January, 2013

January 31, 2013:  It is cold in Nashville this morning.  It is very cold considering we had temperatures in the 70's less than a week ago.  I'm ready for Spring to return. A private security guard in Canada was assaulted earlier this week.  The security guard was working at a store when he observed a man shoplifting several items.  The private security guard confronted the shoplifter outside of the store.  When the unarmed security guard confronted the shoplifter, the shoplifter assaulted the guard and fled.  Police apprehended the suspect later without incident.  The man was charged with theft, a violation of probation, and assault with intent to resist arrest.  All property that was stolen was recovered. A school security guard in Arkansas was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault.  The private security guard was regularly posted at a junior high school.  The school security guard allegedly inappropriately touched a 14-year-old student.  The incident is said to have occurred in November of 2012.  The victim's mother told investigators that the security guard has also contacted the victim through text messages. Earlier today an Amber Alert was issued for a Memphis infant.  The Amber Alert has since been cancelled.  The father, the one that kidnapped the infant, is in police custody, and the infant was safely recovered by the Memphis Police Department.  The TBI reports that the infant's father stabbed the mother many times, and the took the infant.  The father drove the mother to a hospital after he stabbed her.  He then left with the infant. Captain Teal and I are just about to begin another On Guard Security mini-road trip.  Today our journey will take us to some of the more rural parts of Tennessee.  It should be a productive trip.  It will definitely be a much needed break from our office in Nashville. The National Weather Service has confirmed two more tornado touchdowns in middle Tennessee.  That brings the total number of touchdowns to ten.  Reports of damage from the storms and injuries are still coming in.  It has been reported that another person was killed by the storm in Georgia. Congratulations on your new job, Mariah! Thanks for helping out today, Columbus!

January 30, 2013:  The Metro Nashville Police Department is looking for any information on the whereabouts of Christopher Shipp.  Arrest warrants were issued for him yesterday for criminal homicide and attempted criminal homicide.  Shipp allegedly fatally shot a man and injured his girlfriend during a home invasion in north Nashville on January 25th.  Shipp was already out on bond for felony drug and weapons charges.  Anyone with information about the suspect is urged to contact the  Metro Nashville Police Department  or  Crime Stoppers .  A very special thanks to Lt. White for all the help yesterday.  It is greatly appreciated!!! Severe weather came through middle Tennessee last night and caused considerable damage in Nashville and surrounding areas.  Residents and businesses throughout middle Tennessee are reporting storm damages.  One man was killed in the storm.  At least eight tornadoes touched down.   Tornadoes were confirmed in Robertson, Sumner, Cheatham, Dickson, Wilson, and Hickman Counties.  Many schools were closed due to storm damage.  According to the  Tennessee Emergency Management Agency  many people have reported minor injuries, one person has been criticall injured, and two people were seriously injured.  The storm damage has also left many security guard companies struggling to meet demand.  Many businesses are seeking a private security guard company to provide security guard services to protect their assets while their fences or walls are being repaired. A fight in a food stamp office in Illinois is getting a lot of attention.  The security guard company that is contracted to provide private security guards to the office is also getting some attention.  The brawl at the food stamp office was all caught on video.  The video shows woman fighting each other, and the security guards trying to break up the fighting.  The police are not having much luck finding the people responsible for the brawl.  It seems that the security officers were reluctant to detain the people.  The Chief of Police said that the security guards were there to arrest and detain people in situations like this.   Temperatures in Nashville are dropping quickly!!

January 29, 2013:  Thank you to all our security guards!!  A special thanks to T.J., LaToya, and Columbus for being extremely flexible with the schedule this week.     A private security guard was stabbed over the weekend in Arizona.  The security guard was taken to the hospital after being stabbed multiple times.  According to witnesses the security guard was assaulted by a man that he was fighting with in the nightclub where he worked.  Another person was also injured in the incident.  The second victim is expected to be okay.  Police officers say that the security officer's wounds are life-threatening.  At this time the police have not released a description or name of a suspect.  This is a warm start to a January morning in Nashville.  The forecast says that we can expect a high temperature around 70 degrees today.  A perfect day for January. A man and a woman were arrested in New Hampshire on Saturday.  The couple was arrested and charged with theft for an incident that occurred last week.  They allegedly stole a firearm that belongs to a private security guard that works at Concord District Court.  The armed guard apparently misplaced her firearm when she went to the restroom.  Surveillance video shows that the woman found the firearm in the restroom and then notified the man.  The two eventually left the building with the security guard's firearm.  Police officers got a search warrant for the couple's home on Saturday.  The security guard's firearm was found during the search.  An 18-year-old high school student in Illinois was arrested last week.  The student was charged with battery and assault.  The student allegedly assaulted another student and resisted a private security guard that tried to intervene.  The security guard was thrown to the ground by the student after the student jerked away from him.  The suspect also continued to attack the other student as the security guard was trying to intervene. Police are seeking the public's help in identifying a man the broke into a CVS pharmacy in Columbia with a sledge hammer.  The man broke into the pharmacy and stole thousands of prescription pain pills.  No arrests have been made yet.  Investigators will not release an exact number of pills that were stolen, but they have said that it is more than 3,000.   Severe thunderstorms will pass through middle Tennessee tonight.  There is also the possibility that we could see tornadoes in the Nashville area.   

January 28, 2013:  Yesterday in Nashville police officers had to evacuate Rocketown Youth Center because of a bomb threat.  According to reports, someone had threatened to blow up the youth center on Facebook.  Police officers searched the entire building and questioned employees for over an hour, but no bomb was found.   Thank you to Mariah for all her help with our marketing efforts!  Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Over the weekend thieves in Antioch stole a heating and air unit from a church.  The theft occurred on Friday night at Divine Faith Ministries Church on Old Hickory Boulevard.  The unit is worth six to eight thousand dollars.  Police are still investigating. Last weekend in Memphis, Tennessee an armed security guard shot a man outside of a convenience store.  The security guard had apparently gotten into an argument with the man, and then the private security guard followed the man into the parking lot and began shooting.  The security guard told the police that he thought the man was trying to pull out a gun.  The armed security guard is actually only licensed as an unarmed security guard.  The guard was unlawfully carrying his firearm at the time.  The private security guard has been charged with a variety of charges including attempted 2nd degree murder.    Last night in New York an off duty school security guard was shot.  The security guard was shot in the chest while he was inside of his vehicle.  It is not clear at this time what caused the shooting.  The security guard was taken to the hospital and is in critical but stable condition. Congratulations to Tiffany for starting her new job!

January 27, 2013:  On Guard Security, Inc. is currently looking to hire one part-time armed security guard.   This particular job will be somewhere between 12 and 25 hours per week and is in the Nashville area.  All applicants should already be licensed as an armed guard in Tennessee.  Experience with a security guard company, the military, corrections, or law enforcement is necessary.  Anyone interested should complete the form on the  Contact  page of this website. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and local police determined that there was no evidence of foul play in the accidental shooting death of a 15-year-old on Thursday in Sweetwater, Tennessee.  The teen accidentally shot himself with a family handgun. Thanks to Lt. White, Peggy, and Kyle for there help yesterday!!! It is a cloudy, rainy day here in Nashville, Tennessee.

January 26, 2013:  Earlier this week in a federal courtroom in Maryland two men were sentenced to 32 years in prison for armored-car robberies in Baltimore between 2008 and 2011.  The two men along with the rest of their crew robbed armed security guards that worked on armored cars in the Baltimore area.  The robberies netted more than $750,000.  Prosecutors described the two men and their crew as highly sophisticated. Thanks to all the security guards that work for On Guard Security, Inc.  A special thanks to Sandra, Captain Teal, and Lt. White.   A double shooting in west Nashville left one man dead and his girlfriend in the hospital.  Last night at around 10:30 PM two men barged into the couples apartment and demanded money.  The man was pronounced dead at the scene.  The woman was critically injured and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Police officers found marijuana and drug paraphernalia at the apartment.  Police officers currently have no one in custody in connection to this shooting. An armed security guard in Texas has been arrested and charged with armed robbery earlier this week.  The armed guard is employed with a private security guard company and drives an armored car.  The private security guard is being charged with the robbery of a business that is normally on his route.  The business was robbed of $24,000 while they were waiting on the armored car to do the daily pick up. 

January 25, 2013:  A special thanks to Officer Owens for helping out this week in Nashville!  Officer Owens has gone above and beyond what is required of security guards at On Guard Security, Inc.  This entire week would have been incredibly difficult without the help of Lt. White, Captain Teal, Officer Owens, and a few others that pitched in this week.  Thank you!!!  A man in Nashville was critically injured late yesterday evening.  The man was shot.  The victim drove himself to a hospital after being shot.  Police are investigating the shooting.  A suspect description has not yet been released. It is rainy and cold today in Nashville.  I hope all the private security guards that work a post that requires going outside in the Nashville area brought their rain gear.  According to some reports, the roads could get very bad in Nashville later today.  Earlier this week in California a private security guard was threatened with a knife.  The private security guard was working at a mall when he saw a man and woman leave a Best Buy store with an Xbox game system that they had put into another one of their shopping bags.  The unarmed security guard approached the couple and confronted them about their shoplifting.  The male suspect pulled out a knife and threatened the security officer.  The suspects fled in a white Dodge van. Close cooperation and good communication between private security guards in Green Hills Mall and the Metro Nashville Police Department led to the arrests of three people that are suspected of stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from multiple retailers in Green Hills Mall.  A police officer pulled over a woman that was texting while driving on Hillsboro Pike near I-440.  The policeman quickly noted that the vehicle that he had just stopped fit the description of a vehicle that was reported by security guards at Green Hills Mall to contain alleged shoplifters.  Police search the vehicle after the driver consented to the search.  Police found merchandise that still had security sensors attached.  Also found in the vehicle were tools to remove security sensors from the stolen merchandise.  All three people in the vehicle were arrested and charged with many different charges. A police officer in Kentucky was arrested and charged with official misconduct, trafficking a controlled substance, and other charges last night.  The police officer was allegedly attempting to buy narcotics while on duty.  Authorities were tipped off before they began investigating the police officer.  The investigation is still on going according to authorities.

January 24, 2013:  An armed security guard at a bank in Oklahoma fired several shots at a man that had just robbed the bank where the security guard was working.  According to reports, an armed robber jumped over the counter at the bank and demanded money.  When the bank robber began to leave the private security guard shot several shots at him.  The suspect was hit at least two times by the security guards shots.  The suspect managed to escape the bank, but he was apprehended soon after the incident.  The bank's private security guard is a former police officer. Get well soon, LaToya!!  A CVS in Green Hills was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday evening.  Police are still investigating the armed robbery.  The man that robbed the CVS entered with a mask covering his face, showed a clerk his handgun, and then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.  It is unknown whether the robber had an accomplice or not. Metro police arrested a man Tuesday afternoon and charged him with felony possession of marijuana for resale..  The arrest and seizure of 29 pounds of marijuana were the result of a routine traffic stop on Interstate 40 near Bellevue.  Police stopped the driver for following a tractor-trailer too closely and swerving. Upon searching the driver's vehicle police officers discovered the marijuana.

January 23, 2013:  Earlier this week in Nashville police officers found a 31-year-old man that had been shot three times lying in the street.  The man says he was shot by men in a white Impala.  The victim's wounds were not life-threatening.  Yesterday it was reported that an air soft gun was found in Antioch High School in addition to an unauthorized person that was hiding.  There were actually two air soft guns found in Antioch High School.  The second was found in a trash can. Police in Crossvillle, Tennessee are investigating a murder after a woman's body was discovered yesterday evening at a Budget Inn in Cumberland County, Tennessee.  The body of a 41-year-old woman was found at around 8 PM.  The woman appears to have died from head injuries.  Authorities say that two people have been arrested in connection with the murder of the 41-year-old woman. A man's body was found yesterday morning outside of Nashville's FBI office.  The body was found with a handgun, and it appears to be a suicide.  There is no connection that is being reported to Nashville's FBI office.   An armed security guard in Trinidad shot his penis off after his .38 handgun accidentally discharged.  Police found the private security guard with a bloody groin in his vehicle after nearby residents reported to police that they had heard a gunshot.  The man was not licensed to possess the handgun. A private security guard in Connecticut has been put on paid leave while an incident in which the security guard waved a toy gun at people is investigated.  The security guard was waving a toy gun at people in the Health Department's cafeteria.  The security guard was waving the toy pistol around only two weeks after a gunman in Connecticut killed 26 people and himself at an elementary school. A private security guard in South Dakota was assaulted earlier this week.  The female security guard was working at a hospital when a patient that was being combative with other hospital personnel kicked the guard in the face.   The female security guard suffered only minor injuries.  The woman that kicked the female guard is being charged with a fairly serious crime for the incident.

January 22, 2013:  Earlier today a high school here in Nashville was put on lock down.  Antioch High School was put on lock down while police officers searched the building.  A search of the building resulted in police officers discovering a former student hiding in a storage room and an air soft pistol behind a toilet in a bathroom.  The former Antioch student faces multiple charges. Thank you to LaToya, T.J., Columbus, and all the other security guards at On Guard Security.  A special thanks to J. Altobell.

January 21, 2013:  Thanks to all the private security guards, law enforcement officers, and any other public safety personnel that have to work on M.L.K. Day this year.  Unfortunately, these duties have to be carried out all day everyday.

January 20, 2013:  Thanks to all the private security guards that work here at On Guard Security!!  A very special thanks to Sandra, Captain Teal, and Miles!!!   A private security guard was assaulted in California last week.  The security guard had been patrolling an office complex on a bicycle.  When the security guard sat his bike aside for a break a man stole the bike.  The security guard saw the suspect as he was leaving with the patrol bike.  The private security guard tackled the suspect.  The suspect and the security officer wrestled over the bike for a minute, then the suspect ran away.  Police have identified the suspect.  The man was a suspect in some sort of disturbance in the same general area just a short time before this incident with the security guard. A student in Michigan was arrested last week after he assaulted a school security guard.  The private protection officer was attempting to break up a fight when the student that started the fight punched the security guard.

January 19, 2013:  Early yesterday morning two men broke into an east Nashville home and fled with a lock box containing cash.  The homeowner was not injured in the incident.  One of the robbers was armed with a handgun.  Police are investigating the incident.  Police did not immediately release a detailed description of the suspects. Congratulations to Mariah on her new job! Earlier this week in north Nashville two men approached a house and fired multiple shots into the house.   A woman that lives in the home that was being shot at was injured during the incident.  Police are still searching for the suspects.  The woman was not seriously injured. A private security guard in California claims to have been sprayed with pepper spray by a woman that he detained for shoplifting.  Police officers were called to the shopping mall where the incident occurred.

January 17, 2013:  On Guard Security will have the next Tennessee handgun carry class on February 16th and 17th.  Anyone interested in attending this class or anyone with questions should  contact us  to reserve a seat.  Doors will be open to the public on the day of the class, but seating is limited.  Two bullets were found inside Blackman Elementary School, a Rutherford County school.  A student notified on Monday a teacher that he had found bullets.  The teacher discovered two .22 caliber bullets.  Police officers investigated the incident and searched the school.  Nothing was found. Three people are dead, and two houses were burned in Humphreys County, Tennessee today.  The three bodies were all found in one of the burning houses.  Both of the houses were owned by Carl and Elaine Hewitt.  Foul play is definitely suspected.  The incident is being investigated.  Few details are being released at this point.  Elaine Hewitt is the principal at Erin Elementary. A private security guard was robbed at gunpoint in Texas last Monday.  The armed guard was working on an armored car when the robber took him by surprise in a store and drove off with bags of cash and the guard's gun.  Police were quick to respond and got into a high speed chase with the suspect.  The suspect fired at the police officers that were chasing him before he ditched his vehicle and fled on foot.  The suspect then carjacked someone and got away.  The suspect was arrested late Monday at an apartment complex.  Neither the person that was carjacked nor the armed guard were injured.  A police officer was injured during the chase.  It is unclear whether the officer was hit with a bullet or shrapnel. Fire crews in Nashville were called out this morning.  A 1,000 gallon propane tank caught on fire somewhere near Metro Center.  Fire crews were ordered to get away from the fire.  Fire crews began using a water cannon that sits on the fire engine to help keep the flames down.  According to reports, the flames from the fire were higher than the building that the tank was connected to. Thanks to Britt for all the help around the office. On Guard Security is looking to hire one part-time armed security guard.  The position will be third shift on Friday and Saturday in the Nashville area.  Applicants should already be licensed as an armed security guard in Tennessee.  Applicants should also have experience in law enforcement, the military, or at a private security guard company.  Anyone that is interested should fill out the contact form on the  Career  page. Nasty weather is still here in Nashville.  I'm tired of these wet, cold, and dreary days.  I won't complain too much, though.  The security guards that work outdoor posts or patrols and everyone else that has to work outside are the people that really suffer.  I hope our security officers that have to work in this weather bring proper attire for the cold and precipitation.    Clarksville police are looking for a 19-year-old man that is suspected of being involved in an attempted robbery and shooting that occurred Tuesday night.  The shooting happened during what the police believe to have been a drug deal.  It is believed that the victim had been drunk Tuesday evening then at some point went to purchase drugs.  Then the man was robbed and shot in the foot.  Police say that the suspect is to be considered armed and dangerous. An armed security guard at a school in Michigan left his firearm unattended in a school restroom.  The private security guard was just recently hired to add a little extra protection.  Officials at the school say that no students came in contact with the security guard's firearm during the few moments while it wasn't in the security guard's possession.  Police say that no criminal charges are expected since no one was injured. Congratulations and thanks to LaToya for all her help and for exemplifying what it means to be a top-quality private security guard.  A quality guard is reliable, trustworthy, and a team-player that does his duties correctly without any supervision and with a good-attitude and good customer service.  LaToya has all these qualities and then some.   Nearly every client that LaToya has worked for requests that she come back.  We are so grateful to have her at On Guard Security.  Today I received a letter from a client asking if it would be possible for LaToya to be off on a particular morning because they wanted her to come to their monthly breakfast that they do as an organization.  They want to recognize all that she has done and helped them with in a more formal way.  I am so proud that she wears our uniform.                                                               

January 16, 2013:  Last Saturday in California a female security guard was injured in a fight.  The female security officer was bleeding from her head or face as she tried to break up a fight at a bar.  The guard suffered only minor injuries.  Police officers arrived soon after the fight started. A routine traffic stop on I-40 near Dickson, Tennessee resulted in the seizure of nearly 300 pounds of marijuana.  The two suspects were traveling in a pickup truck and were towing a Nissan Sentra.  The vehicles were searched after a drug dog indicated that there were illegal drugs in the vehicle.  According to police officers, the value of the marijuana would be nearly $250,000.  Both people in the vehicle were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  According to authorities, the driver of the vehicle is also wanted for murder in Mexico.

January 15, 2013:  Many counties in middle Tennessee have delayed school openings today because of the winter weather.  A few counties have even closed schools for the day.  The counties that have closed schools for the day are mostly east of Nashville.  Davidson County schools will begin at their normal times today.  A policy change at the Metro Nashville Police Department will allow police officers in Nashville to carry personally-owned rifles in the patrol car while they are on duty.   The chief explains that the tragedies over the last few years all across the country illustrate how criminals are arming themselves.  Hopefully, now our police officers in Nashville will be equipped to handle such an incident if it were to happen.  Chief Anderson also explains that the move to allow officers to carry personally-owned rifles is in the public's and officers' best interests because some times a handgun and a shotgun are not sufficient.  The policy change also requires that officers that carry their rifles on duty to take a three-day class on patrol rifle deployment.  The officer's rifle must be approved by staff at the training academy, and the rifle can not be modified after it has been approved.  Approved officer-owned rifles are subject to inspection at any time.  Also, a police officer that doesn't follow the guidelines can have his authorization to carry a rifle revoked.  The first training class is already scheduled for later this month.  This new policy change should have happened long ago.  Police officers have been outgunned by criminals with high-powered weapons for far too long.  Not only does this policy change help public safety, but it also saves tax money that would be spent arming police officers with rifles. Late last week in California two private security guards were assaulted when they confronted a shoplifter.  The woman that was confronted by the security guards bit one security officer.  The woman also hit a second security guard with her vehicle while she was fleeing.  The private security guards were treated at the hospital for minor injuries. A private security guard in South Carolina is in trouble with the law.  The security guard was caught stealing accessories from a store that she had been hired to provide security for.  Police officers arrested the female security guard after another security guard saw the female guard slip some items into her pocket.  The woman was arrested and later released on a $500 bond.  The suspect was wearing her security guard uniform and was on duty at the time of the incident. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency has declared a state of emergency amid concerns about winter weather across Tennessee.  Their website describes such a declaration as "describes an event or period when a serious emergency has occurred or the situation is deteriorating rapidly, and public warnings are being issued."  As part of the declaration the State Emergency Operations Center has been activated.  Many classes, programs, etc. that were scheduled for this evening have been cancelled in middle Tennessee.   A private security guard in Jackson, Tennessee has been arrested and charged with vandalism between $60,000 and $250,000.  The security guard allegedly destroyed many items in a meeting room at the DoubleTree Hotel in Jackson, Tennessee.  Items that were destroyed were religious artifacts or other items.  Specifically, Jewish artifacts were defaced and defiled.  The man that was arrested worked overnight as a security guard at the hotel.  The security guard worked for a contract security guard company that is hired by the DoubleTree in Jackson, Tennessee.  The security guard company says that the security guard in question is suspended from his position.  The security guard company that the suspect was working for is cooperating with authorities in the investigation. A woman in Mt. Juliet was arrested Monday and charged with solicitation to commit first degree murder.  Detectives with the Wilson County Sheriff's Office set up a meeting with an undercover detective that was posing as a hit man.  The suspect agreed to pay $5,000 to the undercover detective to kill her ex-husband.  The suspect provided pictures of her ex and an address to his home.

January 14, 2013:  Our website will be under construction for the next few weeks.  Sorry for any inconvenience.   Thanks to LaToya, T.J., Peggy, and all of our other security guards.  We couldn't provide a quality security guard service without quality private security guards.

January 13, 2012:  It is a rainy day in Nashville again.  According to the forecast we might have rain all the way through Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the colder temperatures are coming back to Nashville really soon, too. Thanks to Officer Owens for helping out last night.  Miles and Paul are greatly appreciated for helping out last night, too. Police officials in Atlanta report that there were only 85 homicides in the city in 2012.  Other than 2009, which had only 80 homicides, last years was the lowest number of homicides in 50 years.  According to authorities, the total crime rate dropped 5 percent in Atlanta last year.    A private security guard in Illinois was knocked unconscious last week while on duty working as security at a bar.  The security guard attempted to break up a fight, and when he did about seven people began hitting him on the head.  Other security personnel intervened when the security guard was attacked.  The attackers immediately left.  The security guard that was knocked unconscious was taken to the hospital by another employee.  The guard was treated and released that same night. A uniformed security guard at a movie theater in California is in pretty serious trouble as of last week.  The security guard was on probation.  The probation officer made a stop by the security guard's job.  The security guard was searched, and many items were seized from him.  The security guard had a pair of brass knuckles, drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine, and ammunition.  No firearm was found.  The security guard was arrested and charged with a variety of charges including possession of methamphetamine and possession of an unlawful weapon. The National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings for certain parts of middle Tennessee.  Flash flood warnings have been issued for many areas in middle Tennessee, too.

January 12, 2013:  Earlier this week in Iowa a security guard was assaulted by an irate woman at an apartment complex.  The woman allegedly backed her vehicle into the female security guard as the security guard was trying to get a picture of the suspect's license plate.  According to the private security guard and the apartment manager, the woman had just finished arguing with the security guard and had been asked to leave the apartment complex.  Police say that the woman made comments while she was being arrested that indicate that she knew the security officer was behind her vehicle.  According to reports, an armed guard that was supposed to be on duty at Taft Union High School, the school that most recently had a shooting.  Apparently, the security guard that was supposed to be on duty at the time of the shooting was snowed in.  No one has said publicly whether or not they believe that the absence of an armed security guard at the school played a part in the gunman's plans.  Luckily, the gunman was apprehended before too many people were injured or killed.  Only two people were hurt during the incident. Early this morning a man was shot in Antioch.  The incident occurred at around 1:30am on Dover Glen Drive.  The victim was shot in the stomach during a robbery attempt.  According to police, the victim's injuries are not life-threatening.  A Montgomery County, Tennessee grand jury indicted a former Clarksville Police sergeant with two counts of rape.  The retired police officer is accused of raping a 34-year-old mentally disabled woman on two separate occasions.  The suspect was being held on a $20,000 dollar bond.  He made bond the same day.  The former police sergeant maintains his innocence.

January 11, 2013:  Thanks to Ash, Tiffany, and Peggy! It is an unseasonably warm day in Nashville.  It should be a nice break from the cold weather for private security guards that work outside posts or posts that require a patrol outside.  Earlier this week in Nashville law enforcement officers from across Tennessee came together to speak out against allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores in Tennessee.  The issue is once again up for debate on Capitol Hill.  Law enforcement officers claim that allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores will divert police attention from more serious problems. Earlier this week in Kansas a certain school district proposed to arm the private security guards that are in their schools.  The debate about putting armed security guards in school is popping up all over the country. 

January 9, 2013:  Thanks to T.J. and LaToya for helping out with the administrative side of the security guard operations.  Also, thanks to Britt.

January 8, 2013:  Thanks to all the private security guards that work for On Guard Security.  The last two weeks have been very hectic here.  We have made some big changes over the last two weeks that will affect every security guard, secretary, and non-security personnel at On Guard Security.  Long-term this changes will lead to a better service for our clients, but in the short-term it has been hard to make the transition.  

January 7, 2013:  Police in Clarksville busted a meth lab on Saturday night.  The lab was discovered while police were following up on a domestic assault call at the same residence.  Two people were arrested and charged with many different charges related to the manufacture of methamphetamine.  Both of the suspects have also been charged with possession of a firearm during commission of a dangerous felony.

January 6, 2013:  Police officers in Hopkinsville, Kentucky discovered three dead bodies when they responded to a shots fired call at around 10am yesterday morning.  Inside a home police found three people dead in what appeared to be a murder-suicide.  Authorities have not released many details about the incident yet. Thanks to Dave for his help last night.   

January 5, 2013:  Thanks to Sandra for helping out this morning.  Thanks to Lt. Coffin for his extra work and dedication to marketing our security guard company.  Thanks to LaToya for everything.  It would take far too long to mention all the shifts she's covered and ways that she has helped On Guard Security.  T.J. has put in many extra hours and extra effort to help On Guard Security and our security personnel.  Thanks to Peggy for the innumerable things that she has done (many times without compensation) for this security guard company and our security guards.  There are many others that deserve our thanks, too.  All the help is greatly appreciated. I am proud to announce that T.J. Teal has been named as the new captain of On Guard Security, Inc.  Captain Teal will replace Mr. Calhoun.  Captain Teal has many years of experience in private security and the military.  We look forward to working with T.J. as the new captain. Special thanks to Dave for helping out this weekend.   Three police officers in Massachusetts were found to be the people that threw eggs at the police sergeant's home.  The officers were off duty when they threw the eggs.  The incident occurred in early December.  The suspects told the newspaper that it was merely "a prank, a joke between friends."  The incident is being handled internally.  No charges have been filed.

January 4, 2013:  Last night in Brentwood a man was shot in the hand moments after an altercation with another man.  The incident occurred at the Homewood Suites near Franklin Road and Old Hickory Boulevard.  Police have a man in custody, but they are still actively investigating the incident. It is a very cold day in Nashville, Tennessee.

January 3, 2013:  Thanks to all the security personnel that work for On Guard Security, Inc.  Special thanks to Lt. Coffin for handling a volatile situation very well while on his post yesterday evening.  Everyone involved should be thankful that Lt. Coffin was working that particular security guard post last night.  I am quite certain that the situation would have ended in even more violence if a typical security guard from most other security guard companies had been working that post.  Lt. Coffin was able to rely on  his training and 42 years experience in law enforcement to help him diffuse the situation.  Good work, Lt. Coffin!     An inmate that had escaped custody from the Maury County Sheriff's Office is back behind bars today.  The man was found at around 2am this morning near Indianapolis, Indiana walking on the side of the interstate.  The man had been free since last Wednesday when he walked away from his work detail.  The man had been serving time for violation of probation, violation of an order of protection, and harassment. School districts around Nashville and around the country are working to strengthen security in schools as classes begin after the winter's break.  More money than ever is being spent on security in schools across the country.  Particularly since the shooting in Connecticut, security is among the top priorities in schools. A private security guard in Lexington, Kentucky is being called a 'hero' for his actions at a New Year's party.  The armed security guard helped keep teens at a party from injury by taking control when a shooting occurred.  The armed guard heard shots fired outside the party and saw two teens come in covered in blood.  The two teens had been shot.  The private security guard ordered everyone to the back of the building and told everyone to lay down.  The security guard then went outside to find the gunman.  The gunman had gotten away before the security guard could get out of the building. A newspaper in New York has recently hired a contract security guard company to provide armed security guards to its facility.  The move to use private security guards is a result of threats that the newspaper has been receiving lately.  The majority of the threats stem from the newspaper publishing an interactive map to pistol permit holders' homes.  The newspaper has had police officers out to their headquarters several times since the map was published for perceived threats.

January 2, 2013:  Yesterday in Murfreesboro, Tennessee police arrested two people today in the process of manufacturing methamphetamine.  Police in Murfreesboro received a tip that people were actively cooking meth at a certain home.  The Tennessee Meth Task Force had to be called to make sure the chemicals that the suspects were using were rendered safe.  Thanks to LaToya, T.J., Officer Owens, and every other private security guard and law enforcement officer that worked a shift during the holidays.  On Guard Security, Inc. had its best year ever in 2012!  On Guard Security grew in every way imaginable it seems.  We had the best year ever in profits, sales, and growth.  We managed to make it through 2012 with minimal major incidents.  We worked with new clients, law enforcement officers, and contract security guard companies in 2012.  We also provided security guard services in new areas geographically.  We gained a lot more experience individually and as a security guard company.  We hired some great people in 2012, both security guards and non-security personnel.  We look forward to a very profitable and safe 2013. Police in Dickson County, Tennessee are investigating a murder that happened last night at a Holiday Inn Express just off of I-40.  Few details have been released.  Authorities say that two men were shot.  One of the victims died at the scene of the crime.  The other victim is hospitalized, but his condition is said to be stable.  The gunman had already fled before police could arrive, but police are actively looking for a person of interest.  Police in Nashville were told to be on the lookout for a car that is connected to the shooting shortly after the incident.  Investigators spent the evening reviewing surveillance video from inside the hotel. Monday in California a private security guard and several others were shot inside a nightclub.  A fight apparently escalated to the point that one of the men involved in the altercation pulled out a firearm and began shooting at a man and a woman that he had been fighting and a nightclub employee that was trying to break up the fight.  An armed security guard heard the gunshots and saw the gunman.  The gunman and the armed guard exchanged gunfire.  Both the security guard and the suspect were injured in the gunfight.  The gunman attempted to flee, but was apprehended by police officers that were on their way to investigate because they had heard the gunshots.  The nightclub employee that was trying to break up the fight and the man that the gunman had been fighting both died from their gunshot wounds. 

January 1, 2013:  Happy New Years!!! All security guard operations went well for On Guard Security last night.  New Year's Eve is a big night for many contract security guard companies.  With a large number of parties comes a greater demand for security personnel.  There were no major incidents to report last night, our clients remained safe, and our security guards are all still in good shape.   It is a mild and rainy start to 2013 here in Nashville.


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