June, 2014

June 30, 2014:Nashville police Operation Safer Streets gang enforcement initiative, which took place on Friday and Saturday, resulted in 49 arrests involving 40 misdemeanors, four felonies and 22 warrants served. Nashville police also seized ten grams of marijuana, .3 grams of cocaine and three pills. So far this year, Operation Safer Streets has resulted in 1,351 arrests on 88 felony charges and 1,252 misdemeanor charges, 16 gun seizures, the service of 424 outstanding warrants, 202 field interviews of persons believed to have gang knowledge and 7,483 vehicle stops in areas of gang presence.
-Police have made an arrest in the murder of a private security officer in California on Friday morning. The private security officer was working in the office of a contract security guard company when the murder occurred. The private security officer was robbed and shot by David Romero an 18 year old who lived nearby. Police arrested Romero without incident. Police have said the investigation is ongoing.
-A large busy airport in the Orlando area is considering replacing their TSA officers with contract private security guards at passenger checkpoints. There has been a 10-member committee that has been studying TSA and it dealing with travelers since March 2013. The committee is presently waiting on a consulting firm that is scrutinizing how TSA and other airport employees deal with the public. The TSA has made many improvements over the past year in how they handle the public and have reduced wait times at screening areas to between 5 and 10 minutes. No decision has been made at this time.
-A private security guard company in Nevada attracted neighbors and police attention. The private security guard company did not notify the police they would be doing training exercises on Saturday which involved the discharge of weapons. Several neighbors hearing gunshots and screaming called the police. Police officers arrived and made contact with the employees and resolved the matter.
-In Hermitage, TN last night a teen was shot in the back. The 19 year old man was going to visit his mom around 10 pm when a black Chevy stopped and a guy jumped out of the car and started shooting. The teen was transported to Vanderbilt, but was treated and released. Nashville Police are looking for the gunman and the motive.
-A Hermitage, TN pet store has had at least $1,300 stolen from them by an employee making fraudulent returns. The employee would write up a return and then keep the cash. The employee was charged with felony theft and is free on bond.
-A security guard in Florida was trying to stop four shoplifters on Sunday from leaving the mall with the merchandise they took from Burlington Coat Factory. One of the four shoplifters assaulted one of the mall security guards as he was leaving the mall. The security guards then contacted police. One of the police officers was trying to holster his gun when his gun accidently went off shooting him in the leg. He was treated and released at a local hospital. One of the shoplifters was arrested but the other three got away. - Th
- Nashville Police are looking for a man that robbed in the Taco Bell inside Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. The robber went into the food court and approached the cashier at Taco Bell. He then pulled out a gun and demanded the money from the cashier. The robber was able to escape through an outside door.
- The Supreme Court has ruled that companies that have religious objections to paying for birth control can not offer that option in their health plans. The Supreme Court was split on the decision with a 5-4 ruling. The companies assert that paying for some of these contraceptives is the same as paying for abortion which is against their religious beliefs. The Supreme Court suggested that the federal government cover these woman for their contraceptives.

June 29, 2014: Police in Columbia, TN are looking for two more individuals in regards to home invasions that have been taking place in Columbia, TN. According to Columbia police the men are targeting Hispanic males and robbing them of money and personal property. The home invasions took place from May 27 through June 21. Police have already arrested four other males in connection with these invasions.
-Nashville police are looking for three or four men that targeted a handicapped grandmother and her 5 year old granddaughter. The Nashville grandmother and granddaughter returned from the grocery store on Friday night. As they were getting out of their car in North Nashville, three or four men in black masks came out from behind the bushes with a gun and ordered the grandmother and granddaughter to the ground. The thieves stole not only the woman's SUV, but also her purse with her credit cards, identification and their money, The woman is especially upset because it happened in her own driveway. Police do not have any leads at this time.
-The security officer in California that we reported yesterday as being killed has been confirmed. The security officer was working at the home office of a private security guard company and was the victim of a robbery. According to police reports, the private security guard had been promoted to office manager of the contract security guard company.
According to the victim's brother, payday was Friday. The contract security guard company kept extra cash around on payday in case a security guard's hours were incorrect on the security guard's check and they owed the security guard more money. The private contract security guard company had been robbed one other time in September of 2013. Our thoughts go out to her family as well as her co-workers.
- A contract security guard was just trying to do his job when he almost got run over by a shoplifter, The shoplifter left the store with a Michael Kors purse in his clothing. The security guard approached the man outside the store and tried to get the man to come back inside. The man tried to hit the contract security guard with his fist, but finally got away from the contract security guard. The shoplifter was escaping in his Ford Taurus. The security guard stepped in front of the shoplifter's car to get the tag number and the shoplifter tried to run over him. However, the security guard was able to jump out of the way and was not injured. A few days later the security guard was driving down the road and saw the same Ford Taurus with the same license plate. The security guard was able to follow the shoplifter to the Target parking lot where the security guard called police. Police arrested the man robbery and wanton endangerment.
- A drunk man in Illinois actually injured a private security guard as they tried to escort him off the property. Matthew Kania showed up to the game at Wrigley Field too intoxicated to be allowed to enter. When the security guards manning the gate asked him to leave, Kania pretended to but actually went to another area and climbed the fence ending up in a private club at Wrigley field. The head of security came to escort Kania out of the stadium when Kania grabbed the security guard by the legs making the securiy guard fall on his elbows and knees onto the concrete. Police arrived to assist the security guard but Kania attacked them also. Kania is now in jail on a $25,000 bond.
- A West Virginia man has been arrested by police for planning to blow up a school playground. Blake Garnes was arrested at his grandmother's house where police say he made the bombs.Police found the evidence that he used to make the bombs as wells as proof the school playground was one of his targets. Police say Garnes included several projectiles in the bomb such as nails, ball bearings and bolts to cause as much damage as possible. According to police Garnes also planned on blowing up family member's homes also.
- A black woman in Missouri claims that Victoria Secrets' employees racially profiled her for shoplifting. The woman was shopping in the store when mall security approached her at the Victoria's Secret because store employees thought they saw the woman put something in her bag. However, when mall security asked to see inside her purse the woman allowed them to and did not find any items. The woman said she had two shirts earlier, but had put one back and that is why store employees thought she had taken one. However, the woman felt like if she had not been black none of it would have come into question. Victoria's Secret home office offered an apology to the woman.

June 28, 2014: A police officer in LaVergne, Tn feels he was the recipient of a scam by a security alarm system. He was approached by the security alarm company salesman and agreed to a free three day trial. The police officer was told an installer would be at his home within three days of him signing the contract, but one arrived within 10 minutes of the security alarm salesman leaving his home. No payments were due until after the three day free trial, but within minutes of the security home installer leaving his home a $159 was deducted out of his account. He complained and cancelled the contract. The equipment has been removed from his home, but he had not received the money back into his account yet. The security alarm company says a credit is being issued to his account. Rutherford County and LaVergne city leaders say the company has all the necessary permits and their salespeople have passed the necessary background checks.
- In California, a contract security guard has been killed. The contract security guard was not on duty at the time, but was in the office of the contract security company that she works for. Neighbors called police when they heard a gunshot. When police arrived they found the contract security guard dead at the scene. The contract security guard's name has not been released at this time.
- A private security guard in Alaska was on his toes last Wednesday. He noticed a patient leaving the emergency room with a large bundle. The private security officer confronted the man who had stolen about $300 worth of emergency room supplies including plastic tubing, sheets and bandages. The man had also broken into the SHARPS bio-hazard box causing about $100 worth of damage. The private security guard called with police and filed a complaint. The patient is now in jail.
- A California town has been using private contract security guard for the past few years to patrol their downtown area. The purpose of the contract security guards was to keep loitering and panhandling down and to be a deterrent to crime. The contract security guards only worked during the daytime hours when the downtown area was busiest. However, the California town wants to put a friendlier face on their downtown area and are replacing the contract security guards with ambassadors. The ambassadors are to be mini tourist guides for the tourist and suggest places to eat and go. The ambassadors will also call police if necessary.
- A security guard in New York is responsible for catching a former runway model from stealing pop tarts at the store the security guard is responsible for. The security guard noticed the woman stuffing cake mix and pop tarts into her purse. The security guard held the runway model until police arrived.
- Security officers in Nevada contacted police after a man allegedly made a false claim about damages he received in the casino. The security officers called police as soon as the man left the security headquarters. When police arrived the man started running through the casino with security officers and police officers chasing him. The man threw chairs and tables in police's way to try to stop him. Police found the man hiding between two cars in front of the casino.
- In California the private contract security guard in charge of a store was beaten and kicked by shoplifters the security guard tried to stop. The contract security guard saw a woman and a man stuffing items in a purse. The contract security guard stopped the two outside the store. The two shoplifters then began kicking and hitting the contract security guard and a third shoplifter came up behind the contract security guard and joined in. All three shoplifters got away.
-In Texas two men dressed in dress pants and button-down shirts approached the security officers on duty at a downtown high-rise building. The two men told the security guard they needed to get inside briefly because they worked in the building. The two men took a large painting off the wall and was taking it to the basement to get away. But the security guard on duty was watching the men on security cameras and contacted police. Police arrested the men as they entered the basement.

June 27, 2014: Nashville police working with the ATF, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Drug Task Force have indicted twenty-two people in a heroin distribution ring after a year long investigation. The grand jury returned a 23-count indictment on Wednesday charging the 22 people with conspiracy to distribute large amounts of heroin and fentanyl in the Middle Tn area, northern Alabama and St. Louis, MO. Large quantities of the heroin had been replaced with fentanyl and caused and contributed to the death of at least two people in Alabama and was responsible for several non-fatal overdoses. The indictment alleges that members of the group indicted used cutting agents to dilute the heroin to increase their profits and then sold the diluted heroin.According to the indictment even after the defendants learned of the overdoses in Alabama, they continue to cut the heroin with the fentanyl without any concern for the damage it would cause.The police blame the resurgence of heroin on the prescription pill epidemic. As they become more expensive and harder to get, drug addicts turn to heroin as a cheaper alternative. Along with the indictments for conspiracy to distribute heroin there were indictments for firearms and using firearms in futherance of a drug trafficking crime.
-Clarksville police have arrested 4 people in connection with the death of Shirley Beck inside her home. According to police, Beck was beaten to death. Clarksville police are not saying what led them to arrest the four suspects.
- Somerset, Kentucky police say a well-known defense attorney was shot and killed outside his law office today. According to the Somerset Police Mark Stanziano was shot at least four times by the man who lives across the street from him. Police say the man that shot Stanziano lived across from him and shot him because he refused to help him with a legal problem The man is now in jail facing murder charges.
-A Missouri police officer working as a contract security guard shot and killed a firefighter as the officer attempted to arrest the firefighter. Police later found the contract security officer was justified in the shooting and a grand jury handed down a no-true bill which means no charges will be filed against the contract security officer. The police department also found the shooting to be justified. However, the fireman's family is filing a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the contract security officer. Surveillance video from the night of the shooting shows the fireman beating a cab driver because the cab driver had called the fireman's wife a profane name. The contract security officer responded as he was working that location. A chase then ensued with the security officer chasing the fireman. In the end, the fireman is on top of the contract security officer beating him in the face. The contract security officer then pulls his gun and shoots him. There has been no comment from the contract security guard company that the officer worked for.
- A private security guard in Georgia has been arrested on peeping Tom charges. The private security guard was off duty at the time of the incident nor did the incident occur on campus, however, he was wearing his private security guard uniform. The private security guard has been relieved of his duties with the private security guard company.

June 26, 2014:News reports on television led to the arrest of the man who robbed Dollar Club according to Nashville police officers. The robbery occurred Tuesday afternoon on Nolensville pike. The suspect told the clerk he had a gun and wanted the money, the fled the store. The suspect remains in jail in lieu of $80,000 bond.
-The Supreme Court ruled today the police must have a search warrant before an arrested person cellphone can be searched. The only exception would be emergency situations. The Court was unanimous in their opinion. This ruling puts much stricter rules on police officers. Prosecutors are worried many pending cases may be in jeopardy.
-Private security guards will take over passenger screenings in one Florida airport. Fourteen other airports across the country will also be making the switch to private security guards. The TSA will continue to oversee these operations and will set the standards for these security guards.
-A would-be robber was shot and killed today by a security guard during an attempted robbery of a marijuana dispensary in California. Two men walked into the business and started shooting at an armed security guard. The security guard returned fire and hit one of the assailants in the stomach. The shooting victim walked to a local hotel where he collapsed. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. The other suspect fled in a car and has not yet been apprehended.
-Police in Las Vegas shot and killed a woman shortly after midnight today. When police answered the call the woman was wielding a knife. When ordered to put the knife down the woman refused and broke into an apartment. When police reached the apartment the knife wielding woman was standing over another woman that appeared to have been stabbed. One of the police officers shot the woman who then ran into the bathroom. After getting the woman from the bathroom she was taken to a nearby hospital where she died. The stabbing victim had non-life-threatening injuries.
-A retired Washington D.C. detective has filed a guilty plea to charges of embezzling money from two unions he founded. The retired detective admitted stealing $190,000 from an employee benefit plan. The detective owned a security guard company and founded the National Union of Protective Services Associations to represent security guards. The ill-gotten money was used to pay personal debts as well as those of the security guard firm the detective owned.
-Tomorrow night is Katy Perry’s The World Tour at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Tomorrow night will also have the Nashville Symphony with Fantasia at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. And the Ryman Auditorium will host Dave Rawlings Machine. The Grand Ole Opry will feature Lee Greenwood, Joe Diffie, Larry Gatlin, Kim Richey, Chris Janson, and more also on Friday night. It’s a happening weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Be there!
-Arena football in also on the menu this weekend in Nashville with the Nashville Venom hosting the Trenton Freedom Saturday night at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. And Lindsey Stirling will be performing at the Ryman.
-Our condolences go out to the family of Senator Howard Baker, Jr. of Hunstville, Tennessee. Senator Baker, 88, died today after suffering a stroke today. Senator Baker came to prominence during the Watergate scandal. He served in the United States Senate for many years, on the Cabinet of president Reagan, and as ambassador to Japan among many other public service positions. The nation and the state have suffered a great loss with the death of senator Baker.

June 25, 2014: Nashville police are looking for a man accused of robbing a woman in a parking lot in Madison Tuesday morning. The man who was dressed in black got away with the woman's wallet and her cell phone. The victim said she was in the parking lot of Office Depot when a man with a gun demanded her money. Officer's later found the suspect's clothing and the victim's wallet at a nearby business. They have him on video surveillance changing into a orange tank top and grey shorts. However, he has not been identified.
-Clarksville police have arrested a couple on animal cruelty charges and child abuse and neglect charges. Police showed up at their home for a welfare check and found the children covered in bites and their beds covered in urine and feces. The police also discovered eight extremely emaciated dogs and other animals.
-The store The Dollar Club was robbed Tuesday afternoon. According to reports, a man came into the store and asked for money for a family member that had been in a car crash. The cashier said she didn't have any money. The man returned a few minutes later with a gun and demanded money from the register.
- Thank you to all our security guards who put their lives on the line daily to keep others and their property safe. It doesn't seem contract security guards get the recognition that they deserve. On Guard Security, Inc. supports our security guards and their role. Thank you to all of them.

June 24, 2014:On Guard Security would like to offer their condolences to the family of Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares, Jr. Yesterday afternoon in Louisiana, Bares was mowing his yard. Barres saw a car crash into the ditch by his house. The Deputy Sheriff called 911 and then went to investigate. When Barres approached the men, one pulled out a gun and fatally shot Barres. The police that responded located Barres and had him transported to a local hospital. The two suspects stole Barres his truck and fled the area. Both suspects were found later and arrested.
-Private security officers are responsible for catching a man that had aluded police and the US Marshalls. Steven Earl Owens was arrested after the private security officers for Alabama’s Power’s Steam captured and disarmed the man until sheriff deputies could arrive. Owens is now charged with three counts of attempted murder. The chase for Owens began on Sunday night when police got a call about a domestic dispute. Police tried to stop a man in a vehicle but he led them on a chase and fired a handgun at police. Police were able to stop the vehicle with tire deflation strips but the man ran away. Police then set up check points leading in and out of the town to no avail.
-A hospital security guard was shot on Sunday night while confronting a suspect outside of a parking garage. The incident began because the two security guard on duty thought the two suspects were breaking into cars. They located the suspects and one while one private security officer approached the men the other security officer was looking for the other suspects. When the first security guard approached the first man, he pulled a gun and shot the security guard in the leg before running away. The second private security guard heard calls for help and responded. Police detained several people but determined none of them were involved and all were released. Police are still looking for the shooter.

June 23, 2014: On Guard Security, inc. has had a very good June in 2014. We have grown in many ways this year. On Guard Security, Inc. has grown and improved over last year. Our security guard operations were completed without any major incidents. On Guard Security has made sure all our clients, private security guards and everyone else on our posts remained safe. All our security guards operations were completed without incident. We continue to provide quality security service to many old clients and several new clients this year. We have expanded our security guard services in new areas geographically. We have also had the privilege and good fortune to work with several new quality security officers and our new Captain of the guard, Hugh Stack. We have had some office staff changes that are a great improvement.
- On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire one armed security guard for a position in the Nashville area. This is a full-time job that will require 30 to 40 hours per week. This job will require that the security guard be able to work on three separate posts. Also, this position will require a few hours a week at an unarmed post. All applicants must have experience in law enforcement, the military, corrections, or with another private security guard company. Applicants should already have a valid Tennessee armed security guard license. For more information call Kyle at 615-361-4141.
- In Canada, a 25-year old man is in custody after assaulting a security officer and two other pedestrians with a knife before jumping into traffic. According to police, the young man assaulted the 65 year old contract security guard and then ran off. A police officer saw what happened and chased the young man. The police officer was finally able to subdue the man with pepper spray. The young man has been charged with several offenses.
-A Connecticut Best Buy employee that was terminated tried to get revenge by swinging at a co-worker and punching a contract security guard in the mouth. Aaron Jobe 21, was arrested on charges of third-degree assault, criminal intent at third-degree assault and breach of peace. Police say Jobe was brought to the back of the store and was terminated by a manager. At that point, Job became enraged and told management he planned to assault a co-worker. On his way out of the store, Jobe saw the co-worker and took a swing at him. The contract security guard that was on duty tried to stop Jobe, but ended up getting punched in the mouth by Jobe. Jobe then left the store and went home where police arrested him without incident.
- A Murfreesboro woman was in court today accused of starving her three month old son. According to doctors at Vanderbilt University Hospital, the child was so underweight he appeared to be the size of a 2 week old. The woman finally took the baby to the doctor after her live-in boyfriend grew concerned because he was not gaining any weight but growing in length. According to court documents, the woman did not appear to have any malice toward the child but just neglected it. The judge in the case found enough evidence to hold the case over for the grand jury. The woman's bond was not released because she was deemed a flight risk.
- Police have charged Dean Gooding with several counts of assault and vandalism. Police say Gooding followed a woman into her upscale condo in Nashville Sunday night and started attacking her. According to Nashville Police Gooding followed the woman into the elevator and got off on her floor. When the woman stopped at a door, Gooding grabbed a box with some heavy cable equipment and started beating the woman and punching her in the face and slamming her head in the wall and floor. Neighbors of the woman heard what was going on and came outside to help. They were able to pull the woman away and brought her inside their apartment and called police. Nashville police arrested Gooding a short time later.

June 22, 2014: In Alabama a case of shoplifting turned into robbery when a physical altercation erupted between the store's contract security guard and the suspect. The contract security guard told police she saw a woman attempt to exit the store without paying for some merchandise. The the contract security guard confronted the woman she became physical and the contract security guard suffered minor injuries. The contact security guard called for help from other contract security guards working at the store and they were able to take the woman into custody where she is now in jail.
- The private security guard that was shot in the head 12 times in West Virginia in April finally was able to leave the hospital Friday morning. The private security guard was walking two women to their car one night in late-April when he was ambushed by two men. Police later determined the men that ambushed the private security guard had been thrown out of the bar earlier by the private security guard. The private security guard was rushed to the hospital where he underwent hours of surgery. At this point, the private security guard has not made a full recovery nor are doctors sure he will. But he has made wonderful progress and can once again talk.
- In Clarksville, TN police are looking for at least two shooters that left one person dead and two people injures. According to Montgomery County Police there was a public party being held at a public venue. A fight broke out in the venue but apparently spilled outside. Police believe then two or three people started shooting killing 23 year old Ralphthaniel Magee and grazing two women. The two women were able to drive themselves to the hospital. Clarksville police are still looking for the shooters.
- An Antioch, TN man was charged with aggravated child abuse and child neglect yesterday for leaving his two year old daughter in a locked car with the windows up. The daughter was alone. A citizen passing by saw the child in the car crying and sweating in the back seat. The citizen called police. When Nashville medics arrived at the scene they had to break out the window to get the little girl out. She had an elevated temperature and heartbeat. The little girl was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center for observation. Police say the little girl appeared to have been in the car about 20 minutes when she was found. The father exited the store about 20 minutes later with several grocery items.
- Two Madisonville, KY Police officers are on administrative leave for a traffic stop that involved a shooting. According to reports, the police stopped Douglas Seaton of Madisonville early this morning. Seaton exited the car with a handgun in his hand. The two policemen issued several commands telling Seaton to put the gun down, but he kept coming toward the two policemen. Seaton was declared dead at the scene.
- In Texas a 55 year old teacher has been charged with having sex with a 16 year old student in the classroom and elsewhere. The teacher was put on leave in February when the school district learned of the charges. The student had just complete a term in his class at that time. The teacher is now free on $100,000 bond.
- Illinois Police have charged a public school employee for stealing 47 iPad minis that were intended to be used by students with special needs. According to police, Markeita Beecher-Martin of Kentucky turned herself in. School employees found the ipads missing last August and reported it to police. Police began an investigation and found that Beecher-Martin was selling the ipads on Craigslist. Thankfully, school insurance covered the stolen items. However, the school issued a statement saying they have put more stringent protocols in place to prevent this type of theft.
- On Guard Security, Inc. would like to thank all the private security guards and non-security guard personnel that work with us. A special thanks to Captain Hugh Stacks, Officer Gabe Morrow, Officer Jeremy Walton, Officer Charles Chapman, Officer W. K. Byrd and Officer Greg Forrester. Also a special thanks to Peggy for keeping the office going.

June 21, 2014: The first day of summer. Apparently, it is going to be a hot one. All guards with outside post need to be careful and stay hydrated.
- A private security guard company that specializes in prisoner transports has lost an escaped murder suspect. Private security officers were transporting Turhan Robinson from Nevada to Illinois when they lost him in Colorado. Robinson is considered armed and dangerous. Robinson is one of two suspects in a murder in Illinois.
-Kentucky police have arrested a woman and charged her with more than three dozen fires. According to police, Linda Gail Lee may have committed many more. The fires were random and occurred over a year and a half period. The fires she is accused of setting became known as the wreath fire incidents because Lee allegedly set fire to holiday decorations. The fires were set all around the town and not confined to any certain neighborhoods. Police had contacted the FBI trying to get a profile, but Lee does not fit any arsonist profile as 90 percent of arsonist are young white men. Apparently, Lee was having problems at home and instead of going home when she would get off work she would drive around and set the fires.
- In Middle Tennessee a high school teacher in Cannon County has been charged with illegally purchasing and distributing prescription drugs. It is not known yet, if any of the drugs were bought or sold on school property or if any students were involved.
- A private security guard is being credited with stopping a robbery attempt early Friday morning. The private security guard saw two men putting on masks behind a tavern around 2:00 AM. The private security officer identified himself to the two suspects who then ran away. The remaining two suspects stayed in the vehicle and were later arrested by deputies at the location. The other two suspects were arrested a short distance away by police. Police found two handguns during the incident.
- A private security officer working for a college in Florida is under arrest for sex abuse in the first degree and unlawful surveillance. The private security officer is accused of taking the clothes off a woman who had passed out from drinking too much and taking pictures of her private areas. Police say the private security officer took home an acquaintance who had too much too drink on Wednesday. After the private security guard got the woman home he moved her into a yard and removed her clothing. Police say a neighbor witnesses the private security guard using his cell phone to take pictures of the unconscious woman - even going so far as to position her in sexual position. The private security guard has been suspended without pay.
- A private security officer working at a hospital in Ohio went way beyond the call of duty Thursday night. The security officer was working the late night shift when a man ran into the hospital yelling his wife was giving birth in the parking lot. The private security officer ran outside and saw the baby was already crowning. The private security officer immediately dropped to his knees and delivered the baby.
- Two teenagers in Brentwood, Tn were seriously injured last night while trying to run from the police. Police say the driver was only 15 years old. The police were trying to pull the SUV they were driving over when they lost visual contact of the SUV. Moments later the police found the SUV crashed into a telephone pole with significant damage. The 15 year old and his 16 year old passenger were both taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The conditions of the teens has not been released. Both teens were wearing their seatbelts. Police say they do not think alcohol played a part in the accident.
- Nashville police have arrested 25 year old Agustin Soto, Jr. for vehicular homicide. Soto was driving on Gallatin Pike when the homeless man and his dog were crossing. Soto says he did not see the homeless man until he was on top of him. Soto did not leave the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, the homeless man nor his dog made it. Police found evident of drinking on Soto at the scene.

June 20, 2014:Nashville undercover police detectives charged 92 people with mostly drug and prostitution violations in various areas around Nashville. Almost ½ pound of marijuana was seized, along with 3/10 of a pound of synthetic marijuana. Also seized were $108989 in cash, 4 vehicles, 1 firearm, and a variety of illegal drugs. Nashville police urge anyone with suspicious activity to call 244-DOPE.
-A sixty year old private security officer was shot by three assailants according to California police. The security guard was by his car when the three men bearing revolvers approached him. The security officer was forced to the ground and the hit in the head with an unidentified object. As the three assailants started to take the security guard’s car and other property he fought back and was shot. The security guard’s condition is unknown. The suspects are still at large.
-A Police Chief in Texas was killed in the line of duty yesterday after responding to a report of a man with a gun. The Police Chief requested backup from the county sheriff’s department. Prior to their arrival the suspect opened fire killing the Chief. The Chief had just joined the community’s police force.
-Boswells Harley-Davidson is hosting a tent sale Saturday, June 21, 2014. The latest and greatest in riding apparel, riding accessories, and many stock and custom motorcycles will be available. Security guards will be provided by On Guard Security, Inc.
-Three people have been arrested for ambushing a contract armed guard by gunfire overnight. The three men targeted the armed guard’s armored truck for the second time in a month. As the contract armed security guard pulled up to a local bank in California the three men shot him multiple times. The armed guard was able to get several shots off, but the suspects were able to flee the area on foot. A second armed security guard remained in the truck and was not injured. The three men appeared in court today to face charges in connection with the case including two counts of armed robbery, attempted murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.
-In Canada, a contract security guard made his own action at the store the guard should have been protecting. The security guard was doing a little shoplifting on his own. According to police, a man was shopping in the store the security guard was protecting. The security guard intentionally placed a store item into the man’s bag without the man’s knowledge. The customer then brought the merchandise to the counter and paid for it before leaving the premises still unaware of the additional item in his bag. The security guard then approached the man to tell him he would be arrested for shoplifting or he could pay a price to make the problem disappear. The customer gave the guard some cash and was released. The security guard was charged with extortion.
-Smyrna, TN police are looking for a woman that is using credit card and identification that were stolen during car burglaries. Smyrna police says there were several separate burglaries in Smyrna and some on the Middle Tennessee University campus. The victim’s vehicles had their windows smashed and purses were stolen out of each. The woman was caught on surveillance using the victim’s ID and bank card to identify herself as the victim and withdrew thousands of dollars from bank accounts. She also used credit and debit cards to buy Visa gift cards with the victim’s money.
-Marie Wakefield-Osman has been arrested for attempting to rob the garden center at Home Depot on Gallatin Pike on May 29. According to a clerk at Home Depot the woman approached a clerk at the garden center and asked if she could change a $100 bill. When the clerk answered yes, Wakefield-Osman showed the clerk a knife in her pocket and told the clerk to give her all the 20s and 100s. The clerk said no, pushed the drawer shut and called for help. Wakefield-Osman was able to flee the premise at that time.

June 19, 2014:A Nashville Police Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrest this morning of a teen male that robbed M&M Market on Gallatin Pike Tuesday evening. The teen, who lives in the area, was identified by witnesses as the person that entered the store on Tuesday night and demanded money.
-According to police statistics 7 of seventeen vehicles stolen in Nashville between June 8 and June 14 had the keys left in the vehicle. The PARK SMART of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Departments urges people to remove keys and valuables from their vehicles and to lock the doors when leaving the vehicle unattended.
-Residents of a condominium complex in Florida feel as if they are being held hostage by the armed security guards hired to protect the property and its residents. The contract security guard company with the contract to monitor and patrol the property uses armed guards in unmarked patrol vehicles. Several residents have reported being harassed by the armed security guards. A lawyer hired by the residents said the armed security guards are committing crimes including false imprisonment, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. He further states a security guard license does not give you carte blanche to commit crimes. The owner of the contract security guard company denied his contract security guards are committing any crimes. Police detectives are investigating the allegations.
-A private school in Middle Tennessee is hosting a Department of Homeland Security class for police in Middle Tennessee. A course in active shooter emergency response is part of a group of classes offered over days mixed with training exercises in the school and on school grounds.
-A clerk at a Nashville Kroger was arrested after she permitted friends to steal gasoline over a two month period. The theft amounted to over $1,100. The clerk was charged with theft.
-A fight at a Texas mall ended when a contract security guard shot one of the two men involved. The security guard was in an altercation with the victim when he pulled his weapon and shot the assailant. It is unknown whether the victim was armed. The police investigation is ongoing. The private security company did not have a comment.
-The FBI reported that a Tennessee man was sentenced to 121 months in federal prison following a guilty plea to one count of distributing child pornography. The man shared these items over the internet using a peer-to-peer file sharing program. There were several instances when police in Virginia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee were able to download illegal images. The man was downloading the illegal content at work and taking them to his home computer on a thumb drive.
-In North Carolina, a former police officer was arrested on felony secret peeping charges. The former police officer is accused of using a secret video camera to take inappropriate photos of an unsuspecting person in his home April 1 through June 4.
- Nashville police detectives are working to identify the four shoplifting suspects from Friday night. The four shoplifters entered Academy Sports on Gallatin Pike armed with pepper spray. When an unarmed security guard tried to stop the four from leaving with the merchandise one of the shoplifters pepper sprayed the unarmed security guard in the face. The security guard was treated at the scene.
- Maury County, TN police are looking for two men for stealing items out of vehicles between June 13 and June 16. All of the vehicles were unlocked. According to Maury County police the men stole several items including credit cards. The two men were caught on surveillance attempting to make purchases with the credit cards.
- A Nashville man fought off a teenage suspect with a gun who was trying to rob his girlfriend. According to police, the woman was sitting on her front porch when the teen and his two friends approached the woman. The victim's boyfriend saw it happening and came out to help. The boyfriend got into an altercation with the young man and the gun was discharged in the scuffle wounding the would-be robber in the hand. The robber's other two friends ran off at that time. The would-be robber was found by metro police on the next street.

June 18, 2014: A security guard in New York is suing the contract security company that she works for over her hairstyle. The security officer Tiffany Bryan is suing for $900,000 saying she was fired for refusing to tame her natural afro hairstyle. Bryan does not use any hair products on her hair because she lost it all to chemotherapy a few years ago when she was fighting cancer. After her hair came back, the security guard says she does not want to do anything to harm it at all. The security guard said she was initially told that she "looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket". The security guard just laughed off the comment even though she thought it was cruel. The another manager for the contract security company told her she needed to fashion her hair into a pony tail. The contract security company did not have any comment on the suit at this time.
- An armed security officer in Pennsylvania has been denied unemployment compensation and the denial has been upheld by the court. The armed security guard quit his job because he thought the post was too dangerous. The security guards job was to patrol a housing development. He grew even more concerned when information he gave police resulted in several gang-related arrest. He was denied for unemployment by the state because he quite his job. As for the risks the security guard encountered the state said the security guard should have known there were risks when he was issued a gun and a bullet-proof vest. The contract security company also offered the security guard another post or to allow the security guard not make stops at night. However, the security guard wanted another security guard to ride along with him. The contract security company denied that request due to contractual issues with the client.
- A security guard at an amusement park in New Hampshire had his hands full this weekend. According to police report, a family was trying to enter the amusement park while several members of the family had knives in their belts. The security guard told the family they must leave their knives in the car, but they refused. The family started yelling at the security officer who called police. After police arrived the family still refused to leave the knives in the car. The discussion turned very loud ending with assaults on the police officers and the security guard. All five people of the family at the park were arrested.

June 17, 2014: A Nashville man that is currently on parole was arrested again today. Terrell Mann who had previously been banned from all Walmart properties for previous shoplifting convictions was at it again. Mann went into the Walmart on Nolensville Pike on Monday afternoon and took several items without paying for them. Mann then stole a woman's car and drove off. Police learned from the woman that her car was equipped with GPS and were able to track Mann to the Walmart on Powell Avenue in Nashville. Mann then stole a case of beer and started leaving the store without paying. A private security guard tried to stop Mann but he reached into his waistband and pulled out a realistic looking airsoft handgun but it fell to the ground. Mann then left in the stolen car. Police then determined Mann had driven to the Walmart on Charlotte Pike. Police located the suspect in the parking lot at that Walmart where Mann was taken into custody. Mann is now charged with three counts of theft of property, three counts of theft of merchandise, evading arrest and unlawful possession of an imitation firearm.
- Security guards in Walmart really have seen it all. This past Saturday afternoon, the security officers monitoring the security cameras at Walmart in Oklahoma saw a man masturbating in the middle of an aisle. The suspect left the store before police arrived but police were able to find the man later and arrest him. The man was booked on indecent exposure charges.
- Two Florida police officers were involved in a shooting while working off-duty as contract armed security guards. The two armed security guards responded to reports of gunshots in the area. The two contract armed security guards confronted a 24 year old Jacoby Darnell Hart who ran away after they tried to arrest him. Hart was shot by one of the armed contract security guards as he tried to run away. Hart was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. No bystanders or officers were injured in the shooting by the contract armed security guards. Hart had outstanding warrants for a violation of probation, grand theft and fraud. He was arrested on charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and discharging a firearm in public. Police say more charges may be coming.
- A New York firefighter has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct. The fireman was drinking heavily at a bar on Saturday. When the unarmed security officer asked him to leave the fireman struck at him. After the cops arrived, the fireman struck at the policeman. He was arrested without further incident.
- A masked man armed with a knife tried to rob a pharmacy on Sunday in Delaware. However, an armed contract security guard was able stop him in the act. The masked man however, was able to get away. Police are still looking for him.
-An armed contract security guard was able to stop a robbery at a trucking facility in Georgia. The two armed contract security guards saw the men trying to break into the business. One of the men was found dead shot in the pickup truck the men arrived in. The pickup truck was stolen. The other man was found later in a nearby neighborhood, wounded but alive. He was taken to the hospital where he remains. Police are still investigating.
- A police officer working as a armed contract security guard was relieved of his job as a police officer and probably an armed security guard also after and incident that happened last February. A bowler was pocketing his $21 refund when the armed contract security guard took offense at the man's complaints. The armed security guard and the bowler exchanged words. A friend of the bowler tried to intervene and mediate the conflict, but according to reports the armed contract security guard took his gun out of holster and put the gun to the would-be mediator's head without any threat of deadly force against him. On-duty police arrived and the two bowlers were arrested. But after the bowlers finished telling the police their side of the story they were immediately released.

June 16, 2014:UNDERCOVER DETECTIVES OF THE METROPOLITAN NASHVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT CHARGED 88 PEOPLE WITH MOSTLY DRUG AND PROSTITUTION OFFENSES THIS WEEK. South Precinct police detectives charged 8 people and seized more than one pound of marijuana and some pills. Hermitage Precinct recovered 10.5 ounces of marijuana, 2.5 grams of cocaine, miscellaneous pills, three firearms, and $200 cash. Detective in West Precinct arrested 17 people and seized 32 grams of marijuana, 4 grams of cocaine and one gram of heroin. North precinct police detectives charged 10 suspects and recovered several different illegal drugs and $1,366 in cash. Detectives in East Precinct charged 11 suspects, seized various drugs, seized a car, and seized cash as result of their investigations. Central Precinct police charged nine people and confiscated some marijuana. Madison Precinct police detectives led the way with cash seizures of $105,944, various drugs, three vehicles, and a firearm.
-A couple in Florida carjacked a security guards car after brandishing a weapon and threatening the security guard’s life. The security guard surrendered the auto and called police. The police quickly caught the couple who were identified by the security guard and then charged with several offenses.
-One priest was killed and another injured in Arizona during a burglary of a church . police reported the crime occurred in the priests’ living quarters.. the wounded priest is listed in critical condition. A vehicle stolen during the robbery has been found. Police are still searching for the suspects.
-In North Carolina, a woman has been charged with shoplifting at a local Kohl's store. Kohl's loss prevention officers witnessed the woman putting over 40 items of jewelry in a bag and not paying for it. The loss prevention officers saw the suspect leave the store with the jewelry and some clothing items without paying. When the loss prevention officers stopped her she had over $1,399 worth of merchandise. She also received a separate charge for shoplifting items in May. According to the woman, all the items from May were sold. The loss prevention officers were able to recover all the merchandise from the most recent incident.
-An off-duty policeman working as an armed security guard at a liquor store was involved in a shooting this weekend. According to the security officer, someone started shooting at people in the liquor store. The security guard then returned fire. Two people were injured from the initial shooting - one in critical condition. Police are still looking for the shooters.
-A private security guard who was hailed a hero for saving four people from a fire and trying to rescue a fifth person has died of his injuries. The private security guard was not on duty as a security guard at the time. The private security guard was staying with his friend while his apartment was being renovated. When the private security guard could not get the fifth person out due to flames, in desperation he jumped from a second floor window. The private security guard was placed in a medically induced coma due to the nature of his injuries. He died on Thursday. The private security guard's co-workers and supervisors were not surprised by his heroics as he was always helping people.

June 15, 2014: Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. Happy Father's Day to our guards Kyle Byrd, Hugh Stack and Leart Byrtq. At least all of you have the day off.
- A security guard acting as a bouncer in a New York nightclub has been arrested for shooting a 34 year old man around the corner of the venue. Investigators determined the security guard was not licensed by the state as a security guard nor was he licensed to carry a weapon. The security guard was working at a club called Secrets. The club has had several nuisance complaints. The city is now looking into closing it down.
- Two security guards in Pennsylvania were honored Friday for their actions that saved a family from a fire. The two security officers were patrolling the area when they learned of the blaze. The two security guards ran in and pulled a little girl out of the building. As the two guards were exiting the building they were told there were two more women still in the building. The two guards notified the fire department there were oxygen tanks inside the building. The security guards said they were only doing their job. Officials say the fire was intentionally set and they continue to investigate.
- A security guard working the Conch House restaurant in Florida is suing a former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. According to the lawsuit the security guard was rapidly approached by Jones-Drew from the blind-side and delivered a violent punch to the security guards left jaw. The complaint also alleges the security guard was knocked down and out and was sent to a local hospital for injuries. The security guard says he suffered contusions, loss of consciousness, a concussion, and a herniated disc of the spine. Jones-Drew is charged with battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The security guard is seeking a jury trial and compensatory damages. The security guard's attorney says the injuries were serious and life altering for the security guard. No charges have been place against Jones-Drew because of lack of evidence.
- An armed security guard in Louisiana has been charged with impersonating a police officer. The security guard stopped a woman in a Burger King parking lot by turning on his blinking lights, The security guard's car was also equipped with a spotlight, strobe lights and other police equipment. The armed security guard then approached the woman stating he was a police officer and asked her if she knew her horn was for emergency purposes only. When another vehicle honked their horn the armed security guard told the woman he would give her a break and walked away. Police then questioned the armed security guard and he lied about his work history. Police found the armed security guard actually had a prior arrest in 2013 for impersonating a police officer. The armed security officer was arrested again on charges of impersonating a police officer.
- A security guard in Texas has been arrested for requiring a membership for a game room. The security guard was working security at an illegal activity at a game room. Numerous gambling devices and other gambling paraphernalia were seized.
- A seventeen year old Smyrna, TN has been charged with the shooting death of his uncle. Police said the uncle was killed Thursday morning during an apparent robbery inside his home in Nashville. Relatives of the man went to his home around 9:30 AM and noticed the front door was slightly open and the glass door separated from the door frame. The family called police who entered and found the man dead. The nephew was taken into custody later at his home in Smyrna.
- A Nashville metro police officer has been charged with a DUI after showing up for his shift Friday night while intoxicated. According to police reports, the police officer drove his own vehicle to work that night and showed up at 10:45 for his 10:30 shift. When the police officer arrived, his sergeant noticed he smells of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. The police sergeant relived the police officer from duty and took his weapon. The reports show the police officer admitted to consuming six longneck bottles of beer since 4:00 PM that afternoon. The police sergeant consulted with the Field Supervising Captain regarding the incident. The two supervising police officers decommissioned the police officer and drove him to his home with the understanding he was to report to police headquarters Monday morning. After learning of the incident the Chief ordered decommissioning of the two supervising police officer until their decision making rationale could be reviewed. According to a statement by Chief Anderson"All members of this police department are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that enhances the trust and confidence Nashville's citizens have in us." Chief Anderson also continued with "It goes without saying that supervisors should lead the way. The events of last night are serious and are being treated as such."
- Five Nashville teens were injured after a train collided with the SUV they were driving yesterday in West Nashville. Nashville Police said the drive pulled too close to the tracks and the vehicle was clipped by the train as it passed. Witnesses called 911 and tried to keep the teens calm. One of the teens had to be extracted from the mangled vehicle. At least two of the victims are in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

June 14, 2014: In South Carolina at a local Walmart, Amber Baker has been charged with shoplifting and unlawful neglect of a child. Security officers at the Walmart noticed Baker put a steam cleaner in her bag. When the unarmed security officer tried to stop Baker she tried to run away through a fire door in the pharmacy area, Baker dragged her children through the store causing one of them to fall. The security officer caught her with children's clothes, greeting card and wrapping paper not to mention the steam cleaner.
- In New Mexico a couple of months ago a chopper crashed on top of a New Mexico hospital. Today, one of the most important heroes was recognized. Security officer Eugene Lujan first of all pulled the pilot out of the burning chopper to safety. Security officer Lujan then pulled part of the sprinkler system and flung it on top of the chopper which doused the fire that had spread to the roof of the hospital. A preliminary report shows the pilots foot got stuck on the foot pedal playing a major role in the crash.
- A security guard in Florida had an unusual occurrence this week. The security guard spotted Nichole Reed stealing seafood from the a Publix store. Reed stuffed seven lobster tails into her pants and left the store with them. The security guard was able to get her tag number and call it into police. Police found her at home where she readily admitted to the whole incident. Reed told police she planned on trading the lobster for hydromorphone from a friend.
- Two people are in jail tonight for carjacking a security officer in Florida. Chelsy Betancourt and Gonzalo Picado approached the security guard as she was sitting inside her car at her post inside a rental community. The unarmed security officer told police that Betancourt appeared to be intoxicated and the security guard asked her to leave the area. Betancourt then became very angry and opened the door of the security officer's vehicle and pulled the security officer out of the vehicle by her hair. Picado then approached the victim and flashed a gun yelling "get out of the car or I'll shoot you." according to police reports. Betancourt and Picado then fled in the security officer's vehicle. The security officer immediately called 911. When police caught up with the two they immediately jumped out of the car and police officers were able to quickly apprehend both. The security officer then identified the two and both were charged with armed robbery, carjacking and numerous other offenses.
- A Nashville Metro police officer has been decommissioned and taken into custody after a Davidson County Grand Jury indicted him and charging him with raping a woman whom he had a six year ongoing relationship with. The three-count rape indictment charges Police Lieutenant Curtis Watkins of having non-consensual sex with an alleged victim once in 2012 and twice in 2013. Watkins is in jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond. Watkins became the subject of the Davidson County Sex Crimes Unit and Office of Professional Accountability after the 40 year old alleged victim contacted the department regarding her concerns about Watkins. At the time of his decommission Watkins was assigned to the Madison Precinct where he was on desk duty since the initial allegations.
- Nashville police are looking for the wife of an accused police impersonator. Charles Virgil Thompson II has warrants charging him with criminal impersonation of a police officer, false imprisonment and theft. His wife, Sabrina Thompson has now been charged as an accomplice. On June 3, Thompson and his wife stopped a driver on Murfreesboro Road with a flashing blue light inside their car. The victim pulled over and surrendered his wallet to the two impersonators. The next day, Charles Thompson took a man's ATM card and tried to withdraw money while posing as a police officer.

June 12, 2014: Today is the start of Bonnaroo in Middle Tennessee. There will be plenty of police and plenty of security guards at the event to keep everyone safe.
- In Washington this afternoon a school shooting happened at a local university. The shooter was able to kill one student and leave three injured before Jon Meis pepper-sprayed and tackled the gunman. Meis was working as a student security guard at the time. The school has not commented on its security system at this time. It is not known at this time if Meis was carrying the pepper spray due to being a security guard. His roommate did say that Meis did not go anywhere without his pepper spray. Student security guards are a fixture at a large number of universities across the county. Institutions routinely use students as security guards as an extra set of eyes and ears for their regular police force.
- In California it took a police officer and a security guard to stop a fight outside a bar. The security guard was trying to break up a fight between two men when they turned on him. A police officer tried to intervene but was attacked from behind by the other man. Both men are in custody for fighting in public and assaulting a police officer.
- In Colorado a man was found guilty today of killing a 73 year old man and kidnapping a security guard in 2011. The man robbed Gerald Schwartzman and later shot and killed him. Police found his body near a nearby trash bin. Hours later the man went to a parking garage at a nearby mall and forced a female security guard into the trunk of her car and drove away. The security guard was able to escape from the trunk and called police. Police later arrested him and he has been in prison awaiting trial.
- A George security guard says he was fired for complaining about slow pay from City Hall on television. Timothy Walker has been working for the city for two years and says his only complaint is city hall does not always pay him on time. After the report aired on television Walker was told he should not have made his complain on television and that his services were no longer needed as a security guard.
- Nashville police charged two men in connection with a marijuana grow operation. The arrest of the two men also resulted in the seizure of 58 marijuana plants from a mobile home in West Nashville. William Leader and David Hall both of Nashville are charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of marijuana for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia. Leader was stopped by police in Fairview for a traffic violation. Inside the truck of his vehicle was a quantity of marijuana. As police were searching his hours, Hall pulled up. A search of his vehicle by police netted items used to maintain the grow operation as well as three mason jars of high-grade marijuana.
- Lawrenceburg police have a man in custody tonight after he took a hostage at a local CVS. Police were first aware of an issue when the police received a call of a shoplifter at a local Walmart. When police arrived the man was leaving Walmart and went inside the CVS. The man went into the CVS with a gun and went behind the pharmacy counter. The police were able to bring the situation to an end with no one hurt.

June 11, 2014: In a small Middle Tennessee town Gregory Hale has been arrested and charged with killing a woman, dismembering her body and eating part of her corpse. Police have charged Hale with premeditated first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. Hale has admitted to killing the woman and said they were acquaintances. After he killed the woman, he cut off her feet and other body parts and placed them in a plastic bucket. He also cut off her head and hands and placed them in a separate bucket. Police say Hale then buried her torso in a burn pile near the house. Police say Hales admitted to eating parts of the victim. According to police there is no evidence that Hale and the woman were anything more than acquaintances.
- Family Dollar Store manager in Michigan has been fired for confronting two shoplifters outside his store. When the confrontation got heated, the manager grabs the Febreeze from one of the shoplifters and sprays her in the face with it. The confrontation was posted on the internet and went viral. Family Dollar issued a statement that the safety and security of their customers was first in their mind.
- In Murfreesboro, Tennessee one of the good guys is now one of the bad guys. A Murfreesboro policeman has been accused of stealing and selling equipment stolen from his department. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at the request of the District Attorney began investigating the policeman. The police officer took and sold used bulletproof vest on Craigslist and Armslist. The investigation also showed that the police officer made at least one sale from his police car while in uniform.
- A Wyoming University security guard is in trouble for sexual assault. According to trial papers, the security guard found the teenager outside a dorm. The teenager did not have identification so the security guard asked her to come with him to the security office. The teenager first told the guard she was 18 years old but eventually admitted to being 17. The guard and the alleged victim were together until 4:15 AM until he dropped her off at her grandmother's house. The prosecuting attorney argued the security guard kidnapped the teen by threatening and deceiving her. After holding the teenager and driving her on patrols the security officer parked and sexually assaulted her. According to the security guard's defense attorney, the girl went willingly. He claims he took her home as a favor and because he was concerned about her. The security guard also admitted to falsifying the night's incident report.
- In Texas, a security officer was shot in the back in a drive-by shooting while working at a game room. Emergency responders rushed the security guard to a local hospital where the security guard underwent surgery and is listed in serious conditions. Police did not know if he was the intended victim or what the motive for the shooting was.
- Another school shooting - this time in the state of Oregon. The shooting started after 8Am. The gunman was a student but they are not sure if he is a student at that school. One student is dead and a teacher was wounded, but not seriously.
- In Nashville at our local Opry Mills Mall a shoplifter pulled a box cutter on an employee. The employee noticed the woman put a bundle of clothes underneath her child's diaper bag and went to see if the woman needed a shopping bag. That's when police said the shoplifter told the employee she was going to leave the store and to not follow her or she would cut her with the box cutter. The employee followed the woman outside the mall and notified mall security. Security was able to detain the woman until police arrived with no problems.

June 10, 2014: The Supreme Court in Pennsylvania has refused to hear the appeal from sheriff officers working as private security guards. A Senior Judge in Pennsylvania ruled that it was against state law for sheriff officers to work off duty as security guards in places such as movie theaters and stores.
- A Wisconsin security guard has been shot after refusing entry to a man. The man was asked to leave the bar earlier. The man then returned to the bar and pushed past the security guard and shot the security guard in the torso before fleeing. The security guard was rushed to a local hospital in serious but stable condition. The police are using video surveillance from the bar to identify the man.
- If you are a security guard looking for work, you might want to head to Australia. Apparently, Australia is experiencing a shortage of security guards at this time. The security industry in Australia has grown by 29% or 14,000 jobs in the past five years. The average security job in Australia pay a whopping $1044 while shift rates start at $18 per hour with a more experienced guard earning up to $35 per hour. Security work spikes when violence or crime occurs in a community but there is much more to the job than asset protection. In Australia, to be a security guard you must pass a background check, take a class and be fingerprinted - being a security guard in Australia does not even require you to have a high school diploma.
- At a recital on Saturday in New Jersey, security noticed a man acting strangely. Security guards approached the man and asked him to leave the property. Police were called in regards to the man. Police spotted the man walking down the street and stopped him. He acknowledged he had been at the recital. When police searched the man they found a two foot long machete hidden under his pants. The police also recovered a large folding knife, a small folding knife, a stun gun, metal knuckles and a container of OC spray.

June 9, 2014: On Guard Security, Inc. extends their condolences to the families of the two Nevada police officers that lost their lives yesterday. Police Officer Alyn Beck and Police Officer Igo Soldo were shot and killed while eating lunch at a pizza restaurant yesterday. Two subjects, a male and a female approached the them at their table and shot them execution style. One of the policeman was able to return fire before being incapacitated. The two suspects took the policeman's guns and went to a nearby Walmart where they shot and killed a civilian. Responding police officers followed the two into Walmart where they returned gunfire with the suspects. The female suspect then turned her gun on her partner and killed him and then killed herself in what police believe was a murder suicide pact.
- Security officers working for the TSA now have additional duties. In order to lighten the mood and keep spirits up they have installed microphones that certain security agents have access to. The agents throw out one-liners and little quips that have their audience laughing and the line not seem so long. The response to the new system is very positive with the passengers.
- In Georgia police used a teddy bear with a GPS device hidden inside. A local charity had been experiencing thefts of clothing from its collection bins at a local mall. To combat the thievery, security officer with the charity place a GPS in a teddy bear. The security officer later reported to the police the bear was on the move and police started following it. They found the bear in the backseat of a car. The person driving the car said the items in the bag came from his home, but later admitted to stealing from the charity. He was arrested and later released on bond.
- A fake policeman in Florida pulled over a real policeman in one of his fake police stops. The twenty year old signaled a real detective in an unmarked car to pull over. When the detective pulled over and didn't recognize the policeman pulling him over, he turned the tables asking to see his badge. The impersonator was arrested for impersonating and officer and unlawfully displaying blue lights. He was later released on bond.
- Extra duty Nashville police officers charged ten people with DUI over the past weekend. These officers are on the street from 8PM Thursday until 2 AM Monday morning. This is the time that has more of a propensity for fatal crashes, crime and DUI arrests. So far this year extra duty officers in Nashville have arrested 322 suspected drunk drivers.
- A Nashville man was sentenced to 22 years today for a May 2012 rape. The man who was 17 at the time broke into the victim's house and raped her at gunpoint. He also stole cash and other items from her home. After attacking the woman that he did not know he ran away to a nearby getaway car. The man turned himself in later that night to juvenile authorities, but was later transferred to adult court. With the plea bargain the Nashville man struck, he will have to serve 100 percent of his time.

June 8. 2014: In Nashville last night a man was arrested for hitting a private security guard with his car. According to an affidavit the man began fighting with the bartender over his bar tab around 1:00 AM. The private security at the bar escorted the man out where he got into his SUV. As he was speeding away, he hit the private security guard and knocked him down. The security guard suffered a possible broken rib according to medics. The man was later spotted by police. He failed a field sobriety test and admitted to using a controlled substance. He was charged with a DUI and driving on a suspended license.
- A New Jersey man is suing Harrah casino security claiming they brutally attacked him. According to video surveillance, it shows the man being taken down by security. According to the lawsuit, the man says the assault left him with a concussion, bruised ribs, severe cuts and four broken teeth. According to the man's attorney the last thing he remembers is being punched in the face.-
- The head of security for the Dodgers has resigned partially due to cuts over his budget. The Dodgers decided to replace many of their off-duty police officers with security guards. The head of security does not think that will give fans enough protection. As the head of security explained "people behave differently when dealing with a uniformed officer versus dealing with a security guard." However, off-duty officers are paid $50 per hour versus security guards which are paid $30 per hour.
- A private security guard in Texas was shot in the thigh last night. The private security guard was working at a club when a dispute broke out. Police took three people into custody but it is not clear if any charges have been filed.
- Vigilant security officers in a Dillard's in Utah helped police catch a shoplifter. The security guard observed a man inside the store acting strangely and watched the man take several items into the dressing room. After leaving the dressing room, the security guards noticed the man's pants appeared to be baggy and not hanging properly. The security guard followed the man out of the store and into the mall. The man continue to leave the mall and ran through the parking lot. The security guard believed the man had concealed a pair of jeans underneath his jeans and that he left without paying for them. The security guard contacted police and gave the physical description as well as what the man was wearing. Police found the man and took him into custody.. The man was wearing two pairs of jeans with the pair underneath looking new. Later, when police searched the man they also found paraphernalia used for smoking meth.
- A private security guard in Nashville stopped Darius Rucker from celebrating his success with raising money for St. Jude's this past money. Sirius XM reports that Darius Rucker and friends were going into Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville after their St. Jude fund raising event. However, Darius Rucker had forgotten his wallet and his ID. The privatesecurity guard at the door would not allow him to enter without the proper ID. Even though, Darius Rucker's bodyguard tried to sweet talk the private security guard into allowing him to enter. However, Darius Rucker was a gentleman about the incident and said the guard was just doing his job.

June 4, 2014:A vehicle fatality yesterday afternoon in Nashville is thought to have involved drugs. Police report a vehicle driven by a 60 year-old man left the road and struck a utility pole. Xanax was found in the car as well as a white powder in a plastic bag. Toxicology tests will be performed to see if drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident.
-Detective with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Specialized Investigations Division apprehended a Washington man with almost 61 pounds of high grade marijuana. The man was stopped by police on I-24 for following too closely. The stopping police officer’s dog alerted the office of the presence of drugs. A subsequent search of the vehicle located the drugs. The suspect is being held in lieu of $76,000 bond.
-Additional Nashville police officers funded by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office grant charged 13 offenders with DUI this past week. Year-to-date police officers working under this grant have charged 313 suspected drunk drivers
-Of 14 stolen vehicles last week in Nashville 9 had keys left in the vehicle police report.
-Providing security for the growing number of legal marijuana outlets in Colorado is posing special challenges to security guards and their employers. And Colorado is not the only state with legalized marijuana. With over 19 states having legalized marijuana there is a huge demand for security guard services at these outlets. A few years ago the average store was around 5,000 square feet. Now the stores are getting bigger with some as large as 20,000 square feet.
-Security guards are many time first responders to emergency scenes. And since the 09/11 attacks the security guard industry has grown immensely. There are presently estimated to be over 1 million private security guards nationwide. A recent report release by university criminologists indicates this is largely an unregulated industry. With over 1 million security guards compared to only 833,000 police officers nationwide the report indicates some minimum standards need to be established so that security guards know how to better protect themselves and their clients. The full results of this study are published in Security Journal.
-A security guard and 2 dozen students were treated after someone sprayed a chemical inside a New Jersey school police report. The type of chemical has not yet been determined. The police investigation is on-going.

June 3, 2014:Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Operation Safer Streets yielded 50 arrests this past weekend. These arrests involved 37 misdemeanors, three felonies, and service of 35 warrants. One gram of cocaine and 32.8 ounces of marijuana were seized. This year Operation Safer Streets has yielded 1,197 arrests making Nashville’s streets safer.
-A tentative identification of a woman struck by a hit and run driver, in Nashville, Monday has been tentatively identified pending fingerprint analysis. The woman was trying to cross Clarksville Pike around 11:00pm when she was struck by a truck. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver fled the scene but the vehicle’s radiator, which ruptured in the collision, left a trail for police to follow. The vehicle located by police had definitely been in a collision. One of the victim’s shoes was found under the truck. The owner of the vehicle was brought in for questioning. He denied being involved in the collision and said someone must have stolen his truck. Nashville police continue to investigate.
-A pedestrian near Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville was hospitalized Monday night after being struck by a vehicle. The pedestrian remains according to Nashville police. The police also have revealed the driver showed no signs on impairment. The pedestrian was crossing outside the nearest crosswalk.
-Efforts by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Traffic section are directed toward encouraging motorists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians to look out for each other. Police report 15 pedestrians were killed in 2013. In six of those deaths intoxication was a factor. In nine pedestrian deaths the pedestrian was in the roadway according to police.
-Security guards in a Texas mall apprehended and detained a man wanted on a murder charge. The security guards and a concerned citizen caught the perpetrator after he shoplifted some clothing. Other stolen items were found in his vehicle. The keen observation of security guards and the help of an involved citizen helped to take a dangerous felon off the street.
-In additional news from Texas, a unarmed security guard was shot at a mall. According to police the security guard asked the driver of a car to move as the vehicle was blocking traffic. There was some argument between the driver and the security guard. The passenger of the vehicle then shot the security guard. The perpetrators fled the scene, however police searched the area and found the vehicle and two passengers. Police have revealed the security guard was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No one else was injured. The security guard was unarmed.
-$3 million dollars of missing Nike shoes were confiscated in Kentucky. Two women had the shoes in their home and had been selling them at flea markets. The shoes were part of a 2009 shipment that never got to its destination. Police say the suspects stated they bought the shoes from someone else and did not know they were stolen.
-A handcuffed man in the custody of police in Missouri drowned. The man arrested for operating a watercraft while intoxicated either stood or jumped from the police craft as it was moving. Police continue to investigate.
-In England, a security guard had to be rescued from a cash machine. The security guard became trapped in the machine when the lock to the room failed as he loaded the cash dispenser. When the firemen got to the scene they stated it was a real challenge because the room is made to be secure. The firemen were able to continually check on him because the security guard and his partner each had radios. The security guard was not injured.
-At a Waffle House in Virginia over the weekend, a security guard was involved in a shooting. Two men got into an argument when one of the men pulled his gun and shot the other man. The Waffle House security guard witnessed the shooting and pulled his gun to stop the shooter from leaving the scene. The man however continued to leave and the security guard shot at him, but missed. The man was later arrested by police. The man that was wounded drove himself to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No charges have been filed against the security guard.

June 2, 2014: A security officer in Illinois is charged with sexually abusing students. Police say the security guard, Walter Wells, now stands charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and six counts felony aggravated battery in a public place. The security guard, according to police, would happen when Wells would hug the students in the hallways. Some of the students were as young as 14 years and much of the abuse took place over several years.
- In North Carolina, campus security was searching for a tutor that is accused of fondling North Carolina State University students. The student told campus security that the tutor inappropriately touched her in a sexual way during their tutoring sessions at the library. Campus security states that they believe the tutor is an ongoing threat to other students.
- An inmate at a Tennessee prison has been captured for trying to scale the fence at the women's prison and trying to escape. Security officers were leading inmates to the recreation area when Bridget King ran to the fence and tried to climb it. She was apprehended by officers and treated for minor cuts. She is serving an eight year sentence for aggravated burglary and theft of property.
-A Springfield, TN firefighter has been accused of buying stolen goods. Officials at the TBI says the firefighter along with his wife allegedly bought stolen items on three occasion for items that total nearly $1000 for $80. The pair are free on bond.
- Police in Wisconsin say two 12 years old girls lured a friend into the woods and stabbed the girl nineteen times. The victim survived the attack and police says she is stable. According to police the girls had planned for several months to kill the girl. All three of the girls are friends. According to police, the two girls had an interest in a website containing stories of death and horror.

June 1, 2014: Nebraska police are turning to a local security company to get an extra presence in their riverfront this summer. They want all residence to know the riverfront is a safe place to have fun this summer. City leaders will also be installing security cameras on the bridges. The security guards will be filling the gap for police by patrolling the bridges and riverfront. The security guard company will also provide a human presence after dark.
- A woman in Hawaii is out on bail after biting a security guard in the chest. The security guard was detaining the woman after spotting her from stealing items from the store. However, when the security officer detained the woman she bit him in the check. The woman was then restrained by the security guard and held for police.
- New York Port Authority has hired a security company to secure the World Trade Center. The Port Authority reached this decision after several after access was breached several time by unauthorized individuals in the past six months. The security company they hired already had contracts with local airports. The security guards will provide access control at vehicle and pedestrian guard entrances, monitor security systems and issue security identification cards.
- A city in California is hiring security guard to fight copper thieves. The security guards will be responsible for monitoring activity at the city's parks. Over the past year, the city has lost over $300,000 to copper thieves. The thieves are pulling the copper from the pull boxes which resulted in there being no safety lighting along walkways and ball park lighting.
- Montana airport is replacing the TSA with a local security company. They have not been happy with the service that TSA has been offering their travelers or the service they provide. The total number of airports that have local security instead of TSA is now at 18 nationwide.
- Our condolences go to the family of Police Officer Kevin Jordan of Georgia. Police Officer Jordan was killed Saturday while working off-duty as a security officer for a local Waffle House. Three customers came into the Waffle House and were creating a disturbance. Officer Jordan escorted the three outside but the woman began fighting with him. As he tried to subdue the woman one of the males pulled a gun and shot the officer in the back three time. All three rounds penetrated the officers bullet-proof vest. Officers Jordan's civilian brother witnessed the incident. The brother was armed and pulled his gun. He was able to wound the shooter who was taken into custody by police. Officer Jordan leaves a wife and seven children.

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