July, 2009

July 31, 2009:  Last weekend's Operation Safer Streets gang enforcement initiative resulted in 69 arrests and seizure of one weapon and some drugs.

Undercover detectives charged 144 people last week according to the Nashville Police Department. Most of the charges were related to drug or prostitution offenses. As a result of these charges a few weapons and drugs were seized, including a substantial amount of cocaine.

July 29, 2009:  Last Sunday a man attempted to rob two cashiers at a Krogers in Texas. The man was knocked to the floor and dropped most of the money when he was struck by a 68-year old woman. The woman was Krogers' security guard.

July 28, 2009:  Last Thursday night the Nashville police executed two search warrants that resulted in 27 arrests and the seizure of over nineteen pounds of Graba. The warrants were executed on Nolensville Pike and Murfreesboro Pike. Twenty-five people were issued citations for illegal possesion of drugs while two individuals were charged with possession for resale. Graba is a form of the khat plant. The khat plant contains a psychoactive ingredient that is similar to amphetamines.

July 27, 2009:  A security guard in New York was stabbed at a fair after a scuffle . The private security guard has been released from the hospital according to reports.

July 24, 2009:  A private security guard in Long Beach, California is now being charged with two felonies stemming from an incident that happened outside of a club on June 26. The security guard fired his gun in air to break up a fight outside of the club. The bullet from the shot allegedly hit a woman that was sleeping on her deck over a mile away. The private security officer is being charged with discharge of a firearm with gross negligence and carrying a loaded unregistered firearm.

July 23, 2009:  According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, last weekend's Operation Safer Streets initiative brought 84 arrests. The initiative also helped get a weapon and a small amount of drugs off the street.

On Guard Security wants to recognize one of our outstanding guards for his hard work and dedication. Thank you, Antoine. 
July 22, 2009: Earlier today an 18-year-old man was arrested in connection with the shooting of a security guard and the robbery of another guard in a trolley station in San Diego. The suspect was identified by multiple tips from several citizens.

July 21, 2009:  Authorities in California believe that the shooting of a trolley security guard in San Diego last Saturday night could be linked to an earlier crime against the trolley's security guards. As of now they are not certain if the two incidents are linked.

July 20, 2009:  A security guard in a bank in Oklahoma shot and killed a would-be robber and injured her accomplice. The District Attorney stated today that no charges will be brought against the security officer and that he acted appropriately.

July 18, 2009:  Four security guards were suspended without pay after testing positive for the use of steroids. The guards were employed by one of the largest security guard companies. All four of the security officers that were fired worked at a nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. At least two guards are claiming that the results were false positives and that over-the-counter performance enhancers are the probable cause of the failed tests. I think it was a good move by the company that employed these guards. Steroids are not tested for in their standard drug tests, but they tested these four individuals because they had reason to believe that they were using steroids. I'm glad to see that not all companies will look the other way when there is reason to believe that illegal drugs are being used by their employees.

July 17, 2009:  According to reports, the ATF in Nashville has someone in custody for selling the gun that was involved in the homocide of Steve McNair.

Early this morning in a nightclub in downtown Nashville the party was interupted by gunshots. I haven't heard whether or not anyone was injured. The police did have a big section of Third Avenue blocked off.

July 16, 2009:  Last night in San Diego a man robbed two security guards at a trolley station. The man pointed his pistol at the two armed security guards and took a gun, a magazine, and some ammunition from one of the guards.

July 15, 2009:  Yesterday I personally witnessed an incident between a security guard and a customer at a shopping center in Nashville. The incident began over the customer parking in a fire lane. When asked to leave the customer said something that the security guard thought was insulting, but the customer was still going to move his vehicle. The security guard said something else to the customer, and an argument started. Though the armed guard never actually pulled out his firearm, he made several gestures toward it. By exchanging insults with the customer the security guard only made a bad situation worse. The incident finally ended when the police came and settled the matter. In my opinion the security guard should have handled the situation differently. The guard in this particular incident was armed. By continuing to argue the guard has potentially created a much more dangerous situation. This is especially true since the security guard was armed. I will not mention the name of the security guard company that the guard was working for, but his actions were consistent with other things that I have heard about this company or seen myself.

July 14, 2009:  Early last Sunday morning a security guard was shot and killed in North Carolina. Apparently a fight broke out outside of a club and during the incident two of the nightclub's security guards were shot. One of the guards died.

July 13, 2009:  Last week in a restaurant in El Paso, Texas a private security guard asked a group of five men to leave because two of the men kissed one another. The private security officer allegedly told the group of men the he didn't allow that "faggot stuff" in the restaurant. The men finally left after the police arrived. There is no word as too whether the restaurant management wanted the men out.

July 10, 2009:  Earlier this week a man was arrested for threatening some security guards in Iowa City, Iowa. The man allegedly threatened to shoot and kill contract security guards. The man left the security guards, but he was found by the police a short time later at his apartment and arrested.

July 9, 2009:  Early this morning police officers in Richmond, Virginia discovered a body at an apartment complex. The body that the police found was Damon West. Damon had been working as an unarmed security guard last night in the same apartment complex. Police officers also found his marked security vehicle in the same area. Mr. West's death is being investigated as a homicide. There's not many details, but it seems that another contract security guard was murdered on the job.

July 8, 2009:  In California on Sunday private security guards allegedly badly beat a man after they had ejected him from the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom amusement park. The guards insist that the man tried to punch one of the security officers and that no unnecessary force was used.

July 7, 2009:  An unusual incident happened in Putnam County (Cookeville) last week. It was reported that two men were shot at for no apparent reason while in their vehicle on their way to a friend's house a short distance away. The bullet actually shattered the driver's side window. That is certainly a very disconcerting incident. That this incident occurred near Cookeville in Putnam County (a fairly small town) even makes it seem more bizare. Things will certainly change in the not too distant future for most of our smaller towns though. As these smaller counties grow in population they will continue to see more of the problems that we have in Nashville and other major cities. Many of the counties in Middle Tennessee, such as Rutherford County, are experiencing incredible population growth.

July 6, 2009:  All of the security operations and posts went very well for On Guard Security and our clients over the Fourth of July weekend.

Nashville and all of Tennessee is in mourning. The shooting death Steve McNair over the week was a great tragedy and very suprising for eveyone in Tennessee and beyond.

July 4, 2009:  Happy Fourth of July!

July 3, 2009:  In the latest news from the Nashville Police Department regarding property crime, they report that the majority of cars that were stolen in Nashville were stolen with the vehicle's keys.

July 2, 2009:  In Houston one private security guard was killed and another guard was wounded at a nightclub. According to reports, a gunman entered the club at around 5:30 in the morning and shot one guard in the head and another security guard in the chest. After shooting the guards the gunman calmly walked out. As of now there is no word on whether or not they have identified of found the gunman.

July 1, 2009:  On Guard Security Inc. has just completed another successful month in the private protective services business. June was another productive month for all of us at On Guard Security. More importantly, June was a safe month for all of our security personnel and our clients.

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