Frequently Asked Questions

Does On Guard Security Inc have the proper license and insurance to operate a protective services company?

We are fully licensed and insured in accordance with all laws in the areas that we operate. All security guards that work for On Guard Security are also fully licensed for the areas where they work.

What if any of the security professionals from On Guard are not suitable to my company?

On Guard will replace any of the security personnel that do not reach the client's expectations.

How much will it cost to have security guards?

Pricing is dependent on a very large number of factors. Please call us at (615) 361-4141 or email us at inquiries@onguardsecurityinc.com . After knowing some specifics of the particular place, hours, and type of security solution that is desirable to you; we will be able to give you a quote within a couple hours. There is no obligation and no charge.

Can On Guard Security provide professional references?

Upon request we can give several references of organizations that we have provided security guard services for. We have provided security personnel to a very wide variety of clients. We have provided guards in residential complexes, religious facilities, universities, construction sites, and many other types of businesses. Our clients have ranged from local companies to global companies.

What are the advantages of hiring a contract security guard company?

In many ways hiring a private security services company is better than hiring in-house security officers. Contract security companies are licensed and insured for security work. Hiring a contract security company also insures that background checks and training have been done. Scheduling and replacing guards is also much easier. The contract security company would also have to be licensed and insured rather than the client.

If all security guard companies hire from the same pool of available security guards, then what is the difference between your guards and the guards from any other contract security guard company?

The available applicants for security guard jobs are very nearly the same for each security guard company in any given area. The security personnel that work for On Guard Security represent the very best of the bunch. Each of our security guards goes through a very thorough interview process. Management supervision and continual evaluation of each individual security guard that is part of the On Guard family ensures that only the very best officers remain at On Guard Security. Our wages are another reason that we have only the best security guards. On Guard Security consistently pays a higher wage than the majority of our competitors.

What type of uniforms will the security guards wear at my location?

At On Guard Security Inc we will outfit the security personnel at any locations based on what the client desires. Uniforms can vary from T-shirts and shorts to blazers and slacks unless requested otherwise guards will be in a black uniform shirt and black pants.