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Guard Patrol

On Guard Security offers the best guard patrol security service available in the Nashville area.

Why do I need guard patrol service?

At times the best security solution is a patrolling guard. These guards patrol an area in our marked patrol vehicles. With the On Guard Security logo, ultra-bright LED patrol lights, and vigilant guards criminals are sure to be deterred. In many situations an hourly patrol of our client's property is sufficient. In other cases a patrolling guard may just be supplemental to stationary guards. A guard patrol can be an armed guard or an unarmed guard depending on the client's needs.

  • Security guard patrols can be armed or unarmed
  • Patrolling security guards can cover more areas than stationary guards.
  • Guard patrols can be on foot, personal vehicle, or one of On Guard Security‚Äôs marked patrol cars.
Guard Patrol