December, 2011

December 30, 2011:  A Metro Nashville police officer was fired yesterday after a long internal invetigation into claims that he allegedly pulled on a waitresses underwear in an inappropriate way last February.  A Davidson County grand jury indicted him last May. Lexington police had a brief stand-off with a man after they were called for domestic trouble.  The man that allegedly hit his sister had barricaded himself and his young daughter in his bedroom.  Police were able to get the man to surrender peacefully. 

December 29, 2011:  It is a very cold morning in Nashville! 

Earlier this week in eastern Kentucky two men were arrested by police for robbing a tobacco store.  Police in Kentucky quickly apprehended the two 20-year-old men shortly after they committed the robbery. 

Last night in south Nashville a man was pistol whipped and shot inside a restuarant.  The man was seen arguing with two other men outside the restuarant before the incident.  The victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries.  Police are still looking for the two men that are responsible.

Nashville police and the FBI are looking for a man that robbed a bank yesterday morning.  A middle aged black man gave the bank teller a note demanding money at a Regions Bank on Murfreesboro Road.

Gunfire in a parking lot in north Nashville led to a person being shot by an errant bullet.  The victim was in his apartment when the stray bullet hit him.

December 28, 2011:  A woman in Kentucky led police in on a chase through three counties yesterday.  The lady stabbed herself in the neck during the police chase.  When the chase was over, police found the woman unconcious and bleeding from a stab wound in her neck.

December 27, 2011:  It is a cold morning in Nashville.

A very special thanks to all the security guards that helped out with all the extra shifts over the holidays.

December 26, 2011:  Happy Birthday, Drew!!

December 25, 2011:  Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2011:  Happy 24th Birthday, Amy!!!!!

On Guard Security would like to thank Kyle.  I would like to thank Kyle on a personal level as well.

A private security guard at Kroger's in Clarksville yesterday stopped a serial shoplifter.  The security guard recognized the man from reports about him shoplifting ini other stores around the area.  The security guard called the police and confronted the shoplifter about items that he stole in Krogers.  Police arrived and arrested the man.  Congratulations to this observant security guard and all other security guards that are alert and observant!

A federal judge in Chicago ordered yesterday that a man that is accused of murdering a security guard during a robbery will be held without bond.

Thanks to all the security guards and others that are working over the holidays.  Most people are able to take time off and enjoy the holidays with their families, but some professions don't allow such luxuries.  A security guard does not have that luxury.  Buildings and other posts must be secured.  Criminals do not take vacations.  Criminals are opportunistic.  When people are relaxed is when they are most vulnerable.  Security guards, police, firemen, and others must work through holidays and weekends to keep the rest of us safe.

December 22, 2011:  Special thanks to Vonda and Peggy.

Happy birthday, Amanda!

December 19, 2011:  Congratulations to Chelsea and Frankie on their new baby.

Yesterday a man in Kentucky shot a burglar that broke into his house.  The alleged burglar was shot three times.  The injured burglar was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

An armed security guard in Florida was absolved of all charges in a shooting at a strip club last year.  A judge threw out charges of attempted murder against the security guard.

A man in Portland was arrested yesterday for spitting in the face of a private security guard.  The security guard had asked the man to leave the shopping center where he was on duty.  The man then spit on the security guard.

December 18, 2011:  A very special thanks to Jenna for going above and beyond what is necessary to help us out!

Christmas is nearly here!  And New Year's!  Anyone that wants security guard services at their New Year's party should contact us immediately.  New Year's Eve is an extremely busy night for private security guard companies.  Many times there are not enough private security guards available to meet the demand.  

Rest in peace, Tony.

A man in Clarksville, Tennessee was arrested earlier today for setting three cars on fire that belonged to his mother.  When firefighters arrived on the scene the man worked against them to keep the fires going.  The man was eventually tasered and arrested for three counts of arson. 

December 17, 2011:  Earlier this week a man was arrested in Nashville on charges that he and another man impersonated police officers while robbing and kidnapping two victims.  The alleged crimes happened in November in south Nashville.

Earlier this week in Washington a security guard was assualted while attempting to stop a man and a woman from shoplifting.  The security guard was punched in the face when he confronted the pair.  Another security guard arrived and tried to detain the shoplifters.  The shoplifter pulled out a knife and fled.

A man fired nine shots at a security guard outside the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles on Thursday.  Police have arrested the shooter.  None of the shots hit the security guard.

December 15, 2011:  Today I have finally beaten the Flu.  Thanks to everyone at On Guard that has had to do a few extra jobs because I have been unable to. 

December 11, 2011:  All security guard operations went well last night.  The security guards did a great job.  There were no major incidents, and the wedding reception went well.  Thanks to our security guards that were there last night.

December 10, 2011:  Congratulations on your wedding, V and TJ!!!

Thank you to all of our private security guards that worked extra hours this week to help accomodate the special events that we provided security guards for.  Our security guards have always been willing to help us out when help is needed.

A very special thanks to Trina for all her help and support yesterday.

December 9, 2011:  Yesterday a gunman shot a police officer in a parking lot at Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech was the scene of a shooting rampage that left 33 people dead nearly five years ago.  Police are unsure about the gunman's motive.

 The gunman was found dead by police nearby.  The school stayed locked down after the incident.  Exams have been postoned.

On Guard Security would like to thank Peggy for her continual hard work.

Please notify us immediately if you will require security guards for a Christmas or New Year's party.  The sooner that we know about a client's needs the more prepared we can be.  Providing a quality security guard service and quality security guards requires some planning. 

A man in Laurel County, Kentucky was injured during a home invasion last evening.  According to police, a woman knocked on the victim's door last evening.  When the victim answered the door, two men rushed inside and assualted him.  The robbers stole money and prescription medication from the victim's home.

A 26-year-old man was arrested this week in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for raping a 13-year-old girl.

A special thanks to Kyle from On Guard Security.

December 8, 2011:  On Guard Security is currently looking to hire unarmed guards for several posts in the Nashville area.  Anyone that is interested in being a security guard at a quality security guard company should fill out the form on our website or call On Guard's office at 615-361-4141.  

Yesterday police in Nashville announced that they have arrested the alleged accomplice to the man that robbed a family and raped the 11-year-old daughter during the robbery. 

December 7, 2011:  A county judge in Michigan is lobbying to replace security guards at the courthouse with deputies.  The judge says that deputies would be better suited to secure the courthouse than security guards because deputies would have the power to arrest and the power to seize illegal drugs and weapons.  The judge also noted that deputies would cost about $40,000 more than security guards per year.

Police arrested four teens yesterday in Hendersonville, Tennessee for vehicle burglary.  One of the teens was under the age of 18.

An accused murderer is being charged with a second murder in Nashville.  A man that was in jail for allegedly killing his girlfriend was charged with another murder yesterday.  Two other men were also charged in the murder yesterday.

December 6, 2011:  I worked a security guard post last night in Nashville.  I was expecting the wet weather, so I was prepared for it.  I was not prepared for the temperature.  It was cold yeaterday evening!  I was dry, but I was freezing.  Fortunately, part of the patrol at this particular security guard post is inside.  At least I got to thaw out part of the time.  Security guards (and anyone else that works outside frequently) should always keep a close eye on the weather.

Last Friday afternoon a contract security guard that was on duty at a Kmart in Florida was threatened by a man with a knife.  The man threatened the security guard after the guard confronted the man for shoplifting.

Thank you to all of our security guards and non-security personnel.  We appreciate all the hard work.  A special thanks should be given to Peggy.  Her hard work has made On Guard Security what it is today.  Thank you to Andy for his help with a patrol car earlier today.  There are many other security guards and other people that deserve a thank you, but the list is too long to start.  Thanks everyone!

December 5, 2011:  Three men in Rockcastle County, Kentucky have been arrested and charged with murder.  The man that the three are accused of murdering was found with a single gunshot wound in his car in a field last Thursday.  Investigators believe that the motive was robbery.  It is believed that the three men were attempting to rob the victim of his prescription pills.  The investigators also said that the victim had obtained the prescription pills legally.

Police in Lexington are looking for three men that robbed a man while he was jogging yesterday evening.  The robbers got an iPod from the jogger.

Bob Pope, a retired gun show operator from Nashville, has been meeting with various government officials to close the "gun show loophole".  The gunshow loophole refers to individuals being able to buy, sell, and trade firearms with other individuals at gun shows in Tennessee without a background check.  

A sheriff's deputy in Trousdale County, Tennessee was shot early this morning.  The deputy was responding to a domestic call with another officer when he was shot.  The deputy fired his gun, too.  Both men were taken to the hospital in critical condition.  The deputy has been shot in the face according to reports.  

December 4, 2011:  It is unseasonably warm today in Nashville. 

A recent string of shootings in Lexington, Kentucky prompted citizens there to gather in an anti-violence rally.  The anti-violence rally was organized by the family of a young man that was shot and killed in Lexington in October.

A private security guard in South Carolina was shot last night outside a bar.  Security guards told two men at the bar to leave the premises.  One of the men went to his vehicle and returned with a pistol.  The man then shot a security guard in the leg.  The man was caught later by police.  The security guard that was shot was taken to the hospital.

December 3, 2011:  Earlier this week a man kidnapped a woman at gunpoint at Cool Springs Mall and made the woman withdraw money from her bank account.  The robber then stole the woman's car.  The woman was released unharmed.  The woman's vehicle was later found in Antioch.  Police are still looking for clues to identify the robber.

Last night a firefighter was injured in a house that was on fire in south Nashville last night.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The FBI confirmed that they do have a man in custody that they believe to be the "Bad Hair Bandit".  The "Bad Hair Bandit" is responsible for 7 bank robberies in Tennessee and Kentucky.

A special thanks to Ricky from all of us at On Guard Security.  Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on all the latest news regarding security guards and security guard companies in our area.

December 2, 2011:  Four people in Knoxville that were convicted and killing a couple that they carjacked have been granted a new trial.  A judge ruled that the four should get a new trial because the judge that presided over their original trial was under the influence at the time.

Special thanks to Jenna and Paul.

Happy Birthday Otis!!

A private security guard in Michigan pleaded not guilty to charges of assualt and indecent exposure yesterday.  The contract security guard was working in a county building where a lady accused him of exposing himself to her.  The county has not fired the contract security guard company that provides their security guards.  The county only asked that in the future the security guard that is being accused should not work any post in a county building.

A security guard that works at a school in Ohio is still working despite allegations that he slapped a student nearly a month ago.  The security guard allegedly got into an altercation with a student at the school.  The student spat on him, and the security guard allegedly slapped him.  The school board is backing the accused security guard.

A private security guard in New York was arrested earlier this week for carrying a firearm without a permit.  The security guard was carrying a .380.  The guard also had prior convictions.

A former pediatrician was sentenced to life in prison in Nashville today.  The doctor was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing her four-year-old daughter.

December 1, 2011:  I can't believe it is already the last month of 2011.  It seems like it just started.  On Guard Security did very well in November.  Most importaantly all of our security guards and clients remained safe and secure.

It is a very foggy morning in Nashville.  Everyone drive safe.

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