December, 2009

December 31, 2009: It is very hard to believe that today is the last day of 2009!

A private security guard from Detroit has been charged with murder. The private security guard allegedly fatally shot a man that had broken into his house. The guard allegedly chased the man outside of the house, then after the guard caught the burglar he shot him.

December 30, 2009: Police are still seeking any clues in the shooting death of the private security guard at Auto Zone. The unarmed guard as shot three times. He was not wearing a bullet-proof vest. The suspects are described as black males around the age of twenty-five.

It is a cold and wet night in Nashville.

A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer was shot and wounded today in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The officer was shot several times while he was investigating a suspicious car. The officer was airlifted to Nashville.

December 29, 2009: It is a cold morning in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Chicago Police have shut down an illegal social club. The police say that the club's security guards were illegally armed. When the police raided the club and the security guards, several people were arrested.

Police in Murfreesboro, Tennessee are searching for clues to a bank robbery. The robbery happened last night at a First Tennessee Bank. A masked robber jumped over the teller's counter and stole money. No one was injured.

Police are looking for clues in the robbery of a Holiday Inn in Kentucky. Three men robbed the hotel in Boone County, KY.

December 28, 2009: All security guard operations went well during the holidays. There were no major incidents.

A part-time security guard in California just won $7 million in the lottery!!!

Thank you to everyone that worked during the holidays! 

December 25, 2009: Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009: Earlier this week a man stabbed a security guard in North Carolina. The man was allegedly trying to steal shoes from a local Wal-Mart. When the security guard on duty confronted the would-be thief, the man stabbed the unarmed guard.

December 23, 2009: A security guard was murdered in Oakland over the weekend. The guard was on post at an auto parts store when he was shot to death. Not much more information is available at this time.

Happy Birthday, Amy!

December 22, 2009: A man is in custody in Minnesota for an altercation with two security guards last week. The man was approached by security guards for attempting to steal a pack of razors. The man then tried to stab one of the unarmed guards. The man's knife never opened.

The Nashville Police Department reports that four students from Antioch High School attempted to burglarize a house last week. The four students have all admitted their involvement. They kicked in the door to a house and fled when they realized that someone was home. The house also happens to be in Antioch. The burglars were attempting to burglarize the house before school.

December 21, 2009: Much has happened in the security and security guard industry in the last few days. Unfortunately, I've been quite sick and unable to keep the page updated. In the future, other arrangements will be made.

December 17, 2009: A Fifth Third Bank here in Nashville was robbed yesterday. In fact this was the same branch that was robbed just a few weeks back.

December 15, 2009: A story comes out of Illinois that is very similar to another recent incident. At Kohl's on Saturday a security guard was punched in the face by a man that tried to walk out of the store with merchandise that he had not paid for. When the unarmed guard confronted the man, the theif hit the guard and started running away.

A man has been arrested in Maryland for allegedly assualting a security guard and a police officer. The alleged assualt happened when the guard and policeman tried to arrest the man.

Two people from Crossville, Tennessee were taken in to custody Monday for promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine. Attention was called to the couple because of suspicious purchases of psuedoephedrine.

December 14, 2009: Two middle school students are in custody in Georgia. The two students allegedly had oral sex in a classroom while a teacher was teaching and other students were in the classroom.

Yesterday, two bodies were found by police in Kentucky. The body of a 13-year-old girl and her father were found in their garage in Madison County. Investigators are treating it as a murder-suicide. The two died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

There was a shooting in Murfreesboro over the weekend. Middle Tennessee State University sent out an alert that a shooting had just occured near campus on Saturday night.

Yesterday a man in Massachusetts stole a Television from a Target, punched a security guard, and threatened the guard with a knife. As the man attempted to walk out of Target with two TVs that he had not paid for, a security guard that was on duty stopped him. The man then punched the security guard, pulled out a knife, and began running away with one of the televisions.

December 13, 2009: Twelve very expensive coats were stolen from a business in Atlanta Friday night while the security guard that was on duty was held at gunpoint.

December 12, 2009: At least two private security guards were suspended and then fired after a video surfaced showing the bouncers beating two men in a club's parking lot. The club is in Atlantic City and is owned by Jay-Z.

December 11, 2009: Attacks on certain students earlier this week in a high school in Philadelphia have given way to a big debate over the sort of security personnel that the school hires.

Chanukah begins tonight. Chanukah ends on December 19th this year.

A woman and her boyfriend were convicted in a child abuse case in Lexington, Kentucky today. The convictions come from an incident in 2007. The couple abused the woman's two-month-old daughter.

December 10, 2009: A security guard at a nightclub in New York was severely wounded earlier in the week. The guard was stabbed more than a dozen times. It is reported that he was attacked by at least five people. The guard is in stable condition.

A security guard in Colorado Springs helped in the arrest of a fugitive this week. While the guard was training a new member in their security team, they checked the Crime Stoppers website. The fugitive that was at the top of the list on the website was sitting at a computer right next to the two guards. The senior security officer remained calm and alerted the off-duty police officer that worked security with him. A fugitive was apprehended because of good security training and practices.

Another firearm was found in a Nashville school. Monday a .22 caliber handgun was found at Maplewood High School. An 18 year-old student has been charged in connection with the firearm.

December 9, 2009: A security guard was shot while on post at a Family Dollar earlier this week. The incident occurred in Louisville, Kentucky.

A 61 year-old security guard was assualted by a group of teenagers at a mall in South Carolina.

December 4, 2009: The Palo Alto Police Department has hired a private security company to monitor a railroad crossing. This particular railroad crossing has been the scene of several teen suicides lately. Now a security guard in a marked patrol car is stationed by the crossing to help alert the police and prevent any more suicides.

A suspect in a Nashville murder was arrested last night. The man had been a fugitive for over two months. He was finally arrested last night in Denver.

An orthodox Jewish congregation in Santa Cruz may not be allowed to erect its menorah downtown thid year without hiring a security guard to monitor it 24 hours a day. A change in the type of permit that is required is to blame for the sudden change.

Nashville is one of only a handful of cities in the United States that is being considered to host the World Cup Tournament in 2018 or 2022. Obviously, hosting the World Cup would be tremendous for Nashville. It would put the city on the map internationally and bring millions of dollars to the Music City.

December 3, 2009: Two security guards made the news in New York recently. A 75 year-old man that worked as a security guard returned to his former post to steal a safe. While the man was attempting to steal the safe he was confronted by a security guard that was on duty. (The guard that confronted the would-be burglar is the guard that took the burglar's job when he was fired.) The alleged burglar brandished a handgun when he was confronted and tied up the security guard that was on duty. The old man then began to steal the safe. The safe was found abandoned and unopened near the building. The burglar was easily identified and arrested. The security officer that was tied up was uninjured and resumed working the next night. As if this story was not already ridiculous enough, the safe was found to have less than $500 in it.

A special thanks to Brittany W.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the fatal beating of a security guard in Fresno. The security guard was found beaten to death at an apartment complex where he lived and worked about two weeks ago. The Fresno Police now have a 22 year-old man in jail and four others between the ages of 15 and 17. They allegedly attacked the security guard because he told them to leave a vacant apartment where he caught them drinking beer.

We would like to publicly welcome Mrs. Burns to OGSI.

The young man that has been charged with the death of a security guard has been release on bail from a California jail. The 23 year-old became eligible for bail after his charge was dropped to second-degree murder. These charges come from the incident outside a nightclub in California where a security guard was fatally hit with a car.

Nashville police are looking for any information regarding a homeless man that was found dead in Nashville. The man was last known to have lived in Memphis. Many other homeless people were seen earlier around the area that the body was found. It appears that a head injury was the cause of death.

A special thanks again to John J. Your help in Murfreesboro is greatly appreciated.

December 2, 2009: November was once again a great month for On Guard Security, Inc. We gained a number of new clients. Most importantly all of our security guard operations were safe. There were no major incidents. It is hard to believe that it is already December, though.

Earlier this morning a security guard in Lexington, Kentucky helped catch a man that tried to rob a Shell gas station. The security officer chased after the robber and flagged down an off duty sheriff's deputy. The deputy was able to catch the man.

In Tijuana 35 Ford F-150s were set on fire. Gunmen broke into a car dealership and tied up the security guard that was on duty early yesterday morning. The trucks that were set on fire were to be sold to the Tijuana Police Department. The guard was instucted to close his eyes by the five armed assailants.

December 1, 2009: A text went out late last night about an armed robbery in Murfreesboro. Apparently, there was an armed robbery on the Middle Tennessee State University campus. The bulletin said that the armed robbery occured in or around Clement Hall.

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