July, 2011

July 27, 2011: There was a shooting at McDonald's on Murfreesboro Road today.  A 15 year old was shot four times and is Vanderbilt hospital recovering. The victim was with two other boys - one of those also had a handgun.  Another group went by in a red Honda and words were exchanged and then shots were fired.  Police believe all involved knew each other.

July 26, 2011: A private security guard was shot  and killed by two armed gunman in Jackson, Mississippi this morning.  The two masked gunman entered a convenience store around 3 AM this morning.  They started shooting and the security guard returned fire.  A clerk at the store was shot in the leg but is recovering in the hospital.  The two gunman remain at large.

July 25, 2011: A police officer was accosted in the bathroom by a homeless man last week.  The man tried to take his gun in the scuffle the policeman ended up stabbing the man in the upper leg.  He had to be hospitalized.  The policeman was unhurt.

July 22, 2011: Two people have been arrested for stealing air conditioners.  Even though you might think they were stolen due to the horrible heat we are now experiencing they weren't.  They were stolen for the copper in them.  Both suspects have admitted the robberies.

July 21, 2011: A traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a suspected drug dealer.  The officer stopped the car after he ran a stop sign.  The officer noticed a strong smell of pot and investigated.  The officer found over two pounds of raw pot, scales, plastic baggies and other drug parphernalia.  The suspect is in jail on a $15,000 bond.

July 18, 2011:  Undercover police arrested 98 people this past weekend.  Most of those charged dealt with drugs and prostitution.

July 15, 2011:  Two security guards were shot in Baltimore last night.  They were patroling an apartment complex.  The female guard was shot in the eye and the male guard was shot in the chest.  It is believed the male guard returned fire and wounded one of the assailants.

July 14, 2011:  In West Palm Beach, FL a security guard was beaten when he noticed suspicious act and went to investigate.   There has been no further word of updates on his condition.

July 11, 2011: A private security guard was injured in Memphis yesterday when trying to stop a car break-in at a
Memphis bar.  While he was stopping the would-be robber another gunman shot him in the stomach. However, another security guard was able to shoot one of the burglars.

July 6, 2011: In Washington DC last week, an armed gunman tried to rob an armored car.  The guards were able to kill the gunman before he injured them.  Police are looking for other suspects in this case.

July 4, 2011:  Happy 4th of July!  What a great country we live in! Thanks to all the security guards that are on post during the Fourth of July. A special thanks to the security guards that are working for On Guard Security today.  

July 1, 2011:  It is a long weekend.  Plenty of travelers and plenty of parties.  Be safe!

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