June, 2012

June 30, 2012:  It is a very hot day in Nashville!!!  Currently it is 102 degrees, and it's still going up.  As I sit here at On Guard Security's office I can't imagine a worse day for our air conditioning to be completely out of order.  That happens to be the case with our air conditioner.  I hope that this situation is remedied very, very soon.

June 29, 2012: On Guard Security is seeking to hire one full-time armed guard and one part-time unarmed security guard. Applicants should be licensed as security guards in Tennessee. Applicants should have experience in law enforcement or private security. Anyone that is interested can fill out a contact form on the Career page of our website. June 28, 2012:  34 residents were displaced and 2 firemen were injured by a fire at Brentwood Oaks Apartments in Nashville on Tuesday night.  The cause of the fire is still being investigated.  The fire's damage was mostly contained and only affected one building.  Luckily, none of the residents were hurt.  Unfortunately, there are several pets that have not been found. The weather forecast for Nashville is calling for high temperatures to be in the triple digits at least through the weekend.  It is miserably hot and dry.  Private security officers, landscapers, construction workers, and anyone else that works outside or spends a lot of time outside should know the dangers that this kind of heat can present and know the warning signs that people exhibit before the heat causes serious injury or worse.  Pets are another major concern.  I hope everyone will consider their dogs and cats and make proper arrangements for them in this hot weather.

June 27, 2012:  Thank you to Jacob and Miles for helping out last night.  Thanks to Sean for helping out last night, too. Besides our security guards other people deserve thanks, too.  Robert, Brandon, Tiffany, and several other people have helped and made sacrifices to help On Guard Security. In Nashville a man was escorted out of a Kenny Chesney concert by security over the weekend.  Security claims that the man was causing a disturbance because he looked too much like Kenny Chesney.  The man was wearing an outfit that closely resembled the country music stars outfit.  The man that was escorted out of the concert says that the security guards causing a commotion about him and escorting him out of the concert was a much bigger disturbance.

June 26, 2012:  Get well soon, Tyran! A private security guard in Georgia was shot earlier this week when he responded to the cries of a robbery victim.  When the guard saw what was going on the robber fired at him.  Police chased the robbers, but were unable to apprehend them. On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire one unarmed guard in the Nashville area.  Applicants should have a valid Tennessee guard license and experience working as a security officer.  This position begins immediately. Thanks to all of On Guard's security guards.  Hectic days like today would be infinitely more difficult if it wasn't for all the help that everyone at On Guard gives when it's needed. Earlier this week in California a man was shot at a wedding with a security guard's firearm.  A fight occurred between two guests at a wedding.  When an armed security guard tried to break up the fight, one of the men was able to get the guard's gun.  The man that got the gun shot the man that he was fighting with and then fled on foot.  The victim did not suffer any life-threatening wounds.  The security guard was entirely uninjured. It is a beautiful day in Nashville today.  It is much cooler today than it has been the last few weeks.  If we could only get a little rain now...................... Don't forget to reserve your place in our next handgun carry class!!  The next class begins on July 6th.  It's only $90 today to reserve your place.  Seating is limited.

June 25, 2012:  Over the weekend in North Carolina a security guard alerted police to a couple making methamphetamine in a motel.  Police arrested the couple.  The man was already awaiting trial for meth-related charges. A security guard at a restaurant in Ohio was involved in a shootout over the weekend.  The security guard allegedly pepper sprayed a group of young men at the restaurant.  The young men, allegedly gang members, returned to the restaurant and began shooting.  The armed guard returned fire.  Two customers were hit during the gun fight.  The private security guard was later arrested by police at the restaurant.  It is unknown whether the security guard was arrested for the incident at the restaurant or not.

June 23, 2012:  It's a beautiful morning in Nashville! Thanks to Dwayne for loaning me his computer this morning.

June 22, 2012:  Early this morning in south Nashville a restaurant worker was robbed at gunpoint by two men.  The two suspects were hiding behind a dumpster behind the establishment, and robbed the victim when he was taking out the trash.  Police are investigating a shooting that happened last night in north Nashville.  Two gunmen allegedly opened fire on a young man.  The victim was hit once in the arm.  The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

June 21, 2012:  Thanks to Peggy and Kyle. Security at a Walmart in Ohio caught a man making methamphetamine inside the Walmart.  The security guards watched the man put ingredients for methamphetamine in his shopping cart and combine some of the ingredients in a salt shaker.   Police arrested the man as he was walking out of the Walmart. On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire one full time armed security guard.  The armed guard post is in the Nashville area.  Applicants should have a valid Tennessee armed security guard license and have experience in law enforcement or private security. 

June 20, 2012:  Two men in east Tennessee were arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated burglary.  The charge comes from a burglary that happened in late April in which many guns were stolen.  According to reports, both men have confessed to the burglary since they have been in custody. Last night in Nashville the Opryland Hotel had to be evacuated because of an explosion.  The Opryland Hotel was hosting a Sheriff's convention at the time for the National Sheriff's Association.  The Department of Homeland Security was called in.  A mechanical explosion behind an elevator is indicated by early reports.  Early reports also say that no one was injured. Private security guards in Germany plan on having a two hour strike today over working conditions and wages.  The strikes will take place at several German airports. A private security guard at the University of Maryland died earlier this month while on duty.  The security officer had worked as private security for the university for 17 years.  The guard died of natural causes. The governor of South Carolina looked to the private security sector when he appointed a sheriff this week.  The governor appointed a security official at Boeing to be the sheriff of Saluda County.  The new sheriff also has twenty years experience as a police officer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation just released the latest numbers of auto theft this week.  The numbers are broken down by city.  The west coast dominates the top of the list.  Central California has especially high rates of auto theft. A report that was just released this week shows that a police officer in Atlanta was arrested for DUI late last month.  The police officer was driving over 120 mph when he was spotted according to the report. A private security guard in New York shot a man at an apartment complex last weekend.  The man had charged the security guard with a knife earlier in the evening.  The guard was able to disarm the man, and the police were called.  The man vowed to come back for the security guard with a gun.  The man was not arrested by the police.  It is unclear why the police did not arrest the man.  The man approached the security guard later in the evening with his hand in a bag.  The man ignored the security officer's command to stop.  The security guard fired twice.  It was later discovered that the man had a hammer in the bag.  The security guard is finding himself under a lot of scrutiny because of his actions.  I agree that the incident should be investigated, but from what I have read the security guard's actions seem totally justifiable.  Why was the man not arrested to begin with?  That is the real question.

ey. June 18, 2012:  A private security guard in Australia was killed on the job yesterday.  The private security guard was working as shopping mall security when he was assaulted by two people and killed.  The guard was found beaten and with serious injuries.  The guard was taken to a hospital, but died soon after he arrived.  The two suspects were arrested last night, too.  According to authorities, the guard allegedly walked in on the two suspects while they were burglarizing a store in the mall.  Police in Nashville are investigating a body that was found on train tracks near Charlotte Avenue yesterday.  On Guard Security would like to thank Tammy in East Tennessee for helping out.

June 17, 2012:  Happy Father's Day to everyone.  I sincerely hope that everyone has a fun and safe Father's Day.  A very special thanks to our security guards that are also fathers that have to work today.  Unfortunately, security is not an option in many places.  Security is a must and therefore it is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year job.Security guards and other security personnel often find themselves at work on holidays, weekends, and other times when most people are off work. Police in Nashville are looking for information about a shooting that occurred yesterday afternoon in Antioch.  The shooting happened at Hickory Manor Apartments.  A woman was injured by a bullet.  It is unclear whether the bullet struck the woman directly or whether it ricocheted off of a building before hitting the woman.

June 16, 2012:  Earlier this week in Canada four armed security guards were shot in a robbery.  The three of the private security guards were killed in the robbery.  The fourth armed guard was sent to the hospital in critical condition.  The armed guards were working on an armored car when it was robbed.  The security guards worked for one of the biggest private security guard contractors in the world.  The robbery and murders occurred on a college campus early in the morning.  No other people were injured during the incident.  Campus security, tactical police units, and canine units all began a manhunt after the incident was discovered. Yesterday in Texas a police officer made a huge discovery.  The officer stopped to help a man that was having car trouble.  The driver of the vehicle disappeared as the officer was helping him.  The police officer became suspicious and began to look around the vehicle.  The officer discover over $1 million worth of heroine and methamphetamine.

June 15, 2012:  Thanks to Amy for helping. Thanks to all of our security guards for doing a great job.  This week was especially hectic, and I can't imagine how we would have made it possible without our security officers. 

June 14, 2012:  Two pharmacies in Belle Meade were robbed yesterday.  The robberies occurred within two miles of each other and in less than half an hour of each other.  According to police, the robber took prescription pills at both pharmacies.  No one was hurt during either robbery.  Police in Nashville arrested a man that they believe is responsible for both robberies. An 80-year-old man from Pulaski, Tennessee has been indicted on 13 charges related to sex crimes that he allegedly committed against members of the Amish community in Giles County, Tennessee.  The man was arrested by the TBI last month and has been in jail since his arrest. Yesterday in California a school security guard discovered a dead 40-year-old teacher.  According to officials, there are no apparent signs of foul play.  The death appears to be from natural causes. Police in Nashville believe that the man that they arrested for robbing two pharmacies in Belle Meade yesterday is also responsible for robbing three other pharmacies over the last few days. Last night in Nashville undercover police officers arrested a convicted felon after he sold cocaine to an undercover officer.  After searching the suspect's vehicle a digital scale was found and a loaded .45 caliber handgun. Security guards at a Walmart in Wisconsin arrested a man earlier this week for a variety of charges after the man strolled through Walmart eating groceries, stealing clothing, and allegedly sexually assaulting another customer.

June 13, 2012:  Police in Indiana are looking for a woman that used a stolen credit card at a convenience store the day after the card was stolen.  The woman was caught on camera using the stolen credit card.  The woman was dressed as a security guard when she used the card. According to reports, there were 44 arrests this year at Bonnaroo this year and 424 citations issued.  Most arrests and citations are drug related.  Theft at Bonnaroo was higher this year than in the last few years. Police in Nashville arrested a market clerk on Monday in east Nashville for charges relating to synthetic and firearms.  Police found two handguns and an AK-47. A security guard in California has filed a lawsuit against his former employer and their security supervisor claiming that he was fired for objecting to making a false police report.  According to the security guard, the police were told that a homeless man was breaking into vehicles, but the man was actually picking up cigarette butts.  The security guard's former supervisor told the police the lie to keep the homeless man away from the property.  When police arrived, the confrontation with the homeless man ended in him dying.  The company's lawyers claim that the security guard was actually fired for being confrontational with one of his superiors in front of customers.

June 12, 2012:  Yesterday was rainy in Nashville.  Hopefully, the extra rain will help out with the fishing a little bit in middle Tennessee. Thanks to Miles, Tyran, Pete, and Sean for helping out with the extra security guard posts. On Guard Security is currently looking to hire one part-time unarmed security guard in Nashville.  This unarmed guard post will be permanent and will be 16-24 hours per week.  Anyone that is interested can fill out the contact form on the Career page of our website.  Applicants should be licensed as an unarmed security guard in Tennessee and should have some experience working as a security guard. Late last week in Illinois a man that was attempting to steal a purse from a retail store assaulted three security guards as he attempted to escape from the store's security personnel.  According to reports, the man allegedly bit the store security guard and two other security guards before he was eventually arrested with the help of police officers. Last week in Texas an armed robber entered a game room and assaulted a security guard.  The robber fired a shot inside the game room, too.  The security guard was attacked by the robber, but no one was seriously injured. A woman was stabbed multiple times and sexually assaulted on a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Friday.  Investigators have organized a search for the suspect who has not yet been apprehended. The FBI reported on Monday that the number of violent crimes in the United States fell in 2011 by five percent.  The violent crime rate has dropped for the last five years.  Property crimes decreased also according to the FBI.  Property crimes dropped by less than one percent. A security guard in Washington State was injured as he worked at a hospital yesterday morning.  The cause of the security guard's injuries is not yet known, but gunshots have been mentioned. Police in Nashville discovered more than fifty marijuana plants inside a residence in Donelson last night.  Police stumbled upon the marijuana grow operation while serving a warrant.  Three people were arrested and charged in connection with the grow-house.

June 11, 2012:  A teen was shot and killed over the weekend in Antioch.  Police in Nashville are investigating the murder. Early yesterday morning a private security guard shot at a truck and hit its tire.  The truck left a restaurant and hit several cars in the parking lot.  When the security guard tried to speak with the driver the driver drove toward the guard.  The armed guard fired several shots and hit at least one tire.  The man driving the truck and his passenger were found by the police and arrested. Special thanks to Pete, Sean, Miles, Jermaine, Peggy, Kyle, and Jacob.  A contract security guard company in New York did not renew the contract with a local government.  The contract expires soon, and government officials aren't sure where they will find private security guards to meet their needs before a new security guard company can be contracted. Yesterday in California a private security guard was injured during a scuffle with four shoplifters.  Two shoplifters got many prepaid credit cards from a store and left without paying for the merchandise.  Two security guards that worked at the store attempted to stop the shoplifters in the store's parking lot.  The shoplifters got into a vehicle with two others, and the security guards attempted to stop them.  All four of the suspects resisted the private security guards.  One of the members of the store's security was injured.  The injury was minor.  The suspects were caught in the same parking lot by police officers.  The two suspects that were inside the store were arrested and charged with several charges.  The other two suspects were cited by the police and released.

June 8, 2012:  Police in Nashville arrested a 45-year-old man Wednesday for charges related to soliciting a 14-year-old girl for sex.  The man was apprehended by police at the girl's apartment complex allegedly intending to have sex with the young girl. A man in Clarksville, Tennessee was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after his miniature horse was found walking down the road.  The horse was severely malnourished.  Police report that there was no food for the horse at the man's house either. On Guard Security is still taking applications for two armed security guard positions in Nashville.  The two armed security guard posts are part-time positions.

June 7, 2012:  A man in Nashville was shot at a shopping center parking lot yesterday evening.  The incident occurred in a Kroger's parking lot in south Nashville.  Police say that the victim received minor injuries. On Guard Security is currently looking to hire two armed security guards for a post in south Nashville.  One security post is part-time.  The other security guard post is full-time.  Applicants can submit their contact information to employment@onguardsecurityinc.com .  Applicants should already have an armed security guard license for Tennessee and experience as a security guard. Police in North Carolina have arrested a man for the murder of a private security guard yesterday.  The security officer was working at a bar and restaurant.  The guard was shot multiple times when he tried to stop two people from fighting.  A woman was also shot, but was not seriously injured.  Police are still looking for another suspect in connection with the security guard's murder. An off-duty police officer in Florida shot a woman at a nightclub in Florida yesterday.  The police officer was working as a private security guard for a nightclub when the woman attempted to run over the officer and two other people.   A contract security guard in Illinois was assaulted earlier this week by the son of an Illinois senator.  The security guard was trying to arrest the suspect's friend when the suspect told the security guard to let him go.  The suspect then began attacking the security guard.  The guard was working security at a bar when the incident occurred. A man in Michigan wrecked his car into a security guard shack last weekend.  The man was intoxicated when he wrecked into the guard shack.  The security guard that was on post at the scene of the accident spoke with the driver briefly before the driver left on foot.  The driver was arrested soon after leaving by police and charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. The CMA Music Festival starts today in Nashville.  Thanks to Vonda, Peggy, Jermaine, and Tyran.  A very special thanks to Tiffany. A hospital security guard in Canada was assaulted earlier this week.  The security guard was patrolling the hospital parking lot when he observed a man attempting to burglarize a vehicle.  The guard attempted to arrest the suspect, but the suspect ran away.  The security guard chased the suspect and was attacked when he caught up to him.  The security officer and other hospital employees managed to hold the suspect until the police arrived.  The security guard had minor injuries. Get well soon Kelvin! A man in Illinois received an 80-year prison sentence earlier this week for the murder of a security guard at a bar in 2008.  The man was escorted out of the bar by security for smoking in the bar.  The man then came back to the bar and shot both security guards.  One guard died. Two men were arrested by police in Gallatin, Tennessee and charged with forgery.  The two men that were arrested allegedly used counterfeit twenty dollar bills at a local convenience store.  More charges are possible according to authorities.  The investigation is on going.

June 6, 2012:  A security  guard in North Carolina was shot and killed earlier today.  The private security guard was trying to break up a fight at a Mexican restaurant when he was shot.  Police are searching for two men in connection with the security guard's death. Cooler weather has come to Nashville for the next few days. Early this morning in Nashville a man was shot as he was about to enter his apartment.  The man was accompanied by his girlfriend.  The couple were attacked by two men wearing masks.  The victim shot at least two times.

June 5, 2012:  A man that was on the TBI's most wanted list was arrested late last week during a traffic stop.  The man had just recently been put on the list and was arrested on Sam Ridley near I-24. Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed a Dollar General store in Antioch yesterday afternoon.  The robber entered the store with a .22 caliber rifle.  The man fired several shots inside the store.  One employee was shot in the leg by the robber.

June 4, 2012:  Security will be increased over most of Nashville this week.  The CMA Music Festival will start this Thursday and continue through the weekend.  It will be a busy week for the Metro Nashville Police Department and many private security guard companies in Nashville.  Extra security guards and police officers will be on duty working security throughout downtown Nashville during the music festival to help manage the large number of people that will attend the festival.  According to arrest records from previous years the actual crime rate per capita falls during the CMA Music Festival. A man in Washington state was taken to the hospital over the weekend to be treated for a gunshot wound that he received at a gun show.  The man was injured when he accidentally discharged his .45-caliber handgun.  The man was hit in his upper thigh. Late last week a man in Dyer County, Tennessee escaped from court security after he was sentenced for drug charges and ordered to be taken into custody.  The man was aided by his girlfriend during his escape.  The man and his girlfriend were eventually apprehended and taken into custody.  Both are being held without bond. A special thanks to Miles, Sean, and Tiffany.

June 3, 2012:  May was a fantastic month for On Guard Security in a variety of ways.  We expanded in many different ways.  We added new clients for our private security guard services.  We taught new people in our handgun carry class.  We hired new security guards.  All of our security guard operations went well in May.  There were no major incidents. A security guard in Florida shot two men outside of a club Friday night.  One of the men died, and the other one has been taken to the hospital.  The security guard fired at men outside of the club.  Police have confirmed that the security guard was detained for questioning, but police said no one was arrested yet.  A security guard in Louisiana was assaulted by a shoplifter late last week.  The security guard was on duty at a Walmart when he caught two people shoplifting.  One of the shoplifters pulled out a stun gun and used it on the security guard.  After the suspects assaulted the security guard they left all the merchandise and fled.  Police later apprehended the suspects. One man is dead after an attempted robbery in Nashville on Friday night.  According to police two robbers approached a man in a parking lot of an apartment complex in Madison.  The would-be victim was able to get to his handgun and shot one of the men that was attempting to rob him.  The robber that was shot died.  Police are still searching for the other man. Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed a convenience store early this morning.  The robber entered the convenience store with a mask on at about 1 AM and demanded money from the store's employee.  The robber then fled.  No customers were in the store at the time of the robbery. Last night in Antioch a man was shot once in each leg.  According to police the victim knows his assailant and is cooperating with police in the investigation.  The shooting occurred around 11 PM yesterday.

June 2, 2012:  On Guard Security would like to thank our security guards for doing an outstanding job.   Congratulations to all the graduates of our last handgun carry permit class, too. A private security guard that works at a hospital in Nebraska was assaulted by a patient earlier this week.  The guard needed stitches on his face after the attack.  The suspect that attacked the security officer was arrested later at her home. A law suit was filed this week accusing a nightclub in California of not having enough security.  The law suit was filed by the parents of a young man that was beaten to death at the nightclub last year.  The lawsuit alleges that security at the nightclub is too lax and that the club's owners are more concerned with their profits than safety. Tenants of Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville received letters from the owners letting them know that they had 30 days to vacate the property.  According to the property managers the notice is a step toward reinventing the mall.

June 1, 2012:  Our handgun carry class went very well last night.  The class was full, and the instructor did well.

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