July, 2012

July 31, 2012: It is hard to believe that July 2012 will be over today. It seems like the year just started. 2012 has been good to On Guard Security so far. We have grown in nearly every way imaginable. All our security guards have remained safe and unharmed. We have had the opportunity to provide contract security guard services to several new clients. We have also had more frequent and larger classes for our handgun carry class and our security guard classes. Also, all security guard operations have been free of any major incidents. A bomb threat has the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee shut down for the rest of the day. The courthouse was evacuated shortly before 1 pm today. Few details are being released at the moment. Hundreds of guests at a Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania were evacuated Saturday morning when a portable meth lab set off a fire alarm in the hotel. Most guests were able to return to their rooms in a few hours. Seven hotel rooms were shut down for a longer period of time. The process to clean an area where meth has been made is time consuming and very expensive. A private security guard in Florida discovered a man that was hiding in a storage room of a church. The security guard was on duty at the church when he went to unlock the storage room to get toys for the children in bible study. The man was found hiding behind things in the storage room. The man was arrested for burglary.

July 30, 2012: A man in Texas was arrested and is being charged federally with possession of child pornography. A private security guard found child pornography on the man's cell phone. The guard was questioning the man because it had been reported that he was acting suspiciously in the restroom at a Texas Rangers baseball game. A female security officer and Sheriff's deputy is being charged with assualt for an incident that happened at a nightclub. The woman was working as club security at the time of the incident. The woman allegedly pushed the victim several times outside the club. The victim had just been escorted out of the club by the female guard. Last week in New York a contract security guard was arrested for stealing equipment from a place that he had worked. The former security guard was allowed into the building by another security guard that was on duty. The former guard stole some phones from the building. The security guard that allowed the suspect to come inside the building has been fired. Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed a Best Western last night. The man walked into the Best Western at Stewart's Ferry with a gun and demanded money. The suspect then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

July 29, 2012: On Guard Security is looking to hire private security guards for several part-time and full-time positions. We are needing armed security guards and unarmed guards. Submit a form on the Contact page of our website if interested. Applicants should already be licensed as a security guard in Tennessee. Experience in law enforcement or private security is required. Congratulations to Tyran for his marksmanship and for completing this most recent security class. Also, thanks to Al, Todd, and Denise for all the good work and help. Police in Nashville are searching for a suspect in a robbery last night in north Nashville. According to reports the victim was robbed and then shot by the robber. The victim's injury is serious but not life-threatening. Six people were arrested Friday in Grainger County, Tennessee after authorities discovered an active meth lab. Police officers saw the six people come out of the woods at a residence where they had received a tip that methamphetamine was being made. The owner of the property gave his consent to search. Police located the lab in the woods and arrested the six people. The suspects are all being charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

July 28, 2012: A special thanks to Guy for helping us with security training today. Thanks to all our security guards and a special thanks to Tyran, Denise, and Todd.

July 27, 2012: Thanks to the security guards that helped last night by covering shifts that they were not required to. Thanks to James, Tyran, and Denise, too. Happy birthday to Kyle!!!! On Guard Security's chief of security is celebrating his birthday today. What a crazy day it has been! Not only have we added a new client today we also received some very interesting and meaningful news that will surely have an enormous effect on On Guard Security's future. Thanks to everyone that helped today. Todd is especially appreciated for making a long drive to a far away security guard post. Police in New Jersey have arrested a private security guard and charged him with theft in connection with money that was stolen from an armored car earlier this month.

July 26, 2012: Thanks to Brandon B. for helping out by covering an unarmed security guard post that just began yesterday. Having security guards and other security personnel that are so eager to help out makes new security guard contracts infinitely easier to start. A Davidson County jury found a Nashville man guilty of robbing and shooting a Tennessee Department of Corrections prison guard on Tuesday. The man and four others were charged with robbing the victim at his Lincoya Bay apartment in January 2010. Early yesterday morning in south Nashville a man was stabbed twice outside of Walmart. The suspect was arrested a very short time after the stabbing. An earlier confrontation between the two men is believed to be what caused the stabbing.

July 25, 2012: Police in Nashville are investigating a bank robbery that occurred yesterday in Hermitage. At around 2 p.m. an armed robber entered Pinnacle Financial Partners on Andrew Jackson Parkway. A shot was fired during the robbery. A female teller was injured during the robbery. It is unclear if the teller was injured from the gunshot or some other way. The robber fled in a Pontiac Grand Prix. Anyone with information regarding the bank robbery is urged to contact the Nashville police. Thanks to Darneisha, Denise, Eric, Tyran, Miles, Brandon, Sandra, and all the other security guards that have helped fill shifts this week. The help is greatly appreciated.

July 24, 2012: Last night in south Nashville a pedestrian was hit by a car. The hit and run happened on Old Hickory Boulevard near Brentwood Trace Drive. Witnesses report that the victim was bleeding from his head. The victim was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It is unclear whether the driver has been apprehended yet. A security guard that was on duty at a supermarket in California was shot Sunday. The private security guard followed two men out of the supermarket because the men had left with two cases of beer that they had not paid for. When the men reached their vehicle a third man that was in the vehicle already began firing at the security guard. The security officer was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police in Houston are searching for two suspects that murdered a security guard last Saturday. The men allegedly entered a game room where the security guard was working and dragged the guard out of the game room and into the parking lot. One of the men then shot the security officer. The man that shot the guard re-entered the game room with a black semi-automatic pistol. Then both of the suspects fled in a white Pontiac Grand Prix. Police in Lexington, Kentucky are searching for two men that allegedly pulled out a gun on a security guard early this morning. The contract security guard was on foot patrol when he came upon two unauthorized people at the construction site that he was patrolling. The security guard chased the two suspects for a short distance before the suspects stopped and one of the suspects pulled out a firearm. The security officer shined his flashlight at the suspects' faces which caused them to run away. A fire at a home in Madison, Tennessee early this morning is being investigated as possibly being arson. No one was hurt in the fire. Police in Nashville are investigating the fire as a case of arson. Police are not releasing any more details at this time.

July 23, 2012:  On Guard Security would like to welcome our new security guards Al, Brandon, and Todd. According to reports it was a very violent weekend for private security.  One report counts three private security guards dead and fourteen seriously injured last weekend.  The heat and humidity has returned to Nashville. Thanks to Denise for helping out tonight.  A private security guard at a nightclub in Memphis, Tennessee was injured earlier today.  There are not many details about the officer or how he was injured at this point. A security guard at a grocery store in Memphis was shot over the weekend.  The private security officer was shot while he was trying to clear out the grocery store's parking lot.  The security guard got into a confrontation with some men in the parking lot.  One of the men shot the guard. On Guard Security is still looking to hire one unarmed security guard for a security guard post in the Nashville area.  Interested applicants should fill out the form on the  Contact  page of our website.

July 21, 2012:  Congratulations to all the graduates yesterday of On Guard Security's unarmed security guard class. July 20, 2012:  Last nights thunderstorms in Nashville were greatly needed.  Many times rain can make security guard posts more difficult, but I'm glad for last night's rain nonetheless. Special thanks to Robert M. for helping me out with the boat last night. Class for unarmed security guards will be held at 6PM today at On Guard Security's main office in Nashville on Murfreesboro Road.  Class will end at 10PM, and the cost is $50 per person.

July 19, 2012:  On Guard Security will have its next unarmed security guard class on July 20th from 6PM-10PM.  The cost for the unarmed security guard class is $50.  Seating is limited.  If you have any questions, call us at (615) 361-4141. On Guard Security is still looking to hire one quality private security guard.  The security guard post that is available is in Nashville and is part-time.  Anyone interested in this job should fill out the form on the Contact page of our website.  Applicants should be licensed as an unarmed security guard in Tennessee.  Law enforcement or private security experience is a plus. Police in Nashville had their hands full last night with a shooting in south Nashville and a shooting in Hermitage.  The person that was shot in Hermitage is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  There is no word yet about the victim in south Nashville.  In the Hermitage incident the victim's father was beaten, too. A police officer in Springfield, Tennessee shot a man last night.  Police were responding to a suicide call last night when the man that was allegedly suicidal fired his shotgun into the front door of the house that he was in.  When officers became in sight of the man, the man turned his shotgun toward the police officers.  An officer shot the man in the shoulder.  The man was taken to the hospital and treated.  The investigation has been turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. A private security guard in California helped prevent a robbery yesterday.  The private security guard overheard a conversation about a group of people that were planning to rob a jewelry store.  The guard called the police and gave them the description of the suspects vehicles.  Police apprehended five people later.  There was a gun in each car.  The suspects were arrested on conspiracy to commit robbery charges.  Two other suspects have not been caught yet.  A man was shot Wednesday at a shooting range in Virginia.  No information has been released about the condition of the person that was shot.  The victim was taken to the hospital.  Police are investigating the shooting. Earlier this week a man in Honolulu was arrested and charged with robbery.  The man allegedly assaulted a private security guard.  The man allegedly took the security officer's radio from her by force.  In the process of getting the radio away from the guard, the suspect injured the security guard's wrist. A man in Dyersburg, Tennessee called the police to report that a prostitute ran off with his money.  The man said he wanted his money back or what he paid for.  Police found the woman that allegedly ran off with the man's money.  Police cited the man for patronizing prostitution and cited the woman for prostitution. A man that is suspected of distributing hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine in east Tennessee, specifically Scott County, is now in custody.  The man was actually caught with six ounces of meth and a lot of alleged drug money. A contract security guard was attacked by a hawk in Texas last week.  The hawk attacked at least four other people.  The hawk is nesting near a Boy Scout parking lot.  Security has actually been increased because of the hawk. It is being reported now that the shooting in south Nashville left a man dead and his girlfriend with serious injuries.  Apparently the victim and the shooter had had an argument several days prior to the shooting. A police officer in Nashville was involved in a traffic accident today.  The officer was responding to a robbery call when the wreck occurred.  Neither the other driver nor the officer was seriously injured.

July 18, 2012:  Yesterday in Grainger County, Tennessee a man held a doctor as a hostage at knifepoint.  The incident happened at the Blaine Medical Center around 11 AM.  The man barricaded himself in an exam room with the doctor.  The man threatened to kill the doctor and then kill himself.  Sheriff's deputies eventually busted in to the exam room and arrested the man.  The doctor was not injured.  The man now faces several charges and is in jail. Early Sunday morning in South Carolina a private security guard at a bar was seriously injured by a man that hit her with a pool stick.  The man that assaulted the security guard immediately fled the scene.  Police are trying to identify the suspect.

July 17, 2012:  Yesterday in Hawkins County, Tennessee a man was arrested and charged with manufacturing a controlled substance after items that are used to make methamphetamine and four meth labs were found on his property.  Deputies discovered the alleged meth labs after the suspect gave them permission to search his property.  The suspect is currently being held in the Hawkins County Jail without bond. It seems that the heat has returned to Nashville. Many thanks are owed from the last few days.  Thanks to everyone that helped out.  Special thanks to Darneisha, Tyran, Miles, Eric, and Joseph! Police officers in New York arrested a man that allegedly stole a bag with over $9,000 worth of goods in it and assualted a security guard in the process.  The theft and assualt on security occurred late last month at a bar.  The bar's security guard attempted to stop the man from stealing the bag, but the man sprayed the security officer with mace and threatened to kill him.

July 16, 2012:  Thanks to Dana and Mike! Thank you to Tyran for covering a particularly hard security guard post yesterday.  It has been an extremely busy and hectic week at On Guard Security, and everyone that has pitched in is greatly appreciated. Two people were injured in a drive-by shooting yesterday in north Nashville.  A man in a vehicle began firing at around 8:30 Sunday evening.  One victim was shot in the leg as he was running away.  The other victim was shot in the neck after a bullet came through a window in the car she was in.  There is no word yet on the condition of the victim that was in the car.  Police have not yet released a description of the suspect or his vehicle. Last Friday the world's largest contract security company said that they would not be able to completely fulfill its contract to supply private security guards this month for the London Olympics.  The private security company also said that it would take a loss of up to 50 million pounds.  The private security guard company said that the problem was processing applicants, getting licenses for new security guards, and training the new guards.  The contract required the company to provide 10,400 guards.  The military is having to make up for the lack of security officers.  3,500 troops were put on stand-by to be used at the event. Police in Nashville have arrested a man that they say has admitted to robbing five hotels and attempting to rob a bank this month. 

July 14, 2012:  Thanks to A. Burdick for helping out last night.  Thanks to K.D. for helping all week long in a variety of ways. Police in Nashville are investigating a robbery at a jewelry store in Green Hills yesterday afternoon.  Three suspects entered Genesis Diamond, and one of the suspects smashed a display case containing several pieces of jewelry.  The thieves grabbed the jewelry and then fled in a white SUV.  It remains unclear to me whether the suspects were armed or not.  According to one report the suspects were armed. No one was hurt during the robbery.  Police are trying to determine whether the incident is related to another very similar robbery that occurred at a jewelry store in Murfreesboro on Thursday. Still rainy in Nashville this morning.  I guess after the last two months' dry weather we can use as much rain as we can get. Earlier this week in California a man was arrested for assualt with a deadly weapon and several other charges related to trying to intimidate and attempting to assualt a private security guard.  The suspect was skateboarding on a busy sidewalk when the security guard made him leave.  The suspect allegedly threatened the unarmed security officer and claimed that he would return.  The suspect then allegedly returned with some type of wooden club and began making threatening gestures at the security guard.  Police arrested the suspect at the scene.  The guard was not injured.

July 13, 2012:  Thanks to Todd for his help last night, and thanks to Miles for helping out this morning. Two unarmed security guards are needed immediately.  Applicants should be licensed and have experience in law enforcement or private security.  Both security guard positions are in the Nashville area. 

July 12, 2012:  Three people are in custody today following a shooting that occurred early this morning in Westmoreland, Tennessee.  The shooting occurred in a vehicle that was parked in front of a residence.  One person was injured in the shooting.  The victim was treated at a hospital and released.  Few details are available at this time.   On Guard Security is now hiring to fill two private security guard positions in middle Tennessee.  Both unarmed security guard posts are full-time.  One position is in Nashville and the other is near Columbia.  Anyone that is interested should fill out a form on the contact page of our website.  Applicants should already have a valid Tennessee unarmed guard license.  All applicants should have some private security or law enforcement experience. 

July 11, 2012:  It is an incredibly busy week here at On Guard Security.  Thanks to everyone that has helped out.  It is greatly appreciated. Thankfully, it is cooler today in Nashville.  I personally worked a far away unarmed security guard post last night for more than twelve hours.  I might not have made it had it been much hotter.

July 10, 2012:  Thanks to Jacob for covering a distant security guard post last night and this morning. A special thanks to Tiffany for helping out last night. Yesterday morning in north Nashville a man's body was found inside the house that he rented.  A family member of the deceased man tells reporters that the man was beaten to death.  Authorities have not mentioned the man being beaten yet.   Last Sunday a woman was killed on her birthday when she hugged an off-duty police officer in Detroit.  The holstered firearm apparently discharged when the officer hugged the woman.  Internal Affairs is currently conducting an investigation.  The officer will be placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation. Finally, Nashville got some much needed rain today.  I can't wait until we've had enough precipitation to bring the lake levels back to normal and the fishing back to the way it normally is.

July 9, 2012:  Thanks to all of our security guards for helping out last week.  Get well soon, Miles!!!!!! Two men got into a shootout with an armed security guard in Houston over the weekend.  The two men were attempting to rob a gameroom.  The private security guard was not posted at the gameroom.  The security guard was patrolling near by when he saw the attempted robbery.  The private security officer shot one of the robbers in the leg during the incident. On Guard Security will have the next handgun carry class on August 10th and 11th.  Anyone that is interested should give us a call at (615) 361-4141.  Seating is limited, and it is first come first serve.  The class costs $100 at the door or $90 in advance. A Cracker Barrel manager was assualted over the weekend in Murfreesboro when he confronted a group of diners that were leaving without paying the bill.  One of the diners pushed the restaurant's manager when confronted.  The manager hit his head as he fell down.

July 7, 2012:  Congratulations to the graduates of On Guard Security's July 2012 handgun carry class.  Thanks to Kyle and Peggy for their time and making these classes possible.  Police in Nashville are looking for two men that committed a home invasion in Bellevue last night.  Two asian men allegedly knocked on the victim's door with handguns last night.  The men then hit the victim and tied him up with shoe laces.  The men then stole some electronics and fled in a green honda.  July 6, 2012:  If you haven't already signed up for our concealed carry permit class, we still have a couple spots available.  Class starts at 6PM, and costs $100.  The class will almost certainly fill up like most of our handgun carry classes. Special thanks to K. L. for all her help.

July 5, 2012:  Thanks to Tyran, Sheena, and Joe for their help!   Tomorrow our Handgun Carry Permit Class for July will begin.  Seating is limited.  Pay in advance to reserve your spot.  Class begins at 6:00 p.m. Early this morning in Nashville five people were injured in a shooting at a neighborhood block party.  According to police reports two men drove up to a block party where dozens of people were partying.  The two suspects then began firing at the people.  Among the five people that were injured was a 5-year-old girl.

July 4, 2012:  Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!  I hope everyone stays safe and has a great holiday.  Thanks to our security guards that will spend this holiday on a security post.  A Kentucky State Trooper arrested a man and charged him with several charges related to drugs and drug trafficking.  The officer discovered the drugs during a routine traffic stop.  The officer found prescription pills and methamphetamine among other things.  Last week Glacier Park International Airport received the final approval to privatize their security.  The move to private security will enhance customer service according to the airport's director.  The director also believes that contract security companies offer more flexibilty and greater efficiency in hiring and training security guards and other security personnel.  The airport also hopes that remodeling key areas and changing security procedures will decrease the need for law enforcement officers.

July 3, 2012:  Thanks and welcome back to Joseph. A police officer in Nashville caught a robber while stopping to help at a traffic accident.  The two robbers hit the victim from behind when she was on her way from work to make a bank deposit.  One of the robbers got out and asked if she was ok.  The robber then took the bank deposits.  A police officer showed up at that time to help with the traffic accident.  Both robbers fled.  Both were caught by police soon after they fled.

July 2, 2012: Police in Nashville have charged two 16-year-olds with several charges relating to a carjacking on Friday night. The two 16-year-olds took the victim's car at gunpoint. A pedestrian was hit during a subsequent police chase with the suspects. Happy birthday, Peggy!!!   I hope it's a good one!!!  July 1, 2012: On Guard Security has had a great June. Last month we continued to grow in nearly every way imaginable. I would like to thank everyone that has helped. I was like to especially thank Peggy and all our security professionals for helping make this possible.

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