March, 2012

March 31, 2012:  Happy Birthday, Brandon!

DUI arrests in Nashville have skyrocketed this year despite the fact that the state greatly reduced the amount of grant money that Nashville's police department once used to put additional policemen on the road for DUI patrols.  

March was great for On Guard Security on so many levels and in so many ways.  On Guard Security worked with new and different clients.  Also, On Guard was able to employ a few great new security guards.  All our security guard operations were carried out without any major incidents.  Our clients and our security personnel all remained safe.

A woman from Powell, Tennessee has been indicted for stealing over $60,000 worth of jewelry and several other items during a burglary.  The woman allegedly burglarized her own mother.

March 30, 2012:  Thanks to "Gutterball" and "Tifferton".  I had such a good time last night.  We had a good meal and great conversation.  I hadn't been bowling in more than ten years until last night.  Despite my horrible scores, I had a great time.  I highly recommend going bowling if you haven't been in a while.  If you live in the Nashville area head to Tusculum Lanes  in south Nashville.  This bowling alley features updated lanes, a safe, fun, family environment, reasonable prices, and cold beer.  The entire staff is friendly and helpful from what I have seen.

A former football player for Middle Tennessee State University was arrested and charged with domestic violence earlier this week.  This particular player would likely become a proffessional player in the NFL.  The former MTSU football player's court date falls on the first day of the NFL draft.

It is a beautiful, warm night in Nashville.  It would be difficult to be in a bad mood with weather as nice as this. 

The man that shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Florida last month is in the news again.  A former co-worker told reporters that the man was fired from his job as an under-the-table private security guard for "being too aggressive".  The man worked for two different private security guard companies over the last 10 years as a security guard for illegal house parties.  

Police in Madison County, Kentucky arrested a man that is allegedly played a major role in robbing and killing a man in Indiana.  Four other people have been arrested in connection with the robbery and murder.  The victim was found beaten, stabbed, and shot on March 20th.  

The Knoxville Police Department raided three alleged drug houses yesterday.  The police served nuisance injunctions agianst the owners of the three alleged drug houses.  The alleged drug houses were all three padlocked and boarded up by order of a Knox County Criminal Court judge. Raids on two of the three alleged drug houses were the result of buys from confidential informants during an investigation that was brought on by complaints from other people that live in the same neighborhoods as the two alleged drug houses.

Deputies in Blount County busted a meth lab yesterday.  Several components of a meth lab were found inside the residence.  Two people had to be decontaminated and were taken into custody following the meth lab bust.  Deputies report that there were signs that methamphetamine had been cooked at the location recently.

Police in Kentucky have charged and arrested a Barbourville man for murder.  The arrest comes after a man was found dead early yesterday morning on the front porch of someone's home.  The victim had been fatally stabbed according to reports.

An accidental shooting left two men dead yesterday in Laurel County, Kentucky.  A firearm that one of the men was handling accidentally discharged.  The bullet struck both men in the head.

March 29, 2012: It's a beautiful, warm spring morning in Nashville once again.  I wish there was time to get to the river to do a little fishing before I have to be at On Guard Security's office.  I am envious of security guards that have a pleasant outdoor post. 

A private security guard at a high school in Washington state is in the news recently.  The security guard allegedly yelled profanity at several students, and the security guard allegedly threatened a student with disabilities.  The security guard is being investigated by the school board for the incident.  One student claims that the security guard called him and his friends "retards" and "idiots".

A security guard in Pennsylvania testified in a murder trial earlier this week.  The security guard apparently witnessed a fight outside of a restuarant that he was working at as a private security guard.  The security guard claims that the man that was killed was clearly beaten in a fight that had been pre-arranged.  The security guard thought the fight should have been broken up at the point that the victim was clearly the loser.  The security guard testified that another man began stabbing the victim while the man that he was originally fighting kept beating him.  Hopefully, the security guard's testimony will help prosecutors determine who killed the victim, but why did the security guard not notify the police when this brawl was taking place?  Assuming that the guard felt that he could do little to help on his own and would only endanger his life by trying to intervene, why did he not at least try to call the police or more private security guards in the vicinity to try to help the victim?  During this incident one of the guys that was with the alleged murderer chased one of the victim's friends across the street and fatally shot him.

Two  private security guards in Ohio are coming under intense scrutiny after an incident earlier this month in which they shot and killed a man.  The two security guards fatally shot a man at an apartment complex that they claim was not compliant with their orders and tried to charge them with his vehicle.  The man also dragged one security guard that was fighting with him while he continued to drive.  The security guards had called 911 during the incident.  A 911 dispatcher was on the phone, and most of the incident was recorded.  Many people in Ohio liken the incident to the incident where the 17-year-old was fatally shot by a neighborhood watchman in late February.  Many people want a more thorough investigation into the incident.  Many people want to see the security guards prosecuted.

Police in Clarksville are looking for a man that allegedly sexually assualted a girl that was under the age of 18 on many different occasions over the last three years.  The man is wanted on charges of aggravated statutory rape and solicitation of a minor.  The man admitted to authorities that he had asked the girl for sex and had actually had sex with her while she was a minor.

March 28, 2012:  Police in Murfreesboro have arrested a man that they say exposed himself to two young girls earlier this week.  The man has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure.

Thanks to all our security guards for continuing to do a great job!

A Davidson County judge sentenced a convicted killer to serve at least 108 years in prison for killing two people in 2010.  The man was convicted of killing his girlfriend and her cousin.

A security guard in Georgia shot and killed an unarmed teen last week.  This incident has made national headlines.  According to the state of Georgia, the security guard had an expired weapons permit.  The security guard killed the teen with a single gunshot.

Many shootings that have involved security guards are coming under very intense scrutiny lately.  The incident in Florida has brought new scrutiny to all fatal shootings but particularly those that involve security guards.  Not all scrutiny is bad.  I hope innocent security guards and other security personnel don't find themselves in trouble when they use deadly force and it is necessary.

March 25, 2012:  The man that escaped from a Lexington prison is still on the run.  Police are seeking the public's help in catching the escapee.

March 24, 2012:  20 people were arrested by police in Laurel County, Kentucky yesterday.  The twenty arrests were all for drug charges.  The arrests come after a 13 month investigation.  All the suspects were charged with drug trafficking.

Police in Knoxville arrested a man that was wanted by the U.S. Marshals late last night.  The man was wanted by the Marshals for an outstanding warrant for Violation of Probation.  The man attempted to flee when officers tried to pull him over last night.  While the man was evading Knoxville police the man threw out several bags of cocaine and illegal prescription pills.  Both the man and his passenger were arrested when the man finally pulled over.

A Filipino security guard won over $400,000 in a lawsuit against his employer.  The security guard won the suit after eight years.  The security guard filed the suit because he was forced into taking a salary rather than an hourly wage that was worth much more money considering the amount of hours that the security guard worked.

A convicted drug dealer walked away from a minimum security prison in Lexington, Kentucky.  The man was serving a 7 year sentence for trafficking drugs.  Authorities are looking for the man.  The escapee would have been eligible for parole in 2013.

Scattered thunderstorms are here in middle Tennessee today.  The thunderstorms have already ruined my day of fishing on the river. 

On Guard Security is looking to hire three unarmed security guards for a one-time event next week.  Experience as a security guard is a must for these jobs.  Please fill out a form on the Career page of our website.  

Police in Memphis seized nearly $1 million of marijuana today.  The seizure resulted from a traffic stop that police officers made on I-240.  Inside the tractor trailer that they had pulled over was 920 pounds of marijuana.

Police in eastern Kentucky found 15 meth labs in a home.  As if the meth labs weren't bad enough, there was a child inside the house, too.

Police have identified the shoplifter that sideswiped a Madison precinct police officer earlier this week.  The police officers did fire shots at the vehicle as the woman began to accelerate toward them.  The woman is still at large.  Anyone that knows her whereabouts should call the police.

March 23, 2012:  Two members of the Bloods gang in Nashville were convicted in federal court today for several charges including murder, conspiracy, and firearms charges.  The two men face mandatory life sentences at sentencing.

Thanks to Miles once again for being so helpful.

Our security guard operations at the movie screening earlier this week went really well.  Thanks to all of the security guards that helped out.

Last Friday a security guard at a Dollar General in Michigan shot and killed an armed robber.  The security guard showed up for work just as two robbers were about to make their escape with the cash that they had stolen.  The security guard shot and killed one of the robbers.  The other robber was able to escape.  Authorities are still investigating the robbery.

A body was found in the Cumberland River in Nashville Wednesday evening.  The body is reported to be the body of a convicted rapist.  Investigators have ruled that the man committed suicide.  The man had mentioned committing suicide rather than having to go to jail or prison.

Two men were arrested earlier today for distributing heroine.  The men were arrested after undercover officers made several undercover buys from them.  The two men were also under surveillance for a long period of time.  Officers seized $500,000 worth of heroine.  Both of the men will be prosecuted federally.  The men are currently in the custody of the DEA.  One of the two men was already on nine years of probation for selling heroine.

A security guard in California was stabbed at a nightclub last week during a huge fight.  According to reports, 60 to 80 people were fighting.  Security guards at the nightclub tried to stop the fighting.  The security guard that was stabbed was eventually taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  Luckily, other security guards were not badly injured.  A fight that large would take several well trained security officers to breakup.

Several security guards are suing billionaire Paul Allen.  The security guards, formerly the billionaire's security guards, have a variety of complaints.  The security guards claim that they were not paid what they were initially promised.  The guards also say that the were not paid for overtime that they worked.  One security guard alleges that he was asked to participate in illegal activities and was sexuall harrassed by Paul's sister.  Five security guards are filing suit.

Two students were arrested at a middle school in Nashville today for carrying an unloaded revolver.  A student tipped off the school resource officer that the students had a firearm.

March 22, 2012:  Many thanks are due to several people.  Yesterday was an extremely busy day for On Guard Security.  Our security guards did a fantastic job yesterday.  Special thanks to Andy for helping out last night behind the scenes. 

Nashville police and the FBI are looking for a man that they believe robbed two downtown banks this week.  The suspect is alleged to have robbed a bank on Church St. on Wednesday and a bank on West End earlier today.  In both robberies the man fled on foot.  The same man is wanted for a bank robbery in Florida on March 13th.  The FBI says that the man was just recently released from federal prison for five bank robberies.

March 21, 2012:  A very special thanks to Kyle and Peggy for taking care of the things that needed to be done while I was busy with other things.  Thanks to Miles, too.  Miles has been indispensible over the past few days.  Miles helped me take care of things that needed to be done even though these tasks are not his responsibility as a security guard.  Thanks to all our other security guards, too.  Get well soon Sharon.

March 20, 2012:  A juvenile was arrested yesterday in Lexington for setting a house on fire.  Firefighters spent much time combatting the flames at the abandoned home.  The fire got to be quite large.  Fortunately, no one was injured by the fire.  According to authorities, the juvenile has confessed to starting the fire.

Police in Lexington have made an arrest in the murder of the 16-year-old  during a triple shooting Sunday afternoon.  The suspect was arrested and charged with many very serious charges in relation to the triple shooting.

Once again I was not prepared for the temperature tonight.  Unfortunately, one of our security guards was sick and unable to make it to her post.  Without the time (or extra security guards) to cover the post, I had to work that particular security guard post tonight.  The post calls for an unarmed security guard at a mostly outside detail.  I was overdressed to say the least.  Also, I was not ready for all the insects this early in the year.

Nashville police saved a mentally handicapped girl from Percy Priest lake.

Two security guards in California were shot at late last week when they disrupted a man urinating in a public place.  The man then fired several rounds at the security guards.  Neither of the security guards were injured during the incident.  Police are still looking for the identity of the gunman.

The FBI and the Justice Department have opened investigations on a security guard in Florida that shot and killed a young man last month.  The young man that the security guard shot was unarmed.  The security guard has not been arrested or charged with any crime.  Since the incident there has been enormous pressure from the public for an investigation to be started and for the security guard to be arrested.

March 19, 2012:  Many thanks are due to many people.  It has been a very busy week at On Guard Security.  Thanks to Tiffany, Peggy, Deondre, Miles, Sharon, Jermaine, Lloyd, Ms. Gibson, Antione, and anyone else that I might have neglected to mention.  

Two of the four suspects in Friday night's kidnapping, beating, robbing, and stabbing of two men in Antioch have been identified by police.  The two suspects that have been identified are still at large.  Police have not yet been able to locate them.

A convicted felon was arrested early yesterday morning in north Nashville for a variety of charges including assualt on an officer.  The man tried to elude the policeman that was chasing him and even fired at the officer.  Fortunately, the police officer was not injured.

The private security guard's union in Kenya gave their government a 21 day notice that they will strike because of the government's slow pace in regulating and reforming the private security guard industry.  The government has pledged to reform the security guard industry in Kenya many times, but they have not actually acted.  The security guard union wants all security guard companies to be registered, standardized training for security guards, and pay reform among other things.

A traffic stop Saturday night led police in Kentucky to discover a mobile meth lab in the vehicle.  A 19-year-old man was found in possession of the mobile meth lab Saturday night in Laurel County.

A 16-year-old was killed in Lexington yesterday during a triple shooting at an apartment complex.  The 16-year-old was a sophmore in high school.  At least two other people were taken to the hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds.

March 18, 2012:  Police in Lexington are looking for a man that shot another man in the leg last night.  Officers found a man shot in the leg outside of his apartment building when they responded to a call of shots fired.  The victim was taken to the hospital.

A Murfreesboro man has filed a $3 million dollar lawsuit against the city and the police department.  The man claims to have been beaten by police officers outside his home.  The man claims that police in Murfreesboro routinely abuse their power.

On Guard Security is now looking for one unarmed security guard in the Bowling Green area.  This security guard post begins in April and is part-time.  If you are interested please fill out the form on the Career page of our website.  All applicants must have security experience.

March 17, 2012:  The rain ruined my fishing plans for thhis afternoon unfortunately.

A security guard in Seattle was tased earlier this week by a man that was attempting to shoplift.  The man that tased the security guard was with a woman and a 3-year-old child.  The security guard tried to stop the three in the parking lot.  The woman then pushed the security guard and told the man to run.  The man ran, and the security guard chased him.  When the guard stopped the man a second time, the man pulled out a Taser and pushed it up against the guard's neck.  The security guard was shocked by the Taser.  The security guard and a witness were able to hold the man down until police arrived.

Special thanks to Deondre!

The rain and lightning continue tonight.  Extremely hard rain at times.

Early this morning in an apartment complex in Antioch two men were kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from ATMs in the Hickory Hollow area by four men.  The four men repeatedly beat and stabbed the two victims for about an hour during the drive to the ATMs.  The four men finally made the two men undress and get out of the vehicle.  Police in Nashville are seeking the public's help in identifying the four men.

Police in eastern Kentucky busted a man in the parking lot of a Danville Wal-mart after finding evidence of an active meth lab in his vehicle.

Earlier today a security guard in Myrtle Beach was punched in the face.  The security guard was assualted after a confrontation with a man that had been drinking.  The security guard asked the man to leave several times, but the man refused to listen.  The man that assualted the security officer was arrested.

Earlier this week authorities in California arrested a group of men and seized 12 pounds of methamphetamine, money, firearms, and ammunition.  Among the men that were arrested was a man that is a security guard.  The security guard works at a local hospital.  In fact, the man was the head security guard at the hopital.

March 15, 2012;  It's difficult to believe that we are already halfway through the third month of 2012.  Time flies!!  

Warm temperatures will stay in Nashville for the next few days.  Scattered Thunderstorms have also been predicted for the next couple days.

A newly released report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows just how dangerous being a security guard really is.  The BLS report is based on 2009 statistics.  Security guards were more than twice as likely to die on the job than all other workers.  The most common cause of death among security guards was assualt.  The most common way a security guard was non-fatally injured was from falling.  Growth in jobs for security guards is expected to outpace all othe jobs combined from 2010 to 2020.

March 14, 2012:  Police in Murfreesboro have determined that a man that was found dead inside an abandoned home last Friday was intentionally killed.  Authorities are not releasing the cause of death.  The police are seeking the public's help for any information.  Police are now treating the case as a homocide.

Earlier today in south Nashville the SWAT team was called to calm down a woman that barricaded herself in a room and threatened to harm herself and shoot anyone that entered the room and tried to stop her.  Negotiators finally convinced the woman to come out peacefully.  No charges are expected to be filed for this incident.

Thanks to Paul for his help this morning and for every other time he helped us when we needed it most.

A man from Smithville, Tennessee pleaded guilty to falsely claiming to be a federal employee or officer and possessing and selling federal seals in federal court in Nashville yesterday.  The 65-year-old man ran a document vending business from his home in Smithville.  The man forged many signatures of federal officials.  He also advertised that many of his documents were authentic.  

A 15-year-old boy was taken into custody and is expected to be charged with aggravated assualt in connection with a shooting that happened in North Knoxville tonight.  According to police, the suspect shot a small-caliber handgun, and the victim was struck in the heel of his foot.  The victim injuries are nonlife-threatening.

A school board in New Jersey voted to ended their contract with the security guard company that has been providing the security guards for the town's high school and middle school.  Recently parents in this particular town have been expressing concern about student safety at the middle school and high school.  The school board listed many complaints about the security guards including not showing up for work as the reason to end the private security guard company's contract with the school board.  The school board replaced the security guards with a new director of security and several other people that all have law enforcement experience.  

March 13, 2012:  It has been a very busy beginning of the week at On Guard Security!!!  Busy is nothing to complain about, though.  We are glad to be busy and glad to be on guard.

Opry Mills Mall will have it's grand re-opening in 15 days.  Opry Mills Mall was greatly damaged and closed after Nashville's flood.

On Guard Security would like to congratulate the newest security guards to join us.  We are very pleased with our new hires, and we know our clients will be pleased as well.

A security guard in Louisiana has admitted to setting up hidden video cameras to film women using the bathroom during Mardi Gras.  The security guard's employer is the one that turned over the information to authorities.

Fishing went well this morning.  I caught several rainbow trout.  None of the fish were huge, but I made up for it with quantity.  The fish were really biting this morning!

March 12, 2012:  What a beautiful weekend we had here in Nashville!!!  The weather was perfect for just about anything that you could want to do outside.  Security guards that have outside posts were extremely fortunate for early March.

On Guard Security is currently looking for one professional, unarmed security guard in the Nashville area.  The security guard must be available to work full time.  Anyone that is interested can submit a form on the Career page of our website.

A security guard was shot while working at a restuarant yesterday in Florida.  The security guard was shot while trying to break up a fight between the shooter and another man.  The security guard is expected to survive the shooting.  The man that shot the security guard was apprehended not long after the incident.

A security guard at an airport in Hawaii is in the news this week.  The security guard told twenty people to leave the airport during severe thunderstorms.  Among the people that the security officer kicked out of the airport was a pregnant lady and a disabled man.  The spokeswoman for the airport has said that everyone is appalled by the security guard's decision.  According to reports, the security guard even threatened to call the police if the people didn't leave.  Hawaii's lieutenant governor has been trying to reach the people that were kicked out by phone to apologize for the security guard's bad decision.  The security guard works for a very large security guard company that operates nationally.  The security guard company said that the security guard has been reassigned and that they are looking into the particular incident and their policies at that particular post.

Once again I would like to thank Miles on behalf of everyone at On Guard Security.  Miles exemplifies everything that we expect of a security guard that wears our uniform.  Miles is vigilant, professional, and site appropriate every time.  Miles always goes above and beyond what is required of him.  Miles also uses sound judgement as a security guard.  Thank you, Miles!  Everything that you have done for us is greatly appreciated.

Police in Knoxville arrested a man for carjacking and shooting at a couple.  The incident happened last Friday.  Thankfully, the couple were able to get away.

An ex-youth minister in Smyrna has been charged with sexual battery of a minor.  The former female youth minister is alleged to have had inappropriate contact with a juvenile in January.

March 11, 2012:  Thanks to all our security guards and a special thanks to Peggy!

March 9, 2012:  A house catching on fire kept firemen busy until early this morning in Antioch.  A two-story house caught fire at around 7pm yesterday.  Thankfully, all the residents of the house escaped without injury.

A 48-year-old man in Eastern Kentucky was charged with murder yesterday for the death of his wife.  The accused man is suffering from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound and is being treated at a hospital.

Police in Sevier County, Tennessee arrested several people that allegedly sell drugs yesterday.  The arrests come after a six month undercover investigation.  The drug charges are for morphine, marijuana, oxycodone, and other drugs. 

March 8, 2012:  Special thanks to Todd.

Kentucky State Police arrested four men earlier this week for allegedly stealing metal from storm damaged areas in Laurel County to sell as scrap metal.  The men had been allowed into restricted areas to help with the storm cleanup, but instead they were taking tin and aluminum siding to sell for scrap.

Fishing was great for everyone exxcept me today below Percy Priest Dam.  The hybrids and striper seem to be biting.  The rain eventually made me call it quits sooner than I wanted to, but I will be back on the next decent day.

March 7, 2012:  On Guard Security would like to thank Sharon and Lloyd for their help.

Policee in Nashville charged a 19-year-old man with homicide yesterday in connection with a shooting death on Monday night.  The suspect was injured while police apprehended him.  According to police, the suspect reached for his waistband as if he were going to pull out a gun when police officers were chasing him.  The suspect was shot in the arm.  Police recovered a handgun from the spot where the suspect was shot.  The handgun that was found has been linked to Monday night's murder by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's ballistic testing. 

In California a man was arrested today for stabbing a security guard multiple times a few days ago.  The security guard was stabbed at least three times with an 8-inch fixed-blade knife.  Luckily, a bystander chased away the security guard's assailant with pepper spray.  The security guard was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a hospital.

March 6, 2012:  A Springfield woman was arrested today on more than 100 counts of obtaining prescription pills illegally in Robertson and Davidson counties.

Thanks to all our security guards and clients!

A very special thanks to Peggy and Miles!

A security guard in California was found guilty of seven counts of attempted murder for a 2010 shooting spree at an elementary school.  Luckily, the security guard did not kill any of the children during the shooting.

March 3, 2012:  Happy birthday, Vonda!!!!

A former math teacher at Glencliff High School was indicted and arrested on statutory rape charges last night.  The charges come from an alleged sexual relationship with a student.  

March 2, 2012:  Last night in north Nashville an officer-involved shooting was reported.  According to reports, a police officer pulled a car over at around 9 p.m. last night.  The driver quickly reached for something inside the vehicle as the police officer approached.  The officer fired shots at the man and hit him.  The policeman was not injured in the incident. 

Yesterday a Nolensville police officer was charged with extortion and mail fraud.  The federal charges come from the officer allegedly taking payments from an individual rather than arresting him for his crimes.

March 1, 2012:  A security guard in Chicago was assualted with a knife while on duty earlier this week.  The security guard was working at a Kmart when he attempted to stop a man that was stealing knives.  The shoplifter slashed the security guard's hand when he was confronted and fled.  The man is not in custody yet.

Authorities in Rutherford County have charged five people for involvement with recent burglaries in Eagleville. 

It is hard to believe that it is already March.  This year is flying by already.  January and February were good months for On Guard Security.  All of our security guard operations were done without any major incidents.  Our clients and our security guards remained safe.

A security guard in Baltimore is being charged with sexual assualt.  The security guard worked at a hospital and allegedly sexually assualted a person that was receiving treatment at the hospital.

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