May, 2013

May 31, 2013: It is hard to believe that it is already the last day of May 2013!!! Where have the days gone??? It seems like 2013 just started. I guess being so busy only adds to how quickly the days seem to pass. This year will be over before you know it. We have accomplished so much, but we still have so much work left to do. The private security guards and other On Guard Security employees that I work with make a busy workday as pleasant as possible. I can't imagine having to work with security guards that many other security guard companies employ. These other security guards are notorious for being unprofessional, arriving to their scheduled shift late, calling out frequently, and many other bad employee behaviors. Unfortunately, these security guards give all private security personnel a bad name.
A private security guard in California has been arrested for conspiracy to commit grand theft and possession of assault weapons. The private security guard worked at UC Santa Cruz since 1981. Police were informed that the security guard had been planning the robbery of a business and that the guard was actively seeking others to help with the robbery. The security guard is on paid leave from his job pending an investigation. Police officers found 48 firearms at the security guards home. Among the firearms that were found were assault rifles that are illegal in California. Armor-piercing ammunition, high-capacity magazines, and an additional 50,000 rounds of ammunition was also found at the guard's home . Authorities claim that the suspect had been planning the robbery for more than a year.
Earlier this week in Hawkins County, Tennessee deputies discovered a meth lab while doing a welfare check on four children. Someone called and told authorities that the children did not have any food. Deputies arrived and confirmed with the two parents that there were four children in the house. Deputies were allowed to enter the couple's home. A one-pot meth lab was found. Immediately the deputies evacuated the home until narcotics investigators arrived. Both of the parents were arrested and were charged with various charges related to the manufacture of methamphetamine.
Earlier this week in Greenbrier, Tennessee a 62-year-old man was found severely beaten. The victim was found at around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning at a home on Nunley Street. Police are not releasing many details about the incident to protect the ongoing investigation. The victim was flown to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. Today the mayor of Greenbrier said that the victim has been put on life support.
A 26-year-old woman in Wisconsin is in custody and is charged with a misdemeanor theft charge and a felony charge of using OC spray (pepper spray) in commission of a crime. The charges come from an incident earlier this month in which the suspect allegedly sprayed a private security guard in the face with pepper spray as the security guard was trying to stop the woman from shoplifting. Security guards were eventually able to apprehend the suspect. According to police, many people other than the security guard suffered minor injuries from the suspect spraying the OC spray.
A couple in Cookeville that showed up to a meeting with their probation officer while under the influence of drugs is now in jail. The probation officer asked the couple to submit a drug test. Both failed the drug test which prompted police to search their vehicle and their residence. Police found several pills, a meth lab, and many varieties of drug paraphernalia. Both suspects were arrested and taken to the Putnam County Jail.
Police in Clarksville report that three people were arrested last week in a prostitution sting. This particular prostitution sting focused on a social media website. All three of the people that were busted are women in their early twenties.
Two people are in custody today in Rutherford County in connection with the robbery and shooting of a pizza deliveryman in LaVergne last month. Police have not yet released the suspects' names. Authorities are still searching for a third suspect.
A private security guard in New Jersey is being accused of the rape of a 14-year-old girl. The private security guard worked at a middle school. The security guard is accused of raping the victim in the summer of 2010 while he was working as a security guard at the school. The alleged rape occurred after an event at the school in which the suspect worked security. The security guard admits to having sex with the girl, but he says that it was consensual.

May 30, 2013: The Johnny Cash Museum opened this week in Nashville. The museum is located at Demonbreun and Broadway. Tickets to the museum are $14.
Thanks to all the private security guards that have helped out over the week. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Lt. White, Officer Wilson, Officer Owens, Captain Teal, Britt, Officer Cotham, Peggy, Kyle, Officer R. Byrd, Officer Mitchell, Officer Humphries, and everyone else that has helped.
Police in Nashville raided a business late last week after they received an anonymous tip that the business owners were selling drugs. During the raid on Ram's Collision Shop police officers found a large bag of marijuana and money that had been used in drug transactions. One of the business's owners was charged with the drug charges and taken to jail. Evidence that there was illegal gambling at the establishment was also found during the raid.
Another hot day today in Nashville! Temperatures have been getting close to the nineties over the last few days. All private security guards that work in this heat, or anyone that works in the heat at all, should stay hydrated and be conscious of how long they have been in the heat to ensure that they don't stay too long.
On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire a quality private security guard for posts in the Nashville area. This security guard will be required to work unarmed posts as well as armed posts. This job will be between 32 and 45 hours per week. Most hours will be on second shift, but first shift and third shift hours will be required, too. All applicants must be licensed as an armed security guard in Tennessee. Applicants must also have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, or at another private security guard company. Anyone that is interested in applying for this armed guard job should complete the form on the Career page of this website or Contact Us directly.

May 29, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security! Special thanks to Lt. White, Officer Humphries, Officer Mitchell, Officer Cotham, Officer Wilson, Captain Teal, Officer Ward, Officer Owens, Officer Roberts, Sandra, Britt, Officer Jones, Officer Chapman, Charlie, Peggy, and Officer R. Byrd!!!! All of these people have been instrumental in On Guard Security's success over the past week. Many of these people have been a huge part of On Guard's success for years.
On Guard Security is looking to hire four armed guards for a job in the Clarksville area. This is a temporary post that will require officers to work 40 or more hours a week. Post could end in as little as one week, but it could last as long as six weeks. Officers on this post work 12-hour shifts. We are still hiring armed guards for both shifts. Applicants MUST have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, or in executive protection at another private security guard company. Anyone that is interested should contact us at (615) 361-4141 or complete the form on the Careerpage of our website.
Late last week in California a man that was in police custody died. Police officers had just taken custody of the suspect from private security guards. The security guards had arrested the man after the suspect was seen breaking into one of the security guard's vehicles. Police rushed the man to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. An investigation into the suspect's death is ongoing.
A private security guard at a store in Canada was injured late last week. The security guard was allegedly slashed by a female shoplifter that he confronted. The security guard confronted two female shoppers that he believed to be shoplifting when one of the women slashed the guard with an object that she pulled from her pocket when the guard confronted them. The security guard was treated for his injuries at the scene of the incident.
Last Saturday night in California a private security guard was killed when a heavy steel security gate crashed down on her. The 64-year-old security guard was found crushed by police officers. Federal, state, and local authorities are investigating the incident.

May, 28 2013: It is an incredibly busy day once again at On Guard Security!

May 27, 2013: Thanks to LaToya and Charlie for making a 12 hour shift a little more enjoyable..
Happy Memorial Day! I sincerely hope that everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day. Thanks to all the private security guards that have to work even during the holiday.

May 26, 2013: Yesterday in Kentucky a police officer was shot and killed on his way home from work. The incident occurred in Bardstown, Kentucky. Officer Jason Ellis was shot and killed while he was still in uniform and with his patrol car only a few feet away. Authorities report that there are no immediate suspects.
It is a beautiful day again today in Nashville. It's a shame to be stuck behind this computer when there is so much fishing to be done!
Last night in north Nashville two people were shot after a fight broke out at a community event near 17th Avenue South. The incident occurred around 8pm. Both victims were treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.
An attempted robbery in South Africa left one private security guard dead and another security guard injured. Eight robbers sprayed bullets wildly during an attempted robbery at a petrol station. The private security guard that died was run over twice in all the chaos of the robbery. No money was taken during the incident. Both of the security guards' firearms were taken during the attempted robbery. The second security guard is reported to be in stable condition after he had surgery last night.
Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. It is a pleasure to work with such quality and professional security guards.

May 25, 2013: It's another beautiful day in middle Tennessee. I can confidently say that it is beautiful throughout middle Tennessee because I have traveled several hundred miles across middle Tennessee already this morning, and it is only 9:45 am. I have worked security guard posts in Nashville and Clarksville. It is going to be a long day. Fortunately, I am working with some great private security guards at this post.
Earlier this week in Florida a private security guard that was patrolling at a hotel where she was on duty was the victim of an attempted robbery. According to the security guard, two men approached her while she was on patrol and demanded money from her. The security guard was robbed while patrolling the hotel's parking garage. The guard claims that one of the suspects pointed a gun at her face while demanding that she give him her money. The private security guard turned her pockets inside out to show that she had no money. The robbers ran off after seeing that the security guard had no money.
On Guard Security will have the next Handgun Carry Class on June 14th and 15th. Seating is limited. Reserve your seat now. For more information about the June 2013 Handgun Carry Class or any of our other classes check out the Classes and Training page of our website or contact us at (615) 361-4141.
Attention all On Guard Security employees: Schedules, post orders, and other information relating to On Guard Security, the private security guards that work with us, schedules, and post-specific information can be viewed by opening the following link and entering the most recent code that the Captain has sent to you. On Guard Employees
Earlier this week in Bean Station, Tennessee two men were killed and two women were shot in a robbery. The robbery occurred at a business called the Down Home Pharmacy. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation. One man is in custody according to authorities.

May 24, 2013: It's a beautiful day in Nashville. Not so bad in Clarksville either. I've spent more time in Clarksville over the last week than I've spent in Nashville. That wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing except that I live in Nashville, and I have made at least two trips to Clarksville every day over the last seven days. That driving is in addition to actually working a security guard post in Clarksville.
Thanks to Lt. White!!!! Once again Lt. White has saved the day!!! On Guard Security could not have come this far without Lt. White. She has continually saved the day in several different ways. She has worked security posts for hours and hours beyond her scheduled shift on several occasions. She has helped create plans and procedures for the private security guards at new posts. She has gone way beyond her duties nearly every day to ensure that our clients are happy and getting the private security guard service that they deserve. I can't thank her enough for all she has done. Thanks!

May 22, 2013: It's a beautiful, sunny day in Nashville!!!
Thanks to Lt. White, Officer Jones, Officer Ward, and Officer Mitchell. Also, thanks to Britt.

May 21, 2013: There are some very severe thunderstorms passing through the Clarksville area this evening. I am having to work a security guard post here in Clarksville tonight. Visibility is very low. There are some strong winds and heavy rain. Fortunately, this is not an outdoor post.
Thanks to Tiffany, Britt, Lt. White, Captain Teal, Officer Owens, Officer Jones, Peggy, and all of the other private security guards that work with On Guard Security. It has been extremely chaotic at On Guard Security for the last ten days. We have had new clients for our contract security guard services, and we have had existing clients extend the normal weekly hours. Also, Memorial Day has caused a slight increase in demand for our security guard services. Thanks to everyone that has helped us out, and thanks to everyone that continues to help out at On Guard Security.

May 20, 2013: Congratulations to all the graduates of our May 2013 Handgun Carry Class!!!! We had a full class once again!! Thanks to Kyle for instructing the class. Thanks to Peggy for all her work behind the scenes that make these classes possible.
On Guard Security thanks all the private security guards that work with us. Thanks to all the non-security personnel, too. Special thanks to Peggy, Officer Jones, Officer Chapman, Lt. White, Officer Humphries, Officer Hobby, Officer Ward, and Captain Teal!
It is a sunny and hot day here in Nashville!!

May 19, 2013: Thanks to all the security guards that are helping us out with the special Clarksville security guard detail. I know it has been quite the commute for many of these private security guards. We appreciate the great work out there guys. Special thanks to Officer Jones, Lt. White, and Captain Teal.
It was a wet and foggy morning here in Nashville.
Police officers in Smyrna discovered a meth lab when they responded to a domestic disturbance call. The officers discovered a non-working meth lab inside the home of the people that were allegedly involved in the domestic disturbance. Two children also lived in the home where the meth lab was found. The suspects were arrested and charged with initiation of manufacturing of methamphetamine, promotion of methamphetamine, possession of a Schedule 1 drug, and two counts of child abuse.

May 18, 2013: Thank you to everyone that has helped On Guard Security over the years. There are far too many people to name individually. Thanks to all the May aaprivate security guards and non-security personnel that work with On Guard Security. Special thanks to all the security guards that have gone out of their way this weekend to help cover posts. Thanks to Lieutenant White, Captain Teal, Officer Mitchell, Officer Chapman, Britt, and Officer Jones. More demand for our contract security guard services creates many shifts that were not originally planned for in many cases. These 60-hour work weeks are just a negative side-effect of On Guard Security's growth. I am proud to have so many officers that are willing to share some of the burden. Thanks!!!!!!!!

May 17, 2013: It is a rainy morning here in Nashville. Fortunately, I brought my rain gear since I had to work a security guard post that requires some outdoors patrolling this morning.
Thank you to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security, Inc. Special thanks to Officer Chapman for helping out in a major way last night.
Thanks to everyone that helped us out with this busy and chaotic afternoon. Thanks to T.J., Antonio, and LaToya!!!
Today in Nashville the leader of the 98 Mafia Street Gang was sentenced in federal court. The 34-year-old man was sentenced to 78 years in federal prison for his role in three home invasions and for intimidating witnesses. The suspect received the higher end of his sentencing guidelines because the judge thought that there was reason to believe that the suspect was still influencing some witnesses. The gang was targeting local drug dealers. They forced themselves inside their residences, threatened violence, and demanded cash and drugs.
Earlier today in California a private security guard was shot while he was on duty at an apartment complex. Two men apparently tried to rob the armed security guard. At some point the security guard began to struggle with one of the robbers. In the excitement one of the robbers shot the private security guard once in the chest. Luckily, the armed guard was wearing a bullet-proof vest. The vest almost certainly saved the guard's life. The guard only suffered from bruising.
Earlier this week in Nashville over 5,000 prescription pills were found in a man's vehicle. The man was caught after he was pulled over for speeding Thursday morning. Police officers estimate that the street value of the 5,000 pills is over $100,000.

May 16, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security, Inc. A special thanks to Lt. White, Officer Mitchell, Captain Teal, Officer Dover, Officer Roberts, and Brittt. Working with top quality security guards makes working at On Guard Security a pleasure. Our security guards are extremely professional, prompt, friendly, and always reliable.
Police in Brentwood were in a standoff this morning and had locked down an entire neighborhood. The incident began with police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call. A man and a woman were in a verbal conflict when the 70-year-old man threatened to harm himself. The alleged victim made it out of the house. Police set up a perimeter around the home and waited until daylight to make contact. SWAT was not called out because police officers did not believe that the man was a danger to officers.
A private security guard at Indianapolis International Airport left his post unattended during a fire alarm. The private security guard was on post at a passenger exit at the time. The security guard left his post completely unattended. It is required that a security guard be present at all passenger entrances and exits while the airport is operating and using those entries and exits. The security guard in question was new to working airport security. The guard works for Securitas, a contract security guard company that has the security guard services contract for this particular airport. After reviewing some surveillance video, it was discovered that the private security guard actually left the post unattended one previous time, too. The other time resulted in at least four minutes that the secured area was left unattended.
On Guard Security will have the May 2013 Handgun Carry Class tomorrow and Saturday. Classes begin at 6pm tomorrow afternoon. Seating is limited, and seats fill up quickly. Anyone interested should reserve their spot in class today. For more information about our Handgun Carry Class check out the Classes and Training page on this website or call us at (615) 361-4141.
The Governor's Square Mall in Clarksville, Tennessee announced that beginning this weekend the mall will start having K9 patrols in addition to existing security. Mall officials say that K9 patrols will add another dimension to the mall's security. The K9's have many different specialties from narcotics and bomb detection to search and rescue. The k9 handlers are very experienced and well-trained, too. K9 patrols will operate during the evening hours.
A man in Nashville was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated child abuse. The charges come from the whipping death of a 3-year-old boy. The suspect lived with the boy's mother according to reports. The suspect allegedly whipped the boy several times with a belt and hit the boy with the belt as it was balled up in his fist.
A man in Virginia died after an altercation with a private security guard at a campground. The incident occurred after a popular dance that the campground has annually. The story is not very clear about what happened. Deputies responded and found the victim lying on the ground and breathing, but unresponsive. Authorities are waiting on the Medical Examiner's findings on the victim's cause of death. Security guards at the campground claim that the victim was drunk and driving a golf cart that had no headlights when a security guard stopped him. Not many details are being released beyond that. Rumors circulated that one of the private security guards hit the man on the head with a lead pipe. Officials say that those rumors are not true.

May 15, 2013: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security! Special thanks to Lt. White, Captain Teal, Officer Owens, Officer Mitchel, Officer Jones, Peggy, and Britt. There are many, many more that deserve mentioning for their help over the years. Also, thanks to all the non-security personnel that work with On Guard Security.
It is a beautiful day in Nashville!!! It is sunny with the temperature at about 80 degrees. It is close to perfect and a great day to be outside.
The Private Officers News Network has made a list of the top cities, states, and posts that are most dangerous for private security guards. According to their website, the lists were made based on data collected in-house and by state and federal agencies. Tennessee ties with Michigan and Ohio for the fifth most dangerous state for private security officers. Memphis ranks as the third most dangerous city for private security. The most dangerous type of post for private security is no surprise. Restaurants and nightclubs rank as the most dangerous for private security. I am somewhat surprised by their findings. I would have expected Atlanta, New Orleans, or both on the list of the most dangerous cities. I also would have expected Georgia to be on the list of the most dangerous states for security guards. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, Memphis also ranks as one of the cities with the largest concentration of private security guards.
Michelle Obama will be in Nashville this weekend. Mrs. Obama will be at Tennessee State University to give a graduation speech for Martin Luther King Magnet High School. The Secret Service has apparently let the Metro Nashville Police Department know that they will not be needed to provide security for the first lady. The chief of the Metro Nashville Police Department has asked that the Secret Service reconsider using local police officers.
Authorities in Cookeville, Tennessee are investigating the disappearance of several chickens. Two chicken feeders and 28 chickens were stolen sometime on Friday or Saturday. The chickens were for a boy's 4-H project. The investigation is ongoing.
A man was shot by a private security guard in California earlier this week. The incident happened outside of a church Sunday morning about one hour before services were to begin. Security guards claim that the man was acting suspicious and tried to burglarize the church. Four security guards followed the man off the church's property. The suspect pulled a 4-inch knife and came toward the four security officers. One of the security guards fired a single shot that hit the suspect in the chest. The suspect is in the hospital and in critical condition.
Earlier this week a security guard in Florida shot the manager at a motel that he was recently fired from. According to police, the security guard also lived at the motel. The private security guard was fired because he had gotten into many confrontations with other motel guests according to police. The security guard's body was found later that day by police. The security guard had killed himself after shooting the manager.

May 14, 2013: Police officers in Cookeville, Tennessee were dispatched to Cookeville Regional Medical Center Saturday to respond to calls that a man had pulled a knife in one of the waiting rooms. According to witnesses, the suspect entered the hospital waiting room using vulgar language while he was complaining about the hospital. A man in the waiting room told the suspect to "watch his mouth." The suspect pulled a knife and threatened to kill the man. The man picked up a freestanding metal sign to "protect him and his family." The suspect then left the hospital. A hospital security guard found the suspect standing in the parking lot and asked him to leave the property. When police arrived a private security guard on duty at the hospital filled them in on the story and witnesses gave a description of the suspect. The suspect was found quickly and arrested for aggravated assault. The suspect said that his wife was in the hospital giving birth. The suspect remains in the Putnam County Jail.
It is much warmer today in Nashville. Looks like summer is here.

May 13, 2013: Many residence across middle Tennessee and middle Kentucky woke up this morning to record low temperatures. I know that it was way too cold in Nashville to be May 13th. However, it has become a beautiful, warm afternoon.
Last night in Kentucky a burglar was shot multiple times by a homeowner. The burglar entered the man's house around 11 pm. The homeowner shot the burglar several times. The burglar was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center and is listed as being in critical condition. The burglar is from Clarksville, Tennessee. The homeowner will not face any charges for defending himself according to police.
Thanks to all the private security guards and non-security personnel that work with On Guard Security.

May 12, 2013: A private security guard at a hotel in Dallas found the body of a hotel guest last week. A hotel employee heard a loud thud Wednesday and called security personnel to investigate. The security guard found the body on the second-floor of the inside atrium. The atrium is eighteen stories tall. According to police, the man apparently fell from the twelfth floor inside the atrium. Police are investigating the incident as an unexplained death.
It is a very nice day for mid-May here in middle Tennessee.
A private security guard in Canada was found not guilty of sexually assaulting and confining a teenage girl in 2010. The security guard had caught two 15-year-old girls shoplifting. One of the girls claimed that her father beat her and convinced the security guard to allow the other girl to take all the blame. The security guard drove the girl home when she asked for a ride. The girl claimed that the guard touched her legs and asked for sexual favors in return for being let go. The private security guard admitted that he had given the girl a ride home, but that "it ended there."
Last week in Minnesota a private security guard was assaulted by a shoplifter. Police have the shoplifter in custody. The suspect is being charged with 5th degree assault. The security guard hand minor injuries to his hands.

May 11, 2013: A 19-year-old man that is suspected of critically injuring a man during a shooting was arrested in Nashville yesterday evening. The suspect is charged with a March 1st attempted home invasion in which the victim was shot in the neck.
It is a cooler, overcast day in Nashville, Tennessee.
Police in Indiana are looking for shoplifters that are armed with pepper spray following two incidents earlier this week. In two separate incidents this week shoplifters have sprayed private security guards with a chemical spray while fleeing the scene of the crime. Police officers are still trying to determine if the two incidents are linked. In the first incident a private security guard was sprayed at the suspects vehicle as she drove away in her vehicle. In the second incident a private security guard was sprayed inside of the store where he worked as he approached a woman about stealing DVDs.
Thanks to Tiffany for everything that she has helped us with and for all the great times that we had together!! Hate to see you go, but we're glad that you're moving on to something better.

May 10, 2013: Police in Nashville are investigating after a shooting in north Nashville early this morning. According to police, shots were fired after an argument between two groups of people in front of a residence on Grover Street. One person was injured in the shooting. The victim's injuries are non-life threatening. The suspects fled as soon as the shots were fired.
It is a rainy day again here in Nashville!
On Guard Security will have its May 2013 Handgun Carry Class on the 17th and 18th of this month. Class will begin at 6pm on the 17th. Seating is limited. For more information about this class or other classes call us at (615)361-4141 or see the Classes and Training page of this website.
Private security guards in Kentucky had an incident with an armed man in a hospital earlier this week. Hospital security guards at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center had to use force to arrest a man that had many knives Wednesday. Police have not released any information about what started the incident. After the suspect was arrested by the hospital security guards, he was charged with menacing, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.
A security guard in Huntsville, Alabama was assaulted earlier this week. The security guard was assaulted by a suspect as he tried to confront the man for shoplifting. The security guard received only minor injuries from the assault. Police were able to arrest the suspect later at a private residence. The suspect was arrested and charged with Third Degree Robbery, Resisting Arrest, and Prowling.

May 9, 2013: A man from Murfreesboro was arrested earlier today by deputies without incident in Mississippi. The suspect was charged with second-degree murder. The charges stem from the murder of his brother's live-in girlfriend. The suspect's brother committed suicide two weeks ago at their home on Gold Valley Drive.
Police in Nashville are searching for a suspect that robbed a Pinnacle Bank branch on Andrew Jackson Parkway at around 4pm. According to reports, the suspect fled the scene of the crime on foot. The suspect headed towards Lebanon Road according to police. The FBI has confirmed that they are investigating the robbery.
Another hospital in New York has decided to outsource their security to a contract security guard company. The hospital currently has an in-house security department with 37 employees. The hospital said that the move to hire a private security company will save the hospital money and provide an equal or better security service for the hospital.

May 8, 2013: Last month On Guard Security had a record month! In fact, last month was our best month ever by most measures. We experienced phenomenal growth in nearly every way, too. We had the opportunity to work with several professional security guards that had not worked with On Guard Security before. We even had the opportunity to work with another contract security guard company last month on a common security detail. We provided security guard services to new clients, and we continued to keep our existing clients and their assets safe. By anyone's standards April was a great month at On Guard Security, Inc. We expect great things in May, too.

May 7, 2013: Late last week in South Carolina two private security guards allegedly assaulted a patron of the nightclub where the two guards worked. The security guards also took the victim's wallet. The victim had to be treated at a hospital for injuries that he received from the assault. The entire incident was videotaped and put on the internet. The security guards have both been charged with assault among several other charges.
Thank you to Lt. White, Captain Teal, Officer Owens, Officer Roberts, Officer Cotham, Officer Mitchell, and all the other private security guards that have made my time at On Guard Security so enjoyable. Many more deserve thanks, but I don't have the time or space to thank you all.

May 6, 2013: It is another rainy morning here in Nashville, Tennessee!!!!!
Thanks to Paul for all his help!! It is greatly appreciated.
Last Friday in Clarksville, Tennessee a person or group of people dropped a large rock on a police cruiser from an overpass on I-24. Fortunately, the officer that was driving the vehicle was not hurt. The roof of the vehicle and the light bar were greatly damaged. A $1000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.
A private security guard in the Bahamas was robbed and shot last Saturday. The armed guard was making a deposit at the Royal Bank of Canada when a vehicle with three passengers approached him. One man exited the vehicle and robbed the armed security guard for one deposit bag. The suspect also shot the 54-year-old security guard. The incident occurred early in the morning. Police are actively investigating and searching for the suspects. The private security guard is in serious condition according to reports.
A private security guard in Boston was stabbed last week while he was on duty. The security guard was working at a downtown bar when a fight broke out. The private security guard attempted to break up the fight, and one of the suspects stabbed the security guard. The private security guard was stabbed twice. He was stabbed once in the arm and once in the stomach. The security guard remains in the hospital in critical condition.
We are seeking to hire one unarmed security guard for a post in the Nashville area. The position will be full-time, but it will require work on two different posts. The security guard position will be mostly second shift, but will require the security officer to work a third shift occasionally. Applicants should already be licensed in Tennessee as an unarmed security guard. Applicants must have experience in law enforcement, corrections, the military, or at another private security guard company. Anyone interested can complete the form on the Career page of our website.
An 18-year-old is in jail today in Memphis. The young man is charged with second-degree murder among several other charges for a recent incident that resulted in the death of his 15-year-old brother. According to reports, the two brothers were throwing bricks at the home of some people that had had an altercation with their mother. The older brother took a gun and intended to fire at the people inside the home. The 18-year-old shot his 15-year-old brother in the head unintentionally.
Recently in Chicago a private security guard that works at a convenience store fired several shots at a vehicle that allegedly tried to run over him. The armed security guard was working at a BP gas station when the drive of a black SUV tried to ram into him according to police. The armed guard fired several shots at the vehicle as it drove away. Police were able to catch up with the vehicle very quickly. Police pulled the vehicle over and arrested the four occupants.
Happy Birthday, Officer Cotham!!!! Have a fun and safe one!!!!!

May 5, 2013: Happy Birthday to Tiffany Wilson!!!!!!! I hope you have a great birthday, sweetheart!!!! I love you so much.
Thanks to Lt. White, Officer Owens, Officer Ward, Peggy, Officer Roberts, and all the other private security guards that work with On Guard Security to help provide excellent security guard services to every client each and every time. Thanks guys!!!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

May 4, 2013: It is a rainy day in Nashville, Tennessee. Rain is expected all weekend in Nashville and middle Tennessee.

May 3, 2013: A private security guard in Illinois allegedly committed a hate crime against gays. According to the complaint, the private security guard was working at an apartment complex for a contract security guard company. The security guard allegedly harassed a lesbian woman and made remarks about her sexual orientation. The complaint alleges that the harassment eventually resulted in an incident where the security guard hit the young woman multiple times in the face with a metal flashlight. The victim ended up with a swollen, bloody face. The security officer worked in corrections at one time, but he was fired for using excessive force with inmates.
Police in Nashville arrested a man earlier this week that they claim is responsible for grabbing at least six women in Davidson County. Most of the incidents involved women that were jogging. The incidents go back all the way to early 2012. One of the victims was only 13-years-old. Police say that the 21-year-old suspect admitted to having a fascination with women's skin in public places.

May 2, 2013: A private security guard in Knoxville has been placed on paid leave after a weekend shooting at a nightclub over the weekend. The private security guard works at a Knoxville school. The armed guard also works a side job at the nightclub. The security guard pulled his gun and ultimately shot a man at the club in the groin. The victim claims that the private security guard shot him as he was attempting to break up a fight between two other men. The victim also claims that he was unarmed when the security guard shot him. Charges are pending against the private security guard, but it is unclear what the charges are.
Police in Clarksville are still searching for the final suspect in a home invasion that occurred earlier today. The suspects allegedly forced their way inside of a home in Clarksville and tied up the residences. The suspects fled with undisclosed property. One of the victims managed to break free as the suspects were fleeing and shot at the suspects' vehicle. The victim's shot disabled the suspects' vehicle. Two of the three suspects have been taken into custody. The incident also caused a nearby elementary school to go on lock down.
Guards that work at Woodland Hills Youth Development Center, a facility that houses juvenile offenders in Nashville, have seen a lot of attention lately. A news channel here in Nashville recently obtained several photos of different guards falling asleep while on duty in this particular facility. Videos of guards actually falling asleep have been made. The news report about the facility goes on to show assault numbers that the facility has. Many guards and juveniles are assaulted on a fairly regular basis. The Department of Children's Services has publicly said that guards that fall asleep on duty is unacceptable. The DCS also claims that a new supervisor that was recently dispatched is making much progress in straightening up the problem areas.
It is a fairly nice day here in Nashville. I can't complain too much about any day that starts on the river. Though very few fish were caught today, it was great to be there!!
A private security guard in Virginia was arrested last month and charged with reckless handling of a firearm for an incident that happened in mid-April. The private security guard allegedly fired his firearm at a window in a building that he patrolled. The armed guard then allegedly called the police and made a report stating that an unknown man had fired the shot. Police later determined the security guard's story to be false.

May 1, 2013: What a busy beginning to the month! On Guard Security has two new clients already, and it is not even noon on the first day of the month. All of the numbers have not been calculated yet, but there is little doubt from anyone at On Guard Security that last month was our biggest month ever. So far this month looks even more promising than April. Private security guard companies are predicted to have great growth over the next decade. I can certainly see the private protective services industry as a whole see annual growths over 10 percent. Our growth seems to be substantially greater than that. All of the growth at On Guard Security can be attributed to one thing: the quality of our contract security guard services. All this being said, I gladly thank all the private security guards that work with us. Also, I would like to specifically thank Captain Teal, Lieutenant White, Officer Mitchel, Officer Owens, Officer Jones, Britt, Peggy, Officer Ward, Kyle, Officer Cotham, and Officer Roberts.

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