June, 2013

June 30, 2013: Late last week at a shopping center in Chicago six people were wounded by a gunman. At around 7 p.m. last Friday a gunman fired several rounds from a passing car. The area has long been a problem area according to police. No one is currently in custody. According to investigators, there is not much to go on to help identify the gunman.
It is a beautiful afternoon here in downtown Nashville!!
Late last week in New Jersey a private security guard and two other men were arrested on charges of sexual assault. The security guard and the other two suspects allegedly assaulted a 24-year-old woman that they had met at a bar. The arrests follow a three week investigation. The security guard that is allegedly involved in the incident works security at a college campus.

June 29, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security, Inc. Special thanks to Officer Dennis Nicholson, Officer Prude, Officer Roberts, Peggy, Officer Stacks, B. Whitmore, Officer Chapman, and Officer Cotham!!!
It is hot here in Nashville!! I suppose that is to be expected in late June in this part of the world.
Get well soon Officer Linnear!!
Last night a man that was shot outside of a restaurant in Smyrna earlier this week died. The victim was one of three people that were shot last week. Police in Smyrna are still working to identify a suspect. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the Smyrna Police Department at 615-459-6644.
Security guards at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City have been in the media recently. A family in Florida is filing suit against the casino after private security guards that were working at the casino used excessive force against them. According to reports a man, his wife, and their daughter were taken down and treated very roughly during their stay at the hotel. The woman says that as she and her husband were being dragged away by private security guards, four security guards took down her 17-year-old daughter. The family members received injuries ranging from a broken elbow to a broken nose and all the hospital bills that come along with treatment for those ailments.
Earlier today a car crashed into the Walmart on Hamilton Church Road in Antioch. According to police,a 'medical emergency' caused the driver of the vehicle to crash into the store. Fortunately, no one was injured inside the Walmart. No information has been released regarding the driver's condition. The investigation is ongoing.
Police in Nashville have released photos of a man that stole a very expensive ring from a retailer in Green Hills Mall. The photos that have been released were taken by the store's security camera on June 19th. The suspect asked a sales associate in Macy's to see a ring that was in a display case. When the sales associate got the ring out of the case, the man snatched the ring away and fled. The ring was priced at $13,500. The obvious question in this incident is where is Macy's security. This particular Macy's is very, very close to a jewelry store where we provide security guard services everyday. Our retailer has had no problems as far as theft is concerned. It seems that our highly trained and visible private security guards are more than enough to deter would-be criminals. Over the last six months there have been two highly publicized incidents concerning theft in the store that is directly next to our retailer. Both stores are in the same business: Jewelry. Same location. The difference is the security. The neighboring store has absolutely no security as far as I can tell. Also, the cost to the neighboring retailer on just one of those thefts was enough to pay a contract security guard company to provide a security guard service for at least six months.

June 28, 2013: Last night in LaVergne a man was shot and killed at a home on Mable Drive. Police are investigating the shooting which happened at around 8 p.m. Crime scene tape surrounded the home where the shooting occurred while investigators questioned potential witnesses inside the home. Few details have been released so far.
A man in Clarksville is currently in the Montgomery County Jail tonight on an aggravated assault charge. The charge comes from an incident yesterday in which the suspect spit in a police officer's face.
Early this morning in Hendersonville a domestic dispute escalated to a much more dangerous incident. The domestic dispute escalated to the point that the suspect obtained a firearm and fired a shot at his wife. Police officers responded to a shots fired call to find that the suspect had already fled the scene of the crime. The man was located a short time later and arrested. He is charged with attempted first-degree murder and reckless endangerment for shooting at his wife.
Earlier this week in Texas a private security guard was assaulted by five people. The uniformed security guard was on duty at a shopping center when the attack took place. A nearby witness called the police to report the assault om the security guard. When police officers arrived they detained five men for assaulting the private security guard. According to police, one of the suspects claimed that he had had multiple verbal altercations with that particular guard, and the suspect had decided to retaliate against the security officer. The man brought the other four suspects as back up in case the security guard managed to get the upper hand.

June 27, 2013: I would like to thank all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security, Inc. Having quality security guards to work with makes my life so much easier. Specifically, I would like to thank Officer Wilson, Officer Ward, Peggy, Officer Owens, Britt, Officer Prude, Officer K. Byrd, and Officer Jones. All the extra help is greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.
It is a very hot and humid morning in Nashville.
A private security guard in Louisiana interrupted a murder in progress earlier this week. The security guard responded to a man's cries for help in a courtyard of an apartment complex where the security guard was on duty. When the private security guard arrived at the scene he saw a woman on top of a man stabbing him with a glass bulb stake that is used for watering plants. According to police, the woman used two glass stakes and a knife to stab the victim in his neck, back, arms, and chest. The security guard was able to separate the woman from the man's body. The suspect fled soon after the security guard arrived. The suspect did assault a witness that had called security as she was leaving. Police later found the suspect sitting in someone's driveway after the homeowner called police. The victim was taken to a hospital. He died in surgery from his wounds.
Police in Nashville are investigating a robbery and stabbing that occurred early this morning at an apartment complex in Antioch. The incident occurred a little after 2:30 a.m. at Bell Hollow Apartments on Cane Ridge Road. The victim was on his jaw and across his chest by the robber. A description of the robber has not yet been released. The victim was taken to Southern Hills Medical Center to be treated for non life-threatening injuries.
Early this morning in Madison a young woman was arrested for aggravated assault after a altercation with her friend. After a night of drinking the two women in their 20's got into an argument. The argument escalated into a fight. One of the women eventually stabbed the other woman in the cheek with a butter knife. Both women were examined by medical personnel, and both women refused to go to the hospital. The woman that used the butter knife as a weapon was arrested on charges of aggravated assault.
A man in California ran over a private security guard late last week. The incident happened on a college campus when the suspect was fleeing the campus. The suspect allegedly was trying to enter a female dormitory. Some of the campus staff confronted the suspect, and he began to flee the campus. The suspect was allegedly confronted by campus security guards as he was leaving in his vehicle. The suspect accidentally ran over a security guard as he was attempting to flee. The suspect has been caught and has already posted bail.
Police in Springfield, Tennessee are investigating the murder of a 19-year-old gang member early this morning. The victim's body was found on Grace Street at around 3 a.m. According to police, the 19-year-old died from a single gunshot. The victim lived in Nashville according to police, but he spent a lot of his time in Springfield. Detectives say that the victim had family in Springfield. The victim was an active member of the Tree Top Piru gang. Police are actively investigating the 19-year-old's death as a homicide.
Police in Murfreesboro are looking for a man that robbed a bank earlier today. The robbery happened at the Bank of America on E. Main Street just before 2 p.m. Police say that the suspect handed the bank teller a note demanding money. The suspect never showed a weapon of any kind according to investigators. The suspect then fled the scene of the crime in a white minivan. Anyone that has any information about the suspect or the robbery is urged to contact police.
Private security guards at a hotel in South Dakota apprehended a man that was breaking windows in a building owned by a local hotel. Security guards called the police, and the police quickly arrested the man and charged him with felony intentional damage to property. It is a good thing that the private security guards responded when they did, because according to investigators the windows cost $1250 each. The suspect broke five before he was arrested.

June 26, 2013: Thanks to Britt, Officer Wilson, Lt. White, Officer Jones, Officer Ateib, Peggy, and Kyle. All you guys have helped so much this week. Even the ones that never clock in at all.
It is a hot, humid day in Nashville today. I would hate to be working an outside security guard post in this weather. Body armor, gear, and a uniform is a burden in this sort of weather. I hope everyone remains safe in the heat.

June 25, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. Thanks to everyone that helped out in Springfield, Tennessee!! Special thanks to Jason, Peggy, Officer Jones, Lt. White, Britt, Officer Cotham, Kyle, Officer Wilson, the Springfield Police Department (Tennessee), and everyone else that helped out!!!
Early yesterday morning in Murfreesboro a cab driver was robbed at gunpoint by his passenger. The incident occurred on Twin Oaks Drive. The passenger pulled out a small pistol and pressed it into the cab driver's ribs. The suspect took the cab drivers money, cell phone, and keys. The suspect ordered the victim to walk around a vacant house while he fled on foot. Police in Murfreesboro are investigating.
A homeless woman was arrested last week in California for assaulting a private security guard. The incident happened outside a restaurant that the security guard was hired to protect. According to police, responding police officers were told that a private security guard was forced to "take a female subject down." When police officers arrived at the scene the security guard was still holding the suspect down. According to the private security guard, the suspect was attempting to enter a building that is on his security post. The suspect was also causing a disturbance by yelling and screaming. The private security officer approached the suspect and asked her to leave. The suspect responded by screaming at the security guard more and slapping him in the face. At that point the private guard took the suspect down. The suspect was arrested and the security guard is pressing charges on the suspect.
It is a beautiful afternoon in Nashville.
Two men are in the Davidson County Jail today after an incident on Percy Priest Lake. The two men were arguing in a tent on an island that they were camping on. One of the men pulled a pistol and pointed it at the other man. A struggle began for control of the firearm. The fight continued with oars being used as weapons and a kayak chase that ended in a tipped kayak. Both men are in custody at this time.

June 24, 2013: It is a nice day here in Nashville, Tennessee! Too bad most of the day will be spent inside On Guard's offices. Oh well, things could certainly be worse.
An armed security guard in Illinois shot a man that was trying to rob a jewelry store. The armed guard was on duty at the jewelry store when three men entered the jewelry store and tried to rob it. One of the three suspects entered the jewelry store with a sledge hammer and smashed a glass display case containing jewelry. The other two suspects remained at the door as look outs. The private security guard pulled his weapon and ordered the man to drop the sledge hammer. The suspect with the sledge hammer advanced toward the armed guard. The other two suspects fled the scene as soon as the armed guard pulled his firearm. The private security guard fired a shot at the advancing suspect. The suspect was hit in the abdomen. The robbery was stopped.
Early this morning in New York a private security guard made a horrible decision that cost the company that he was contracted by to lose money and could have very easily caused someone to get hurt. Luckily, this security guard's mistake only hurt the guard's reputation and the reputation of the contract security guard company that hired him. This private security guard was on duty at a McDonald's when two men in their 20's came to the restaurant's locked doors and asked to use the restroom. The McDonald's was closed at the time of the incident. Once the two men were inside the McDonald's one of the men pulled a revolver out and forced the private security guard into the bathroom. The unarmed security guard was locked in the bathroom. The two suspects made the rest of the employees get on the ground. The two men then took roughly $3,000 dollars from the employees and the business then fled the scene of the crime.
Heavy wind and rain have made there way into the Nashville area. I just drove from a meeting with a client to On Guard Security's office. Traffic, at least in south Nashville, is pretty bad because of the weather.
On Guard Security is currently looking to hire four private security guards for posts in middle Tennessee. We are looking for three unarmed security guards and two armed guards. All applicants must be licensed in Tennessee as an armed guard or unarmed guard depending on the post applied for. All applicants must have experience in corrections, law enforcement, the military, or at another private security guard company. For more information about these job opportunities or to apply for a position complete the contact form on the Careers page of this website.

June 23, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with us at On Guard Security! Special thanks to Captain Teal, Lt. White, Britt, Peggy, Officer Owens, Officer Jones, Officer Wilson, Officer Mitchel, Officer Prude, and Officer Roberts. Also, thanks to all the officer workers and support staff that works with On Guard Security. Many people often overlook the work and importance of office workers and support staff at a contract security guard company. Because the security guards are the ones that are on the front line with clients and the general public, most people never consider the behind the scenes work that goes into providing a quality security guard service.
Earlier this morning three people were shot at a private party in Smyrna. The incident occurred at around 1:30 a .m. at a restaurant on Almaville Road called Souksavanh Restaurant. According to police, there were many people inside the restaurant when the shooting happened. Police in Smyrna are still looking for the gunman.
Late last week in California a security guard helped in the capture of an arson suspect. The arson suspect was leaving the scene of the arson and trying to run into a Homeless Services Center. The suspect and another suspect are accused of setting multiple fires.
Earlier this morning in Nashville a 21-year-old man was shot twice. The incident happened outside of Club Miami after an argument between several people. The victim was hit once in the shoulder and once in the back. The victim was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center and treated for non-life threatening injuries. An investigation is ongoing. Police in Nashville are still looking for the suspected shooter.
Yesterday afternoon in Hermitage a police standoff ended peacefully. The standoff began at around 3:30 p.m. when a warrant for aggravated assault was taken out for a man that lives in Dawn Villa Apartments on Lebanon Road. The warrant is for the suspect allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a handgun. When police officers arrived the man refused to leave his apartment. Several police officers, a SWAT Team, and a mobile command post were dispatched to the scene. Police diverted traffic around the scene and shut down part of Lebanon Road for nearly two hours. The suspect surrendered to police officers peacefully at about 5:30 p.m.
Get well soon, Sandra!!!!!

June 22, 2013: It is a beautiful morning in Nashville! It seems like a great day to go fishing. Maybe I will manage to get an hour or so on the water before I have to be at the On Guard Security office.
A man was shot and killed last night in East Nashville. A nearby police officer heard about eight gunshots near 7th Avenue South at around 9 p.m. When police arrived the victim was found on the sidewalk near 750 7th Avenue South. The 30-year-old victim was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where the victim was pronounced dead. The investigation is ongoing. Authorities have not yet released any suspect information.

June 21, 2013: A Knox County sheriff's deputy was shot during a standoff yesterday. The deputy was shot in the leg after he and other deputies chased a suspect into a mobile home park. The suspect ran into a mobile home, and the standoff began. The deputy was shot in the leg.
It is hot today in Nashville and across middle Tennessee.
The Transportation Security Administration reports that more than 750 firearms have been found in carry-on bags at security checkpoints in U.S. airports so far this year. No firearms, ammunition, or realistic replicas are banned from carry-on bags.
A man in Pennsylvania has been arrested for aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct for an incident at a Human Services Building earlier this month. According to authorities, the suspect attempted to enter the building without going through the metal detectors at a security checkpoint within the building. Security guards asked the man to leave several times. The suspect then attacked a security guard and in the process knocked over a metal detector and caused a big commotion. The security guard that was assaulted said that the suspect tried to bite him several times and attempted to hit the guard with wooden boxes. Police officers and security personnel finally arrested the suspect.
More information about the burglar that was shot by a Murfreesboro homeowner yesterday has been released. The suspect is a 19-year-old white male. The suspect had been warned to leave the property before the homeowner fired his weapon. The suspect was hit one time in the shoulder. The suspect was found by police officers still on the property. The suspect did not get away with any of the homeowner's belongings.

June 20, 2013: Thanks to Officer K. Byrd, Captain Teal, Officer Cotham, Officer Wilson, Peggy, Drew, Kaitlin, and Officer Prude for helping out with a special, very important private security guard operation that was necessary to complete immediately.
Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed a Walgreens on Highway 70 South earlier this week. Investigators believe that the same man has robbed the same place three other times. Police believe the suspect in this Sundays robbery has also robbed the same store in January, February, and March. Police describe the suspect as a white male in his 30s or early 40s that is about 6' tall. Anyone that recognizes the suspect or has any information is urged to call the police.
A private security guard in Texas turned himself in to investigators yesterday. The security guard surrendered himself on charges of aggravated assault for an incident that occurred on April 12th. The security guard fired multiple shots at a vehicle that he believed was involved in a crime at the business that he was hired to protect.
A Murfreesboro homeowner shot an intruder with a 22-caliber revolver in his home early this morning. Police arrived to find the burglary suspect shot one time. The man had been shot in the shoulder. The man was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Police say that the homeowner confronted the suspect before he shot him. An investigation is ongoing.
A judge in New Mexico has ruled to reinstate six private security guard positions in Human Services Department offices. The judge ruled that the security guards positions were wrongly eliminated by a previous administration.

June 19, 2013: On Guard Security, Inc. will have the next Handgun Carry Class on July 12th and 13th. Seating is limited. Reserve your spot now. For more information about On Guard's Handgun Carry Class or any of our other classes call us at (615) 361-4141 or go to the Classes and Training page of our website.

June 18, 2013: Once again it is a beautiful day in Nashville. It is hot though. Hot weather presents many new hazards to the job of a private security guard. Any person that has to work outside for the next few months should be aware of the weather and prepare for the days that will be extremely hot. Recognizing the symptoms that are exhibited by people that are suffering from heat-related illnesses is invaluable. Even suffering from mild heat-related problems can cause a quality private security guard to make more mistakes than he would normally make.
Police in Nashville report that a Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrest of a murder suspect. The tip that was called in led police to arrest a suspect in Memphis today on charges of first degree murder, aggravated robbery, and especially aggravated robbery. The charges come from the April 9th murder at an apartment complex on Hillside Avenue in Nashville. Police say that the suspect shot the victim during a drug deal. The suspect's girlfriend was arrested in May for her involvement with the incident. The suspect is in custody in Shelby County awaiting transport to Nashville.
A University of Florida football player was arrested last week for an altercation with a private security guard. The 19-year-old football player was at a nightclub when the private security guard that was working the door told him how much the cover charge was. The suspect stated that he is a U of F football player. The security guard informed the suspect that the cover charge is still the same price. The suspect then punched the victim in the face. The football player was arrested and charged with battery.
Thanks to all the private security officers that work with On Guard Security, Inc. Thanks to all the support staff and office workers that work with On Guard Security, too. A very special thanks to Lt. White, Officer Reeder, Officer Owens, Captain Teal, Britt, Officer Mitchell, and Peggy!!!

June 17, 2013: It is a beautiful day here in Nashville. Some thunderstorms are possible in middle Tennessee later today, but for now it is a beautiful day with a slightly cooler temperature than the last week or so.
Late last week in Nashville a man was arrested on outstanding warrants. The suspect had outstanding warrants for allegedly burglarizing two businesses on three different occasions. One of the businesses is on 16th Avenue South. The other business that the suspect allegedly burglarized is on 17th Avenue South. A police officer spotted the suspect early Saturday morning on Ninth Avenue South. The suspect initially gave police officers a false name. He is also charged with one count of criminal impersonation. The burglaries occurred last December and January.

June 16, 2013: Thanks to all the office staff and private security guards that work with On Guard Security. It has been very busy and hectic in our office over the last five weeks. I can not think of anyone that works with On Guard that didn't help out in one way or another. If everyone hadn't been so willing to pitch in when necessary, I don't know what we would have done. We almost certainly wouldn't have been able to complete all our security guard operations without such a great bunch of people. I am so appreciative to work among people that care for their co-workers, the company that they work for, and the quality of the service that we provide.
Thanks to Trina for her help on post yesterday!!!!!! Thanks to Officer Shockley for helping out, too!
Happy Father's Day to Kyle and all dads!!!!!!!!

June 15, 2013: It is a beautiful morning in Nashville. I am still on post at this early hour (3:10 a.m.) due to an overwhelming increase in business last week. It seems that now On Guard Security's growth is more heavily dependent on the number of quality private security guards that we have available to work than on demand for our contract security guard services. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of quality, well-trained, and professional security guards available. With demand for our private protective services continuing to grow at a very fast pace, it is getting harder and harder to find the right officers with the right training to do the job.
A private security guard in Pennsylvania assaulted a man earlier this month after the two men had been arguing. The armed guard allegedly punched a man in the face after a verbal dispute about how the security guard was driving. The security guard allegedly punched the victim in the face while still in his car. The private security guard then drove away. The victim was treated at a local hospital. He received five stitches to the corner of his mouth from the security guard's punch. The security guard in this incident was an armed and uniformed guard.
The Metro Nashville Police Department is looking for a convicted murderer that allegedly shot his 34-year-old girlfriend and her three daughters at a Madison apartment complex called Brinkhaven. After the shooting the suspect fled into a wooded area near the apartment complex. Police say that the suspect is armed and dangerous. The victims were all taken to the hospital. One of the daughters has since been discharged. The other three victims are in stable condition. The suspect has a very extensive arrest record that includes unlawful possession of a weapon, second degree murder, aggravated assault, cocaine possession, and a variety of other charges.
A licensed private security guard in Florida is facing many charges that include human trafficking, procuring a minor for prostitution, and a variety of other charges. The charges come from the security guard allegedly forcing two underage girls into a life of prostitution. The security guard threatened to assault the two girls that he kept, and even threatened the girls with a firearm according to police. The armed guard apparently met the two 16-year-old girls online. The two girls were forced to stay inside the motel room where the three of them stayed unless they were "working".
A 25-year-old man was arrested in Nashville earlier this week. The man is suspected of a violent crime spree across north Nashville since March according to police. The man is being charged with robberies, firearms charges, drug charges, charges related to two separate shootings, and other charges. The suspect was finally caught when he was surrounded by law enforcement officers at a motel on Dickerson Pike.
On Guard Security is still seeking to hire one quality armed security guard. The armed guard position will be for posts that are in the Nashville area. This position is full-time. Anyone that fills this position will work between 30-50 hours per week. Most shifts for this private security guard will be second shift, but there will be occasional first and third shifts that the officer must work. Occasionally an unarmed post will be required. This job will begin in the next 7- 10 days. Anyone that is interested should complete the form on the Career page of this website. Applicants MUST already have a valid Tennessee armed security guard license. All applicants must have experience in corrections, the military, at another security guard company, or in law enforcement.

June 14, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security, Inc. Also, thanks to all the wonderful people in the office that we could not operate without. Security guard companies frequently overlook the support staff that are essential to having smooth security guard operations. Thanks guys!!! Special thanks to Lt. White, Captain Teal, Officer Jones, Officer Mitchell, Officer Ateib, Peggy, and Britt.
It is a hot and humid day here in Nashville, Tennessee!

June 12, 2013: Thanks to Britt, Peggy, Officer Ateib, Officer Linnear, Lt. White, Captain Teal, and all the private security guards that helped out over the last four weeks. It has been a bit stressful and the hours were long. For many, the drive was far, too. Anyway, it is nearly done. It has been a successful security operation. Thanks to everyone else that has made this a successful venture.
Our next Handgun Carry Class will begin this Friday at 6 p.m. Classes fill up fast. Anyone that is hoping to attend should reserve a seat now before it is too late. For more information about On Guard Security's Handgun Carry Class check out the Classes and Training page of this website or call us at (615) 361-4141.
Last week at a mall in Canada a private security guard helped a woman give birth. The pregnant woman's water broke unexpectedly near an escalator between 3 pm and 4 pm last Saturday. Security personnel were called to the scene. The supervisor of the mall's private security jumped into action, and with the help of a 911 operator the private security guard delivered the woman's baby. The woman and the newborn were taken to the hospital where they have both been discharged. I was glad to read the article that this story came from. It has been a while since a private security guard has made the news for doing good. Normally the only time a private security guard is in the news is when he is charged with some crime or when he is murdered or seriously injured while on duty.
A security guard in California was injured earlier this week when a car wrecked into the Mission Federal Credit Union. It is unclear whether the car actually hit the private security guard or part of the building injured him. The vehicle that hit the building was driven by a 78-year-old man that accelerated in reverse to avoid another car in the parking lot. Both men were taken to the hospital to be checked out.
Security guards at JFK Airport have been in the news recently. Photos and videos of private security guards napping while on duty at JFK have surfaced. The photos and videos are in addition to a former security supervisor that has many negative things to say about the airport's security. The former supervisor says that he often caught private security guards at JFK airport asleep while on duty. The security supervisor was fired in May. The former supervisor claims that his whistle-blowing was part of the reason he was fired.
A private security guard was shot and killed last weekend in California. The security guard was working at a nightclub called the Peacock Lounge. Police officers arrived to find the security guard suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The private security guard died and was pronounced dead at the scene. According to reports, another victim was injured in the shooting. The other victim's wounds were not life threatening. No one is currently in custody for the security guard's murder. Police are investigating.
The arrest of a murder suspect has been made in Lewis County, Tennessee. A 31-year-old man has been arrested and charged with homicide for the June 7th murder of Donald Runions Sr. A police officer told one reporter that the man was killed because he didn't want his daughter dating the suspect, and the suspect didn't like it.
It is already a hot morning here in Nashville. I'm sure it will only get hotter as the beginning of summer is only about a week away.
A man in Nashville threatened a staff sergeant at a National Guard recruiting office on Edge O' Lake Drive yesterday afternoon. According to police, the suspect entered the National Guard recruiting office and told the sergeant that he wanted to enlist. The sergeant knew the suspect and asked the suspect to leave the building. Then the suspect pulled his knife and threatened the staff sergeant. Reports do not say whether the sergeant was actually injured. The suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.
Earlier this week in Clarksville, Tennessee a pregnant woman was choked unconscious. The suspect has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. One count was for assaulting the woman. The other count was for assaulting the unborn child. The relationship between the suspect and the victim is unclear. The victim claims that the man tried to kill her.

June 10, 2013: On Guard Security welcomes Officer Lions and Officer Miles as the newest members of the OGSI team.

June 9, 2013: It is raining very, very hard in Nashville this morning. As I begin my journey to Clarksville, I can hardly see the road. Hopefully, these storms will pass soon.
On Guard Security is now hiring private security guards. We are currently seeking three armed guards and two unarmed guards. All of these security guard posts are in the Nashville or Clarksville area. These positions are all full-time positions. As of now there are posts available on the first, second, and third shifts. All applicants must have experience in the military, law enforcement, corrections, or at another security guard company. Applicants must already be licensed in the state of Tennessee as an armed guard or unarmed guard depending on which position is applied for. Anyone that is interested in any of these jobs should complete the form on the Career page of our website.

June 8, 2013: Police in Nashville report that a body was found at around 10 a.m. this morning off of Sulphur Creek Road. Police said that there appears to be foul play involved. The victim appears to be a white male in his 20's. Authorities say that the foul play may have taken place at the same location where the body was discovered. Police are investigating it as a homicide. No other details are currently being released.
The Metro Nashville Police Department teamed up with Mapco for another Gift Cards For Guns day in Nashville. People were able to come to Lewis Street today and turn in their firearms for a $25 gift card. Gift Cards For Guns is an initiative aimed at getting guns off of Nashville's streets. People can give up their guns with no questions asked. 62 guns were turned in today.

June 7, 2013: Good luck in court today, Lt. White!!!
It is a nice day in Nashville so far this morning. Storms are expected throughout most of middle Tennessee today, though.
Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security, Inc. We are so appreciative to work with quality security guards, especially in times as hectic as these. A very special thanks to Officer Ateib, Britt, Peggy, Officer Humphries, Officer Ward, Officer Prude, Officer W. Byrd, Officer Shockley, Officer Wilson, Ms. Whitmore, and Officer Linnear. I am sure that I have neglected to mention many people that have been instrumental in On Guard Security's success. One that I have not mentioned has been the most important of all. Lieutenant LaToya White has done more for On Guard Security than any other security guard or supervisor has done. Her influence is prevalent throughout every aspect of On Guard Security. Everything from our office policies to our security guard hiring practices have been greatly influenced by Lt. White. Her greatest influence is probably in our training of new security guards and in relations with our clients. Lt. White's attention to our client's security expectations and her ability to deliver the security services are so far unmatched by any other employee that we have worked with. Thanks Lt. White for all you have given us personally and professionally.

June 6, 2013: A woman in Clarksville was arrested last night. The woman was arrested for attempting to set another woman's car on fire. The woman apparently drove around the victim's block several times with her headlights off. At some point she stopped and threw a lit object at the victim's vehicle. The lit object went out before it reached the victim's car. The woman continued to drive around the victim's neighborhood. When police arrived the woman was still circling the woman's neighborhood. The suspect still had burnt pieces of paper in her vehicle that she had apparently attempted to use as a fuse. According to police, the suspect had also made several threats to the victim on facebook.

June 5, 2013: It's another beautiful day in middle Tennessee. The temperature is just slightly too high for my taste.
Thanks to K. Prude, Lt. White, Officer Wilson, and Officer Humphries. We would also like to welcome the newest private security guards that will start or have started working for On Guard Security.

June 4, 2013: It such a beautiful morning in Nashville. And Finally................a little time to go fishing before work!!! The fishing was not nearly as great as the weather. It wasn't so great for me at least. I really didn't see many other people catching fish either.
Police in Nashville made an arrest yesterday in connection with a home that was set on fire in October 2012. Police arrested David Reale and charged him with aggravated arson and possession of a prohibited weapon. Police say that they are still searching for a second suspect. The man is currently being held on an $80,000 bond.
A private security guard in Virginia has been indicted by a grand jury for having sexual relations with a minor. The private security guard worked security at a high school and allegedly had an improper relationship with a student. The security guard is also being charged for conspiring with the student to kill her husband.

June 3, 2013: It has been a busy day already and it has just started. It is not even noon yet, and already I have signed up a new client for our private security guard services and dealt with several different law enforcement agencies in Tennessee about a future contract security guard operation that we will soon begin. It has just been me doing all the fun stuff. LaToya has been right there with me this whole morning.
Last weekend in eastl Nashville a 29-year-old man was stabbed and killed. A suspect has been arrested in this case. The two men had an ongoing argument that ultimately led to the stabbing. The suspect has prior convictions for drugs, aggravated assault, and aggravated robbery. The suspect has been charged with criminal homicide for the fatal stabbing.
We are currently seeking one armed security guard for several posts in the Nashville area. This private security guard job will require the guard to work some unarmed guard posts as well. Pay for this job is dependent on the post. This is a full-time security guard job. Position begins immediately. Most shifts for this particular job will be second shift, but some first and third shifts will be required, too. Applicants must already possess a valid Tennessee Armed Guard license. All applicants should own the firearm that they are qualified with. Applicants must already have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, or with another private security guard company. For more information about the job or to apply, complete the form on the Career page of this website.
Private security guards at a casino in Washington found drugs, a stolen firearm, and over $60,000 on a man that was in the casino. The private security guards learned that the suspect had a firearm in his possession on the casino floor. It is against casino policy for anyone to have a firearm on the casino floor.
Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. A special thanks to Peggy, Officer Cotham, Officer Ateib, Officer Wandrie, Captain Teal, Officer Wilson, and Kyle. A very special thanks to Lt. White and Officer Humphries. Lt. White and Officer Humphries saved the day today. It would not have been possible to successfully complete our security guard operations today without their extra effort and help.
The family of a Clarksville man that was shot and killed by a private security guard in Nashville has filed a lawsuit against the contract security guard company that employed the security guard and the convenience store that hired the security guard company. The lawsuit claims that both companies acted negligently for not training the security guard in the use of deadly force. The security guard claimed that he acted in self-defense. The security guard was never charged with any crime for the shooting.

June 2, 2013: It has been a very hectic day at On Guard Security! Thanks to Officer Roberts, Lt. White, Melinda, Captain Teal, Officer Humphries, Officer Wilson, Officer Shockley, Peggy, and Officer Linnear!!
A private security guard in Jamaica was sentenced to nine months in prison for stealing a computer. A judge handed down the nine month sentence to the security guard on Friday. The private security guard stole the computer from a bank where he worked as security. The security guard was caught on a surveillance camera.
Earlier today in Nashville a police officer was assaulted while police were attempting to apprehend a home invasion suspect. A man kicked in the front door of a home and assaulted someone inside. The man then fled in a white Pontiac. The home invasion occurred in Donelson. While police were setting up a perimeter the suspect sped through and swerved toward a police officer. Afterward a foot chase began near Nashville International Airport. A policeman that caught up with the suspect was assaulted by the suspect, but was able to subdue the suspect. The officer received only minor injuries.

June 1, 2013: It is a warm day here in Nashville. Scattered thunderstorms are expected today. Private security guards that work outside post or patrol outside should definitely bring their rain gear to work today.
Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. Thanks to all the non-security personnel that work with us, too. A quality security guard company not only has great security guards, they also have great support staff and office workers. A special thanks to Captain Teal, Britt, Lieutenant White, Officer Chapman, Officer Wilson, and Officer Mitchell.

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