was happening. It damages the reputation of all security guard companies when people see how useless these two guards were. Most people don't make a distinction between one security guard company and another. As hard as we work to create value for our clients and create a good name for ourselves and our industry, it saddens and disgusts me to see this type of incident.

August 26, 2009:  In Minnesota a private security guard in a supermarket was attacked by a homeless man that was trying to steal some anti-itch cream. The homeless man was arrested shortly after the incident.

Last night I had the honor of meeting and enjoying a night on the town with Saddle Brown. Saddle Brown is an up-and-coming country music performer in Nashville. Country is not my first choice when it comes to music, but Saddle Brown is a top quality singer and songwriter. I actually can't believe I enjoyed his music as much as I did. Anyone that hasn't heard Saddle Brown should visit his website and check out some of the music.

August 25, 2009:  Late last week a man from South Nashville was charged with sexual exploitation of minors. The charges come from the man storing at least 174 pornagraphic pictures of minors on his computer according to the Nashville Police Department. The children in the photographics appear to be between the ages of six and twelve, and the man will likely get other charges according to reports.

Another player for the Tennessee Titans was charged with drunk driving last week. In the early hours of the morning in downtown Nashville Chris Davis, a receiver for the Tennessee Titans, was pulled over and eventually booked for drunk driving.

In the United Kingdom a young man with a rare disorder was mistaken for a shoplifter by security guards at a store. The young man was beaten quite badly according to reports. The young man's mother claims that the security guards attacked the young man with unreasonable force.

August 24, 2009:  Last week a female security guard at a hospital was stabbed. The security guard was stabbed by an unknown man during a routine check of the hospital grounds and facilities.

Despite reports from many different places (The Wall Street Journal being one) about the commercial sectors decreasing demand for security guards, On Guard Security has seen an increase in demand for our security guard services in every sector. Our business in Tennessee and Kentucky has continued to grow despite these economic conditions.

August 21, 2009:  Yesterday in New York a security guard was injured while responding to a call. At the scene a man fired a shotgun three times. Debris from one of the shots injured the security guard.

August 20, 2009:  Knoxville, Tennessee starts class again at its Citizen's Police Academy on August 27th. This will be the 49th class for the Knoxville Police Department Citizen's Police Department.

Police officers in Louisville, Kentucky arrested 14 people as a result of an Internet sting operation. The men were arrested after making sexual advances toward what they believed to be young girls between the ages of 13 and 15. One of the men that was arrested by the Louisville Police was scheduled to begin orientation as a Jefferson County school bus driver the day after he was arrested.

August 19, 2009:  Best Buy issued a statement today after firing two employees that tackled a shoplifter. The two men said they were unaware of Best Buy's policy regarding shoplifters.

Earlier today Nashville police officers seized over one hundred pounds of marijuana. The remarkable find happened during an operation to deter vehicle theft in south Nashville.

The Kentucky State Police will open the police academy to any adult without a felony conviction. Citizens will be able to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of the Kentucky State Police. Post 3 in Bowling Green, Ky will be the location.

August 17, 2009:  Late last week in Putnam County, Tennessee a former employee of the 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force and here husband were charged with theft. The two allegedly stole money while the wife worked as an administrator at the Drug Task Force in Cookeville.

August 16, 2009:  Late last night at a supermarket in Oregon a security guard was stabbed. There is no information yet about why the security guard was stabbed. The private security officer had minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital. The incident does not appear to be linked with any sort of attempted robbery. As of now the stabbing does not seem to be linked to any other crime.

August 14, 2009:  Metro police conducted a "buy-bust" operation in south Nashville this week, too. The operation targeted areas that are known for drugs and crime. 115 arrests were made and a small amount of cocaine and marijuana was seized according to the Metro Police.

August 13, 2009:  Last weekend in Nashville Extra Duty Officers charged 30 people with DUI according to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

August 12, 2009:  Today a security guard was shot while on duty at an Elementary school in Charlotte, North Carolina. The security guard was shot while he was investigating two suspicious looking people in a car at the Elementary school. On his way to the car, one of the men in the car shot the security guard. The security guard was hit in the chest. Fortunately, the security guard was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

August 11, 2009:  Last Saturday detectives in Nashville conducted a "buy-bust" operation. These undercover officers bought drugs from street dealers and then arrested them. According to the Nashville Police Department, the officers seized cocaine, marijuana, and over $1,500 during last Saturday's operation.

In Louisiana a security guard was identified as a suspect in two fires. The fires were started at two different hotels. Both of the hotels were owned by the same people and the man that confessed to starting both fires was the head of security for both hotels. Incidents like this one and other incidents involving security guards or security guard companies are the reason that we stress quality. As one of the few quality security guard companies in Nashville we strive to employee only the very best security personnel.

August 10, 2009:  Today a former United Nations employee turned down a plea bargain in court after allegedly biting a security guard at the U.N.

August 6, 2009:  The Nashville Police Department reported that during the week of July 26 through August 1 nearly a quarter of all the stolen vehicles that were reported were stolen because the theif had easy access to the vehicles keys.

August 5, 2009:  Yesterday two men were arrested by the Putnam County Sheriff's Department in connection with a murder in Nashville. The two men were arrested near Cookeville and both are in custody in Cookeville. The two allegedly murdered the owner of Lucky Auto Imports during what appeared to be an attempted robbery.

Last weekend's Operation Safer Streets Initiative resulted in 68 arrests according to the Nashville Police Department. Along with the arrests five weapons were seized as well as some cocaine and marijuana.

August 4, 2009:  Yesterday I personally witnessed an incident between a security guard being assualted. The security guard works at a retail shopping center in Nashville. I won't mention the name of the security guard company. I'm not exactly sure what started the incident, but I witnessed a security guard being hit and kicked by a business owner in the shopping center. The incident ended after the police arrived. I can't imagine what could have started such an incident.

August 3, 2009:  Last Saturday night in Alabama a security guard shot and killed a man during an attempted robbery. The man was attempting to rob a Bingo Hall. The man walked in and fired several shots into the ceiling before the security guard killed him.

August 1, 2009:  Last Wednesday inSanta Ana, California a security guard was shot at twice. The guard was on post at an apartment complex when he went to investigate a report of two suspicious men. When the private security guard attempted to question the two men, one of the men shot at him twice. The security officer was not injured.


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