March, 2013

March 31, 2013: Happy Easter, everyone!!!! Hopefully everyone will have a safe and happy Easter Sunday. Thanks to all the private security guards, law enforcement personnel, EMTs, firefighters, and all the others that have to work this holiday to help keep us safe!!! It is often unnoticed when these people are doing their jobs. If they were not doing their jobs, everyone would certainly notice. Thank you. On that note, I would like to give special thanks to the officers that are working a post today for On Guard Security.

March 29, 2013: Happy Good Friday!!!! I sincerely hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter weekend!

March 28, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. Special thanks to Lt. White, Captain Teal, Nabil, Officer Owens, Britt, and Peggy. All of your effort and hard work is appreciated!
On Guard Security is currently looking to hire three unarmed security guards for a post in the Nashville area. Applicants should already be licensed as an unarmed security guard in Tennessee. Applicants should have experience in law enforcement, the military, corrections, or at another contract security guard company. Anyone that is interested in applying for one of the positions should complete the form on the Career page of our website.

March 27, 2013: Last weekend's Operation Safer Streets, an anti-gang initiative carried out by the Metro Nashville Police Department, resulted in 65 arrests. The arrests come from 6 felonies, 57 misdemeanors, and 20 outstanding warrants. The initiative was started to stop gang crime and gang activity in Nashville. Police also seized 15 grams of marijuana and 1.3 grams of cocaine.
Construction workers in north Nashville discovered a body this afternoon inside of a vacant building. The body was found inside a vacant building on 10th Avenue North. Police are not yet releasing many details. It is unknown if foul play is suspected in the death.

March 26, 2013: It's still very cold here in Nashville. Parts of the ground are covered by last night's snow. It is still really cold and windy. Too cold for late March in Tennessee. This late winter weather has caused traffic problems and school closures in many counties in middle Tennessee.
Earlier this week in California a private security guard was shot and killed. The security guard was not on duty at the time of the shooting. The security guard was at a party in an apartment, but he was playing the part of a security guard even though he was off. The security guard tried to break up a fight that had started at the party. After the fight an unidentified suspect shot the security guard multiple times. The security guard died at the scene of the crime. Two other people that were at the party were also shot. The other victims were both taken to the hospital, and both are expected to survive.
Thanks to all the people at On Guard Security, Inc that help make all our security guard operation successful. Special thanks to LaToya, Captain Teal, Officer Owens, Nabil, Peggy, Britt, and Kyle. There are many, many more that deserve thanks for their contribution. Unfortunately, I do not have the time, memory, or room to thank everyone that has helped us out along the way.
Early yesterday morning in south Nashville a stolen vehicle was wrecked into a Verizon store. The incident happened at around 1:30 am at the Verizon store at Nippers Corner in south Nashville. Clean-up crews were at the location early Monday to clean up the area. A new door was needed, too. The store still opened for business on Monday. No arrests have been made in connection with this incident.
Police officers in south Nashville arrested a man early this morning for drug charges. The man was acting nervous during a routine traffic stop on Linbar Drive, according to police. A headlight was out on the vehicle that he was driving. A pat down of the suspect led to the discovery of 17 balloons of drugs. The suspect later admitted that he was on his way to a house on Antioch Drive to sell the drugs.
Early this morning in Murfreesboro, Tennessee a police officer that was patrolling was flagged down by an 18-year-old woman. The woman told police that she and her boyfriend were robbed at gunpoint by three or four men. The men kicked down the door to the woman's apartment, then kicked down the door to her room. All the suspects were black, wearing black hooded-sweatshirts, and all armed with handguns. Officers went to the woman's apartment to find her 19-year-old boyfriend. The boyfriend had been pistol-whipped three times in the face. The 19-year-old man said that one of the suspects pointed a firearm at him and pulled the trigger three times, but the gun never fired. The robbers made the victims ransack the woman's apartment. The suspects fled with a few electronics. Police are investigating this incident.

March 25, 2013: Last night was a very cold and windy night for early Spring here in Nashville. I had to cover a security guard post last night, too. I can definitely attest to how cold it was because much of the patrols that had to be done on my post were outside. Fortunately, I was fairly well prepared for just about any kind of weather with a tactical bag in the trunk of my car with all sorts of security guard clothing.
It's snowing again in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a very cold and windy, too. I am ready for Spring weather.
A woman in Utah was arrested earlier this week for assaulting a private security guard and shoplifting. The woman was confronted by a private security guard inside of a retail store for shoplifting. The woman became combative with the unarmed security guard. It was even reported that the suspect was also combative with bystanders. Police eventually arrived and arrested the woman.

March 24, 2013: A convicted felon in Nashville allegedly robbed several people yesterday morning at Cedar Hills and Shelby Parks. The 24-year-old suspect is in jail and is charged with three counts of aggravated robbery and three counts of attempted aggravated robbery. The suspect allegedly pulled up to several people in his truck with a handgun and wearing a mask. The suspect then demanded money and other belongings from the victims. None of the victims were injured. At least two of the victims did not give the robber what he had asked for and fled. Police pulled the suspect over on Gallatin Pike near Briley Parkway. A mask and a revolver were discovered by officers during a search of the vehicle. Detectives say that the suspect admitted to the robberies later during questioning. The suspect was already out on a $39,000 bond for charges of burglary, drug possession, and theft.
According to the weather forecast, there is a possibility of snow in Nashville on Monday. In the mean time, the rain continues.
Last week at a hospital in Washington state private security guards used a Taser on a belligerent patient. The patient admitted himself to the hospital, but refused to let hospital personnel treat him. The 23-year-old man became disorderly. Security guards were called to escort the man out of the building. Once outside the man began threatening the private security guards that had escorted him out of the hospital. The man threw a book at one of the security guards and lunged at him. One of the private security guards that were present shocked the suspect with a Taser. Police arrived a short time later and arrested the suspect.
A 50-year-old man in Iowa was sentenced to not more than five years in prison and fined $750 for assaulting a 79-year-old private security guard. The man assaulted the security guard because of a parking ticket. Initially, the man was charged with misdemeanor assault for the incident. He was later charged with a felony because of the extensive injuries to the private security guard. The security guard suffered a compound fracture of the arm, a fractured hip, and other injuries because of the attack.
A private security guard in Massachusetts found that a racial slur along with the words "get out" had been spray-painted all over a security guard booth. The security guard made the discovery Thursday morning when he reported for duty. The security guard booth that was vandalized sits in a satellite parking lot that a school and a hospital share. According to reports, a security guard that worked the overnight shift ran off a group of youths from the hospitals main parking lot. The group had broken a window out of a vehicle in the hospital's parking lot. Police are investigating the incident.

March 23, 2013: Earlier this month in Nashville a Davidson County Criminal Court Judge ruled that members of the Kurdish Pride Gang fell within the definition of a public nuisance. The ruling comes 9 months after Metro filed a civil suit against 22 alleged members of the gang. The ruling came in the form of a permanent injunction which forbids the suspects from congregating or meeting in certain places. Paragon Mills Park in south Nashville was specifically mentioned in the injunction. Only 14 of the 22 that were initially named in the suit were in the judges ruling. Several of the alleged gang members admitted that they were in the Kurdish Pride Gang in court. Detectives with the Metro Nashville Police Department presented evidence such as pictures of the suspects wearing gang colors to prove that the defendants were actually gang members.
A suspected drug dealer is in jail in Nashville for allegedly retaliating on a couple that had reported his drug dealing to police. According to police, the suspected drug dealer fired six or seven rounds into the couple's home and vehicle. While the couple was at the police station reporting the shooting, the man allegedly set the couple's home on fire. According to reports, the suspected drug dealer and the couple were in a dispute that had been going on for at least a year.
Yesterday in Oregon an attempted robbery of an armored truck was stopped by an armed security guard. The armed guard was unloading money at a U.S. Bank when he was approached by a man that attempted to rob him. It is not known whether or not the robber was armed. The robber's hands were in his pockets. The private security guard pulled his weapon, and the robber fled the scene.
It has become a rainy night here in Nashville. I hope all our private security guards that work a post tonight prepared for the possibility of rain, especially the security guards that must be outside at all during their shift. It will not be an enjoyable night if you are wet for your entire shift.
Thanks to Brandon B. for helping out with graphic design issues and some computer problems that we have had.

March 22, 2013: A major heroine distribution ring was busted today in Knoxville. A total of 19 people were indicted in connection with the investigation. 14 of those suspects are in custody. According to the Knoxville Police Department the group was able to market and sell the heroine as a cheaper alternative to prescription pain pills.
Thanks to all the people that help out around here. Thanks to all our private security guards. Thanks to all the non-security personnel that make the security guard operations possible. Frequently the office workers and support personnel are not recognized for their role in a contract security guard company. There work is behind the scenes, but it is equally important. Special thanks to Britt and Peggy.

March 21, 2013: Earlier this morning in Bellevue firefighters responded to a house fire on Cross Timbers Drive. Two people were injured in the fire. One man that was pulled from the burning house by firefighters had to be taken to the hospital. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
It is much colder this morning in Nashville especially for the second day of Spring.
Earlier this week in south Nashville police officers arrested a man that is suspected of robbing at least twelve businesses in Davidson and Cheatham County. The robberies began in late February in Cheatham County. The suspect robbed two businesses on St. Patrick's Day and three businesses the next day. The suspect was arrested about an hour after his final robbery, a Shipley's in Donelson. The suspect reportedly admitted to the robberies. Rutherford County is looking at the suspect as possibly responsible for certain robberies.
A boxer in Florida was arrested earlier this week for biting a security guard at a hotel. Apparently the boxer was involved in an altercation at the hotel when private security guards that work at the hotel attempted to intervene. One of the security guards tried to pull the boxer out of the fight. The boxer bit the private security guard on the forearm. Police officers eventually arrived and arrested the boxer for simple battery.
A school district in Pennsylvania recently hired three private armed security guards to patrol schools in the district. The armed guards are being used in addition to metal detectors that were recently purchased. Each of the three armed security guards will be assigned one building in the school district for 180 days. The three security guards have experience in corrections or law enforcement. The security officers will be armed with .40-caliber Glock handguns just like the local police officers there. The security guards will not have the power to make arrests according to reports. The school board is still looking to make things safer since implementing private security guards. The school board is currently looking into a possible restriction on backpacks. They may seek to require all backpacks be see-through.
Thanks to Lt. White, Captain Teal, Officer Owens, Sandra, Britt, Officer Stark, Peggy, and all of our security personnel!!!!

March 20, 2013: Police in Nashville arrested a 24-year-old woman last night for setting four trash can fires at St. Thomas Hospital. Security cameras show the woman in the area of each fire around the time that it began. The suspect admitted to starting at least one of the fires. The woman is charged with four counts of reckless burning.
A man in Maine is in custody today. The man was shoplifting from an area supermarket when private security guards that work at the supermarket noticed. The private security guards confronted the suspect. The suspect started to run from the security guards. At some point during the chase, the suspect pulled out a knife and told the security guards to back off. The man was arrested by police officers a short time later at his residence. The man is being charged with robbery and theft.

March 19, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security!! Special thanks to T.J., Lt. White, Peggy, Kyle, and Britt for always making sure that everything is taken care of around the office and all posts are covered.
A Rutherford County Sheriff's deputy was arrested yesterday for federal cocaine charges. On the 13th of March DEA agents apprehended a man at the Nashville International Airport with seven kilograms of cocaine. The DEA, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, and the 20th Judicial Task Force began a joint investigation into who was buying the cocaine in middle Tennessee. The man that was caught at the airport with cocaine cooperated with law enforcement to set up the local cocaine buyers. Yesterday the cooperator met with the Sheriff's deputy, and the deputy took possession of the cocaine. Federal agents placed the deputy under arrest once he had taken possession of the cocaine.
It is cold and clear here in Nashville for the final day of Winter. I welcome Spring and warmer temperatures.
A surveillance video has surfaced in Canada that could potentially cause a few private security guards to be arrested. The security guards that are in the video have been accused of using excessive force. The security guards were on duty at a mall in Canada when the incident occurred. In the video five private security guards take down one man that ended up being arrested and then released by the police. Police are investigating. No security guards have been arrested yet.
On Guard Security is currently looking to hire two new private security guards for posts in the Nashville area. We need one part-time unarmed security guard and one full-time armed guard. The unarmed guard position will be mostly second shift and will be between 15 and 25 hours per week. The armed security guard position will be 32-40 hours a week and will require the officer to work many different shifts depending on our needs. All applicants should already be licensed in Tennessee as an unarmed guard or an armed guard depending on the position applied for. All applicants should have experience in the military, corrections, law enforcement, or with another security guard company. Anyone that is interested should complete the form on the Career page of this website or email us

March 18, 2013: Thanks to all the security guards and others that helped over the weekend. It was an extremely busy weekend. It was also unexpected. Everyone helped out, and we were able to serve all of our clients. Special thanks to Captain Teal, Lt. White, Officer Gipson, Officer Jones, Officer Stark, Officer Nease, and Peggy.
It's a rainy morning in Nashville. There are scattered thunderstorms throughout the area. Apparently there are a few places without electricity. I just received a call from someone at On Guard Security's office telling me that we are currently without power.
Last Saturday in north Nashville a 19-year-old man was shot and critically injured during an apparent robbery. The victim was shot twice. According to the victim a gold-colored car pulled up beside him as he walked to the store. Three men got out of the vehicle and demanded his money. All three of the suspects were armed. One was armed with a shotgun. The suspects took the victim's cell phone and $30. A neighbor heard the argument and gunshots.
The National Weather Service has confirmed the touchdown of a tornado earlier today in Christiana, Tennessee. Dozens of trees were knocked over. Several houses were damaged when the storm passed through earlier this afternoon. The National Weather Service is now also confirming two more touchdowns. They have confirmed touchdowns this morning in Rutherford County and in Dickson County.

March 17, 2013: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 16, 2013: A small marijuana grow operation was discovered earlier this week in Murfreesboro. Police in Murfreesboro were told about the apartment where the small grow operation was by employees of the apartment complex. The employees found the operation while they were spraying for bugs. Police obtained a search warrant and began the investigation.
Another beautiful, warm day in Nashville!!
An 18-year-old was shot three times last night at an apartment complex in south Nashville. The shooting occurred around 9:15 PM last night. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening according to reports. Few details have been released at this time. Police are investigating the incident.
Police in Nashville busted two marijuana grow houses that were only a few houses apart on Thursday. Police executed search warrants on Myrtle Street in north Nashville. Police officers found grow lights, 60 marijuana plants, and other equipment used to grow marijuana in the first house. In the second house police found nearly a pound of marijuana, a handgun, and other paraphernalia. One person was arrested in each case. Police have not been able to link the two people or their operations.
A private security guard in Virginia was shot multiple times at a sports bar earlier this week. Investigators are still searching for the man that drove up to the sports bar and fired multiple rounds into the bar that was full of people. The security guard was hit in each leg. The private security guard was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

Congratulations to the graduates of On Guard Security's March Handgun Carry Class. We had an enjoyable and informative class.

March 15, 2013: It is a very warm morning here in Nashville, Tennessee!
Thanks to T.J., LaToya, Nabil, and all our other security guards!!
An investigation into drug smuggling into the Lawrence County Detention Center in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee led to 10 people facing charges. It is reported that many items that are considered contraband were being brought into the jail through inmates' personal property. Six of the ten that are being charged were visitors to the jail. Four that are charged are inmates.
The city of Enfield, Connecticut plans to have armed security guards in all their schools. The town council and the school board will vote on it next week. The council and school board have both come out and recommended that the ten schools in their district should have private security guards. They are also trying to work out a budget that would allow them to provide an armed guard in the private schools in that same district.
On Guard Security will have it's March Handgun Carry Class today and tomorrow. There are many people with reserved spots. There are a few seats left. If interested in attending tonight's Handgun Carry Class, contact us at (615) 361-4141. The cost at the door is $100. For more information about this and other classes that we offer check out our Classes and Training page.
A woman in Antioch is charged with child neglect for leaving her children home alone. Police were called when a motorist nearly hit a child that was wandering around in the street. When police officers arrived, they found three children that were alone without a phone or any way to contact their parents. While police officers were at the home the mother returned. The mother claimed to have been picking up her husband from work and grabbing a pizza for dinner. The woman was arrested and charged with child neglect.

March 14, 2013: A 25-year-old man was shot and killed last night in Nashville. Police are not releasing too many details at this time. Police say that four or five men that were carrying guns approached the victim last night outside of a house on Ewingwood Drive. The suspects fired multiple shots, and the victim died at the scene.
Yesterday in Ohio a private security guard that was working at a bank was assaulted during an armed robbery of the bank. According to reports, the suspect hit the security guard in the face with a silver handgun that the suspect was carrying. The suspect then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash. It is unclear whether the security guard at the bank was an armed guard or an unarmed guard. It is also unknown whether the security guard confronted the suspect or not.
Thanks to Lt. White, Captain Teal, Peggy, Britt, and all of our security guards! Without security guards that are truly committed to our goal of providing a quality security guard service to all of our clients.
It is a rainy night in Nashville. I certainly don't feel like getting out in this weather, but duty calls.
Early this morning in east Nashville a house was set on fire with three people inside the residence. A neighbor reports seeing a man throw two Molotov cocktails at the house. No one was injured. Police are investigating the incident. Police are reporting that they believe that this was a random act of violence.

March 13, 2013: Yesterday in Nashville a man that was posing as a panhandler pulled out a gun and kidnapped two people in a truck that refused to give him money. The incident happened at a Mapco near Stewart's Ferry. Fortunately, two Metro police officers were nearby when the incident occurred. The police officers pulled the suspect over shortly after the incident. The suspect threw his pistol out of the vehicle before finally pulling over. The suspect was taken into custody without any further incident. The two victims were not harmed. The suspect was already out on bond for three felony drug charges from an incident in January. The suspect told police that he kidnapped the victims because he was angry that they refused to give him any money.
Thank you and congratulations to Lt. White!!!! Her exemplary work is a major asset to On Guard Security. Thanks Lt. White!! We couldn't do this without you!!
Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation discovered a meth lab in Wilson County today. The meth lab was discovered inside of a barn. The man that owns the property where the lab was found was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and initiating the process of making meth. Agents found empty packs of pseudoephedrine, muriatic acid, cooking pots, and various other components that are used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. The investigation began when the suspect sold meth to an operative that was working with the Metro Nashville Police Department.
Earlier this week in Texas someone wrecked three private security guard vehicles. The security vehicles belonged to a hospital security patrol. The three golf carts were taken and driven around a nearby park. The suspects wrecked the patrol vehicles into the bay. Two of the vehicles were totaled. The third needs major repairs. The private security guards that work at the hospital will have much less mobility on their security patrols until the vehicles are replaced.

March 12, 2013: Earlier today in north Nashville police officers busted a suspected drug ring and arrested seven people. Police smelled marijuana around an apartment near Buena Vista Pike. When police searched the apartment they discovered seven people hiding in the apartment and 66 grams of marijuana. None of the people that were in the apartment actually live in the apartment according to police.
Early this morning in Antioch a man was arrested for allegedly stabbing two women. According to police, the suspect stabbed his sister-in-law at around 1 AM at her home in Antioch. The man drove back to his house on Forest Breeze Drive in Antioch and stabbed his wife. The suspect then ran off, but was apprehended by police soon after. Both of the victims are in the hospital in critical condition. The suspect had been arrested Sunday night, too. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly throwing a brick at her vehicle while she was driving.
A private security guard in Virginia was arrested earlier this week. Police arrested a private security guard that was working a post at a mall for impersonating a police officer. Allegedly the armed guard pulled up beside a man and threatened to arrest him. The security guard claimed that the victim had identified himself as a police officer, claimed that the victim had broken the law, and unholstered his firearm. The private security guard was arrested by police officers a short time later. The security guard was also charged with brandishing a firearm.
A Nashville security guard's duty belt and firearm were found by the side of the road in Murfreesboro early Sunday morning by a man that was walking home from a night out with his friends. The security guard had been working earlier that day when his car was broken into and a backpack that contained these items and other belongings was stolen. Fortunately, the man that found the firearm by the side of the road turned it over to police in Murfreesboro.
On Guard Security is now hiring! We need one part-time experienced armed security guard for the Nashville area. This armed guard position will be in the Nashville area. Position will be mostly second shift with an occasional third shift. This part-time position will be 15-28 hours a week. Applicants must be able to begin immediately. Applicants must already have a valid Tennessee armed security guard license. Anyone applying should also have experience in law enforcement, the military, corrections, or with a private security guard company. Anyone interested in this position should complete the form on the Career page of our website.

March 11, 2013: It is a rainy morning here in Nashville!! Traffic was a nightmare even though it is a relatively short distance between my home and On Guard Security's offices.
Thanks to Captain Teal for the late night hours that he worked last night on a security guard post. Thanks to Peggy, Kyle, and Britt.
Over the weekend in Nashville police arrested an alleged drug dealer. The incident occurred in an Exxon gas station in south Nashville. The suspect accidentally pulled out a large bag of cocaine while he was trying to check out. A Metro police officer happened to be standing near the man. The police officer spotted the bag and arrested the suspect. The suspect is charged with felony cocaine possession.
Over the weekend in New York a 16-year-old was shot and killed by undercover police officers. The 16-year-old had apparently pointed a .38 caliber handgun at one of the undercover officers after adjusting the firearm in his waistband. Two undercover officers both fired multiple shots at the 16-year-old. The 16-year-old died from the gunshot wounds.
A private security guard at a college in Colorado was hit by a vehicle while he was patrolling on a golf cart. The security guard was injured, but the injuries are non-life threatening. The vehicle that hit the private security guard was stolen and was being driven by a 14-year-old. The 14-year-old was attempting to flee from police officers that were chasing him when he hit the security guard.
Also, I would like to thank Security Officer Nease for helping out tonight by working an extra shift.

March 10, 2013: Thanks to Captain Teal, Sandra, and Officer Stark. I would also like to thank a non-security personnel that works at On Guard Security, Inc. Thanks to Kyle, Peggy, and Britt!!!
Earlier this week in Putnam County, Tennessee a teenager pulled a gun on a stranger on his property. The 18-year-old told police officers that a man wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt was near the barn on his parent's property when he first saw him. The teenager grabbed a .410 shotgun and asked the intruder what he wanted. The intruder pulled out a pistol, but the teenager shot first. The intruder ran off. Police have added an extra patrol in the area where the incident was reported.
It has been a very nice weekend for early March in Nashville. I'm sure every security guard that works an outside post is more than ready for the winter weather to end.
Last week in New York a private security guard at a bar was shot when he opened the door to the bar. The security guard was shot by two men that had pulled up in front of the bar. Two of the bar's patrons were also shot. The entire incident was caught on video by the bar's surveillance cameras.
On Guard Security is currently hiring experienced private security guards. We need one armed security guard for a part-time position in the Nashville area. We also need an unarmed security guard for a full-time position in Antioch. Anyone that is interested in applying for either position should complete the contact form on the Career page of our website. All applicants should already be licensed as an armed security guard or unarmed security guard in Tennessee depending on what position is being applied for. Applicants should have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, or at a private security guard company. Both positions start in a few days.

March 9, 2013: Everyone be sure to set your clocks ahead an hour. Especially all of our security guards!!!! WE LOSE ONE HOUR TONIGHT!!!!!

March 8, 2013: It's a sunny and cold morning here in Nashville. A very special thanks goes out to Captain Teal for assisting me with a client early this morning.
Get Well Soon, Sandra!!!
Police officers in Murfreesboro are searching for a man that allegedly shot another man several times Wednesday night near Patterson Park. According to police, the two men had been fighting when one of the men pulled out a handgun and shot the other man several times as he ran away. The victim was treated in an area hospital. The suspect is now wanted for especially aggravated assault.
Last night in Nashville a cab driver was attacked by his passengers when they were dropped off on Milwood Drive and did not want to pay the cab fare. During the attack on the cab driver one of the four suspects hit the victim in the head with a pistol and took his car keys. The victim was taken to Southern Hills Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

March 7, 2013: Thanks to T.J. and Latoya for helping last night!
Earlier today in Nashville a man was arrested for possession of a firearm on the grounds of an east Nashville high school. A security officer at Stratford High School found bullets on the school property this morning and called police officers. Officers checked video from the school's surveillance cameras to see who was in the area of the bullets. Police identified a likely suspect. The 18-year-old that police had suspected was responsible for the bullets had a firearm in his possession. The student said that he brought the gun to school because he felt threatened. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The school was not placed on lock down.
Earlier today police in Nashville arrested three homeless men for arson. The men had allegedly broken into a building on 13th Avenue and started a fire to stay warm. The building eventually caught on fire. An adjacent building was also damaged in the fire.
It is a sunny, nice day for early March in Nashville, Tennessee.
Earlier this week in California three men were arrested and charged with burglary after they were spotted trying to burglarize a business by a private off-site security guard. The security guard was monitoring the company from miles away watching surveillance cameras and spotted the three men jump over the fence at the business. The private security guard quickly called the police. Police found all three men inside the fence of the business. Two men managed to escape initially, but they were soon apprehended by police officers.
Earlier this week in Knoxville a security guard that was on duty at a nightclub was shot. The private security guard was shot in the ankle. The private guard heard tMarch wo men arguing outside of the club. When the guard went to investigate the cause of the arguing, he saw two Hispanic males arguing and one of them had a handgun. The private security guard immediately tried to run away. Shots were fired. The security guard does not believe that the shooter was trying to hit him.
A very special thanks to Daekwon and LaToya from everyone at On Guard Security, Inc.!
Police officers in Williamson County seized 80 pounds of marijuana earlier this week during a routine traffic stop on I-65. The marijuana would have had a street value of around $250,000. The men in the vehicle were arrested. The traffic stop happened just south of 840 on I-65.

March 6, 2013: Thanks to all our security professionals!!!

March 5, 2013: Thanks to all our private security guards at On Guard Security! Thanks to all our non-security personnel. A very special thanks to T.J. and Latoya. Thanks to Peggy and Britt for all the help at On Guard Security's office in Nashville.
The Glen Rock Board of Education in New Jersey has decided to hire a "greeter" at a combination middle/high school. The "greeter" would serve the same function as a security guard. The "greeter" would be unarmed because of the police chief's recommendation to use unarmed security personnel in schools. People familiar with the board's decision say that they are planning to hire someone with experience in law enforcement.
A large business association in California has recently hired a contract security guard company to assist the nearly 700 businesses in the association. The security guard company was hired to patrol the area that the businesses are in 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The decision to hire a security guard patrol came after recent success that the organization has had with private security guard companies.
An off-duty court security guard in Bowling Green, Kentucky shot a man in a Bowling Green parking lot. The men had apparently had a confrontation prior to the shooting. The incident occurred at about 3 p.m. last Tuesday. The man that was shot was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center. The man died later that evening. Kentucky State Police are investigating the incident. The court security guard shot the victim while he was sitting in his vehicle.
An unarmed female security guard in Texas was shot multiple times by her husband while she was on post as a security guard. According to reports, the husband pulled up to the security guard's post in an 18-wheeler and began arguing with his wife. The man eventually jumped out of the vehicle and started chasing his wife. At some point the man fired several shots. The victim was hit several times and died at the scene.
It's a nasty, rainy day here in Nashville, Tennessee! Hope all the private security guards that work a post tonight remembered to bring their rain gear. It is always an unpleasant shift when you are cold and damp. An uncomfortable security guard is normally less effective.

March 4, 2013: Earlier today in south Nashville a man was arrested by police officers for waving a gun at his neighbor. The incident allegedly took place near a school bus stop where 10 children were waiting for their school bus. Police officers arrested the man and charged him with aggravated assault. The handgun was reportedly unloaded. The incident stems from an ongoing dispute between the neighbors. Extra security remains in the south Nashville neighborhood through this afternoon.

March 3, 2013: Happy Birthday to Vonda!

March 1, 2013: Last month was a record month for On Guard Security, Inc. in nearly every way that you could measure growth for a contract security guard company. We provide our private security guard services to several new clients. We have had the opportunity to work with several new private security guards. We have even hired a few new private security officers to join On Guard Security. We learned about new security procedures and products.


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