May, 2012

May 31, 2012: Happy Birthday Kaitlin!

May 28, 2012: Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoys their day off work. Thanks to all the security guards, law enforcement officers, and other people that work in industries that can not take a day off or a break.

May 27, 2012: It is reported that Vice cops in Nashville made 142 arrests last week on prostitution and drug charges. Along with the arrests, the policemen seized marijuana, cocaine, guns, drug money, and other illegal items. A year long investigation and undercover police work led to a police raid at a business in Dickson County, Tennessee. The investigation was for prostitution and was carried out by local officers and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Four people were arrested during the raid. The suspects were all charged with misdemeanors. This marks the second time in just over a year that the same business has been raided for prostitution. A Smyrna man was arrested last week for selling prescription pills to an undercover detective in Nashville. A search of the man's home led to the discovery and seizure of $67,100 in cash, nine vehicles, 6,334 prescription pills, and over 9 ounces of cocaine. The TBI was also involved in the investigation.

May 26, 2012: Thanks to Tiffany for her help at On Guard Security's office yesterday. Yesterday in federal court in Nashville a former police officer with the Metro Nashville Police Department was sentenced to ten years in federal prison for drug charges.

May 25, 2012: Five people were arrested in Hendersonville, Tennessee yesterday and charged with theft. All five people that were arrested were employees of a Sears Outlet store in Hendersonville. Two other employees are expected to be charged with misdemeanor theft charges. Police are still investigating. A private security guard was shot in the head in Memphis last night. The security guard was working at an apartment complex in Memphis. According to reports the security guard was in a guard shack at the apartment complex when three men drove up and began shooting at him. The contract security guard was hit at least one time in the head. The security officer has been taken to the hospital, but he remains in critical condition. Residents at the apartment complex attribute the security guard being shot to gang violence. Thanks to all our security officers and a very special thanks to Sean and Sharon for helping out yesterday. Our next concealed carry permit class will be held in less than a week (May 31st at 6 PM). Our seating is limited. The class is nearly full already. Prepaying will cost less and ensure that your spot in our class is reserved for you.

May 24, 2012: On Guard Security would like to welcome Sean to the On Guard team. It's a hot day in Nashville. Any security guards with outside posts or patrols will definitely feel it today. Unarmed security guards and especially armed security guards often have an even harder time in hot weather because they frequently wear body armor or bulletproof vests.

May 23, 2012: A high school in Nashville was locked down for nearly two hours yesterday because of an active investigation by the Nashville police in the area. Police were looking for a suspect in a home invasion, robbery, and sexual assault that occurred in the area of the high school. Last night in Nashville a hotel was robbed. The suspect robbed the hotel night clerk with a knife according to police. The suspect fled the scene of the crime on foot. Fortunately, no one was injured. A man in Nashville was apprehended by private security guards over the weekend at Opry Mills Mall. The man was allegedly attempting to take videos or photographs up a teenage girl's skirt. The girl's mother noticed the man attempting to take the photos or videos of her daughter and alerted security. According to reports the suspect allegedly consented to a search of his cell phone when he was apprehended by security guards. The phone did contain videos of the girl.

May 22, 2012: Welcome back Peggy!!!! Early Sunday morning in Kentucky two off-duty police officers were injured after someone began shooting. The officers were working as private security at the time of the shooting. Both of the police officers were wearing police uniforms at the time of the incident. No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Both of the officers received minor wounds on their hands. The officers were armed, but neither officer fired his gun.

May 21, 2012: Several private security guards in California filed a lawsuit against Service Employees International Union. The security guards allege that they were victims of unfair labor practices at the hands of SEIU. The private security guards claim that they were forced to pay more union dues than union members because of earlier charges that the security guards filed against the union. The security guards that filed the suit are all employed by the same private security company. Police in Columbia, Tennessee are looking for a man that robbed a liquor store in Maury County last night. According to police the man had his face covered with his shirt and took money from the store at gunpoint. The man that owns the car in which the suspect left the robbery has already been arrested and charged as an accomplice. Security at an airport in New York caught the pilot of an airplane with a firearm. The pilot was not authorized or licensed to carry the firearm. Security guards found the loaded revolver in the pilot's baggage. A police officer in Philadelphia was severely beaten with his own baton over the weekend. The officer was attacked by a robbery suspect. The uniformed police officer arrived to investigate a report of attempted robbery alone in a marked police car. The officer was attacked by a man that was accused of trying to steal another man's backpack. When the police officer approached the accused man, the suspect began punching him. The officer attempted to defend himself with his baton. The officer lost his baton during the struggle. The police officer was able to call for backup. The suspect that had initially been trying to take the officers firearm during the struggle got the baton and began beating the officer. The suspect was shot five or six times. Even after being shot the man continued to beat the policeman. Both men were hospitalized. The police officer has been released. Late last week in California several robbers broke into a tire store and stole more than $500,000 in merchandise. The armed robbers held members of the store's private security at gunpoint while the other robbers connected the trailers that were filled with merchandise to trucks that they had brought.

May 20, 2012: Harris Teeter hired private uniformed security guards for several stores in North Carolina. The contract security guards were hired because of several recent robberies of their stores in one particular area. Most recently a store employee was robbed by armed men. Thanks to Miles, Tyran, Jermaine, and all of our other security guards. Congratulations to Amy on her graduation from grad school. We are all so proud of you.

May 19, 2012: Earlier this week in Nashville a man was arrested and charged with burglary. The arrest is in connection with a string of recent burglaries.

May 18, 2012: Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed a bank in Bellevue this afternoon. The robbery occured around 3 PM today. The suspect handed the bank teller a note demanding money. Anyone with information about the robbery is urged to contact authorities.

May 17, 2012: Bridge's Domestic Violence Center, the only domestic violence shelter in Williamson County, reports that more victims of domestic violence are seeking help. The number of victims helped by Bridges is increasing. Financial troubles could be a factor in the increasing number of victim's seeking help. A home in LaVergne was severely damaged by a fire last night. Authorities report that the fire is being investigated as a crime scene. Thanks to Andy for helping yesterday morning. Yesterday in Michigan a security guard was hit by a car in a high school parking lot. The security officer was taken to the hospital after being hit. The female guard is still listed in critical condition. A student at the high school was driving the car that hit the security guard. The private security guard has worked at the school for 12 years. A body was found in Franklin, Tennessee this morning. Police are investigating.

May 16, 2012: Police in Murfreesboro arrested a man and charged him with sexual solicitation of a minor. The suspect is 35-years-old and worked as a student teacher at a high school in Murfreesboro earlier this year. The victim in the alleged crime is a 12-year-old. Investigators took over the victim's Facebook account recently to help catch the suspect.

May 15, 2012: Three contract security guards are being named as defendants in a suit that alleges that the guards are responsible for a man's death. The man died last December. Before he died he had to be restrained in the hospital by security guards. The man became hostile and began fighting the security guards. On Guard Security's next handgun carry class begins on May 31st. This class is filling up VERY fast. Anyone that wants to attend this class should pay in advance to reserve their spot. There are only so many available seats, and I can guarantee that we will have to turn some people away for this class. Police in Nashville responded to a shots fired call yesterday on South 7th St. One person was taken to the hospital in connection with the shooting.

May 14, 2012: A private security guard in Pennsylvania shot himself by accident late last week. The security guard shot himself with his own firearm in his office. There is no word on the guard's condition. A sergeant in the army died last Saturday in the hospital after a confrontation with police officers in North Carolina. Police officers that responded to a shots fired call arrived to see the sergeant in his driveway with a handgun. The sergeant refused to put the handgun down even though he was ordered to several times. The officers that were involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave with pay.

May 13, 2012: It is a rainy day in Nashville. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

May 12, 2012: Tennessee just passed new regulations last week that will make it more difficult for people to abuse prescription drugs. The new regulation is meant specifically to prevent and deter doctor shopping and pharmacy shopping. The new law will require pharmacies to use a new database that require doctors that are writing prescriptions and pharmacists that fill the prescriptions to report the details. People that doctor shop or pharmacy shop will be easily identifiable through the database. Thanks to all our security guards and other security personnel! A private security guard in Texas was arrested and charged with rape yesterday. The private security guard worked for a private security guard company that patrolled the Greyhound bus station in Houston. The security guard allegedly raped a pregnant woman in a security office at the bus station. The pregnant woman was caught by another security guard at the bus station with a small amount of marijuana. The pregnant woman was then given to the accused security guard to be dealt with. The man allegedly took the woman in the security office and raped her. The security guard says that the sex was consensual. The contract security guard company that employed the guard did an investigation into the incident and fired the former security guard. Last week at a mall in New York security guards noticed a strange trend. Security apprehended at least two men that were shoplifting. The security guards noticed that both of the would-be shoplifters were attempting to use pieces of aluminum foil to block the electronic sensors on the merchandise that they were trying to steal. A school security officer in Utah was fired earlier this month for a dress code violation. The security guard showed up to a birthday party at the high school where he worked wearing a Speedo-style bathing suit. Private security personnel at a mall in Texas are getting media attention this week. The security guards at this particular mall have started enforcing a dress code and curfew. Many mall patrons are upset by the new rules. Thank you, Miles. I thank Miles nearly once a week, but it is well deserved. Thanks for your help this morning and your flexibility. Yesterday in Florida an armed robbery of a barber shop escalated to much more. The man that robbed the barber shop was being followed by FBI agents when he committed the robbery. Also, an off-duty security guard was in the barber shop that he robbed. The security officer shot at the robber as he began to make his get away. When it was over, the robber had committed suicide and two law enforcement officers had been shot.

May 11, 2012: Congratulations on your graduation, Kaitlin!! We are very proud of you. An ex-member of the Golden Nugget's security in Atlantic City

has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was fired because he reported behavior that he thought was dangerous by the Executive Vice President. The man that was fired was the head of security at the Golden Nugget. Three deputies in Fayette County, Kentucky have been accused of stealing evidence. Guns were stolen from evidence. The investigators believe all three of the deputies had at least some part in stealing them. Some of the firearms ended up being sold to pawn shops. Private security guards and police officers worked together last night to help catch a convicted sex offender in Knoxville. The suspect allegedly went into a store in a mall in Knoxville and inappropriately touched one of the women that works there. Security and police officers eventually found the man. The suspect was arrested. It's a cool morning in Nashville. Happy Birthday to Soupone!!!!

On Guard Security took a little field trip to Knoxville, Tennessee today.

May 10, 2012: Police in Mt. Juliet made a large marijuana bust yesterday. Police were alerted to a marijuana dealer by an anonymous tip. Over $100,000 worth of marijuana was discovered at the man's residence. A former school security guard was sentenced to 30 years for producing child pornography today. This news is particularly disturbing because a security guard should be someone that people can trust. 30 years was the maximum amount of time that the security guard could have received. An armed security guard in Pennsylvania shot and killed a dog that attacked him earlier this week. Police determined that the private security guard acted lawfully when he shot the dog. Police in Nashville discovered a man with cocaine and a loaded handgun asleep in a car in Madison early this morning. The man was arrested and charged with possession with intent for the 3.2 grams of cocaine and a weapons charge for the handgun. Police in Nashville arrested a convicted felon on several charges last night after a two-hour manhunt in south Nashville. One man was arrested by Metro Nashville Police today, and another man was identified as a second suspect in a murder that took place yesterday afternoon in Antioch. The man that was arrested is twenty years old. The man that is still at large is eighteen years old. Police report that the victim was shot when he met the two young men to buy cocaine. There was a confrontation, and the victim was shot several times. On Guard Security is currently looking to hire one unarmed security guard for a security guard post in Nashville. Applicant must be licensed as an unarmed security guard in Tennessee. Prior experience as a private security guard is a plus. A security guard was murdered in Detroit last night. The private security guard was working as security at a church. The security guard was approached by two men in the church's parking lot. A struggle began between the security guard and the two suspects. One of the suspects fired a shot. The security guard died. The security officer that was killed was 84-years-old. A very special thanks to Robert for helping last night!

May 8, 2012: A neurosurgeon from Nashville was escorted off a Carnival Cruise Line ship on Sunday and questioned by the FBI. The neurosurgeon was questioned because of a Twitter post. The Twitter post led investigators to believe the surgeon was planning a bio-terrorist attack. A phone call made to Carnival also indicated that the man had an attack planned. The FBI investigators cleared the neurosurgeon of any wrongdoing.

May 7, 2012: A man in Tennessee was convicted of voluntary manslaughter last Friday for killing a convenience store security guard in 2010. The conviction of manslaughter was a lesser charge than first-degree murder, which the defendant was actually on trial for. A Knox County man is in jail today for allegedly kidnapping, raping, and robbing his girlfriend among other things. The man is currently in custody and charged with aggravated assault, rape, robbery, and kidnapping. The man allegedly forced his girlfriend back into his vehicle as she was attempting to get out. The man then choked his girlfriend and sexually assaulted her. The suspect then stole $80 from the victim. A former school security guard in New Jersey received five years probation Friday for sexual assault. The former security guard allegedly forced a 13-year-old to perform a sexual act on him in a bathroom at the school where he worked as security. The former guard is banned from ever working around children again. The security guard had no prior criminal charges. A large private security guard company filed suit against against a mining company that had hired them to provide contract security guard services in West Virginia and Kentucky. The security guard company claims that the mining company owes them more than $400,000. The body that was found yesterday at Churchill Downs (the racetrack that hosts the Kentucky Derby) was a man that worked at the racetrack. Reports say that the body had injuries that indicate that the victim was probably in some kind of altercation. Police are investigating the body as a homicide. Early yesterday morning security guards that work at a mall in Maryland discovered a woman's body in a car. The body was found in a car in a parking lot that is adjacent to the mall. Police are investigating the woman's death. Investigators in Nashville are looking for information about two vehicles that were set on fire early this morning in east Nashville. The residents of the house where the cars were set on fire called the police. When firefighters arrived the discovered a homemade explosive device in the front yard. Luckily, no one was hurt by the fire. Police in Springfield, Tennessee are investigating a murder that happened Sunday. A 20-year-old man died in Springfield Sunday from a gunshot wound to the back of the head. A man in Alaska claims that he was kidnapped and beaten by security at a bar that went to with his friends. Since the man has told his story, many others have similar stories to tell about abusive security guards in the bar. Management denies any wrongdoing or any knowledge that the security guards have acted inappropriately. Alaska's security guard regulations are being looked at more carefully now, too. Apparently, one of the bouncers at this bar has a lengthy and violent felony record. Most states require some sort of background check and licensing. Alaska doesn't require background checks from bouncers. The Metro Nashville Police Department have arrested 9 out of 11 people for charges related to 4 separate murders. Police have made the arrests since Friday when a Davidson County Grand Jury returned sealed indictments charging the 11 people.

May 6, 2012: A man in North Carolina was sentenced for robbery and murdering a security guard three years ago. The security guard was working at an Old Navy when the man that was sentenced dressed up as a woman and robbed the Old Navy. The robbery of the Old Navy and murder of the security guard happened in December 2008. The man that murdered the security guard had no prior criminal record. A man's body was found at Churchill Downs earlier today. Churchill Downs is the track where the Kentucky Derby is held. A body was found today by a security guard that works at Churchill Downs. Police have determined that foul play was involved in the man's death. Special thanks to Nate B. for help earlier today!!!!!! A Metro Nashville police officer was arrested and charged with domestic assault earlier today. The arrest comes after an alleged argument with the police officer's 29-year-old girlfriend. During the argument the police officer allegedly struck his girlfriend in the face. The man is a four-year veteran of the Metro Nashville Police Department. He has been placed on suspension. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for Nashville for the next couple days. A church security guard in Alabama helped police catch a burglary suspect today. The security guard followed the man that was suspected of breaking in to several cars in the area. The guard followed the suspect and contacted the sheriff's office. The suspect allegedly pulled a gun out of the trunk of his vehicle and made threatening gestures at the security guard. Sheriff's deputies eventually took over, made a traffic stop, and arrested the suspect for several charges.

May 5, 2012: Happy Birthday, Tiffany!!!! The governor of Virginia has made it legal for people to openly carry their firearms in all Virginia state parks. The governor says that the state has no authority to prohibit citizens from carrying their firearms in state parks. A police officer in California was arrested Thursday when he showed up for work at the police department. The officer was arrested on drug charges. He reportedly had marijuana, methamphetamine, and oxycontin in his vehicle. The investigation into this officer's activities came from a tip that the District Attorney received. Investigators believe that at least some of the drugs that were found in the police officer's vehicle came from arrests that he made while he worked as a patrol officer. A security guard at a strip club in Texas was killed earlier this week. The security guard was allegedly shot by a man that had been thrown out of the strip club earlier in the evening. According to reports the suspect said that he would be back. Only a few minutes later the suspect returned to the strip club and began shooting at the security guard. The security guard was shot twice. One bullet hit the guard in the groin. The other bullet hit the guard in the chest. The guard had only been working at the club for two weeks. A third man is now in custody for detonating homemade bombs at a Memphis high school. The third man that was arrested is a student at the high school, too. Police in Springfield, Tennessee are looking for a man that robbed a bank in Springfield yesterday. The man entered the bank Friday morning, pointed a pistol at the tellers, and demanded money. The suspect left the bank on foot. Anyone with information about the robbery is urged to contact the Springfield Police Department.

May 4, 2012: Yesterday in West Virginia a federal judge sentenced a Nashville man to 12 years and 7 months in federal prison for robbing two financial institutions in West Virginia. The man was released from a federal prison in Kentucky last year and brought to Huntington, West Virginia to catch a bus that would take him to a half-way house in Nashville. The man never made it to Nashville. The man robbed both places dressed as a private security guard and threatened bank employees with a replica pistol. Thanks to Tyran, Miles, and Peggy. A federal grand jury in Nashville gave their verdict on one of the largest sex trafficking cases in the region. The jury decided that three of the defendants were guilty. The other six people on the case were acquitted. The trial lasted for three weeks. The private security personnel at Sony's North American headquarters have authorized a strike against the contract security guard company that they work for. The security guards will strike if the security guard company will not change their unfair labor practices. The security guards claim that the security guard company has used unfair and unlawful practices to thwart the union. For instance, the private security guard company did not enforce certain rules until the union came. The Metro Nashville Police Department is allowing people that have a warrant for failure to appear to turn themselves in today and tomorrow and see a judge about the original charge. This essentially dismisses the failure to appear warrant. Over 5,000 people have failure to appear warrants in Davidson County. Despite the thousands of people with such warrants, very few people have taken advantage of this "get out of jail free" program. A man in Georgia is suing two police officers and a private security guard for an incident last month. The man claims that the security guard and police officers violated his First, Second, and Fourth amendment rights. The security guard and police officers arrested the man for carrying a holstered handgun while he was exercising in a park. Police in Nashville are looking for a man that robbed an armored car security guard on Wednesday. The suspect sprayed the armed security guard with pepper spray while he was delivering money to a bank. The security guard that was driving the armored car could not see the security guard that was attacked. Two homemade bombs were detonated today at a high school in Memphis. The incident occurred this morning. The school was evacuated. Two students are in custody for questing regarding this incident. Authorities believe it was meant as a prank. At the end of the day only 13 people took advantage of Metro's self surrender program. The program allowed people in Nashville that have warrants for failure to appear to have the failure to appear warrant dropped and see a judge for the charge that they were initially charged with.

May 3, 2012: Police in Nashville arrested two people that allegedly shot pellet guns at a school bus full of students yesterday. A school bus that was full of high school students was shot by men with pellet guns shortly before 3pm yesterday near Nolensville Road. No students were injured. The bus driver saw two people run away with what the driver believed to be guns. After the bus driver reported the incident to the police, the two suspects were caught in the same area with Airsoft guns. An 80-year-old man in Pulaski, Tennessee was arrested and charged with aggravated rape and several other charges because of evidence that he has sexually abused juvenile boys and girls for the last seven years. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that more charges could be filed. The TBI executed a search warrant at the suspect's house on Tuesday, and they continue to investigate. The investigation began because several members of the Amish community in Giles County have made similar allegations. A security guard in California was assaulted last week by an alleged shoplifter. The shoplifter was attempting to return some merchandise that he had just stolen when he was approached by security. The alleged shoplifter hit the security guard that had confronted him and ran away. Police later caught the suspect. The man struggled with police officers as they arrested him. A Federal ICE agent was killed last night in California. The agent was shot with a handgun. The man had worked for ICE for four years. The son of the agent was arrested today for the murder. The son was the person that called 911 the day that his father was shot. Two men were arrested last week and charged with last year's murder of a security guard that was making a cash pick up with an armored car in Atlanta. The men allegedly shot and killed the private security guard in a Kroger's parking lot in the middle of the day.

May 2, 2012: Service dogs that work for the Clarksville Police Department received personalized badges yesterday. The badges that the service dogs received have their name on them. The badges will remain with the service dog even if it changes handlers. A man in Chicago is in jail today after a fight at a strip club early Monday morning after a fight with security. The man allegedly knocked out a tooth of a police officer that was working as a security guard. The man that hit the security guard is still in jail. His next court date is next week. We just got back from Atlanta. I would like to thank our security guards that went to Atlanta to help with our security guard operations there. Thanks to all the other security guards that worked extra security posts to help cover for the officers that came with me. A security guard in Louisiana was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer earlier this week. The security guard allegedly pulled over a man using red and blue flashing lights. Allegedly the private security guard then drove up beside the victim then drove off. The victim got the license plate number off of the security guards car and reported the incident to the police. Police officers were then able to track down the security guard and arrest him. The security guard had a $3,500 bond, but he was released without bond because the jail was overcrowded. Detectives in Murfreesboro have closed the case in which a woman was violently attacked with a box cutter last month. According to the victim, she was walking back to her apartment from the apartment complex's laundry room when an unknown man attacked her with a box cutter. Investigators have determined that the victim's story was not consistent with the facts.

May 1, 2012: Yesterday in Florida a security guard was beaten and had his gun stolen. The security guard was robbed early in the morning by three men. The three men that robbed the security guard were wearing masks during the robbery. The men approached the security guard in a parking lot and pointed a gun at his face. The man that was robbed was on post as an armed security guard. The armed security officer and the robbers exchanged gunfire. The three robbers managed to subdue the security guard. The robbers beat the armed security guard and took his firearm. Police believe that the robbers wanted the security guard's weapon. The victim has only been working as an armed security guard for nine months.

May is already here! It has been a very busy year here at On Guard Security. So far this year is set to be a record year by many different measures. Thanks to all our clients, security guards, other security professionals, and everybody else that has helped us. A body was found last night near Wedgewood and 8th Avenue in Nashville. An abandoned vehicle was nearby according to reports. Police are investigating the incident. Earlier this week in Florida an elementary school teacher was arrested for cultivation of marijuana for allegedly operating a marijuana grow house. A strong smell of marijuana and items outside the teacher's house that are "consistent with a marijuana growing operation" enabled police officers to get a warrant. Police found that the teacher's garage was a fully equipped hydroponic marijuana growing operation. The teacher's husband was arrested as well. An off duty security guard in Texas accidentally shot himself last Sunday. The security guard's gun misfired while he was trying to put the firearm away before he went in Wal-mart. The off duty security guard was rushed to the hospital. He is expected to survive. Police in Knoxville arrested a man last night that has been charged with child rape. Investigators in Knoxville started the investigation in March when they were notified about the accused man's involvement with a 12-year-old boy. According to police many other boys between the ages of 7 and 12 were allegedly raped by the man. Police say that there will be more charges. Thanks to Andy, Vonda, Brandon, Dylan, Jim, Peggy, and everyone else that helped out yesterday. An 18-month-old child died today in Memphis as a result of a shooting. Authorities have not released any details about the shooting or the child that died. The shooting occurred over the weekend in Memphis. No charges have been filed yet. The investigation is on going. The child was a girl.

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