January, 2010

January 27,2010: A private security guard at a school in Trenton was stabbed late last week.  The guard was working a post at a school. He was stabbed while he and the other security staff were responding to a fight.

Thank you, Mr. Z.

January 26, 2010: Special thanks to Ron N. once again.

A man in Georgia attempted to steal two television from Target while he was dressed like a security guard. The fake security guard was arrested after someone recognized him from surveillance video.

2010 is already looking extremely promising for On Guard Security, Inc. and all of our private security guards and other employees.

January 25, 2010: A police pursuit in Middle Tennessee Saturday night ended with five injuries. The car that was being chased wrecked into a vehicle with a family of five inside near Madison, Tennessee. The driver that was being pursued was uninjured. 

Middle Tennessee State University police are investigating a case of vandalism on the Murfreesboro campus. According to reports, racial slurs and obscenities were spray painted around campus.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky yesterday responded to an alarm at their own shooting range. The would-be burglar was caught on the scene. The police arrested a juvenile. Apparently, the juvenile was attempting to steal handguns from the shooting range.

January 24, 2010: Last night was a nasty night as far as weather is concerned in Nashville.

Police in Williamsburg, Kentucky seized an estimated 60 to 70-thousand dollars worth of prescription drugs. Their discovery was the result of four traffic stops along 1-75.

Andy Dick, a famous comedian and actor, was arrested late last week. Mr. Dick allegedly grabbed the genitals of a security guard that requested that he put on an armband. 

January 22, 2010: A Walt Disney World security guard was charged with 55 counts of possession of child pornography.

January 20, 2010: An 18-year-old man was killed early Tuesday evening in south Nashville. At around 5 p.m. several shots were fired. The young man was later pronounced dead. 

The weather has once again turned nasty and dreary here in Nashville.

January 19, 2010: Police in Lexington, Kentucky are searching for a convicted rapist. The man was supposed to turn himself in to the jail so that he could begin his 10 year sentence. The rapist never showed up.

Late last week two ex-Blackwater security guards were indicted and arrested. The arrests come from a traffic incident in which three Afghan men were killed. 

In Ohio a private security guard was robbed at gunpoint. The security guard was making a deposit for a hospital that he works for as a guard when he was robbed. 

Although this is a late announcement I would like to thank Ron N. 

January 18, 2010: A security guard in Omaha was shot in the face late last week. The security was walking out a man when an argument started. The man then very quickly shot the security guard. After the man had shot the guard, he killed himself.

The mother of a 14-month-old baby girl is in jail in Knoxville today. The mother is charged with aggravated child abuse for allegedly putting her daughter into a tub of scalding water. The child received severe burns.

It is a beautiful day in Nashville.

Two roommates in Lexington, Kentucky received a rude awakening early this morning. One of the roommates woke to see a burglar just inside the back door. Some money was taken. There have not been any arrests so far.

Happy M.L.K. Day!!!!!!

A man that claims to be a former member of the mafia was arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday. The man had come to Knoxville to speak at a Christian conference. The man was arrested for warrants in Williamson County.

January 17, 2010: Unfortunately, website construction is taking longer than we had anticipated.

There has been an enormous amount of news in the security guard industry that we have left unreported due to the redesign of our website. I will not even attempt to catch up on the news about other guards and security guard companies. On Guard Security has had news, too. I will at least mention the most notable news concerning our security officers and On Guard Security.

Special thanks to Mike R., Ron N., Dan S., Jeremiah D., and John J. 

January 12, 2010: Website construction is still underway. Hopefully, we will be back to normal in the next few days.

January 8, 2010: Our website is under construction. We hope to have it fully operational in the very near future. Check back soon for more up-to-date news about security and security guards.

January 1, 2010: Happy New Year's!

2009 was an outstanding year for On Guard Security, Inc. Despite a weak economy, OGSI managed record profits and revenues and expanded geographically. We provided security solutions for many new clients in 2009. Most importantly, there were no major incidents with any of our security guard operations. Our clients, our guards, and other security professionals remained safe and satisfied. 

A special thanks to G. Kinney and M. Reeder for working the extra-long hours on New Year's Eve.

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