August, 2012

August 31, 2012:  August is almost over.  What a great month it has been for On Guard Security!  We continued to grow in nearly every way possible.  We gained new private security guards.  We provided security guard services for new clients, and all of our security guard operations were safe for everyone and without any major incidents. Kenton County school district in Kentucky has added private armed security guards to their schools.  The private security guard is temporary according to the school district.  The armed guard was provided by a contract security guard company in Cincinnati. Special thanks to Tiffany for helping out this morning.

August 30, 2012:  On Guard Security is now hiring!  We need two security guards in the Nashville area.  One position is for a part time unarmed security guard.  The other position is for a part time armed security guard.  Anyone interested in these security guard positions can fill out the form on the Career page of our website.  Experience in private security, law enforcement, corrections, or the military is required. 

August 29, 2012:  I can't believe that we are almost done with August 2012.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like 2012 just started. Police in Nashville are investigating after a body was found in a vehicle at a parking lot in Madison.  According to police, there are no apparent signs of foul play. A private security guard in Arizona was found guilty of theft and burglary yesterday.  The security guard worked at a high school.  The security guard was found guilty of stealing money that the school had raised for their football program.  August 28, 2012:  Thanks to Cassandra for being an excellent and observant security officer.  Cassandra handled a potentially volatile situation very well yesterday.  Thank you. Get well soon, Val!

On Guard Security is seeking to hire a full-time unarmed security guard and a part-time armed security guard.  Both positions are in the Nashville area.  Applicants should already be licensed as a private security guard in Tennessee.  Experience in law enforcement or private security is necessary.  Email your resume to .

Earlier today in California a man tried to attack two security guards in a Rite-Aid.  The man swung at the two security guards with a box cutter while the two guards were attempting to detain the suspect for shoplifting.  One of the security guards was able to get the box cutter away from the suspect.  Police arrested the man and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. Early this morning in Oklahoma a private security guard had a heart attack after he shot an armed man.  The two armed security guards told the man to put his weapon down.  The man apparently refused to drop his weapon.  The security guards shot the suspect.  After the shooting it was reported that one of the armed guards had a mild heart attack.  The security guard was taken to the hospital.  The is still no word on the condition of the security guard. On Guard Security would like to welcome Brandon back! A police officer in Franklin, Tennessee discovered a mobile meth lab last night during a traffic stop.  The driver appeared very nervous when she was pulled over according to the police officer.  The K9 unit alerted officers to the presence of drugs in the vehicle.  A mobile meth lab was found and taken off the streets.

August 27, 2012:  A prison guard that works for the Tennessee Department of Corrections was killed earlier today during an apparent robbery.  According to reports, the female prison guard was robbed and fatally shot after she parked her car at her apartment complex in south Nashville early this morning. A private security guard in Louisiana shot and killed a man outside of a nightclub early Sunday morning.  Police were told that the security guard shot the man in self-defense.  No charges have been filed yet. Three people in California have been charged with burglary after an observant security guard alerted police about their suspicious behavior. August 26, 2012:  Thanks to all of our security guards at On Guard Security!  A very special thanks to Robin for helping out with some of the extra security guard posts that we had this week.

August 25, 2012:  A convicted murderer and suspect in several other murders has been working as a private security guard for over a decade in California.  The private security guard was found dead at his home earlier this week from a self-inflicted wound.  The security guard's body was found with the bodies of his wife and two children.  The guard is suspected of killing the other three, then killing himself.  The same private security guard had served a fifteen year prison sentence for a murder that he committed in the 70's.  The guard also had many other charges on his record besides murder.  The question is how is this man working for a private protective services company when he is obviously a very destructive and dangerous person.  Not only did the security guard pass any background checks that might have been done by the contract security guard company that he worked for, but he also was able to get state licensing to be a security officer. 

August 24, 2012:  On Guard Security is pleased to welcome Peggy home from vacation.  Never has all the work that she does been more clear to me.  I will be happy to let Peggy continue to do all the payroll, quickbooks, etc., etc.  Welcome back, Peggy!

August 23, 2012:  Authorities are still looking for the suspect that broke in to a police officer's car and stole his department issued shotgun.  The shotgun has been recovered since the break-in.  The shotgun was stolen on Monday from the police officer's vehicle while it was parked in front of his home in Murfreesboro. Last night in Nashville a 29-year-old man was shot in the back of the head and killed.  The incident occurred at the Hard Times Bar and Grill on Dickerson Pike.  The victim's name is currently being withheld.  Authorities have not released a description of the suspect yet. Earlier this week in Houston a man dressed as a security guard shot two people.  The a"security guard" fired shots through the door when a man and his wife refused to open the door for him.  The homeowner shot back, but police do not think he hit the suspect.  No motive for the crime has been reported yet.

August 22, 2012:  A judge in Nashville sentenced a man to 23 years in prison for second degree murder.  The man was found guilty of shooting a bar's DJ multiple times in the bar's parking lot.  The murder occurred in 2009. A security guard in California was assaulted yesterday.  The security guard confronted a shoplifter and was kicked by the shoplifter's friend while the guard was wrestling on the ground with the shoplifter.  Police arrived, and the fight broke up.  Police charged the woman that kicked the security guard with assault with a deadly weapon. Police in New Hampshire shut down a nightclub over the weekend at the request of the club's security.  Police shut down the club for the remainder of the night after they had been called for the second time.  The police received their second call only shortly after 9 p.m.  A large number of police officers were dispatched to the nightclub because of the large number of club patrons at the time.  Security personnel had lost control of the club and requested that the club be closed for the night. A man in Connecticut was arrested by police on Monday and charged with armed robbery and several other charges.  The charges come from an incident that occurred earlier that morning at a Walmart.  The man was approached by a security guard about shoplifting.  The man brandished a handgun when the security guard attempted to stop him from shoplifting.

August 21, 2012:  Yesterday afternoon at a Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. an armed security guard shot and killed himself with his service revolver.  The private security guard was in an area of the museum that is off-limits to museum patrons.  The incident caused a lot of attention.   Guests at the museum were evacuated.  Federal and local law enforcement arrived to investigate.  The security guard was in his early 30's. Special thanks to Cassandra for her excellent work on post last night. Police in Hendersonville arrested a man and charged him with burglary early this morning.  Police responded to a call that a resident had heard glass breaking and thought that someone might be breaking in.  When police arrived they saw a truck fleeing the scene.  Police arrested the driver and impounded his vehicle.  Inside the vehicle police found goods that were stolen from other residences or vehicles.

August 20, 2012:  A man in Clarksville, Tennessee was arrested early this morning and charged with vehicular burglary.  Police witnessed the suspect break in to two different cars.  Also, the suspect was in possession of a checkbook and various other items that came from the two cars.  The suspect is currently on probation.  The suspect has an extensive record of theft. Late last week in California a private security guard captured a man that was attempting to burglarize a vehicle.  The armed security guard saw a group of men acting suspicious around a vehicle.  The security guard went to investigate and the men fled.  The private security officer was able to detain one of the suspects.  Police are still looking for the other suspects. A man in Arizona has been arrested after he allegedly threatened and intimidated security guards that denied him access to a building.  The security guards found a shell casing in the man's possession when he first tried to enter the building.  The security guards told the man that he could not enter the building with it.  The man allegedly threatened the guards and made comments about the gun that he had in his vehicle.  When police arrived they found the suspect in the parking lot with his firearm on him.

August 19, 2012:  On Guard Security will have their last handgun carry class of the year in September.   Sign up now if you are interested.  Space is limited.  Class will begin on September 28th at 6 p.m. On Guard Security is looking to hire one armed security guard for a part-time security guard post in the Nashville area.  Applicants should fill out the form on the Career page of our website.  Applicants should have experience in law enforcement or private security. Friday night in Ohio an armed security guard that was working at a church shot a man in the church's basement.  The private security guard allegedly caught the man in the act of burglarizing the church.  The private security officer shot the suspect.  Saturday in Arizona a private security guard was assaulted with a knife.  The security guard heard some noises by a dumpster that was on his post.  The security guard went to check out the disturbance and discovered a man in his 40s.  When the man saw the security guard he slashed the guard with a pocket knife.  The man allegedly attempted to slash the guard a second time, but the security guard was able to push the man away.  The guard was treated at the scene for minor injuries. It has been confirmed by Oak Ridge's contract security guard company that one private security guard has been terminated and three other security guards have been disciplined following the June 28th incident at the Y-12 nuclear plant.  Security was breached on June 28th by four people that cut through several fences and vandalized part of the nuclear facility. Police in Knoxville are searching for a man that committed armed robbery earlier today in a McDonald's parking lot near the UT Knoxville campus.  Police describe the suspect as a black man in khaki shorts.  The suspect fled in a yellow Camaro with Kentucky plates. Thanks to Todd, Tiffany, and Peggy for helping out today.

August 18, 2012:  Thanks to Tiffany for all her help.  Also, thanks to all the security guards at On Guard Security. The National Weather Service in Nashville has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for middle Tennessee for later this evening.  This storm is capable of producing very strong winds and hail. Earlier this morning in Chicago a private security guard was stabbed.  Police that were responding to the disturbance shot the man that had stabbed the contract security guard.  The suspect is now in custody.  The security guard and the suspect were both taken to the hospital.  There is no word on the security guard's condition yet.  No other injuries were reported. It has been reported that police in Nashville are investigating a child being stabbed by another child near the J.C. Napier Housing Development.  The call came in just after 7 p.m. today.  Not many details are available at this time.  The victim is being treated for minor injuries. Police in Lebanon, Tennessee are investigating a shooting that happened last night.  The shooting occurred on the opening night of the Wilson County Fair.  One person was injured in the shooting.  The victim was not seriously injured according to reports.

August 16, 2012:  Thanks to Charlie for going out to Clarksville, Tennessee last night to cover an unarmed security guard post.  It was a third shift security guard post that was far away and we had very little notice. The Tennessee Department of Corrections is looking for an escaped inmate today.  At 9 A.M. today prison officials discovered that Calvin Reeves was missing after a routine count of the prison's inmates came up short.  Reeves was currently serving a 30 year prison sentence for non-violent offenses.  Reeves escaped from a minimum security prison in Only, Tennessee.

August 15, 2012:  Thanks to all our security guards and other security personnel that have gone above and beyond the requirements of their jobs to help out during these busy days. Thanks to Officer Sampson! Earlier this month in Oklahoma a police K-9 was killed.  Authorities believe that the dog may have been targeted because he was a dog that was used to detect narcotics. Late last week in Connecticut a private security guard helped stop a robbery in progress.  The security guard flagged down police officers after he noticed that two men were on top of another man going through his pockets.  The policemen that the security guard notified of the robbery arrested the two suspects in the act.  The victim was highly intoxicated and unable to defend himself.

August 14, 2012:  It is a nice day in Nashville today.  It is cooler than it has been in weeks.  Thanks to Robin, Cassandra, and Mr. Sampson for helping out today.


August 13, 2012:  It is a very rainy morning in Nashville, Tennessee.  I hope all the security guards (and anyone else that works outside) that work on posts or patrols outside brought their rain gear with them today. Congratulations to the graduates of On Guard Security's August 2012 handgun

carry class.  The whole class had a great time as well as the instructor. 

Many police forces in the United Kingdom were stretched thin last week.  Police from nine different forces were used as private security guards at the Olympics in London.  Police officers were used because the contract security guard company that won the contract to provide private security guard services for the Olympic games could not fulfill their end of the obligation.  The private security guard company could not hire and train the number of private security guards that were required in the allotted amount of time. Thanks to Tyran, Todd, Denise, Latoya, James, and all the other security guards that have helped out over the years. Friday night in California a man was severely beaten by security at a bar.  The victim was trying to record a brawl outside of the bar on his cell phone.  The victim was hit by a security guard while attempting to record the fight.  The private security guards repeatedly hit the man after he was already on the ground.  The security guards also allegedly stole two cell phones from the victim, too. A contract security guard company and a private security guard that is employed by them in New Mexico are both being sued by a man that claims that he was pepper-sprayed by the security guard for no apparent reason.  The security guard claims that he thought the victim was "tagging" a street sign with a black marker.  The guard also claims that the victim was uncooperative and attacked the security guard when confronted.

August 12, 2012:  A bounty hunter was shot and killed in Bristol, Tennessee on Friday night.  According to witnesses, the bounty hunter ran up to his target, pulled out his firearm, and told the man that he was under arrest.  A struggle for the gun began.  The suspect was injured during the struggle but not badly.  The bounty hunter was killed.  There are not many more details available at this time. Last week in Knoxville, Tennessee private security guards trained with the Knoxville Police Department.  The private security guards are contracted to work in Knoxville's schools.  The private security guards in Knoxville's schools are armed guards.  The security guards finished their training with police officers just days before kids begin school in Knoxville.  Training with police officers is a good move for everyone.  Private security guards must work with police in any major incident that the police are called for. 

August 11, 2012:  It is a hot day here in Nashville. Thanks to Tyran for helping this morning.

August 10, 2012:  It is a rainy morning here in Nashville.

August 9, 2012:  A 16-year-old girl was nearly kidnapped in Murfreesboro on Tuesday.  According to reports, the girl was walking down the street at around 7 p.m. when a man drove up beside her and asked if she needed a ride.  When the girl replied no, the man jerked her into his van by her hair.  The girl was able to kick the door open and escape about a block from where she was pulled into the van.  Police in Murfreesboro are still investigating.  Private security guards in Washington were able to stop an armed man from attacking a woman outside of a bar on Saturday night.  The suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and put it to a woman's head.  The armed security guards pulled there firearms, too.  According to reports, the man was making threats while he had the woman at gunpoint.  At least one armed guard pulled his gun.  The man fled when the guard drew his weapon.  Police arrested the man soon after the incident. Earlier this week in Rhode Island a man was arrested and charged for possessing body armor.  The man was a convicted felon.  Rhode Island passed a law last year that makes it illegal for violent felony offenders to possess body armor.  A 9mm handgun and a knife were also found in the suspect's vehicle. A man was arrested earlier this week for impersonating a police detective in Pennsylvania.  The man was allegedly trying to get free food from a local McDonald's.  The suspect works as a contract security guard. Police in Nashville arrested a man earlier this week and charged him with murder.  The murder occurred in 2001.  After over a decade the police apprehended the suspect.  Another man that is charged in the murder was arrested in March. Police in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee shut down a massage parlor late last week.  After an anonymous tip police conducted an undercover investigation into prostitution at Better Bliss Massage.  An informant was offered sex for money during the undercover sting.  This is Mt. Juliet's first case ever of a business running a prostitution operation.

August 8, 2012:  An attempted break-in earlier this morning in south Nashville has caused Overton High School to be locked down.  According to reports, three men shot a pellet gun through a window of a residence.  The homeowner heard the commotion and went to see what was happening.  The three suspects fled the scene when they saw the homeowner.  Police are searching the area for the suspects.  Police have discovered a stolen vehicle parked nearby that they believe the suspects were driving. Thanks to James for helping out tonight! Thanks to Jacob for all the valuable information about radios.

August 7, 2012:  A man in New Jersey was charged with making death threats to a contract security guard last week.  The man that was charged with threatening the security guard was in jail already for robbery and assault.   The suspect assaulted the same private security guard that he threatened when he was caught shoplifting in June.  The suspect was attempting to intimidate the security guard after the robbery by threatening him. A very special thanks to Daniel for helping out tonight. The Metro Nashville Police Department reported that there has been an increase in thefts of license plates and tags in Nashville.  Early this morning at a nightclub in New Jersey a private security guard was fatally shot.  The security guard was shot while breaking up a fight between patrons of the establishment.  Eleven private security guards have been murdered in the United States in the past thirty days.

August 6, 2012:  It was a rainy night last night here in Nashville.  I'm glad to get the rain, but hate that our security guards that work outside posts had to deal with the rain.  On Guard Security will have a handgun carry class this Friday and Saturday.  Sign up now by calling us at (615) 361-4141 or you can guarantee your spot in our class by bringing your $100 class fee to our office and signing up.  Seating is limited. Police in Nashville are looking for a man that has been shoplifting at several CVS stores and Walgreens in the Nashville area since May.  The man has threatened security guards at some of the stores that he has shoplifted at.  He has threatened to hurt or kill anyone that attempts to stop him according to CVS security.  Security personnel that have encountered the shoplifter are worried that he will hurt someone in his next shoplifting spree.  The man was chased by a Metro Nashville police officer in one incident, but the shoplifter managed to escape.  Anyone with information regarding the shoplifter is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME. A private security guard in Missouri is in the news today for firing his weapon at a vehicle that he thought was suspicious earlier this week.  The security guard was patrolling an apartment complex when the suspicious car accelerated toward him.  The guard fired his weapon one time, but he is unsure whether he hit the vehicle or not.  The security officer was not injured during the incident. Thanks to Kyle, Tiffany, Peggy, Val, and all the other people that are affected by the long hours that we sometimes have to work. A contract security guard in Florida helped capture a burglar over the weekend.  The private security guard was on duty patrolling Swan Lake Mobile Home Park when he noticed a suspicious looking man.  The security guard later identified the suspect as leaving the scene of a burglary.    Thanks to Miles and Amy for helping out today.  Thanks to Tiffany, Latoya, and the rest of our security guards, too.

August 5, 2012:  What a busy and hectic weekend it has been at On Guard Security.  Many people deserve thanks for helping make it all happen.  It would take me forever to list each and every person that helped out in some way over the last two days.  Thank you everyone!!  Special thanks to Denise, William, Tiffany, Todd, Val, Tyran, and Miles.  A report recently released by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shows that crimes against the elderly have been increasing in recent years in Tennessee.  The trend in crimes against the elderly is especially troubling because overall the crime rate has fallen during the same period.  The TBI report covers all crimes against the elderly, including robbery, assault, and fraud. Two private security guards in Oregon have been accused of racial profiling, false imprisonment, and intentionally causing emotional distress in a lawsuit filed last week.  The suit comes from the security guards allegedly detaining a young man that wanted to return a pair of shoes for a different color pair.  The private security guards allegedly tailed the young man and harassed him.  The guards allegedly detained the young man in the store accusing him of stealing the pair of shoes that he was returning. Early this morning in south Nashville police responded to a call about a shooting.  An 18-year-old was shot by a man in a car at the Vistas apartments on Nolensville Road.  The victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.  The victim was in the stairwell of the apartments when he was shot. On Guard Security is looking to hire one armed security guard for a part-time post as soon as possible.  The security post is in Middle Tennessee.  All applicants should already be licensed in Tennessee as an armed security officer.  Applicants should have experience working as private security or in law enforcement.  Anyone that is interested should fill out the contact form on the Career page of our website or call 615-361-4141.

August 4, 2012:  Thanks to all our security guards for helping out during this crazy week.

August 1, 2012:  A special thanks to Dave, Amanda, Todd and Louie for their help last night.  A very special thanks to Denise, too.  Denise got very wet last night.  Unfortunately, Denise was working as an unarmed security guard last night at a post that had no shelter.  Denise was stuck in the rain last night.  It was really heavy rain last night, too.  Also, I would like to thank James for going to check on Denise while she was on post in the rain last night. Two men were shot in north Nashville last night after a gunman began shooting into their bedroom.  According to police, the gunman removed the air conditioning unit from the victims' window and began firing into the room.  Police have not commented on a motive for the shooting.  Both victim's were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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