July, 2014

July 31, 2014: It's hard to believe that it's already the end of July. What a busy month we have had at On Guard Security! We have added new clients. We have added new private security guards to our team. We have had success in a new area of sales. It has been an exciting month. Most importantly everyone has remained safe. Thanks to all the private security guards and non-security personnel that made this all possible.

July 30, 2014: Early yesterday morning in Canada a private security guard apprehended two burglars. The private security guard was on duty at a school. The security guard responded to an activated burglary alarm. The private security officer caught the two burglars in the process of stealing computers and computer-related items. The private security guard held the two burglars until the police arrived. All the stolen goods were recovered.
It is a pleasant day here in Nashville. It seems a little cool for late July in middle Tennessee.

July 29, 2014: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. Thanks to all the non-security personnel that work with us, too. It requires good office workers and support staff to provide a quality contract security guard service. I would also like to thank everyone else that has helped make On Guard Security a quality private security guard company. Special thanks to Captain Stack, Officer Morris, Terry, Officer Chapman, Officer Forrest, Terry, Peggy, and Officer Shepherd!!!
On Guard Security is now hiring for posts in the Nashville area. We are currently seeking one full time and one part-time unarmed guard for posts in Nashville. All applicants must be licensed as an unarmed security guard in Tennessee. Applicants must have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, or at another private security guard company. Both of the security guard positions that are currently available are for second and third shift. Anyone interested should contact On Guard Security at (615) 361-4141 or complete the for on the Employment page of this website.
Police in Nashville are looking for two men that robbed a couple of construction workers earlier this afternoon. According to reports, the robbers robbed the construction workers of their wallets and money before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred on Brick Church Pike.

July 27, 2014: Happy Birthday to Kyle Byrd from everyone here at On Guard Security!!!!

July 25, 2014: Hundreds of private security guards here in Tennessee have settled a lawsuit against the contract security guard company that they worked for. The private security guards settled the lawsuit for more than $2.6 million. The lawsuit was started more than two years ago was about overtime. The security guards said that they were not paid for work that was required before and after their shift. More than 300 private security guards were on the lawsuit against the private security guard company. After fees, each security guard will take home about $5,000 from the lawsuit.
A grand jury in New York indicted a man earlier this week for an incident in which the suspect stole merchandise from a retailer and then pepper sprayed the security guard that confronted him. The security guard confronted the suspect in the parking lot of the retailer. The security guard was injured in the incident. The suspect is charged with possession of stolen property, grand larceny, and robbery.
An armed guard and a man were both shot at a bank in Seattle yesterday. According to reports, the armed guard and the man were arguing outside of the bank where the private security guard was on duty. The suspect eventually took the armed guards gun and shot him. The security guard and the man began struggling for the firearm. The suspect ended up being shot twice by the same gun. At least one of the gunshots that hit the suspect was self-inflicted. The security guard was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. The private security guard is expected to survive. It is still unclear whether or not the incident was an attempted robbery. The security officer's gun was the only firearm involved.
It's a beautiful afternoon here in Nashville! It would be a great night to have an outside security post.

July 24, 2014: Yesterday at an apartment complex in Texas a private security guard was shot. According to police, the security guard was approached by two young men and a confrontation began. The confrontation escalated until the suspects shot at the security guard. It is unclear whether or not the armed guard returned fire. The private security guard was shot at least once in the stomach.
A private security guard in California has been arrested. The security guard is charged with kidnapping with the intent to commit sexual assaults. The private security guard allegedly kidnapped two men while pretending to be a police officer. According to reports, the private security guard already has been convicted of a sex charge in Michigan. However, the defendant's attorney points out that the only evidence against the security guard is the victim's accusation.
A man in California has died after an incident with security guards and police. The man was handcuffed by private security guards while they awaited the police. Officers noticed the suspect slipping in and out of consciousness and sweating profusely. The suspect admitted that he had taken PCP. The man had stopped breathing by the time medics had arrived. The suspect died at the hospital.
It is a sunny and hot day in Nashville!!!
A private security guard caught a man and woman having sex in a post office parking lot. The security guard called the police. The guard reported that there was a woman in the front of the vehicle and a man standing outside the vehicle and that the two were having sex. The man told police he had had several drinks and got the "urge" while driving home. The man was given a breathalyzer and failed. The woman was issued a citation, and the man was taken to jail.

July 23, 2014: Police in Nashville arrested two suspects in connection with recent burglaries in the Nashville area. In one of the burglaries a suspect stole a credit card. The suspect then used the credit card in stores around Nashville. Detectives were able to identify and track the suspect because the credit card charges and surveillance videos. The suspects confessed to the burglaries. Both suspects were taken to jail in Davidson County.
Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication. Special thanks to Captain Stack, Kyle, Officer Cline, Terry, Officer Chapman, Peggy, Officer Morris, and Officer Bytya.
Early Sunday morning in Ohio a security guard was knocked out during a brawl at a bar. A police officer was also injured during the incident. The fight occurred at a little after 2 am. Four people were arrested in connection with the fight.
A 43-year-old woman was arrested by police officers in Nashville last night. The woman is being charged with aggravated assault for an incident that occurred at a south Nashville Kroger. According to reports, the woman slapped the worker that was at the Western Union counter. The worked then attacked the suspect. The suspect then threatened to kill the employee and went to her car to get her gun. The suspect returned with her firearm and continued to make threats. Police officers arrested the suspect and took her to a Nashville jail. The Kroger where the incident occurred is right across the street from On Guard Security's headquarters.
A private security guard in Florida saw a woman with a gun in her waistband early Sunday morning. Security guards searched the woman and found a gun, a loaded magazine, and cocaine. The woman was taken to jail. None of the private security guards were injured.
A man was arrested in Illinois earlier this week for threatening two private security guards outside of a club. The man initially got into a verbal altercation with the two guards. The man eventually pulled a gun on the two private security guards. The man made some threats and then began to run from the security guards. The two security guards chased the suspect and eventually tackled him. The suspect broke his leg when he was tackled by the security guards. An off duty police officer saw the entire incident. The suspect was arrested.

July 22, 2014: Police officers in Oregon arrested a security guard for sex abuse in the third degree last week. Allegedly the private security guard made suggestive comments to a woman at the museum where he worked. The private security guard hugged and kissed her as the woman tried to get away. Since the incident at the museum three other women have come forward with similar complaints about the security guard. The private security guard quit his job with the contract security guard company that he worked for because of intense public scrutiny.
It is a hot and sunny day here in Nashville, Tennessee.
Police in Knoxville report that a mowing crew found what appears to be a live hand grenade tucked away in some grass earlier today. According to reports, the mowers moved the grenade to the curb and called 911. A bomb squad responded to the call and took the grenade to a remote location to detonate it. No one was injured.
Early Sunday morning a man was stabbed and critically injured at a bar in south Nashville. The man was stabbed during a fight at the Nolensville Road bar. Police in Nashville have a suspect in custody. The victim was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.
A private security guard in California had a knife pulled on him and was assaulted late last week. The security guard was assaulted after confronting the suspect about stolen merchandise. Police officers arrested the suspect a short time later.

July 20, 2014: One person was injured during a shooting early this morning in Antioch. The shooting happened after two groups of men began arguing. The arguing escalated until one of the men pulled a gun. The man with the gun fired several shots. One man was injured. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be alright.
Early this morning in Madison two people were arrested by Nashville police officers for arson and meth manufacturing. According to reports, over 75 people lost their homes after a meth lab explosion caused a fire at the apartment complex. Both suspects are currently in the Davidson County Jail.

July 19, 2014: Earlier this week in Texas a private security guard was shot while delivering money to and ATM. The shooting occurred when three suspects tried to rob the private security guard. One of the three robbers shot the security officer. The security guard was wearing a bullet-proof vest. The bullet hit the private security guard in the collar bone. It is unclear whether or not the security guard is seriously injured.
Late last night morning in Nashville a security guard was shot outside of a bar. Two other people were shot, too. The trouble began after the private security guard asked a man at the bar to leave. The man left the bar and return with a gun. The man shot the security guard and the other two victims. The private security guard was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center. The guard is listed as being in critical-but-stable condition. The other two victims were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police in Nashville are still looking for the gunman. Anyone with information regarding the shooting is urged to contact the police.
A private security guard at a library in Montana used pepper spray to subdue a man that was fighting in a parking lot that is leased by the library. The security guard was doing a routine patrol of the parking lot when he found some people loitering. When the security guard began approaching the group that was loitering a second group of people began fighting with the first group. One of the men eventually tried to come at the security guard. The security officer then sprayed the man with an OC spray. The private security guard says he sprayed the man to "buy enough time to call the police."
Earlier this week in Maryland a private security guard was seriously injured. The security guard was on duty and in the guard shack when a minivan hit the guard shack. The security guard was trapped in the guard shack until firemen rescued him. The guard shack was by the entrance to an apartment community. It is unclear what caused the wreck.
It's a rainy weekend here in Nashville. Security guards should definitely bring rain gear to work this weekend. An unprepared security guard that has to get wet is less effective than prepared, comfortable security officers.

July 18, 2014: On Guard Security is proud to welcome Officer Cline to the team.

July 17, 2014: Earlier today in Colorado two suspected shoplifters fired a shot from their vehicle after being confronted by private security guards. According to the private security guards, the suspects stole about $500 in merchandise. The security guards went to confront the suspects. The suspects rushed to get into their vehicle and fired at least one shot. The security officers were not injured in the incident.
Two people were arrested in south Nashville yesterday in connection with a heroine investigation. Narcotics detective from the Metro Nashville Police Department executed a search warrant at the couple's residence and found a loaded pistol, digital scales, and more than seven grams of heroine. Both suspects are charged with possession of heroine for resale. The suspects were taken to jail in Nashville.
A man in Antioch was seriously injured during a robbery last night. The robbery happened around 11:30pm at the Mission Mill Creek apartments in Antioch. During the attempted robbery the victim was shot in the head. The victim was taken to a local hospital. Police in Nashville have a suspect detained, but no arrests have been made.
On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire one armed guard for posts in the Nashville area. This position will be full-time with mostly second and third shift hours. However, some first shifts may be required. This private security guard will also be required to work as an unarmed guard occasionally. All applicants must already have an armed guard license in Tennessee. Applicants must already have some experience in the military, law enforcement, corrections, or at another private security guard company. For more information regarding the position contact us at 615-361-4141.
Police in Nashville arrested two people yesterday on meth charges. The suspects allegedly picked up a FedEx package on West End yesterday that contained methamphetamine. The package had been sent from California with five pounds of meth. Police intercepted the package between California and Nashville. Officers removed all the meth except for one pound. Police in Nashville watched as the two suspects picked up the package, then pulled over the suspects' vehicle and made the arrests near Vanderbilt. Officers also discover ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine in the suspects' car. Both suspects were taken to the Davidson County jail.
A brief standoff ended peacefully in Clarksville last night. According to police, an "emotionally disturbed" man was threatening to hurt himself and refused to come out of his house when police officers from Clarksville arrived at the scene. The man surrendered peacefully to the Clarksville police.
Earlier this week in Georgia a private security guard exchanged gunfire with a gunman at a gas station. According to police, the armed guard got into a confrontation with three men at a gas station where the security guard was working. The confrontation between the men and the private security guard escalated until one of the three men went to his vehicle to retrieve a gun. The man fired several shots at the private security guard. The armed guard returned fire. At least one person was shot during the incident. It is not clear if the private security guard was the person that was injured.
A Michigan appeals court has ruled in favor of a former private security guard. The former security guard was fired by the private security guard company for using a computer while on duty. The security guard was on duty at an airport and used a computer to help a traveler. The private protective services company that employed the guard fired her because the use of certain equipment (computers) is prohibited. The security guard company argued that the private security guard should not be allowed to collect unemployment because she violated the security guard company's policy regarding the use of computers. The appeals court ruled that the former security guard can collect unemployment benefits.
A man in Oregon was arrested Monday after pulling a firearm when confronted by security officers at a Target. The private security guards confronted the man after an armed robbery at the Target where the security guards were on duty. Police arrested the suspected later that day. The man is being detained by police and will be charged with the robbery. None of the security guards were injured during the confrontation.
Last night in north Nashville a man was shot. The incident happened on 22nd Avenue North. Police have issued a warrant for the gunman in the shooting. The victim was shot once in the stomach according to police. The victim was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and is in stable condition. According to authorities, the gunman and the victim had had a confrontation earlier in the day that led to the shooting.
Police in Michigan have arrested a man that assaulted a security guard yesterday morning. The private security guard was working at an art fair when the incident occurred. According to the two security guards at the art fair, the man was intoxicated and assaulted one of the security guards. Police arrived a short time later and arrested the man.

July 16, 2014: On Guard Security would like to thank all the private security guards that work with us. It would be impossible to provide a quality security guard service without quality security officers. Too frequently at private security guard companies the office personnel and support staff are not recognized for their contributions to providing a quality security guard service. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication from all our employees. Thanks guys. Special thanks to Captain Stack, Officer Byrd, Peggy, and Terry.
Eight people were arrested yesterday in connection with a meth lab in Williamson County. The arrests come after deputies went to the residence to serve a warrant for a probation violation. Two meth labs were found on the property. The eight suspects had to be decontaminated before being booked into the Williamson County jail. Authorities say that the investigation is just beginning.

July 13, 2014: An armed private security officer in New Jersey was assaulted and his gun taken from him at a Walgreens where he was on duty. Lawrence Campbell, the gunman went into the Walgreens around 4 am this morning. Campbell had a knife with him and asked for the greeting card aisle. At that point, Campbell assaulted the armed private security officer and took his weapon. Campbell told witnesses to watch the news because he was going to be famous. Police officers responding to the call thought they were responding to an armed robbery. However, before the police could exit their vehicle Campbell started shooting straight into the windshield of the police cruiser killing a 24 year old rookie officer. Campbell was killed at the site by police.
- Private security officers working at a Sears in Ohio were able to catch a woman intent on stealing over $1,000 worth of merchandise. The private security officers saw Lesley Scaggs and an unidentified man on video placing items into two shopping carts. The pair then took the cars to the fitting room where Scaggs emptied the contents of the shopping carts into an apparently empty purse. The private security officers then saw Scaggs go into a different area of the store where she put three pairs of jeans into an empty plastic shopping bag before leaving the store. The private security officers were able to stop Scaggs before she left the store. However, the unidentified man was able to get away.
- Security guards at a mall in England will began wearing body cameras. Due to the security guards presence shoplifting has been down since last autumn. However, the security guards are still having a big problem with aggressive behavior for staff and retailers. Only trained security guards will wear the cameras and anyone being filmed will be notified in advance.
- An off-duty police chief in Kentucky killed an armed bank robber. Police say James Hamm entered the Planters Bank in Kentucky with a stocking over his head and a gun. The police chief pulled his gun and ordered Hamm to put down his weapon. However, Hamm turned to the police chief and started firing at him. The police chief returned fire killing Hamm. The same bank had been robbed the previous Wednesday, but it has not been determined if Hamm was involved in that robbery.
- Michael Alexander Evans, an Oklahoma man that was shot by an armed security officer last week has been transferred from the hospital to the jail. The armed security officer approached Evans and several other men vandalizing a vending machine at an apartment complex where the armed security guard works. instead of stopping when the armed security guard asked him to, Evan started choking the armed security guard. Even after the armed security guard pulled his gun and threatened to shoot Evans, he continue to choke the armed security guard. At that point, the armed security guard shot Evans once in the abdomen. Evans required surgery. Evans is being held on several charges including probation violation.
-A Florida man is charged with battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing after police say he attacked a hospital employee. Brett Jordan was stopped by hospital security guards after he was causing a disturbance at the hospital. As the security guards were escorting Jordan from the hospital Jordan told the security officers he was going to stab one of them in the chest and refused to leave. Jordan then struck one of the security guards in the hand. The security guard then defended himself by pushing Jordan back. Jordan then pulled his shirt up to expose a pair of orange handled scissors. Both security guards feared for their lives. Police arrested Jordan and is being held on $8,500 bonds.

July 12, 2014: Canada ombudsman Fiona Crean is investigating Mayor Rob Ford's security officers. According to Crean, the security officers at city hall have had a number of complaints from members of the public, public servants and the media. A security officer that was shielding Ford from journalists and was quite rough was transferred to another area of security in March. There were also issues because many of the security officers appear to be scared to file formal complaints against Ford for his intoxication and belligerence against them.
- A California private security officer, James Lee Johnson, has been arrested for being in possession of child pornography. The private security officer left his computer thumb drive in a work computer. When he realized it, he called the private security guard on duty and asked them to put it in his mailbox at work. The private security guard on duty decided to look at the thumb drive and discovered the pornography. The private security guard notified police who arrested security officer Johnson at his home. Security officer Johnson is in jail with bail set at $50,000.
-A Georgia man assaulted a doctor and a private security guard at a local hospital. According to the private security officer, the doctor was trying to wake Ricky Allan Barnes so he could dismiss him from the hospital. However, Barnes woke up very combative and assaulting the doctor. The private security officer intervened and tried to calm Barnes down but Barnes started swinging and throwing punches at both the private security guard and doctor. Barnes was able to get the private security officer using a headlock maneuver and attempted to run off. The private security officer was able to get free but Barnes continued his belligerent behavior toward other hospital staff. Barnes was also telling the private security guard "to come outside so we can finish this". Police arrived at that time and were able to take Barnes into custody as he was trying to leave the hospital in his truck. Barnes is now in jail charged with felony battery, simple battery, simple assault, disorderly conduct and terroristic threats.
-In Pennsylvania a private security officer used CPA to save a baby until it could be gotten to the hospital. The mother left the three month old infant with a relative and was away for a short time. When she returned the baby was no longer breathing. She was able to get the private security officer who started CPR. The private security officer is being credited with saving the baby's life.
- A security officer in Alabama really enjoys his job. Don Hull is a security officer at the courthouse where he has worked for fifteen years. But a couple of years ago at age 78 Hull was asked to retire. The security officer did retire however, he did not stop coming to work. The private security officer still works one eight hour shift a week as a volunteer. The private security officer says he has to have something to do and fishing and golf is not enough. However, the private security officer says he may completely retire at the end of the year.
-Two private security officers were found dead last night. The first private security officer was found deceased in his vehicle in North Carolina. Police say the maintenance man made the discovery of the security guard dead when he came to work. Police say the security officer did not show any signs of trauma. The private security officer's death remains under investigation. In Florida, a private security officer at an auto sales shop was found dead outside his truck. Police discovered the private security officer when reports of a fire came in and they went to investigate. The private security officer's truck was on fire which police believe was result of an electrical wire running out of the truck into the auto parts store. Police do not think this private security officer's death is the result of foul play but continue to investigate.
- A Jamaica security guard is under police investigation for allegedly stabbing a 19 year old to death. According to police reports, the 19 year old, Kuwayne Mitchell and a group of men confronted the security guard from preventing vendors from congregating at the school gate. According to reports the private security officer stabbed Mitchell and then fled the scene. The whereabouts of the security guard has not been confirmed at this time.

July 10, 2014: A Middle Tennessee teenager has been charged with the fatal shooting of Sgt. 1st Class Michael Braden. The teen, 15 year old Christopher C. Farrar has been charged with one count of criminal homicide. Farrar somehow gained access to the armory, which is normally locked, and fired several shots. Farrar was later taken in custody at his home. The only thing known about Farrar at this time is he was being home schooled after being expelled from school for some drug charges. Police found several guns at the teen's home, but it has to be determined if any of these were the weapon that was used in the shooting.
- A Nashville woman was allegedly raped in her Nashville neighborhood this week. According to police, Shelly Dalton offered to give a33 year-old woman a ride, but instead he walked her to Rose Park where he motioned he had a gun and sexually assaulted her. The woman said Dalton threatened to kill her if she said no. Dalton admitted to police he sexually assaulted the woman. Nashville police say Dalton has a lengthy police records dating back to the late 90s and has been found guilty of 105 crimes. Dalton remains in Metro Davidson County jail.
- A Connecticut man was arrested after trying to stab the private security officer with a steak knife at a downtown bar. John Lorio tried to stab the private security guard after he showed up at the bar drunk and was not allowed in. The private security officer was able to dodge Lorio attack and no one else was hurt. Police found Lorio a few streets away and arrested him on multiple charges.
-Private security guards at a Canada hospital were pepper-sprayed at the entrance of the hospital for no apparent reason. A man came running in the hospital lobby screaming and spraying pepper spray before he turned an ran out. Two of the private security guards were treated for the effects of the pepper spray. The hospital had to be cleaned before patients could be allowed in.
-Private security guards in Idaho were able to help police apprehend a burglar. The private security guards who were patrolling a resort spotted a pickup truck that was believed to have been used in a series of home and vehicle burglaries over the past few weeks. The private security guards notified police who were able to arrest Brent Little. Police recovered guns, chain saws, furniture and cash that was reported stole. Little is in jail with bond set at $50,000.
- A former police officer in South Carolina has been arrested after she sold and pawned items in the department's evidence room. Dawn Caldwell is charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent over $2,000 and misconduct in office. Caldwell is also accused of selling her department issued Glock.
-Contract security guards at a mall in Maryland were chasing a shoplifter. The contract security guards chased the shoplifter about 30 minutes on foot when the shoplifter jumped into a sediment pond. The shoplifter began to swim. The contract security guard urged the shoplifter to return to side of the pond, but he refused to and continued swimming. The shoplifter then appeared to dive head first down into the pond and never resurface. The body was recovered a few hours later. The medical examiner said the body showed no evidence of trauma.
-Two private security guards have been arrested for taking marijuana-infused chocolate home from the office. The two private security officers worked for a shipping company that had received a package from California that was on its way to another location. The 50 pound package was clearly marked as marijuana-infused chocolate and was being stored in a storage room. Video surveillance shows the two private security guards enter the closet with backpacks and exit a few minutes later with something inside the backpacks. When police went to the security guards homes they found evidence the two security guards planned on selling the chocolate. Both of the private security guards were former police officers with a local police department.

July 8, 2014: Nashville's forecast is for strong storms tonight. All security guards need to be on alert and to be safe.
-Nashville police have padlocked a North Nashville motel after having it declared a public nuisance. Metro Nashville police have shut down The Hallmark Inn at Trinity Lane. According to police, all rooms have been vacated. Metro police have responded to 1,600 calls at the motel over the past four years.
-Spring Hill police are looking for an armed robber that robbed a gas station this morning. Minutes later another armed robbery took place a few miles away in Spring Hill. Police believe the incidents are related because the robber was approximately the same size and was dressed in the same clothing. The first robbery took place around 3 AM this morning. The man's face was wrapped with towels or a cloth. The robber put a gun in the clerk's face and told her to give him all the money. The clerk pushed the silent alarm, yelled for her co-worker in the back and ducked. The robber and his accomplice left without anything. A few minutes later, the robber entered another store nearby with his gun drawn and a black bag in his hand. He got away with $150 from the second robbery.
-Three sisters in Nashville have been arrested for chasing a man in the Walmart parking lot with their cars. According to Nashville police one sister, Alicia Kuwamoto was driving one vehicle and another sister Danielle Arguello was driving another vehicle. The wife of the victim, Samantha Meneese was in a car with one of the sister. The two drivers were chasing Rolando Meneese Sr who was also in his car around the parking lot. They finally penned him in an area and rammed his car. Samantha Meneese then got out of the car with a tire iron and started hitting the car. There were children aging in range from 2 years to 15 years old. The woman were not only charged with reckless endangerment, child endangerment and false imprisonment.
- A contract security guard in California probably saved three children's lives today in California. The contract security guard saw a 4 year old child standing in the front seat of a mini van this afternoon under the shade of a tree. When the security office got closer he could see there was an additional 6 year old child and a nine month old child in the car. The front windows of the van were cracked a little and the slider door window cracked enough the contract security guard could unlock the door. When the police got to the scene the contract security guard reported the children were sweating and in obvious distress. The mother returned to the car 11 minutes later and was arrested by police.
-Security officers monitoring closed circuit cameras spotted several teen burglarizing an elementary school in Iowa on the 4th of July around 10:45. The security officers noticed two teens roaming the halls of the school and notified police. The teens tried to run from police but were not successful. Police could not find anything missing and one teen stated he was there to just play basketball.

July 6, 2014: In Florida, more than 100,000 private security guards patrol businesses and neighborhoods which is more than twice the number of policeman. The number of armed security guards have grown over the past few years and the number of incidents where they have used their gun. According to state records, about 5,000 investigations are conducted annually on the use of armed security guards and their use of their weapon. The state revokes about 300 licenses a year for such reasons as a guard drawing and firing their gun without justification. Also, the state rejects about 3,000 would be security guard licenses each year for different reasons. Records show at least three armed security guards have gone to jail in just one city in Florida for improper use of their gun - one being charged with murder. An armed security guard can only fire their guns to protect themselves or to protects others. A contract security guard company can be put out of business with the improper use of a gun by one of their armed security guards. Law-enforcement agencies generally share information with contract security guard companies because they consider them the eyes and ears of the community. In most cases, armed and unarmed security guards are the first line of defense.
- A library security guard helped police capture a man for indecent exposure. The man was exposing himself to library employees. This is the second arrest for Curtis McKie for the same charge. He was also arrested on July 3 for the same charge.
- A former policeman that was a bike patrol policeman retired from the police force two years ago and is now doing the same thing as a security guard. The security guard is now patrolling a 44 acre hospital campus on a bicycle to halt car break-ins. According to the security department that created the program, bikes can go places that golf carts and quicker than on foot. Also, another plus of the security guard on a bicycle is the visibility. The car break-ins have stopped now thanks to the security officer on a bike.
- An Iowa man has sued security guards and their security guard company for violation of free speech. According to the lawsuit, Jason Powell says he was preaching on a sidewalk outside the state fair ground when a security guard told him to go to the other side of the street or be arrested. The next day, Powell stood outside a different gate and this time a security guard detained him and a state trooper photographed him and said he was trespassing. Powell says he was then given an ejection notice that barred him from going to the fairgrounds for any reason.
-A woman in Florida not only stole a laptop from Best Buy, but also stole a police car and tried to get away. Candice Kelly was arrested and being held in handcuffs in the front seat of a police car with a policeman in the driver's seat. There was another police car sitting beside her. The police officer in the other car left his car to go to Kelly's car to get her driver's license. Kelly jumped out of the car she was in and into the empty police car and locked the doors. She then drove away with the police in pursuit. However, she went into a residential area and police lost her for a few minutes. They finally found her down the street with a man sitting on her yelling for police. According to the man, she ran into his house and he chased her out and was able to capture her. She is now in jail on retail theft and grand theft auto.
-Nashville news reported yesterday that 210,000 people attended Nashville's 4th of July fireworks show. Since the Nashville fireworks show is rated 2nd only to New York City this is not surprising. Not only does the Nashville fireworks draw many local visitors people come from all over the southeast to enjoy the show. Congratulations Nashville for another show well done!
- Nashville police are looking for a white man about 5'10" for assaulting an MTA bus driver in South Nashville last week. According to reports, the bus driver stopped the bus and asked the man to get off due to his abusive behavior and abusive language. The man refused and bumped the bus driver in the check which made her fall down the steps of the bus. The man then fled on foot.
- A special thanks to Captain of our Guards, Hugh Stack who always goes above the call of duty in making sure all our posts are covered. Another special thanks to Security Officer Kyle Byrd, for covering a shift July 4 night even though he was not scheduled to work and had other plans. And we always appreciate, Security Officer Gabe Morrow and Security Officer Greg Forrest for covering their posts without any incidents. A special thanks to Security Officer Leart Byrtiq for stepping up last night and covering an open shift. Our security officers are what makes us the great company On Guard Security is. Thanks to all of them.

July 4, 2014: Happy 4th of July! How lucky are we to live in this country? I'm sure the lakes and parks are very busy so please be careful. Don't drink and drive. Nashville fireworks are rated 2nd in the whole USA so I am sure there will be plenty of activity downtown tonight. Be alert of your surroundings.
- A bizarre story out of Memphis. Police have rescued an eight year old boy from a shed in his backyard. According to police, the boy was chained up in the shed on more than one occasion. Police were called when children in the neighborhood went to play basketball with the little boy and he said he couldn't play because he was chained up. When asked why he was chained up the little boy said "ask my mama". Unfortunately, there were five other children in the home ages 2 years to 14 years old. As of last night, no charges had been filed.
-Massachusetts will strengthen security around abortion clinics. The Supreme Court ruled the 35 foot buffer zone around abortion clinics was an unconstitutional restraint on the free-speech rights of protesters.
-In California a would-be robber tried to rob the armed security guard of a bag of money that he had just emptied the cash out of a set of gas pumps. The security guard had the bag of money in his hand when the would-be robber tried to grab it and run away. The security guard put his hand on his gun and told the robber to drop it. Another security guard nearby did the same thing. The robber ran away.
-Security officer in Nevada were recognized for saving the lives of two guests at the resort they work for. According to reports, one of the officers performed emergency life-saving measures to save a guest from choking. The second security guard was recognized for performing CPR on a guest that was not breathing.
- A Nashville cab driver was pistol whipped and shot in his own driveway Thursday night. The cab driver arrived home around 3:30 Friday morning. As he was getting out of his cab two men approached him and struck him in the head with a handgun. One of the men then shot him in the leg. The cab driver was beating on his neighbors door trying to get help, but the neighbor did not know what was going on so he did not go to the door. The neighbor thought the gun shot was fireworks going off. The cab driver was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.
- In the Middle Tennessee area today there have already been three drownings reported. According to authorities a 27-year-old mail drowned in Old Hickory Lake. The young man was on a foam mat in the water and was attempting to climb onto a jet ski. Somehow the jet ski rolled over on the young man and he never came back up. The young man was not wearing a life jacket. Two fisherman also drowned while fishing on the banks of the Duck River in Chapel Hill, TN. The two fishermen were bait fishing on the bank of the river. There are no details at this time as to how the two men drowned.

July 3, 2014: Nashville police are looking for four black men who did a drive-by shooting on this afternoon on Blue Hole Road. Two brothers were walking from their house to the bus stop when a tan car drove by with four young black men in it and shot at them. One of the brothers was hit in the stomach and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. At this time, the motive is unclear.
- A Cannon County, TN woman has been charged with killing her own mother. According to the TBI, April Stowe killed her mother at the home they shared on June 23 and then dumped her mother's body on the side of the road. The TBI is not saying what happened inside the home.
- A family just trying to make a living were robbed this morning in Columbia, TN. The family run the Southern Boom fireworks tent and have been selling fireworks on East James Campbell Blvd for the past eight years. The family keeps a family member in their tent overnight so no one comes in and steals their fireworks. This morning around 2 AM the family's oldest son woke up to find four masked men standing over him with a gun. The men made him get on the ground and then duct taped his hands behind his back , duct taped his mouth and tried to duct tape his eyes. The four men stole over $1,000 from the cash register and thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, the son's cell phone and his car keys and then ran off on foot. The previous Sunday night when the family's younger son was watching the tent overnight, some men cut the electricity, slashed his tires and tried to come into the tent, but he was able to scare them away. Columbia police say with the holiday weekend all business need to be on heightened alert.
- Hermitage police are trying to identify the gunman who robbed a Mapco on Stewarts Ferry Pike on June 20 and then attempted to rob three separate victims in the parking lot where he fired shots. The suspect entered the Mapco just before midnight and demanded money from the register at gunpoint. He then fled with the contents of the register - $8. Minutes later he attempted to rob three people in the parking lot outside of a sports bar. When the victims refused the gunman fired a shot. The gunman then fled in an older model four door sedan.
- In Tennessee a new law came into effect on Tuesday. The new law allows any citizen that sees a child locked in a car that the citizen thinks the child is in danger and the car is locked can break the window to get the child out. The rescuer must notify law enforcement, put a note on the car and stay nearby with the child until authorities arrive.
- In Maryland, police have arrested two woman for stealing copper. The ironic part is that one of these woman was a contract security guard that was paid to guard the copper. The two woman charged are Ebony Wood and her ex-girlfriend Tiffanie Annan. According to Annan, the contract security guard asked her for a ride to her job because her car was messed up. Since Annan did not want the contract security guard to lose her job she agreed. A contractor saw the contract security guard placing a large spool of copper worth approximately $1,250 in the backseat of the car that Annan was sitting in the passenger seat in. Police came immediately and caught the two. When police pulled up pawn shop records for the area they found records where the contract security guard had sold1606 pounds of pilfered copper and six pounds of brass. The contract security guard had received more than $2,538 for the stolen items. However, police say the actual retail value of the items was over $10,000. Annan still maintains her innocence but police say text messages between Annan and the contract security guard tells a different story. The private security company that Wood worked for had no comment.
- A Kentucky woman has been arrested by court security guards for trying to bring a gun into the court room. Mikaila Brown told security officers that she needed to used the restroom. She put her backpack she was carrying through the screening system where the security officers saw the gun. Brown told the security officers that the gun was not hers and she was not aware it was in her backpack. On closer examination, the security officers found the gun had been stolen on May 3, 2011. Brown was booked into jail and charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, concealed weapon with a permit and possession of a stolen firearm.

July 2, 2014: Happy Birthday Peggy! We don't know how we would ever survive with you. Hope you have a good birthday.
-In Washington police shot a man that pulled a gun on unarmed contract security guards that monitor the light rail system. Three men were questioned by the contract security guard asking to show their tickets for the train. The three men refused to show their tickets or proof they had paid for their fare. The contract security guards called for backup from the police. When the police showed up one of the three men pulled a gun on the policeman who pulled is gun and shot the man. The man was dead at the scene and the other two men were arrested. The contract security company that employed the three contract security guards did not have a comment.
- In Florida a private security guard is accused of having sex with a teenage boy. The security guard works at a Florida Department of Juvenile facility which is a moderate-risk academy for youths. According to a search warrant affidavit the female security guard engaged in sex acts with the boy. When police went to the facility to investigate the charge the security guard engaged in a struggle with a police detective when ended with the security guard breaking an arm. The security guard is no longer employed with the security company that has the contract at the facility.
-A security guard in South Carolina has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault and battery. The security guard was working at a hotel bar when a he kicked a patron out of the bar. The patron tried to come back into the bar and the security guard grabbed him by the neck and pushed him out onto the sidewalk. The man then tried to come into the bar again. The security guard grabbed the man under his arms and threw him away from the bar. The man hit a gravel patch and fell backward striking a concrete flower pot. Deputies that were working another bar nearby were called to the scene where they found the man unconscious and bleeding from his head. The man was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a larger hospital because he needed further treatment. At the hospital, the injured man declined to press charges but the police said it was not an option because the man was intoxicated and suffering a head wound.
- A woman in South Carolina has been arrested after falling through the ceiling of the hospital she was being treated injuring a hospital security guard. According to police, the woman, Christie Davis was arrested after crashing a car into the house of a friend. According to the man at the house, Davis was at his house while he went to the store. When he returned she was angry and was breaking things in his house. He pushed her out the door and told her to leave. She got into the car she was driving but drove into the house. Davis then went around the yard breaking things so the homeowner called police. He said he did not want her arrested because she had a medical condition. However, when the police got to the house, they found the car Davis was driving was stolen and the tags on the car were stolen also. Police took Davis to the hospital because she was complaining of being ill. At the hospital, Davis asked to go to the restroom where she locked the door and climbed into the ceiling. When Davis never came out of the bathroom, hospital security guards opened the door and saw the ceiling tiles were removed. In a few minutes, Davis came crashing through the ceiling landing on a security guard injuring him. Davis is now in jail.
-Michigan police have arrested the man that shot a security guard at a Spectrum Health parking ramp. Horace Demario Collins was arraigned on charges of assault with intent to commit a felony and as a fourth-offense habitual offender. The police worked closely with the head of security to develop Collins as a suspect. Investigators last week, arrested him on an unrelated parole violation. The security officer was shot as the gunman was in the process of breaking into a vehicle that was parked in the ramp. The security guard was struck once but his injuries were not life-threatening.

July 1, 2014: In North Carolina two security guards are recovering from injuries due to being hit by a truck. According to the security officers, a truck was in the parking lot of the flea market they were in charge of. The truck was in the parking lot doing burnouts and spinning his tires. Two of the security guards approached the truck. When the security officers guards got close to the truck for some unknown reason the driver accelerated and struck the security officers with his truck. At that point, a third security officer quickly responded and started shooting at the truck- firing 11 shots. The truck fled the scene and wrecked about two miles away from the flea market. The driver had a gun shot wound and was taken to a local hospital. The two security guards hit by the truck were also taken to the local hospital.
- A new Georgia law requires law enforcement to sell all guns confiscated firearms. The only exception to the law are sawed-off shotguns, fully automatic firearms and guns with the serial numbers filed off. All confiscated guns will be sold to the highest bidder. No private citizens will be allowed to bid on the guns - only licensed firearm dealers.
- Two shoplifters in Florida used pepper spray to stop the private security officers that were trying to stop them from escaping with the merchandise. The security guard was watching the man and woman at the jewelery counter as they were trying on watches. The security officers watched the woman put several watches in a Victoria Secret's bag valued at $1,700. The security officers then tried to stop the two from leaving the store but the woman turned around and pepper sprayed them in the face. This was all caught on video surveillance. After the shoplifter sprayed the security guard in the face, a bystander tried stop the shoplifter from escaping when the shoplifter sprayed him in the face. Both of the shoplifters were captured later by police and are now in jail.
- A California man was arrested for punching a contract security guard and breaking his shoulder in a shoplifting incident on June 23. The contract security guard saw the man put 4 gift cards inside the waistband of his pants. When the contract security guard stopped the shoplifter in the parking lot the shoplifter punched the security guard in the chest causing him to twist and fall into a passing vehicle before hitting the pavement.

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