January, 2011

January 30, 2011:  It is another very warm morning for January.  Hopefully, it will be another beautiful day.

A private security guard in California stopped a shoplifter from stealing a pair of jeans yesterday.  As the shoplifter continued to escape from the guard's custody he pulled out a handgun right before he drove away.

Fishing on the Stones River was very slow today.  If anyone was catching fish, it wasn't within my eyesight.

January 29, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to thank one of our long time security guards, Jermaine W.

We are looking to hire two unarmed security guards for a one-time event in Nashville, Tennessee.  Please submit your contact information on our career page.

The next concealed carry permit class at On Guard Security is on February 17th and 19th.  Space is limited.  Reserve your place now.

This year has started off very well for On Guard Security.  We have seen growth in nearly every way possible.  Our security guard services are still top quality.  Our business keeps growing.

A former security guard in Chicago is being charged with illegally selling a dozen firearms.

Today was a beautiful and unseasonably warm January day for Nashville.  It was great to get outside for a few hours after all the cold weather and snow. 

Friday night a fire broke out at a South Nashville apartment complex.  The fire on Friday night is the second fire since November.

January 28, 2011:  Jeff Fisher has left the Tennessee Titans.

January 26, 2011:  Snow fell in Nashville this morning.

January 25, 2011:  A meth lab was busted in Maury County, Tennessee last night.  Two people were arrested in connection with the meth lab.  The two were in the residence for 30 minutes before they surrender.

We are currently looking to employ an unarmed security guard in Nashville.  Anyone interested should submit a contact form on our career page.  The guard position is part time.

A special thanks goes out to "T" for his assistance.

In Illinois a contract security guard at a retail store was "bull rushed" as he attempted to stop a shoplifter from leaving the store.  The guard was finally able to handcuff the shoplifter.  The security officer suffered only minor injuries.

January 24, 2011:  A private security guard at a banquet hall in Texas was shot Saturday night during a quinceanera.  Two other people were shot along with the security guard.

Special thanks to Dean and Jim for help with our computers.

Mexico's federal police arrested seven gang members last week.  One of the men arrested is an alleged hit man that is blamed for 22 murders last month. 

A convicted felon was arrested in Franklin over the weekend for throwing pot out the window while he was being pulled over for a registration violation.

January 23, 2011:  The National Weather Service in Nashville, Tennessee says that three storms have potential to bring more snow to Middle Tennessee in the very near future.

Thanks to Johnny and Ben.

Two corrections officers were arrested and charged with illegal dealings with inmates in Eastern Tennessee.

January 22, 2011:  Special thanks to "Tiffers".

A lady was killed yesterday morning in Nashville after she failed to yield at a railroad crossing.  Witnesses have confirmed that the crossing lights and bells were working properly at the crossing.

A security guard that posted a video of a woman falling into a fountain as she was text messaging was fired.  The contracted security guard company that employed the security guard said that he was terminated.

Thankfully, the sun came to Nashville today.

A security guard at a bank in Las Vegas was shot last Thursday morning.  The guard was shot during a robbery.  The guard does not have life threatening injuries according to reports.

A pedestrian was hit and killed on Trinity Lane in Nashville last Friday. 

January 21, 2011:  On Guard Security Inc. would like to thank Rob.

The Tabernacle in Provo, Utah was destroyed by a fire earlier this week.  The security guard that was on duty disabled the alarm after the alarm went off twice and the guard could not find any fire.

January 19, 2011:  Police in Oklahoma are getting two different stories from a security guard that shot a man in Oklahoma last week and the group that was with the man that was shot.  No one has been arrested.  There were no other witnesses.

The District Attorney in Milwaukee County has not filed charges yet against the County Executive that allegedly told a security guard that he employs to threaten a tenant at one of his rental properties.
A man robbed an Arby's restuarant in Lexington, Kentucky earlier this morning.  Police are looking for any clues.  No one was hurt in the robbery.

On Guard Security would like to thank Jason H.

Today the Davidson County Sheriff's Office unveiled their mobile booking unit.  The mobile booking unit will be used throughout Nashville.  The idea is that a mobile booking unit will reduce the amount of time that officers have to spend taking a person downtown.  This would allow the officer more time on the streets patrolling.

January 18, 2011:  The weather in Nashville, Tennessee is dreary.  At least the temperature improved a little.

Special thanks to Tiffany W.

January 17, 2011:  Thanks to all of our security guards that have helped during the holidays and all the bad weather.

Special thanks to Peggy and Kyle!

A security guard was injured earlier this week in a drive-by shooting in California.  The security guard and at least one patron were injured during the shooting.

Nasty weather has come to Nashville, Tennessee.

A security guard at a mall in Texas was treated for minor injuries resulting from a scuffle with a shoplifter.  Police finally helped the mall security guards subdue the shoplifter.

January 14, 2011:  The Franklin Police Department helped with a workshop that helped to educate parents about the dangers of "sexting."  

The County Executive of Milwaukee County is getting more scrutiny because of a security guard's actions.  A guard that works for the County Executive at some of his rental properties and apartment buildings forced his way into a tenant's apartment and ransacked it.  The tenant believes that the guard was sent to send her a message.

A woman from Hendersonville, Tennessee was arrested yesterday for filing a false police report.  The woman had claimed that a man had attempted to sexually assualt her in a parking lot on West Main Street.

Metro Nashville Public Schools are out again today due to hazardous road conditions.  Today will make a full week straight that Nashville schools have been canceled.

A private security guard at an apartment complex in Oklahoma shot a man in the leg late last night.  Authorities are still trying to work out the details of the incident.

January 13, 2011:  It is still very cold in Nashville.

On Guard Security is still seeking to hire two security guards in Nashville and one security guard in the Knoxville area.

Special thanks to V., Peggy, and Kyle.

A teachers union in Dallas honored a security guard at a local high school recently for his work with at risk teens.  The security guard took in several kids that have been abandoned or in other trouble.

January 11, 2011:  The last couple days have brought a lot of snow to Nashville and most of middle Tennessee.  I would like to thank all of our security guards.  Every post was covered by our security guards despite the nasty weather.

A security guard at a nightclub in Los Angeles was shot last Friday night.  The guard was attempting to break up a fight when an unidentified man shot him with a handgun.

January 10, 2011:  The snow has come to Nashville!!

January 4, 2011:  Special thanks to Tiffany!!

Special thanks to Soupone K.

January 3, 2011:  2011 was a great year for On Guard Security, Inc.  All of our security guards remained safe.  Our clients and their customers were safe.  There were no major incidents, either.  On Guard also saw tremendous growth.  More on this later when the numbers come in.

January 1, 2011:  Happy New Year's!

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