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To offer the best gun training classes in Nashville, On Guard Security has partnered with Gun Runner, Inc. to provide a variety of gun safety and gun training classes. The classes we offer are not just for security professionals. We offer classes for handgun carry permits to the general public. We also offer classes for armed and unarmed security guards.

All of the instructors for On Guard Security and Gunrunner Inc. are fully certified, licensed, and insured to teach the classes that they instruct. Our instructors have many years experience in law enforcement, personal protection, and several other security related fields. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our next Handgun Carry Permit Class will be October 24,2014.

Handgun Safety and Training Class
Don't leave your personal safety up to someone else. The handgun safety and training class is the class that is required in Tennessee in order to get a concealed carry permit. The class consists of time in the classroom and time at the firing range. The class costs $90 if paid for at least fourteen days in advance or $100 if paid the day of the class. Upon completion of this class, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion that will enable him to get a concealed carry permit from the state of Tennessee. The handgun safety and training classes are very informative. Many different subjects are covered in the class. Handgun safety is discussed in detail. Basic handgun information, such as the difference between a semi-automatic and a revolver, is discussed. Tennessee law that pertains to handguns, gun maintenance, and many other topics are addressed during this class.

Unarmed Security Guard Training
The training for unarmed security guards is the class that is required by the state of Tennessee in order to be licensed as an unarmed security guard. This class teaches prospective guards all of the basics of being a security officer. The cost of the class is $55 if paid in advance and $75 if paid the day of the class. The next unarmed security guard class will be scheduled soon. As soon as we set a date we will post it online.

Armed Security Guard Training
The class for armed security guard training is the course that is required to be completed to be licensed as an armed security guard in Tennessee. The armed security guard training class covers all the material that is in the unarmed security officer training class and additional information that pertains to armed guards. Please call us for more details. The cost of the armed guard class is $150 if paid in advance or $175 if paid the day of the class. As soon as we set a date we will post it online.

Handgun Carry Class
Our next Handgun Carry Class will be announced shortly. Everyone that attends our Handgun Carry Class will need 100 rounds of ammunition for the firearm that they wish to qualify with, a handgun, protective eye-wear, and protective ear muffs. Ammunition, ear muffs, and protective eye-wear will be sold on the day that the class goes to the shooting range. Firearms will be available to rent, too. Anyone without their own handgun can rent one from us for $10 .

Handgun carry permit class Nashville

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