February, 2011

February 17, 2011:  Police in Lexington, Kentucky are searching for clues and information to identify serial robbers in the area.  

February 16, 2011:  Police arrested a man in Nashville today for stealing a purse from an 81-year-old woman.  Police found the lady's wallet after searching the man's apartment.

A security guard shot a man that was burglarizing a business in Pennsylvania.  The security guard was not harmed during the incident.  The burglar is in stable condition.

A man in Ohio has been ordered to stay away from a retirement home after he plead guilty to a charge that he got from posing as a security guard.  Reports claim that the man detained and searched people illegally.  The man's jail sentence was suspended by the judge.

A security guard in Indiana has been charged with several charges relating to him impersonating a police officer.  Apparently, the security guard had pulled over some people for traffic violations.

A security guard in Ohio was shot and killed earlier this week.  The security guard was victimized because he would not let a group of guys in the club.  The guard died at the hospital.

It was a beautiful day in middle Tennessee.

February 15, 2011:  Thanks to Peggy.

Police in Nashville busted a marijuana grow operation in west Nashville.  

February 14, 2011:  Happy Valentine's Day!

A security guard in Texas is being credited for stopping a street brawl that could have very easily escalated into a shootout.  The guard had a gun pulled on him by a participant in the brawl.  The security guard then pulled his firearm.  The suspect began shooting in the air and caused the people that were brawling to scatter.  Police are still investigating the incident and seeking to identify the man that pulled the gun on the security guard.

Last night three Nashville businesses were burglarized on Lebanon Road.  Police are seeking help to find the burglars.

Unseasonably warm temperatures have come to Nashville for the next several days.

Police in Murfreesboro, Tennessee are investigating a shooting that happened today at Middle Tennessee State University.  The shooting is believed to have taken place near the Keathly University Center.  Much of the area that is in the front of the KUC was blocked by police tape for most of the day.  The university was on lockdown following the shooting.

Yesterday in Florida two deputies had to use a Taser to breakup a fight at a restaurant.  The deputies did not get involved in the fight until they were notified by security guards that help was needed.

A fisherman at Old Hickory Lake caught a Piranha today.  The TWRA says the fish was likely dumped in the lake by someone that had had the fish as a pet.

A suspect is in custody following the shooting at MTSU.  The weapon that is believed to have been used in the shooting was found as well as two bags of marijuana.  The victim suffered only a minor injury.

February 13, 2011:  Special thanks to Tiffany, Adam, and Ronnie.

Police in Knoxville found a man dead while they were responding to a shots fired call yesterday afternoon.  The victims name has not been released.

A tip to Crime Stoppers lead police to a meth lab in Nashville last week.  

An unarmed security guard was mistaken as a police officer by a robber in Utah last week.  The security guard was shopping at a convenience store that was robbed.  The robber searched the guard for a weapon believing that the security guard was a police officer.  

February 12, 2011:  We had much warmer weather in Nashville today.  The forecast promises warmer days for all of middle Tennessee over the next few days.

February 11, 2011: Snow in Nashville again!  I can't remember any winter that it snowed this much. 

On Guard Security wants to thank all of our security guards, supervisors, and other security personnel.

February 5, 2011:  A security guard in East St. Louis was shot late Thursday evening.  The guard was shot as he drove away from a group of people that were attempting to rob him.  The security guard was shot five times.  It is reported that the guard is in stable condition.

A security guard in Alabama shot a person at the gas station where he was working as a security guard Thursday night.  The guard was an off-duty sheriff's deputy.  It is unclear why the guard shot the person.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has scheduled over 50 sobriety checkpoints across Tennessee during this Superbowl weekend.

February 4, 2011:  Yesterday in St. Louis a security guard dropped his firearm and a bystander was accidently shot.  The armed security guard is employed by a private contract security guard company, and he was working a post at an insurance company when the accident occured.  The bystander was hit in the leg. 

A security guard and a patron at a Nashville nightclub are being charged with aggravated rape.  The club's owners have since hired new management and security personnel.

Special thanks to "Lulu".

February 3, 2011:  Special thanks to Dwayne.

February 2, 2011:  January was a great month for On Guard Security.  Thanks to all of our clients, all of our security guards, and everyone else that made this possible.

Special thanks to Peter, Jermaine, and Blake.

U.S. Marshals raided the home of the Sommet Group's owners in Williamson County, Tennessee.


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