May, 2014

May 31, 2014: Happy Birthday to Katy Byrd. She is a law student at William and Mary University in Virginia but originally from Nashville, TN. Congratulations to David and Louise Farmer of Heiskell, Tennessee. They tied the knot today. We wish them all the happiness in the world and many happy years together.

May 30, 2014:A review of stolen car reports by the metropolitan Nashville Police Department for the week of Sunday, May 18, 2014 through Saturday, May 24, 2014 reveals that 42% of the vehicles reported stolen had the keys left in the car. The PARK SMART campaign of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department urges citizens to lock their car, secure their valuables and remove the keys.
- A woman found unconscious and bleeding on the side of the road in Nashville yesterday morning has been discovered to be a motorcycle crash victim according to a Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesperson. After further investigation of a woman found by the road the police determined there had been a motorcycle accident. Late yesterday afternoon police discovered a wrecked motorcycle over an embankment and a body near the site where the woman was found. Evidence gathered indicates the cycle ran off the road after coming out of a curve. The time of the crash is unknown as police have no yet been able to question the woman because of her medical condition.
- A fugitive wanted in connection with a September, 2013 shooting in Nashville has been apprehended in Texas. The fugitive was arrested for marijuana possession when it was discovered he was wanted in Nashville. Nashville police say two other men charged with the same murder are still at large.
- Nashville police arrested a 17-year-old high school student in connection with a South Nashville murder on 03/18/14. A man was killed when two masked and armed men approached the victim and his cousin outside the victim’s home. The investigation is continuing. Other arrests are expected soon.
- A security guard in Florida has been charged for firing his weapon during an altercation Wednesday night. Apparently the security guard stepped in front of a woman’s car after she had an argument with a resident of the apartment complex the security guard was patrolling. The woman lightly bumped the security guard as she drove around him. The security guard followed the car and caught up to her. After she drove around him again the security guard fired three or four shots hitting the woman in the arm. Because the security guard was not in eminent danger he has been charged with Aggravated Battery with a firearm.
-The murder two years ago of a security guard in Michigan has been solved. After refusing a man entry into a nightclub the man returned with a gun and shot the security guard in the back killing the guard. The police kept track of two suspects and were finally able to positively link them to the murder. Both suspects are in custody.
-The National Retail Federation released a list of the top ten cities for organized retail crime. The cities are as follows: 1. Los Angeles; 2. Miami; 3. Chicago; 4. New York; 5. Houston; 6. Atlanta; 7. Baltimore; 8. San Francisco/Oakland; 9. Arlington/Dallas/Fort Worth; 10. Detroit. This list was the result of a survey 76 companies. A rise in cargo theft was also noted.
-A federal court security guard was struck by a bus today in Rhode Island. The security guard was crossing the street by the federal courthouse when hit by the bus. The Security guard was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
-A 37-year-old Nashville woman that has not been seen since May 23, 2014 is thought to be a victim of foul play according to Nashville police. The missing woman’s car was found with her purse inside at her home. Her two dogs were inside the home. According to neighbors the woman always boarded her dogs when she went out of town for an extended period of time. Nashville police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.
- Undercover Nashville police officers charged 89 people this week for mostly drug and prostitution charges. By precinct the number arrested and seizures made are:South Precinct – 5 arrests and seizures of 18 pills and 2 grams of marijuana; Hermitage Precinct – 21 arrests and seizures yielded 33 grams od marijuana, 4 grams of cocaine, and $423; West Precinct – 17 arrests and seizures of 58 grams of marijuana, 1 gram of cocaine, and two vehicle; North Precinct – 9 arrests and seizures of almost 3 pounds of marijuana, 127 pills, 2.3 grams of cocaine, and two vehicles; Madison Precinct – 17 arrests and seizures of 2 grams of methamphetamine, 1 gram heroin, and 2 grams of cocaine; East Precinct – 11 arrests and seizures of 12.5 grams of cocaine and 7 grams of marijuana; Central Precinct – 9 arrests and seizures of 15 grams of marijuana and 3 grams of cocaine. Nashville police urge anyone suspecting drug activity to call the police department at 244-DOPE.
- A 40-year-old Nashville man was arrested and charges with solicitation of a minor that would have resulted in rape, solicitation of a minor for the displaying of sex acts, and solicitation that would have resulted in aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor. Nashville police arrested the man in at a vacant parking lot in South Nashville where he was to have met the minor. His vehicle was found to contain an air mattress and a sexual aid. The investigation began when the child’s mother found sexually explicit texts between her child and the perpetrator. While police had the girl’s mobile device the man sent nude photos of himself requesting a meeting with the girl. The perpetrator is in custody.
- A Rockefeller Center security guard is the excited winner of a $3 million jackpot after playing a scratch-off card. The winning ticket was purchased from a vending machine. The security guard says he is not quitting his job.

May 28, 2014:Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Operation Safe Streets yielded 38 arrests this past weekend. The crimes involved included 36 misdemeanors, 4 felonies, and service of 9 warrants. Seizures included 45.5 grams of marijuana, 23 pills of various types, and 3 firearms. This initiative targeted gangs in the Nashville metropolitan area. Twenty-four police officers and two canines participated in the operation. The parts of Nashville receiving special attention in the operation were Gallatin Avenue, Trinity Lane, Shelby Avenue at South 9th Street, Litton Avenue, Scott Avenue, Arthur Avenue at Monroe Street, Lafayette Street at Claiborne and Lewis Streets, Elm Hill Pike, Carroll Street, 51st Avenue North at Tennessee Avenue, and Foster Street. Operation Safe Streets has yielded in 1,147 arrests involving 76 felonies, 1081 misdemeanor arrests, service of 341 warrants, 175 field interviews of persons associated with gangs, and 6,230 automobile stops in areas with a gang presence. Twice per week officers and supervisors representing each of Nashville’s seven precincts and representatives from the Specialized Investigations Division meet to discuss various strategies to combat gang activity in Nashville.
- A grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office put 15 Nashville police officers on the street last week to aid the Nashville Police department with its DUI initiative by using extra duty police officers. These police officers worked areas with high fatal auto crashes, high crime and high DUI arrests. Officers working under the DUI initiative create enhanced visibility of law enforcement on Nashville’s roadways. This fact coupled with zero tolerance for drivers under the influence are the cornerstones of the DUI initiative. Last week the police officers of the DUI Unit charged 18 people. To date the Unit has arrested 464 people suspected of driving under the influence.
- In Texas a security guard was shot last night and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. This was one of several shootings in San Antonio in less than 24 hours according to police. Three individuals shot during this period sustained fatal injuries according to a police spokesperson. The suspect in the security guard shooting has been arrested. He is believed to have shot one of the individuals that died.
-Actor Bobby Deal of Bollywood fame had a recent altercation with a security guard in Mumbai. Deal ordered the security guard to get him a drink and that’s when the argument started. The security guard supposedly slapped Deal who then left the scene. This is the second time the actor has been slapped in public after a verbal set-to.
-Two suspects are wanted by Virginia police after allegedly shooting a security guard at a restaurant and lounge last week. The suspect and the security guard got into an argument inside the business. The dispute moved outside where the security guard was shot. Police are seeking the shooter and an unidentified female accomplice.
-In Canada a former security guard at a psychiatric hospital was sentenced to 4 years in prison for crimes against two female patients. The security guard was pronounced guilty of sexual exploitation and sexual assault occurring in 2010 and 2011. One victim’s mother said her daughter wanted to make sure this type of thing did not happen to other patients.
- Jennifer Lewis charged in Colorado for the murder of a security guard during a nightclub robbery was sentenced to life without parole. Lewis, the getaway driver for three men that fired at security guards and an off-duty police officer outside a bar, received an additional 48 years for three counts of attempted first degree murder. Another suspect who goes to trial in August is charged with two counts of first degree murder, four counts of attempted first degree murder, and three counts of felony menacing.

May 27, 2014:“People ran like ants” said an onlooker who was eating at a local restaurant in Florida yesterday afternoon. At least two people were shot and eight people in custody late Monday night as police continued to search the area. Per local police the shootings started around 6:48 PM when a fight between two groups of people. Other onlookers said it took police about five minutes to arrive and seemed like a long time. There were many comments that more security was needed in the area due to the crowd and the age of the crowd.
-In California on Friday police had to use a taser to control a woman who was charging at others with a large kitchen knife. The woman later admitted to being under the influence of acid during the time.
- A security guard, Kirk Garland who was fired after three peace activists broke into the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge in July 2012 is waiting to see if he will get backpay. The complex is the nation’s primary storehouse for bomb-grade uranium. The three activist cut through three fences before reaching the plant’s high-security storage center where they splashed blood on walls, spray-painted Bible verses and decorated the site with crime-scene tape. Garland was the first guard to arrive on the scene after the break-in and says he is being used as a scapegoat. However, critics have said the protesters could have been a diversion for armed terrorists. Garland says no matter what critics say he stopped the protestors and detained them. The three protestors are now in prison.
-In Ontario a security guard was injured with a box cutter when he tried to stop a man who stole several chocolate bars in a Dollarama. Security was called to the store by employees. When the security guards approached the man he pulled out a box cutter and started swiping at them. One security guard was injured when trying to block him off. The suspect ran off but a security guard outside the mall was able to detain him until police arrived.
- In Nashville this morning there was a fire on Clovernook Drive due to a meth-related flash explosion. This explosion sent two people two the hospital with one in critical condition. Roger Ferrell and his wife Mary Vera were burned when the meth cooking process using red phosphorous and a hotplate resulted in a flash explosion inside a bedroom. Vera’s two sons were inside the house at the time of the explosion but were not injured because they were in a separate room. They had to be decontaminated at the scene due to the inherent danger of the chemicals. Both of the sons are jailed in lieu of $100,000 bonds. Metro police and the Nashville Fire Department spent several hours gathering evidence and ensuring that there was no threat to the neighborhood. The house is quarantined until the owner hires an environmental company for decontamination purposes.
-Nashville police have charged two people for burglarizing Woodland Hills Church of Christ in South Nashville last week. The two are suspected of being involved in other recent business and church break-ins. The two arrested were John Quinton and Chelsea Bomar. Quinton entered the facility while Bomar remained outside as a lookout. A homeless man in the area heard glass breaking and called police as the duo made their second trip into the church. According to police the couple were exchanging the stolen property for drugs.

May 26, 2014: Happy Memorial Day! Let's not forget what we are celebrating. For all the present soldiers and all the past soldiers and especially to all the families that have lost a soldier - thank you! We appreciate your sacrifice.
- In North Dakota four woman have been arrested for shoplifting. A security guard at the mall saw the woman shoplifting. The security guard called police to followed the four women outside. The four woman got into their vehicle. As the vehicle sped away it hit the security guard. An off-duty policeman who was also working security at the mall arrived at the scene and was able to get the vehicle's tag and a description of the vehicle. The security guard called it into police who were able to capture the woman. The security guard that was hit by the vehicle was not seriously injured.
- A black school teacher in New York has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods. According to the lawsuit, a security guard at Whole Foods stopped him from eating the prepared food he brought into the store in their dining room. The lawsuit claims it was only because the man was black.
- A student at a high school in Texas attacked two staff members. The student was brought into the school's office to discuss a potential disciplinary issue with staff when he engaged in an altercation with the dean of instruction and a campus security guard. The student tried to grab the security officer's weapon but was not able to. The student has been charged with assault on a public servant. The student will also face appropriate disciplinary action from the school.
- Two teenagers in Ohio were fleeing mall security on Friday night when one of them was hit by a car. The security guards at Kohl's Department store spotted the two shoplifting and called the police. The two teenagers then began fleeing from police toward the interstate. When the young men tried to cross the interstate at least one was hit by a passing car. Police are still looking for the person driving the car as they did not stop. The young man hit by the car was not seriously injured. Both young men are facing shoplifting charges.
- Starting July 1, 2014 in Idaho people with handgun carry permits will be able to carry weapons college campuses. College leaders universally opposed the law, but pro-gun-rights lawmakers pushed it through the Legislature this year. Now college police officers and security guards are preparing to deal with this. One of the things that is changing is that all security officers will receive bullet proof vests. They are also considering arming their security guards. At the present time, no security guards at the schools are armed. The guns will not be allowed in dorms or in stadiums that hold over a 1,000 people.
- A man and woman trying to buy drugs in Nashville around 2:30 AM this morning received more than they bargained for. While the two were waiting on Ashley Drive to meet with their drug connection two men approached them. As the two were fleeing in their car, the two men shot at them and hit the man in the arm. The woman took him to a local hospital where it was reported he had a serious injury.
- A Krystal Restaurant in Nashville was robbed at gunpoint early Monday morning. A man with a gun entered the restaurant early this morning and demanded money. The robber fled with the money. No one was hurt.

May 25, 2014: In Nashville Friday night there was a shooting at a billiards parlor. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Two security guards working at a local billiards parlor were checking identification as the patrons entered the establishment. When two you men tried to enter without identification they were turned away. Apparently, they were not happy with the security guards and this turn of events. Because they immediately went to their car and got a gun. One of the men shot into the air three time. The security guards were able to maintain order and no one was hurt. The men then fled the scene.
- Nashville police had a major drug bust this week. Police went to a home on Painter Drive because neighbors had reported drug activity at the home. When the police arrived they smelled marijuana and visually saw drugs in a protective sweep. Police then obtained a search warrant. When police went back to the house with the search warrant they confiscated major quantities of marijuana, mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, black tar heroin and several different kinds of prescription drugs. There were also two drugs confiscated. Two people were taken into custody. One has been released on bond and one still remains in custody.
- In California, a 22 year old man went on a killing spring yesterday. The young man first stabbed his three roommates multiple times killing all three of them. He then took a handgun and went to a sorority house and shot three women - two were killed and one was injured. Police say the young man then shot a bicyclist and killed him. The police were on the scene at this time. When they pulled the young man out of the car he was dead to trauma to the head. They do not know if he killed himself or it was due to the bicyclist hitting his car and going through the windshield. Police found a very detailed manifesto at his home. On Guard Security, Inc. offers their condolences the families of these victims.
- A security guard in Washington went from pursuing a fleeing shoplifter to trying to save the man's life this past week. The shoplifter ran past the security guard and jumped a fence and into a canal. The security officer lost sight of him but as he came around the fence he heard yells for help. The security guard immediately went into the canal to try to save the man but was unable to. The security officer said even though the canal was not that deep the current at the bottom was very strong. After several minutes of struggling the security guard was finally able to pull himself out of the canal. The police were able to find the body but they have not been able to identify the man yet.
- In North Carolina quick thinking security officers have been instrumental in helping police bust a shoplifting crime ring that has plagued CVS and Target stores in multiple states. The security officers at Target called the police on Sunday because two women were in the process of stealing merchandise. The women were getting a filing cabinet box as if they were purchasing the filing cabinet. The women would then fill the box with electronics. When police apprehended the first woman there was $6,143 worth of electronics inside the box. The police had set up a perimeter around the store so even though the other woman was able to escape and leave the store she was caught in the perimeter outside the store. The identification the woman gave the police was fake. When the police found their true identity and checked other states they found the woman were wanted in New York, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Georgia on the same type of thefts. They were discovered to have been part of a shoplifting group that has stolen over $200,000 in merchandise from several businesses.
- A security guard in Connecticut has been arrested for boarding a ferry with a gun. The security guard boarded the ferry in order to get to Massachusetts to kill a family member. The security guard was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit, breach of peace and possession of marijuana.
- The owner of a Utah security guard company has been charged with failure to pay wages and to file and pay state withholding taxes between 2006-2010.
- A Texas couple is suing Denny's and a local security guard company claiming the restaurant and the security guard failed to call police and remove from the property several people who were threatening them. While the couple were eating at a Denny's some men they knew came up and an argument started. The men then left. The couple suing Denny's was then asked to leave, but the other men were waiting outside for them. The group then followed them to the parking lot and attached them with baseball bats. The men were later arrested and are serving time in jail. The suit claims they asked the security guard to call police and they were not notified that the men were not removed from the property. The couple are asking for more than $50,000 in damages.

May 23, 2014: It has really been a hot week in Nashville this week. All security guards and policemen need to be aware of the toll heat can take on their body and stay very hydrated.
- A Nashville security guard was shot in the line of duty on Wednesday night. The security guard was patrolling an apartment complex in the Edgehill area. The security guard noticed two men acting suspicious outside one of the apartment complexes. The security guard confronted the two men and one of them pulled a gun and shot the security guard. The security guard returned the shot but did not know if he hit either man. The security guard was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. At the same time, a man arrived at the same hospital with a gunshot wound to his chest. But at this time, police have not confirmed if the man was involved in the apartment complex shooting.
- A security guard in Ohio was instrumental in the police being able to arrest three burglary suspects. The security guard followed the three burglary suspects in his car as they left the scene of the crime. The security guard said the men burglarized a business and then drove off in their car. As the security guard followed them the men crashed into a fire hydrant and then ran off. The police arrived on the scene and was able to capture all three men.
-Hospital security in Maryland called police to help with a patient that was unruly and combative. The police was not able to subdue the patient so they tased him. The teen died a few days later. Maryland police are now changing their policy to say they will no longer help hospital security unless someone’s life is in danger. Otherwise, a police supervisor will have to approve the police officer getting involved.
- A Florida man is in jail because he was not happy with the treatment he received from a college security officer. The man went to a college campus where he asked the security officer for help in finding a job. The security guard directed him to a website. The man became angry and started yelling at the security guard but left the area. According to security, the man came back later that night with a rubber mallet and started smashing computers. The security guard was able to subdue him until police arrived. When the police asked him why he smashed the computers, the man replied because they were not working properly and the security guard was rude to him.

May 22, 2014: A Georgia police officer was killed late Wednesday in a wreck. The crash occurred around 9:00 PM while the policeman was chasing a traffic violator. A tractor -trailer attempted to changed lanes which caused the policeman to crash into the median.
- A Puerto Rico private security officer's family has sued the U. S. Navy and they contractors that were in charge of keeping the base secure in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The family is suing for physical and emotional harm. According to the indictment in 2011 two men that were aiding and abetting each other with malice aforethought, unlawfully killed the security officer in the attempt to commit a robbery. The security officer was working as an unarmed security guard at the time.
- In Nashville police have arrested a woman after she asked to lick a 5-year old's feet. Alecia Carter tried to pull her neighbor's pants off when the neighbor ran next door Carter followed. Carter then groped the next-door neighbor and made a series of "bizarre sexual comments". She allegedly asked to lick the next door neighbor's feet and her 5 year old grandson's feet. The next door neighbor pushed her out the door. Carter then returned and busted a window out with a Lysol can. Carter has been arrested and charged with sexual battery, aggrevated burglary and vandalism.
- In New York a police department has honored a local security officers for their "actions, dedication and commitment over the past year". Eight security guards at a nightclub were the only non-police personnel to receive such an honor. According to the citation the guards went out of their way to help police in at least four incidents without regard to their personal safety.
- A Georgia woman was arrested for pulling a razor knife on a security officer who suspected the woman of shoplifting according to the local police. The Walmart security guard confronted the woman as she tried to leave the store without paying for $250 worth of clothing. The security guard said the woman used the knife in an offensive manner before she fled on foot.

May 20, 2014: An autopsy today of a man found dead in his home in Belle Meade has ruled the death as a suicide. Belle Meade is a suburb of Nashville.
- A 72 year old security guard was forced to shop a shoplifting suspect Sunday. The thief, accused of attempting to steal a cart full of meat, was confronted by the security guard. The suspect then punched the security guard in the face. As the security guard stumbled backward the thief continued to come at him. The security guard then pulled his firearm and shot the would-be thief in the ankle. The guard is okay. The thief was treated and released in to police custody.
- Police detained a security guard in Arizona after the security guard shot a man trying to break up a fight. The shooting arose when the victim tried to break up a disagreement between the security guard and a bar customer where the security guard worked. The security allegedly pulled his firearm and shot the victim as he tried to intervene. The victim is in critical condition but is expected to survive. The security guard who had immediately left the area after the shooting with another security guard was contacted and asked to return to the scene. The security guard cooperated and returned to the scene where he was detained by police.
- A security guard shot this past Tuesday at a Georgia Federal express facility had his third surgery since the shooting. The security guard, now on a ventilator, is expected to be removed from the ventilator next week. After that the security guard faces a recovery period of three to twelve months. Best wishes and prayers go out to this security guard and his family for a speedy recovery. Of the six people shot in the rampage three remain hospitalized.
- In Australia today a shooter was killed after trying to ambush a security guard making a cash drop. After tackling the security guard and a short fight the security guard shot the assailant who died at the scene. Area schools were locked down until police determined there was no accomplice. The security guard received minor injuries and was taken into custody by police
- The TSA is adding its first canines at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to assist security guards in screening passengers. The dogs are trained to detect explosives and components used to manufacture explosives. The TSA uses dogs in other airports across to supplement its security guard forces. The dogs are the first assigned to help security guards screen passengers in Atlanta.
-Security guards in a hospital in Pennsylvania busted a woman for selling heroin from her hospital bed. The security officers got suspicious at the large number of people going in and out of the woman’s room. The security guards notified police who then sent an undercover police officer to purchase drugs from the woman. The undercover police bought $90 worth of heroin. Police found $3,800 of heroin, two syringes and $1,400. The woman has been charged with misdemeanor drug charges and felony drug charges.
- In Oak Ridge, Tennessee two men have been arrested for breaking into a coal company. A security guard at Southern Cola Company noticed the men trying to break into the facility. The security guard called police who was able to capture the two. Both of the men are charged with burglary, theft of property and criminal trespassing. One man was also charged with unlawful use of body armor for wearing a bullet proof vest.
-In Oak Ridge, Tennessee two men have been arrested for breaking into a coal company. A security guard at Southern Cola Company noticed the men trying to break into the facility. The security guard called police who was able to capture the two. Both of the men are charged with burglary, theft of property and criminal trespassing. One man was also charged with unlawful use of body armor for wearing a bullet proof vest.
- Deputies in a county in Texas may no longer moonlight as security guards in bars and nightclubs including establishments where patrons bring their own alcohol. They may not work as security at black Friday sales either. The sheriff instituted the policy to protect the department’s integrity.

May 19, 2014 : Security officers in several retail stores nationwide are having a really hard time putting the brakes on theft. More and more shoplifters are becoming more and more brazen. Two women in an Old Navy store stuffed their purses full of stolen items and shoved the security guard out of the way as the security guard tried to stop them. Thieves are running into high end stores also grabbing merchandise and running out with them. A security officer was fatally shot in the head as he tried to stop a thief. All of this is happening in Indiana. A lot of this is due to the fact that Indiana has much more severe laws to punish shoplifters than neighboring states. The regional director for Lowe's loss prevention director says in the 21 years he has been in retail he has never seen it this bad. Security guards say not only is shoplifting up but the violence is up over 18%.
- A security officer in Nevada was able to stop a would be robber on Saturday morning. The would be robber fired at the security guard but missed and hit the truck instead. The security guard shot at the robber but missed also. No money was taken and no one was injured.
-A school security guard was injured after a fight broke out among students from two neighboring rival high schools. The fight between the students took place in a parking lot after school hours. All the students involved have been charged in juvenile court with trespassing.
- A Colorado Walmart security guard is recovering from injuries received when a shoplifter punched him and kicked him as she tried to get away. Her companion then pepper sprayed the security guard in the face. Both women were able to get away.
- In Nashville police have arrested a man for robbing a pizza delivery man at gunpoint. The pizza delivery man was walking away when a man came up with a gun. The robber got the pizza and $20. The robber is in the Nashville jail on a $80,000 bond.

May 18, 2014:Louisiana schools are trying to close a short fall in their budget by cutting middle and high school police and security guards on their campuses. This is approximately 30 security officers. According to local school personnel they do not need to make cuts to the security officers in the schools. They need to add security guards. At one middle school security guards run a Peacekeeper program in which students are recognized for reporting crimes and showing forgiveness to their classmates. It will be ultimately up to the local school board to decide if the school security personnel are kept or not.
- A county in North Carolina is the first to equip its police cars with Naloxone, a substance that counteracts the effects of a drug overdose for heroin and other opioids. Police normally get to an emergency quicker than local EMS due to the large area the EMS covers. North Carolina like other states has seen a large surge in drug overdose over the past few years due to the use of OxyContin, methadone and hydrocodone. The police officers as well as school security guards all received an hour class on how to administer the Naloxone.
- A security guard in California was hit by a woman with her pickup truck repeatedly. Rosamaria Best hit the security officer her truck as the security officer was trying to detain her and another person because the security guard spotted some of his personal property in the back of her pickup. Best has not been found at this time.
- Two men are under arrest in South Carolina for causing a disturbance at a Waffle House and ignoring the security guard on duty. The security guard told the two young men to pull up their pants and when they refused to comply called the police. The police told them to leave, but they couldn’t get a ride. After several minutes with the young men continuing to use foul language police arrested them for disorderly conduct. The two men were released on their own recognizance.
-In England the House of Parliament is doing away with local police to monitor it public entrances to the Palace of Westminster. In order to cut costs, they have signed a contract with a local security company which will start in April 2015. At that time, all entrances will be monitored by private security guards.
-A dispute between a father and a son in Baxter, Tennessee early Saturday morning has left the son dead. Police in the small Middle Tennessee town are still trying to piece the puzzle together of what led to the shooting. The mother was home at the time of the shooting.
- Police in Clarksville, Tennessee say a man that was high on bath salts was firing shots in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Saturday. Prior to his arrest, the man was seen at an intersection waving the gun. No one was harmed, but police did charge the man with nine counts of Felony Reckless Endangerment, vandalism and public intoxication.
- A Nashville, Tn man was sentenced to 135 months in prison for conspiring to possess and distribute 1,000 kilograms of marijuana followed by five years of supervised release. The man claimed to have been the largest hydroponic marijuana dealer in Nashville.
-Security guards at a Walmart in Arizona witnessed a 41 year old man drive into a Walmart parking lot. He had previously been at the Walmart and security guards as well as other Walmart employees had observed the man leave with merchandise he had not paid for. Security officers at Walmart called police. By the time the man was ready to leave with his goods police had arrived. Police were able to arrest the man as he was leaving the Walmart. His truck was also confiscated by police as it was used in the crimes.

May 17, 2014: A security guard in Oklahoma shot and killed a man in the parking lot of a hospital where he is a contract security guard. Security was notified that a man was tampering with cars in the parking lot of the hospital. The security guard went into the parking lot and confronted the man who had a gun. The man who the security guard thought was armed tried to flee after the security guard pepper sprayed him. The security officer then tried to subdue the man. The security officer then shot and killed the man. Neighbors reported hearing someone shout "put it down, put it down" then shots rang out. A gun that was not the security guards was found near the man. The Oklahoma police is investigating to see if charges will be filed.
- In Florida, a security guard has been sentenced in federal court to fifteen years for Enticing minors into prostitution. The security guard took pictures of two minors who the security guard then posted on the internet on sites with his number to call. The security guard would rent rooms and make the two girls available to men for sex. The security guard would then keep all the money.
- New York police are on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed in a man's death in his cell. The former marine who had mental illness problems was found dead in his cell. The temperature of the cell was over 100 degrees at the time of his death due to a malfunction of equipment. According to medical records, it appears the former marine died of hyperthermia. The man was in jail on a trespassing charge for sleeping in an enclosed stairwell on the roof of a public housing building. He was homeless at the time.
- Christian Porcaro of New Jersey is in jail charged with robbery. Porcaro went into a dressing room at Macy's Department Store with a shopping bag and several designer shirts per the female security guard that witnessed the incident. The the female security guard saw him leave with only some of the merchandise he entered the dressing room with the security guard notified two other security guards on duty. The other two security guards checked the dressing room but did not find the missing merchandise. they instead found only security tags. The three security guards followed Porcaro onto the sidewalk and confronted him. Porcaro had left Macy's with a dozen shirts valued over a $1000 and damaged three other shirts valued at $255. While the security guard were trying to detain Porcaro a scuffle broke out. One security guard required 23 stitches to his head and the other security guard received several scrapes.
- Security guards at an elementary school in Georgia initiated a stakeout because someone was hanging used condoms on the school's doors. Video from the school shows a man climbing over the school fence usually between 10 PM and 10:30 PM. The man would then strip and masturbate before hanging the used condoms on the school door. The security guard found him hiding behind a bush with his boxers around his ankles. The man said he did it at school because he didn't want to do it at home and wanted somewhere he could be alone. The man is charged with four counts of loitering on school property, four counts of littering and four counts of criminal trespass.
- A security company owner has been arrested in North Carolina for operating without a license. The state licensing board said the company had a contract with Buffalo Wild Wings. The armed security guards and the unarmed security guards that worked for the private contract security company also were not licensed. All were taken into custody. The owner of the security company has been charged with obtaining property by false pretense and a charge of operating a security company without a license. Buffalo Wild Wings said their corporate position is to only hire uniformed police officer or unarmed guards. The regional manager was not aware of the policy when he signed the contract.

May 16, 2014:A Florida jury delivered a verdict today in which a Florida woman was awarded $1.3 million due to a security guard filming her as she slept through a window. The security guard worked for the company hired to provide security for the gate community in which she lived. The security guard was known to have committed this type of behavior and was even arrested. However, the security company hired him anyway.
- After striking a security guard and irate man in California decided to fight
it out with the police officer who came to arrest him. The man was booked on battery for hitting the security guard and battery on a police office for striking the policeman.
- A security guard employed by the company that screens the entrances to a courthouse in Illinois brought a toy gun through the security checkpoint. He then allegedly threatened a court security guard. The toy turned out to be a cigarette lighter in the shape of a gun. The security guard was arrested immediately and charged with a felony, aggravated battery. The security guard was also charged with a Class A misdemeanor, aggravated assault.
- A security guard in South Africa was murdered last night while questioning two men about their activities at his post. One man pulled a firearm and shot the security guard killing him. The suspects have not been captured.
- Two security guards in Indiana have been accused of keeping money patrons paid them for parking in city owned garages. The security guards work for a company with a contract to operate the garages. Each security guard’s receipts were over $400 short. It was also reported the two security guards nder suspicion are dating. Arrest warrants have been filed.
-After stealing a dozen shirts from a mall store a New Jersey man assaulted three security guards who began to question him. One security guard suffered cuts to his head that required 23 stitches. Another security guard had a few scrapes and bruises. And a third security guard, female, was struck in the jaw. The assailant was arrested and is being on $100,000 bond.
- In a Florida school district may face the loss of up to 65 school security guards due to budget constraints. The school superintendent said the choice is between cutting academic programs or some security guards. More than 100 security guards will still be on the job. Some schools may see more security guards while others will lose their guards.
- A New Hampshire police commissioner has been asked to step down over a racial slur against President Obama. The 82 year old was overheard at a local diner. The person that overheard the police commissioner use the slur then wrote to the Board of Selectmen. When questioned about the slur the police commissioner admitted to it. Officials says the police commissioner would have to resign because there is no state policy on recall provisions for elected officials.
-Police have arrested a Clarksville, TN man in connection in the death of his stepdaughter. Police says they were called to an apartment to assist a one year old child who was not breathing. The police thought the injuries looked suspicious. The stepfather says the injuries were a result of him trying to administer the Heimlich maneuver on her.
- A security guard in New York has filed a sexual harassment and discrimination suit against the casino that she works for. Jacqueline Campbell said that a male supervisor harassed her while giving her a ride home. He demanded a kiss and after the security guard refused asked her “Do you like your job?”. The security supervisor then pulled his car over on a dark street, unzipped his pants and “physically forced” the security guard to pleasure him with her hand. The security guard claims in the lawsuit that she suffers seizures and headaches due to her troubles at the casino. The casino is not commenting on the allegations in the pending lawsuit.
- Nashville is set for another stormy weekend. All security guards need to be safe!

May 15, 2014:A security guard in North Carolina is charged with five counts of felony larceny by an employee and five counts misdemeanor breaking and entering a coin/currency machine. The security guard took snacks and money from a vending machine inside a National Guard Flight facility. The security guard had a key to the locked area extra snacks and money was kept. Inside the locked area was a key to the vending machine. The security guard not only took money and snacks from the locked area but also would take the key from the area to open the vending machine and get snacks and money out of the machine. The security guard is also a military police officer.
- Police in Florida have arrested a gym teacher, Rodney Barnes, for stealing money from students’ lockers. The school security officer started an investigation a few months ago when students started complaining about missing cash out of their lockers. No electronics were taken even though they were also left in the locker. According to the security officer, Barnes would only take about half of the student’s money leaving half behind. Since the incidents were taking place in a locker room, cameras could not be installed. The security guard then started “Operation Sticky fingers.” The security guard purchased a small container of luminescent powder that is invisible until it is under ultraviolet light. Then the powder turns fluorescent yellow-green. A wallet with coated money was then place in a locker. After the theft was discovered by security, no student was allowed to leave without their hands being checked by the security guard. All students were cleared by security. However, the powder showed up on Barnes’ hands. He then admitted to the thefts and several others. He has resigned his position at the school.
- Nashville police have arrested Jeffrey Duncan III for two separate gun sale-related robberies this week. Both victims reported they posted ads for handgun sales online. When the victim went to meet Duncan to sell the weapon he was robbed by Duncan at gunpoint. During the second robbery, the victim fired in self-defense. Duncan returned fire. The victim was not hurt, but Duncan drove himself to a local hospital with a gunshot wound. Police have charged Duncan with aggravated robbery, attempted aggravated robbery and theft.

May 14, 2014: It has been a stormy and rainy day in Nashville. Days like this make us appreciate our security guards and police. They are the ones out in the elements dealing with all the problems.
- In Virginia, alert security guards were able to distinguish between a real threat and a hoax. Someone called in a bomb threat to the mall on April 19, 2014, but with the help of local police, mall security guards were able to ascertain that it was not a real threat. No bombs were found in the mall.
- A security officer responsible for the safety of students at a high school in Washington was assaulted by a student. The teenager has been arrested for second degree assault. The security guard confronted the student with a school violation and a physical altercation ensured. Even though the student did not use a weapon the security officer had to be treated by medical personnel.
- A twenty-five year veteran police officer in Florida has been found in his home dead of a gunshot wound. The police have ruled it a homicide and believe his girlfriend a public service aide with the police department is responsible.

May 13, 2014: It's a beautiful day in Nashville , but severe storms are expected in Middle Tennessee tonight and tomorrow. Security guards need to be alert and safe!
- Saturday night a Nashville man soaked a local cellular phone store with gasoline and then started a fire. After not receiving a refund the assailant left the store, returned with a gasoline can, and poured gasoline on the store counter. The store clerk received severe burns to his body and is being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The assailant has now been charged with attempted murder and aggravated arson.
- The West End Synagogue in Nashville was robbed early Monday morning by three men. A clerk at a Nashville area gold buying store notified police. The three men were subsequently arrested.
- Police in Texas are investigating the beating and then shooting of a security guard. The police have set up a perimeter and are searching for two suspects. The security guard’s condition is unknown. The security guard was taken to a local hospital.
- Once again a Walmart security guard has been put in harm’s way. This incident happened Saturday morning as the security guard in Georgia questioned two shoplifting suspects. One suspect pulled a knife and put it to the security guard’s neck. The security guard was cut when he struggled to get away. Police officers apprehended the suspect after a short chase. The security guard was treated by paramedics. Luckily the security guard was not hospitalized and returned to work.
- Walk through metal detectors will be used at Dodger Stadium this season. Security guards will be present to oversee each entrance. Fans will have the option of being scanned by a security guard with a handheld device.
- A security guard in Puerto Rico was sentenced because he served as an armed security guard for a drug sale. The culprit pretended to be a police officer. This case was brought as part of a FBI undercover operation named Guard Shack. The former security guard was sentenced to 15 years in a federal prison.
- A man was arrested in New York today for performing a lewd act at a shopping mall. A mall security guard reported the man sat in his vehicle, exposed himself, and performed a lewd act. Security guards reported the police investigation discovered that the suspect regularly sat in the parking lot, observed women walk by, and exhibited the same behavior.
- A Knoxville, Tennessee man, Jeffrey Wooten has been charged with first degree murder and two counts of aggravated robbery. Wooten who has an extensive arrest record was also wanted at the time by Georgia police for a Waffle House robbery where he used a pitchfork. Wooten is suspected of shooting and killing a Knoxville man in a home invasion on Friday afternoon. The victim’s mother and sister came home while Wooten was still there. Wooten confronted the Knoxville women at gunpoint then stole the sister SUV. About three hours later Loudon County officers spotted Wooten driving the stolen vehicle. While trying to escape the officers he crashed through the yard of a home and was slightly injured. Wooten’s criminal history in Knox County, Tennessee includes resisting, simple possession, armed robbery, burglary, fight/escape, weapon offense and stolen vehicle.
- Security guards at a mall in New Jersey tried to keep panic to a minimum on Saturday, but were unable to as frightened shoppers tried to get away from suspected gunshots. A car caught fire in the parking lot and the smoke filled the upscale store. Per mall security, as the shoppers tried to exit someone knocked over a large metal display stanchion causing a loud noise which many shoppers thought was a gunshot. Police then evacuated the whole mall after the reported gunshots. State police, local authorities and mall security combed the mall looking for evidence of a gunshot but found none. Mall security said several shoppers received minor injuries due to the panic.

May 12, 2014: Metro Nashville police officer Michael Petrina was killed after being struck by a motorhome on I-65 south of Nashville. Officer Petrina graduated from the Metro Nashville Police Department Academy on September 26, 2013. During his probation Officer Petrina worked in various precincts. After his probationary period he was assigned to the Metro Nashville South Precinct. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, fellow officers and the citizens of Nashville.
Wednesday, May 14 a ceremony will be held to honor the fallen officers of the Metro Nashville Police Department. Tributes will be paid by several members of the Metro Nashville Police Department, Mayor Karl Dean and Chief Steve Anderson. The service will honor 44 officers that have perished in the line of duty since 1873 while serving the Citizens of Nashville.
Undercover police detectives of Nashville’s seven precincts charged 122 people last week with various offenses…most were drug and prostitution related. Citizens seeing drug related activity should call the Metro Nashville Police hotline at 244-DOPE. These tips can be anonymous.
14 security guards at Heartland Regional Medical Center in Missouri are now allowed to carry firearms during their patrols of the hospital’s campus. Each of the security guards received five months of training before being issued SIG Sauer pistols. The training these security guards received is almost exactly the same training a new recruit going through the police receives. Six other security guards responsible for security in the ER will not be issued weapons.
An alleged shoplifter in California bit a security guard while being detained while awaiting police arrival. After police arrived the shoplifter was found to have methamphetamine and a glass smoking pipe. The security officer’s bite was not serious however, the shoplifter was charged with felony battery and possession of a controlled substance.
At a California Walmart two suspects are under arrest for shoplifting a bottle of alcohol. When confronted by the store’s security guard both suspects fled. However, when the security guard pulled out his telephone to dial 911 one suspect returned to the security guard grabbed the security guard and then fled again. A concerned citizen caught one of the suspects and was beaten with a wooden stake until the Good Samaritan released him. Police eventually captured two men that the good citizen and the security guard were able to identify as the culprits. The security guard and the concerned citizen were not seriously injured. The good guys win again!
A security guard in California was stabbed. Police said it appears the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect has been arrested. There is no information of why the suspect attacked the security guard.
Two security guards in New Jersey evicted Ralph Delullo from a night club. After the two security guards evicted Delullo the security guards were approaching his car. Delullo then sped away. As he was speeding away, he struck a police officer with his car. The police officer was thrown over the hood of Delullo’s car and the police officer landed on the road but did not suffer any injuries. Delullo then fled without stopping. Officers later pulled Delullo over and he was arrested.
Three Nashville men are in trouble with the Sevierville, Tennessee police for shoplifting. The three Nashville men entered a Nike Outlets store at the Sevierville, Tennessee mall and started tossing shoes into bags they were carrying as quickly as they could. There was a getaway car parked out front and they jumped into it and sped away. As police chased the three Nashville men, the men hit another car, and almost struck an officer on a sidewalk before police were force them off the road. After police forced them off the road all three men jumped from their vehicle and ran. Sevier County Sheriff’s says the three were caught a short time later. The three Nashville men all face charges of felony theft, reckless endangerment, felony evading, resisting arrest, fleeing the scene of an accident, aggravated assault and introducing contraband into a penal facility. At some point after their arrest officers found a small amount of marijuana while searching the suspects

May 11, 2014: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! We have two very special mothers on our staff at On Guard Security, Inc. They are Sandra Purifoye and Peggy Byrd.

May 10, 2014:A private security guard has filed a law suit against the private security company that he works for. The security guard claims that his supervisors at the private security company discriminated against his age by removing him from his regular shift as a security guard for the St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital. Michael Wiggins claims that his managers at U.S. Security Associates, which is a private security company, violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and the PA Human Relations Act and is currently seeking monies he feels are owed to him. Wiggins was employed as a security guard at St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital before he was removed from his post. The security guard had recently filed an internal complaint against his supervisor at the private security company claiming he had been harassed and had multiple bogus write-ups in his employee file. The private security company took no action in regards to the complaint but did however remove security guard Wiggins from his post and replaced him with three younger security guards. The 44 year old security guard claims that he was discriminated against due to his age and also that the private security company allows similar practices throughout the company.
A security guard in Nevada has one week to come up with $500,000 bail after being accused of sexual assault on two women. Jerry Johnson was a security guard at a Las Vegas Strip Hotel. The security guard was indicted this morning by a grand jury on two counts of sexual assault. Prosecutors allege that the security guard assaulted the women after escorting them to their hotel rooms. The women more than likely felt safe in the presence of a security guard and asked him to escort them because they were intoxicated. One of the victims went to a doctor for excruciating pain after the attack from the security guard and the exam found that the assault had left her with a tampon lodged into her cervix and had to be removed. Prosecutors say the security guard left DNA in both cases. The private security company that Johnson worked for is unknown at the time although it is said that he is no longer employed as a security guard at this time. His hearing is set for 05/14/14 at 9 a.m.
One security guard is being held in the Orange County jail after fatally shooting another security guard. Security Guard Miguel Santos-Rivera of Kissimee shot Security Guard Edwin Anthony Mercado at Las Princesas nightclub at 11:30 p.m. Friday night. The fight between the two security guards that ended in blood was between the two men whom did not work for the private security company. It is unknown at this time what private security companies the two security guards were employed at or why there was bad blood between them. Witnesses say that the two security guards got into a verbal argument at some point and Security Guard Santos-Rivera removed his gun belt in preparation for a physical fight with Security Guard Mercado. Security Guard Mercado immediately aimed his gun at Security Guard Santos-Rivera but soon holstered the weapon. At that point is when Security Guard Santos-Rivera aimed his gun at Security Guard Mercado and shot him in the chest. Security Guard Santos-Rivera confessed to police at the Winter Garden Police department.
In Alabama a security guard is dead after a police officer shot him. Authorities say it all started when one security guard that was on duty in the parking lot of the Foxx Trapp got into an argument with another security guard who was off duty at the time. The police officer had taken on an extra job doing security at the club confronted the security guard that was on-duty and ordered him to drop the weapon. The security guard did not comply with the officers demand to drop the weapon and that is when the officer shot the security guard multiple times. The ABI is expected to be investigating the shooting of the security guard.

May 9, 2014:In New York, an armored car security guard was robbed at gunpoint today of $13,000.00. The unarmed security guard went inside a Family Dollar to pick up the bag of cash. When he came back outside his armed guard supervisor had left with the armored truck. An armed man immediately came up to him and put a gun to his chest and demanded the bag of money. The armed man jumped into a waiting car. Police were able to find the two robbers shortly thereafter. They were able to recover both the gun and the bag of cash. The armed security guard supervisor is being questioned because he was found more than a mile away just sitting in the truck. The unarmed security guard was not armed because he is waiting for his license.
A Missouri woman who police said pepper-sprayed a security guard in a shoplifting incident at a mall before forcing a motorist on the parking lot to drive her away has been charged with felony robbery and kidnapping. Police say when the lady was confronted by the security guard as she tried to leave she grabbed a pepper spray out of her purse and sprayed the security guard in the face. She then went to the parking lot where she jumped into the passenger seat of a car and forced a woman to drive her away from the mall. She took the victim’s cellphone and threatened to hurt her if she didn’t take her where she wanted to go. The woman who was kidnapped was not hurt.
A Wisconsin man was charged after he stole a knife from a store. The security guard that confronted him ended up cut. The police reported to a call of a man stealing a knife from the store and then fleeing in a yellow Jeep drive by a woman. The security guard attempted to recover the knife but ended up getting a cut on his finger. The security guard did not require serious medical attention.
Nashville, TN police are looking for a woman who robbed the SunTrust Bank on Murfreesboro Road today. The woman entered the bank at 9:15AM and presented the teller with a demand note in which she threatened to shoot if cash wasn’t given. After receiving money, the woman fled the bank. No gun was seen. Bank surveillance cameras captured clear photographs of her. The quality of surveillance equipment available to banks and businesses today is far superior than what was available two years ago. Anyone with information should call Nashville police.
Nashville police working undercover charged 122 people with mostly drug and prostitution charges this week. South Precinct charged 23 persons as the result of the investigations. They were able to seize 146 grams of marijuana, eight pills, 1.5 grams of cocaine, one handgun and $2,738 cash. Hermitage Precinct seized cocaine, marijuana, pills, three handguns and $4,044 cash. West Precinct, North Precinct, East Precinct, Madison Precinct and Central Precinct also had similar success. Any person in Nashville suspecting drug activity in their neighborhood is urged to call metro police.
A former employee at a central Kentucky abbey run by an order of Catholic monks has been indicted on dozens of theft charges that alleges he stole more than $1 million from the institution. Police say the man was working as an accountant at the Abbey in Kentucky. He started diverting money in 2008 with the help of his wife. A grand jury indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on 87 counts of felony theft and 87 counts of unlawful access to a computer along with 174 counts of complicity to commit those crimes. His wife faces the same charges.
Security guards in a Kmart in West Virginia alerted police to two males that appeared to be shoplifting. When police stopped the men at the door of the Kmart they found not only stolen items but also pills, crack cocaine, heroin and $1500 in cash. Both men are now in jail.
The Iroquois Steeplechase is tomorrow in Nashville. This will bring much excitement and activity to our area. It will also bring many road closures. So plan your trips and your time tomorrow accordingly.

May 8, 2014:The annual Iroquois Steeplechase race is this weekend at Warner park in Nashville, Tennessee. On Guard Security along with several other Nashville security companies will be providing security guards at the race. Come on out for a great time!
A dispute between two Nashville, TN men led to a murder overnight at a South Nashville apartment complex. The victim was on parole for a 2012 murder conviction. Nashville police are seeking Eric Orlando Carter as a material witness to the crime.
After careening of the road and into a utility pole a woman was killed in an early morning accident on Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville, TN. Alcohol is suspected as a contributing factor.Christopher Sparkman a security guard a Georgia Federal Express facility faces a sixth surgery after being shot in a rampage at the facility last week. According to his family Christopher is on the road to recovery. On Guard Security wishes Christopher a speedy recovery.
Security guards deal with various duties daily. Many of these duties put the security guards in harm’s way as the protect life and property from theft, fire, vandalism, terrorism and other serious threats. Many guards are armed with lethal weapons while others have no weapons or only non-lethal weapons. Each day that passes the need for diligent security guards increases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts steady job growth with private security guard company through 2022 as the public’s concern about crime increases.
A security company in California has there contract security guard issuing parking tickets. The security guards are issuing the tickets on private property where they are patrolling. The tickets have been fooling drivers into thinking they were issued by police officers or a city parking officer. The tickets come with an envelope that is addressed to City Parking Enforcement and tells the recipient they have 10 days to pay. According to the California Attorney, private property owners have not authority to issue citations with monetary fines. The local police are now investigating and said it could be a felony depending on how many tickets have been issued by the security officers.
Police have a 13 year old Colorado boy in custody who is accused of shooting his father. The police went to the man’s house after his employer tipped them off. The boy was calling in sick for his father and the employer got suspicious. When the police went to the door the boy told them his father was dead. They found him in the next room, shot in the head. Police say the man had been dead at least six days.
A shoplifter in Illinois was seriously injured after police used a Taser on him as he was trying to flee police. Witnesses say a police officer and a private security guard stopped the man and he was being arrested for retail theft. The man resisted arrest and the private security guard asked if he wanted the police officer to use his Taser on him. The man then broke free and started running. The police officer then used his stun gun which made the man fall into a light pole. The man appeared to be unresponsive even after paramedics loaded him into the ambulance.
A Mississippi deputy has been charged with the death of a basketball coach, Justin Griffin. The thirty-seven year old deputy was refereeing a basketball game that Griffin was coaching. According to police, Griffin was attached after the game on Sunday by the deputy in “an unprovoked act of aggression.” Griffin died Monday. Adams has been denied bond. A second unnamed deputy who was working as a security guard at the game is also under investigation.
A contract security guard in North Carolina reported 24-year old Edgar Flores Lozada for being a suspicious person at a construction site for a Holiday Inn. When the police arrived the contract security guard was detaining Lozada. Lozada said he had returned to pick up some tools he needed to do another job. After police contact the project manager, he said no one should be on the site. Police found aluminum wire snipped away in several spots where Lozada was initially seen. A search of his vehicles turned up four pairs of pliers or snippers.

May 7, 2014: An owner of a Security guard training company in Nashville has pleaded guilty to mail fraud, wire fraud and credit card fraud. Ricky Lee Coleman, Jr. admitted that between January 2006 and March 2009 he charged over 2,600 customer over$900,000 in return for promises they would be provided training in the areas of counter-terrorism counter-assault, personal security or special operation. He also promised potential customers those who paid a registration fee would be paid during training and would be guaranteed security employment after they completed the training. Coleman also admitted that fewer than 20 of the thousands of customer who paid fees ever attended training classes, many were asked to pay additional fees. Coleman also induced customers to pay for equipment that was supposedly required for the training classes. Coleman will be sentenced on August 11, 2014. He faces up to 20 years in prison on each of four counts of wire fraud, 20 years in prison for the count of mail fraud and 15 years in prison for the count of credit card fraud. He has also agreed to pay $900,00 in restitution.
Nashville police are investigating a stabbing on a metro bus in Nashville last night. The victim and his current girlfriend were spotted by Leaddia Eubanks, the victim's previous girlfriend inside the downtown terminal. Words were exchanged between the victim and Eubanks as the bus pulled away from the terminal. Eubanks then pulled a knife. The victim and his girlfriend received several cuts before Eubanks could be subdued.
Nashville police are looking for a hit and run driver from a Tuesday night accident that left a pedestrian fatally injured. The victim was Allen Hoogewind of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hoogewind and a co-worker had just gotten off the MTA bus at 9:35 PM last night when a car hit Hoogewind. According to witnesses, the car did have a green light but Hoogewind was in a crosswalk.
A Florida security guard was arrested on sex charges. Douglass Andrew Tilley III was arrested in January for unlawful sexual activity and transmission of material harmful to minors. He is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old senior. The senior said they met on campus and they exchanged text messages that included nude photos. She claims she had sex with Tilley twice, once at a park and once at his home. When she tried to call off the relationship in January. The security guard continued to text and calling the senior. The security guard also threatened suicide when she broke up with him.
An elderly man in Florida has died of injuries received when being beaten by a security guard. Investigators say that Brian Christopher Murphy who worked as a part-time security guard at an assisted living facility. Murphy entered the room of the victim and for no reason started beating the victim and another resident. A nurse alerted another security guard who was able to pull him off the victims and subdue him until police arrived.

May 6, 2014:Today is election day in Nashville. We are very fortunate in this country to have this right. So please get out and vote!
A Texas police officer that was off-duty was shot multiple times and died late Sunday. The officer was closing up and leaving the tattoo parlor he owns around 10PM. The two people that ambushed him were carrying a shotgun and a handgun. The assailants had already left the scene by the time the police arrived and have not been arrested.
A security guard in South Dakota was punched for asking a customer to show his receipt for his sandwich as the customer was leaving Walmart. The police arrested him shortly but he had to be pepper-sprayed to be subdued.
A guard company in Illinois has been sued by a man for injuries and lost earnings. According to the lawsuit, R. Gray who is suing the security guard company entered a building and walked through a magnetometer with no incident. Mr. Gray tried to collect his binder and belongings that had been passed through the x-ray machine. The security guard refused to allow Gray to entry and to submit for additional screening. According to Gray, the security guard grew hostile shaking his handcuffs at Gray. The security guard then told Gray to leave the building. Grey agreed to leave the building then sat in chairs near the building’s exit. The security guard proceeded to strike Gray and kick him several times. Per Gray, the security guard also pulled his steel tactical baton and raised it in attempt to bludgeon Gray. Per the lawsuit, Gray suffered spinal injuries and grievous mental anguish and pain.

May 5, 2014: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Please do not drink and drive! Nashville police will have sobriety checkpoints around town.
Nashville is having an unusually hot May. All security guards need to be aware and stay hydrated.
A New York principal was yanked from her school due to allegations that she had sex with a security guard, an assistant principal and a parent. Reports were she had sex in the school while classes were in session and had photos of her exploits on department laptops. This all came to light, after a romance with the dad of a student turned bad. He turned over laptops to the Department of Education with the pictures and letters on there.
In California a suspect was arrested at Walmart for shoplifting and threatening to shoot the security guard that detained him. The dollar amount of the item shoplifted was not immediately known. The suspect was contacted by security after he exited Walmart. He then threatened to shoot security with a handgun that he claimed he had. Police were contacted and apprehended him a few blocks away.
South Carolina police say three people were hurt during a shooting outside a bar. Police says the shooting happened when an angry patron opened fire at a security guard and the security guard shot back. Authorities say two people were hit by gunfire and a third person had some scrapes that may have come from being hit. No one sustained life-threatening injuries.
On Guard Security offers their condolences to the family of Noel Hawk. Police Officer Noel Hawk suffered a fatal heart attack after breaking up a fight at a fast food restaurant. He and several other police officers had responded to a dispute between an adult and a juvenile and were able to calm the situation before clearing the scene.
In Memphis, Tennessee police say bystanders helped subdue a pedestrian who climbed into a squad car and reached for the police officer’s gun. The suspect was walking in traffic Saturday afternoon trying to hit passing cars. The suspect then reached inside the police car and tried to grad the police officer’s gun while yelling “Give me your gun’ I’m going to kill you.” Bystanders watching from the corner ran to the car and pulled the suspect out and helped subdue him until other officers arrived. The police officer was unhurt.
In Nashville, TN a convicted felon was arrested and charged with the weekend shooting of a teenager in Nashville over the weekend. Quontez Caldwell was taken into custody after security guards found him armed with a handgun on the property. Caldwell was not a resident there. The victim of the shooting is expected to make a full recovery.
One of the TBI’s Ten Most Wanted is now off the streets. Deterines Cortae Cathey was taken into custody in Murfreesboro today with the help of several law enforcement agencies. Cathey was wanted by the FBI and TBI on several charges including Murder in Aid of Racketeering. He was also wanted in connection with a 2009 homicide in Columbia.
In Michigan, a Cinco de Mayo parade was cut short due to a shooting. According to police, a nineteen year old man was shot to death. A 24-year-old man was taken into custody. The circumstances are not clear but police believe the shooting was related to a problem with the victim's family.
Nashville police are investigating the stabbing death of a North Nashville man by his wife. The wife called police Sunday night to report the death. She claims the stabbing was due to an on-going domestic dispute. At the time of the stabbing, the husband was free on a $4,000 bond due to his arrest from March 23 for assaulting his wife. No charges are being filed against the wife at this time.
Nashville Police weekend's Operation Safer Streets resulted in 36 arrests involving 25 misdemeanors, two felonies and 25 warrants served. The purpose of Operations Safer Streets is to rid the streets of Nashville of gang presence. So far this year, Operations Safer Streets has resulted in 1,018 arrests on 64 felony charges and 958 misdemeanor charges, 12 gun seizures. It has also resulted in 5,517 vehicle stops in areas with gang presence.

May 4, 2014: Monday is Cinco de Mayo. Nashville police will have sobriety checkpoints around the city. Please be safe!
Knoxville Police ended a ten hour standoff with a 25 year old that had barricaded himself in his hours with three weapons. According to police reports the young man had been shooting at cars the night before and drinking heavily. The following day the police received a call that he was still drinking heavily and making threats. After ten hours of no progress, the police through gas canisters into the house to get the young man to evacuate. According to police, he had been going through personal issues.
In Middle Tennessee two people were shot at a music festival at a campground on Saturday. No suspects have been identified at this time. The two individuals had to be airlifted to Vanderbilt Hospital.
Arizona police shot a man in a leg outside a children's hospital. According to police the suspect kept returning to the hospital despite the security guards at the hospital asking him to leave. The man kept returning to the hospital and threatening hospital security and provoking them by saying profanities and holding a bottle in a threatening manner. After police arrived the man bent down and made a movement for his waistband. The police thought he had a weapon stashed there. The suspect was then shot in the leg by the police as he stood up.
Florida is trying to draft new security measures for their private clubs. At this time, all security guards in clubs are not licensed and some clubs do not even have security. Florida is trying to draft measures that would require all clubs to have a licensed security guard and surveillance. This is in response to a shooting at a club in March where one person was killed and four injured.
In California a warrant has been issued for a man in connection with the shooting of a security guard in front of a nightclub earlier this year. The shooting happened after the security guard asked a group of men to leave the bar. The men got into an altercation with the guard. They then got into their vehicle and shot the guard in the foot as they sped away.
A Texas security guard was hit in the head with a hammer yesterday at a business center. The suspect apparently did not like the way the guard took the suspect's identification card according to police. The suspect then went to his truck and pulled out a hammer. He came back in and attacked the security guard with the hammer. The security guard was
not seriously injured.
A Iowa female security guard was injured when a man that had been arrested by police escaped and fled on foot. The police found the suspect kicking and stomping on the security guard. The suspect later admitted to police he had attacked the security guard. The security officer was transported to a local hospital with lacerations, swelling and bruising to her head and forearm. The suspect is now free on bond.
In Illinois a hospital patient threatened a security guard with a collapsible baton. The patient had become unruly with hospital staff and the security officer was called. When the security officer entered the room during a scuffle his collapsible baton fell to the floor and the patient was able to get control of it. The security officer was able to subdue the subject and took the baton back from him. The patient will be charged with disorderly conduct when he is released from the hospital.

May 3, 2014: A Michigan private security guard shot a man who was attempting to highjack a woman Friday night in a retail store parking lot. The private security officer is a retired policeman. The private security guard was on-duty when he observed three black males attempting to carjack a woman in the store’s parking lot. When the private security guard tried to stop the would-be carjackers they pointed a gun at the private security guard. The private security guard quickly responded by pulling his gun and firing three times. The carjackers then ran away on foot. Two of them got away but the third one was found wounded with a gunshot to his stomach.
In California yesterday two Latinos in their mid-20s zapped an armored car security guard with an electric stun gun and robbed him of the money bag. The security guard suffered minor injuries and the empty bag was found a few miles away.
A Sumner County, Tennessee bus driver has been arrested for sexual assault on a twelve year old student. He has been charged with inappropriately touching a girl on the bus. The Sumner County, Tennessee police continue to investigate.
Two people have been arrested by Clarksville Police after they led them on a foot chase. The Clarksville Police tried to pull the vehicle they were driving over and the suspects pulled away. The Clarksville Police pursued them until the suspect’s vehicle pulled over and they both ran away on foot. The two were taken into custody. Drug paraphernalia and a gun were found in the car. They both had previous drug charges.
A private security guard company in Illinois has been sued over a security guard maliciously battering a person inside the mall. The lawsuit alleges the victim was so severely beaten by the mall security guard the victim suffered bruises, lacerations and broken bones. According to the lawsuit, the mall security guard struck, pushed and hit the victim until they fell suddenly and without warning. According to the lawsuit, there was no justification for the abuse from the security guard. The amount the victim is suing for is not known at this time.
A Dickson County, TN man who is a pastor and has worked as a substitute teacher has been arrested on child sexual exploitation of a minor and solicitation sexual exploitation of a minor according to the Dickson County, TN police. The suspect had previously worked as a substitute teacher with the Cheatham County, TN School District. The Dickson County Police started investigating after a tip from a local computer company found child pornography on his server. The Dickson County Police obtained a warrant to search his resident where Dickson County Police took his computer. Forensic examination of the computer revealed evidence of solicitation of a minor and possession of child pornography by the pastor.
A concerned citizen’s tip has led to the arrest of three suspects accused of breaking into homes in Nashville, TN. A witness reported seeing the three leave a residence on Wade Avenue in Nashville. Nashville Police then tracked the suspects to a nearby apartment building where they jumped out of a second floor window in an effort to escape. Officers found items from the Wade Avenue address in Nashville as well as other merchandise from other robberies. Two of them men had previous burglary convictions.
In Mt. Juliet, TN a woman who was loading her groceries into her car purse was snatched from her buggy by two men in a white mustang. Other grocery shoppers were able to get the license number. Even though the two men initially got away, through a local Facebook page called “Hip Mt. Juliet” the men were tracked down by concerned citizens. Finally, the police caught up with them in Madison, TN. The white mustang had been covered with a tarp but one of the suspects willing pulled the tarp off where the police could confirm the license number. One of the suspects was out on probation for 2nd Degree Murder.
Alert Nashville, TN police are the reason another burglar is off the streets. The burglar broke a window at a South Nashville market. After the police took the report and watched the surveillance video the Nashville police were able to spot the burglar at a bus stop not far away. He still had the money in his pocket. He is now in the Davidson County jail. This was his 193 rd offense since 1985.

May 1, 2014: Thanks to all the private security guards that work for On Guard Security. A special thanks to Officer Stacks, Officer Morris and Officer Walton. Providing contract security guard services requires quality contract security guards. We really appreciate all you do!
It is a nice day here in Nashville after all the stormy weather we have had this week.

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