July, 2010

July 31, 2010: A private security guard in Florida has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse for smacking a 13-year-old boy across the face. The guard slapped the boy for "being disrespectful." The guard was working in a juvenile corrections facility while the boy was being booked for marijuana possession. This juvenile facility has utilized contract security companies and security guards for quite some time. The sheriff said he will end the security guard contract with Wackenhut, the current contract security company.

Earlier this week in Nashville a 14-year-old boy was arrested for the murder of another teen. 

July 30, 2010: A security guard that worked for the NBA is being charged with making fake bomb threats to the NBA home offices.

July 29, 2010: A school district in New Jersey has decided to hire private security guards to help with security in their schools.The move to hire private security guards comes only a few months after a decision to eliminate the school resource officer in that same district. 

A security guard in Pennsylvania is in jail today. The guard is accused of burglarizing at least eight different homes in a housing development that the security guard worked.

July 28, 2010: Thanks to all the security guards that are keeping us safe and on post in this hot weather.

July 27, 2010: It's another hot summer day in Nashville.

Happy birthday Kyle!

July 26, 2010: Earlier this week a security guard in Texas was hit by a drunk driver. Security guards had spotted a man that they believed to be intoxicated get into his vehicle. The guards attempted to stop the man from pulling out, but the driver continued to pull out and hit one of the guards.

July 24, 2010: A security guard in Alabama was the victim of a hit-and-run driver earlier this week. The security guard was in a golf cart that was used as a security vehicle.

Earlier this week Nashville police arrested a man for a shooting outside of a nightclub in downtown Nashville that happened in April. The man they arrested had attempted to shoot at the security guard outside the club, but instead hit three people inside the club.

July 23, 2010: Gun Runner, Inc., a business partner of On Guard Security, just started their new website today!

Last night an elaborate marijuana growing operation was discovered by the Nashville police. An officer smelled marijuana coming from a house in Madison and called for backup. Police found 42 pounds of marijuana and an elaborate growing operation.

A miserably hot day in Nashville has turned into a beautiful afternoon.

A security guard in Memphis, Tennessee helped rescue people from a fire earlier this morning. The security officer told another security guard to call the fire department, and then the security guard began throwing rocks at the building's windows and shouting for the residents to get out. The guard managed to wake the residents and helped to save lives.

July 22, 2010: A Romanian man was sentenced to 37 months in prison for selling stolen credit card numbers and the other account information associated with the account.

A home invasion led to a shooting earlier this morning in south Nashville. Several men came in through an unlocked back door and put a gun in one man's mouth. Another man came into the room to see what was going on and was shot in the leg. The suspects got away.

Yesterday in California a man that was shoplifting at a Kohl's department store pulled a knife on a security guard that chased him out of the store. Neither the security guard nor the shoplifter were injured.

Two men were found shot in west Nashville early this morning. Nashville police responded to a call regarding shots fired. When police arrived a 17-year-old was found shot in the leg, and a 23-year-old was found shot in the back. Police are still unsure about the motive. 

Earlier this week a security guard in North Carolina was robbed by a man with pepper spray. It is unclear whether the security guard was armed or unarmed. I would guess that he was working as an unarmed guard. I am pretty sure that an armed guard would not find himself in the same position.

July 21, 2010: A pediatrician in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee has lost her license to practice medicine and was charged with child abuse and murder for the death of her adopted daughter. Her husband was also charged.

Police in Montgomery County (Clarksville) arrested a man yesterday that they believe set fire to his house and one other house on the same street. Authorities say it was because the man had been evicted.

July 20, 2010: The security guard that was attacked in Manhattan yesterday is in stable condition. It is also reported now that the guard that was attacked was the other guard's supervisor. Also, the supervising guard suffered injuries other than just a slashed eye.

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Thanks to Brandon, Paul, and Jenna!

Last night a mall security guard was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries that she received while on duty. The guard attempted to detain two men that had shoplifted from a liquor store. The shoplifters each punched the unarmed guard and continued to leave the area. 

July 19, 2010: It is a very hot and humid day in Nashville, Tennessee! Unfortunately, I personally experienced this miserable heat because I walked around downtown Nashville for nearly an hour looking for a place to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Thanks to Trina, Andy, and Dustin for giving me a hand.

Remember to wear your life jacket when you're on the water!!!!! As often as I fish, I know the importance of life jackets. An inordinate number of people have died on the water in the last few days in the Nashville area. All the people that drowned have one thing in common: None of them were wearing life jackets.

A security guard in Manhattan was slashed above his eye while on duty as a guard at a bank. The most bizarre part of the story is that the security guard was stabbed by another security guard.

July 18, 2010: Congratulations to all the graduates of our July handgun carry permit class!

All security guard operations at On Guard Security went without any major incidents over the weekend.

A standoff between police and a man in Bellevue, Tennessee ended peacefully on Friday. The man surrendered himself to police. The police confiscated several firearms.

July 15, 2010: It is sure to be another extremely hot July day in Nashville.

Thanks Brandon B. for all your help this morning.

July 14, 2010: It is another hot July day in Nashville.

A man was arrested in Florida yesterday for beating a disabled man. The man that was arrested had worked as a security guard at a mental healthcare facility when the incident occurred.

A security guard in Scranton, PA was injured during an attempted theft at a supermartket where she works. The same security guard was injured last week while she was on duty.

Last week Harding Inn, a motel on Harding Place in South Nashville, was shut down by police because it was a hot spot for drugs and prostitution. Neighboring businesses have complained numerous times about the motel's negative impact. Only five motels in Nashville have been shut down since 1997 in this way.

I would like to thank Tammy, a security guard for On Guard Security in east Tennessee!

A man in Nashville fatally stabbed his brother to death earlier this morning. The man is in custody.

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A security guard in Tulsa had a close call earlier this week. Two security guards at an apartment complex responded to a disturbance and chased to people away. The two men jumped the fence that encloses the apartment complex, and then one man pulled a gun and pointed it at one of the guards. The guard drew his weapon and fired. No one was hurt, but the police found a Tech 9 where the two men had jumped the fence. Luckily for the security guard, the gun had jammed.

July 13, 2010: On Guard Security is still seeking a few good security guards to fill posts in Nashville, Knoxville, and Clarksville.

July 12, 2010: A postal worker in Nashville was indicted by a federal grand jury for two counts of tampering with mail and one count of embezzling.

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July 11, 2010: Last night a certain security guard that works at On Guard Security went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of others. This security guard selflessly put himself in a potentially dangerous situation so that other people remained safe.

July 10, 2010: Extra security guards were hired by the city of Buffalo, New York to provide extra security for public pools. The recent crowds at the public pools have brought fights, violence, and other mischief. In response extra security guards were hired.

It's another hot day in Nashville.

July 9, 2010: I sincerely hope that everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July. I want to thank the security guards at On Guard Security that had to work on the Fourth of July.

The body of a 14-year-old boy was found in a man's backyard yesterday in Nashville. The boy had been shot twice. There are no known suspects or motives yet.

It is a beautiful start to the day here in Nashville.

July 8, 2009: Much has happened in the security guard industry since I went on vacation. I will try to update the On Guard website quickly.

July 4, 2010: Happy Fourth of July!!!

A special thanks to Jermaine!!

July 2, 2010: Special thanks to Jermaine for his help last night.

Yesterday in Nashville police arrested a man that they believe to be a serial burglar that is responsible for at least 4 recent burglaries of Nashville businesses.

A security guard in Africa was sentenced to 105 hours of community service for breaking into the office of an area prosecutor.

July 1, 2010: On Guard Security has seen growth in all areas of business for the first half of 2010. All of our security guard operations have gone well and without any major incidents. We have also started teaching classes for armed security guards and unarmed security guards as well as handgun carry permit classes. We also started selling equipment to security guards and other first responders. I am sure that 2010 will continue to be a great year at On Guard Security.

A school security guard in Pennsylvania is being charged with selling drugs. The guard has no criminal history, but he allegedly sold crack to a confidential informant.

A man was acquitted today in the beating death of a security guard in California in June of 2007.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will have extra checkpoints and more patrol cars on the road during this Fourth of July weekend.

It is hard to believe that half of the year has already passed.

The fishing was slow this morning in Nashville (the Stones River anyway). I fished below the Percy Priest Dam and did not have much luck this morning.

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