November, 2009

November 30, 2009: Yesterday there was a terrible tragedy in Washington state. A man walked in to a coffee shop in Washington state where four uniformed police officers were at a table getting ready to start their shift. Marked patrol cars were parked outside of the coffee shop, too. The man "ambushed" the police officers and ended up killing all four of the officers. There was no attempt to rob the coffee shop. No employees or other customers were hurt. There is no apparent motive. The police are now looking for a man named Maurice Clemmons for questioning about the fatal shootings.

A junior at Hillsboro high school was arrested today. Hillsboro's Resource Officers arrested the seventeen year-old today for having a 9mm handgun in his SUV.

A man from Maryville is in jail tonight on charges of aggravated kidnapping. The charges come from an incident that happened Saturday night in Knox county. The man allegedly would not let his mother leave from their vehicle, and he pretended that a pellet gun was a real gun. This incident finally ended when a deputy from the Knox County Sheriffs Department.

It was an ugly start to the day, and it hasn't gotten any better.

The search for a missing person in Kentucky has come to an end over the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, there will now be a homicide investigation. The body of a 21 year-old man was found in a remote area of Pulaski County, Kentucky. The body was burnt very badly. Dental records were used to identify the body. The man had not been seen since he left work in Somerset, Kentucky on November 9th.

It is an ugly start to the day here in Nashville, Tennessee.

An East Tennessee jail is having financial difficulties because of a decreasing number of federal inmates that it houses. Blount County Jail has only half the number of federal inmates that it had this time last year. The jail is paid per inmate by the federal government.

I am pleased to announce that today we will start a very large new post in East Tennessee. Our quality security guards have done such a wonderful job that we were asked to handle the other security guard posts in place of the old security guard company. Great work!!

As the holiday weekend closes I am reminded that we were not all lucky enough to get a holiday. Security can never sleep, rest, or take a break. I thank all the security guards, police, and any other people that worked over the weekend in the security industry.

November 29, 2009: Last Friday a security guard in Ohio shot himself in the leg. The security guard was an employee of FirstEnergy Corp. The guard reportedly shot himself with a 9mm. Why the accident occurred is still unclear.

The Tennessee Titans won today! The Titans beat the Cardinals in Nashville 20 to 17!!!!!!!!

A local news channel in Nashville ran a story late last week that highlights the importance of security personnel and other forms of security. I appreciate the article for putting the spotlight on an area that often goes unnoticed even when people are enjoying the benefits of it. They even call security at Nashville area malls a "hidden priority". The article goes on about security guards and security cameras. The article also interviews the Director of Security at Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, Tennessee.

Tiger Woods' house is now heavily guarded by a fairly large security guard force. There is much speculation about what really happened to Tiger. His publicist has publicly said that Tiger was in a car wreck.

The Nashville International Auto Show is underway now. The show started last Friday in downtown Nashville.

Although it rained in the late afternoon here in Nashville, it was a fairly nice day considering the time of the year. I had hoped to go fishing at the Caney Fork River in Putnam County (near Cookeville). Unfortunately, I did not have time to get to the Caney Fork River. I did go fly fishing for a couple of hours near home on the Stones River. I only caught one Striped Bass, but it was really wonderful just to be out on any river.

November 28, 2009: The increased security at Wal-Marts in New York appears to have worked. As of now no incidents have been reported. Wal-Mart beefed up the number of security guards and general security because of an incident on the last Black Friday. Last year a security guard was trampled to death by customers in a New York Wal-Mart.

Black Friday seems to have gone over pretty well in Nashville. I don't have any numbers to support that claim. All I can attest to is what i saw here in Nashville. Every retail location that I went to in Nashville was very very crowded.

November 27, 2009: A security guard in Pennsylvania has caused quite a bit of excitement this week. The security guard worked a post in a residential neighborhood. The guard allegedly killed a puppy after he failed to catch it. The puppy's owners are very upset and have tried to bring charges against the security guard and the security guard company.

Today must be my lucky day. As I walked into my office this morning I was shocked by what I saw. The contract security guard that works at our office complex (He is not an employee of On Guard Security. He is a security guard for another security guard company in Nashville.) was in a daze in his usual place. Initially, I thought something had to be terribly wrong. I have not seen any of that company's security guards do very much at all for the last few years. To my surprise the guard was actually patrolling. Not only did the security guard patrol, he also waited by my door until I had entered safely. Since this morning the security officer has reverted to his usual habits. I am cautiously optimistic about his future behavior, though.

A man in Massachusetts locked his two sons in the trunk of his car while he ran errands, according to police. The man left the two boys in the trunk while he went inside a sailing shop. The man has entered a not guilty plea on charges of assualt and reckless endangerment of a child.

November 26, 2009: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tomorrow is Black Friday. Hopefully, all security personnel, customers, and everyone else has a safe day shopping tomorrow. Last year on Black Friday a security guard in a Wal-Mart was trampled to death by a crowd of customers. The guard was trampled during a time of increased security personnel. Wal-Mart claims to have further strengthened their security this year.

A daughter stabbed her father to death today in Nashville. The father reportedly hit the mother, then the daughter retaliated by stabbing him. The mother and daughter claim that the stabbing was in self defense.

November 25, 2009: The Metro Nashville Police are looking for assistance to help identify the man that robbed a Regions bank in downtown Nashville. The robbery happened early Monday morning.

The security guard that was reportedly stabbed at LSU a few weeks ago has been arrested. The guard was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on one count of making a false statement to a federal investigator. The former security guard had stabbed herself, but she claimed to have been stabbed by a man of Middle Eastern descent.

A stolen tractor trailer was returned to its owners in Knoxville this week. The robbers returned the tractor trailer in fairly good condition. The CB radio was the only thing that was missing. Everyone is puzzled about this incident.

Police in Bowling Green, Kentucky are searching for clues to help solve a murder. A mathematics professor at Western Kentucky University was murdered Sunday night. The Bowling Green Police have increased the patrols and general police presence in the area.

November 24, 2009: A security guard was injured Sunday night in California. It was reported that the guard was patrolling when he was injured by a man that threw a large rock through the window of the patrol car. The guard had his injuries treated by medics on the scene.

A security guard discover a body in Pheonix. The guard found the body of a fatally shot woman in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Thank you, Dan.

Someone is duct taping live cats and abandoning them in East Tennessee. A total of four cats have been found this way.

Two inmates in Tennessee state prison escaped from their cell earlier this month, stole cigarettes from a store, and returned to prison voluntarily. An investigation was started by prison officials when the contraband was found.

November 23, 2009: A security guard was shot in Houston over the weekend. The security guard worked in an armored vehicle. Three robbers got away with thousands of dollars and one shot the security guard in the leg. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and police are still looking for three suspects that are involved in Iast Saturday's robbery

November 22, 2009: Robert Pattinson hires a large number of security guards. Robert Pattinson plays a vampire in 'Twilight Sasa: New Moon.' Mr. Pattinson uses up to 35 security guards each and every day. It is unclear whether Mr. Pattinson uses unarmed guards or armed guards. Security guards or bodyguards for high profile people can become extremely expensive.

Knoxville has banned firearms in all the libraries in the Knoxville. Signs were placed in all branches in Knoxville. The firearm ban comes after an armed man entered Knoxville library.

Lexington police are looking for a 17-year old black male that is a suspect in a robbery that took place in Lexington, Kentucky. The robbery in Lexington occurred at around 2 PM today. An old lady was approached by three men. One of the men showed a pistol. The woman was then attacked after she refused to give up her purse. Two 18-year olds were arrested later this afternoon. The two 18-year olds were arrested while trying to evade police. The suspects crashed into a police cruiser that was following them.

November 21, 2009: A security guard in Fresno, California was killed this week. The security officer guarded an apartment complex. The strangest part of the security guards murder was the murder weapon. The security guard was beaten to death with a tree branch.

A man was arrested yesterday in Lexington, Kentucky for stealing a police vehicle. The man stole a paddy wagon around 10 PM. A police officer left the keys in the paddy wagon while he was picking up a prisoner. The officer locked the paddy wagon, but a security feature on the paddy wagon unlocked the doors because the keys were still in the paddy wagon.

The security guard company that has the contract for security guard services at the building where my office is located is a never ending source of anger and disappointment for me. The company that I am writing about is a Nashville security guard company. That is the good news. Thankfully, they have not managed to damage the image of the contract security guard industry outside of Nashville. (Unfortunately, there are companies that are exactly the same all across the country.) This particular guard company has employee turnover beyond the already high level of the security guard industry. It seems that they are constantly hiring a new guard for this particular post. Part of this is probably because of their hiring practices. Another part of their employee turnover is undoubtedly the amount they pay their employees. (I have spoken with several people that were guards for that company at some point.) The biggest problem I have with this guard company and their security guards is that almost every guard that they have had on this post stays in one general area. They all remain in the general area of this one particular tenant. My money pays that security guard company's invoices and their security guards salary, too. It is ridiculous that the guards rarely, if ever, patrol the complex. Most of the benefit of the service that is being provided is given to one particular tenant. Considering that I am almost on the opposite end of the complex, the benefit to me, my employees, and my customers is greatly reduced.

Thanks to all the guards at On Guard Security. A special thanks goes out to J. Johnson.

November 20, 2009: As I walked out of my office last night I saw several police cars hurrying down the street. I later found out that the Fifth Third Bank in South Nashville/Antioch, which is about a quarter of a mile from my office, was robbed at around 5PM. This particular Fifth Third location sits right between two other banks (First Tennessee and Regions). Why was Fifth Third singled out as the target? Security is the only logical answer. The Regions bank location is full of bullet proof glass. Robbing Regions would require catching someone that was not behind bullet proof glass. First Tennessee has an armed security guard on duty. The last thing the robbers want (or anyone else for that matter) is a shootout and a much greater chance that they could be injured or killed. Security is why the robbery happened at Fifth Third.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky were in a standoff earlier this morning. The standoff occured when the police went to arrest two brothers that were suspects in a home invasion in Lexington. The standoff lasted for nearly two hours. Finally, police negotiators were able to convince the two brothers to surrender. The police arrested the brothers without incident. The home invasion was a horrible catastrophe for the brothers, too. They simply kicked in the door and hit the man that lives in the house on the head. They didn't even take anything. The whole ordeal was entirely unprofitable. To make matters worse, the man that they hit knew the two brothers before the incident even happened. The victim was able to lead the police directly to where the brothers lived.

Once again I want to thank John J. He hasn't ever let me down and has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.

A local high school in Nashville was locked down by administrators. The lock down was triggered because a student claimed to have knowledge of a gun in the school. Nashville police searched the high school. The police found the report to be false. The high school is no longer on lock down.

November 19, 2009: All charges were dropped against the Florida Memorial University student that caused the incident with security guards on campus a few weeks ago. The charges were dropped because the security guard did not show up for three scheduled meetings to formalize the charges against the student.

Former Kentucky lawmaker, Steve Nunn, entered a not guilty plea today in a Lexington courtroom. The charges come from the murder of his ex-fiance.

November 18, 2009: Federal agents raided Gibson Guitars in Nashville. Nashville-based Gibson Guitars is under investigation for violating environmental laws. Federal agents believe that Gibson has been importing wood from an endangered tree. Gibson claims to be fully cooperating with the Federal government.

An Antelope Valley College security guard was attacked Tuesday evening in a campus parking lot. Campus Police and contract security guards search the campus to find the assailant. The assailant eluded the search. There is no known motive as to why the female security guard was attacked. Apparently during the attack the attacker made some reference to the security guard being a police officer.

Thanks to Brandon B. again. He has been instrumental in On Guard Security's website development. 
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False police reports are on the rise in Mt. Juliet. Mt. Juliet Police believe that the recession is largely responsible for the increase in false police reports. Many officers only expect the trend to get worse as we near the holidays.

November 17, 2009: Police on the Louisiana State University campus now report that the security guard that claimed she was stabbed was lying. It is now reported that the security guard has admitted to stabbing herself. The guard claims that she stabbed herself and made up the story about being stabbed because the police had not responded to two attempts she had made previously to contact them. Now the security guard in this incident will be charged.

Police are searching for a man accused of stabbing a security guard on Louisiana State University's campus earlier this week.

Billy Troope, a suspect in a Nashville murder, was fatally injured in Knoxville last week. Mr. Troope jumped from his third floor hotel room in Knoxville to avoid being apprehended by Knoxville Police and U.S. Marshals. He reportedly landed head first on the pavement below.

Some counties in Kentucky will be trying a new cost saving initiative beginning next year. Under this new plan many nonviolent offenders will be able to post bail immediately. Kentucky hopes to save money by not having to take these offenders to jail.

The body of a LaVergne teenager was recovered from Percy Priest Lake last Friday. The teens car was found near Long Hunter State Park. Police are investigating her death as a suicide.

Our friend has returned home from the hospital today. He was in the hospital because of last week's shooting in Antioch.

November 16, 2009: Two security guards allegedly assaulted a father and son yesterday. The incident happened at Rivergate mall in Nashville. The cashier in Sears failed to mark the customers box as paid. The security guards then confronted the father and son. After that the two stories are very different. Police were called to the scene, though. The father was beaten, too.

November 15, 2009: Yesterday in Texas a security officer admitted to killing his wife and another man with his service weapon. The security officer then called 911 and admitted what he had done. The security officer had at least two felonies before this incident began. How did he become a security guard? How did he manage to be employed by a contract security guard company as an armed guard?????? The security guard company has said that the man used another name when he applied for the guard position and that he claimed to have eleven years experience in similar positions.

November 14, 2009: I was so busy yesterday with security guard operations that I was not able to write on the website.

A special thanks to John, Garry, Marcus, and "Mr. V". Thanks for the help last night! Also, Thanks to Brandon B.

Three football players from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville are being helded in the Knoville Detention Center on charges of attempted armed robbery. The players were arrested on Thursday.

We are currently looking for guards. We need armed guards and unarmed security guards in Nashville. Also, there is an opening for an unarmed guard in Murfreesboro. We need an unarmed guard in Lexington, Kentucky. We will also be hiring a few unarmed guards in Knoxville (the Knoxville area, anyway). Sales positions are also available in many areas to motivated people with the right qualifications and experience. Please feel free to submit contact information on our employment page.

November 12, 2009: Two security guards in Memphis were arrested Tuesday. The guards were arrested for shooting at an unarmed man that was trying to leave an apartment complex. Some of the details of this incident are unclear to me. This kind of behavior is very frightening though. These armed guards obviously have no idea when they should resort to their firearms.

Two people were shot last night in Antioch. One of the victims died from a gunshot wound to the head. The other victim was shot in the stomach. The condition of the second victim has not been released. This incident is very important to me. I personally know both of the victims very well. Even today it seems surreal. Another reason this incident is important is because of the location. The shooting took place in Antioch, Tennessee. Not only is this the area where I grew up, but my office in South Nashville is less than a mile from where the shooting happened. This shooting also comes only a few weeks after a fatal shooting at Nashboro Village which is also very close. Rest in peace, Ryan.

The basketball player from the University of Minnesota that got in trouble for shoving a security guard and shoplifting earlier this year may be in trouble again. He is being investigated for theft from a dorm room.

A husband and wife were arrested earlier this morning in Knoxville for vehicular assualt and evading arrest among other charges. The incident happened when police responded to a call at a Knoxville area Wal-Mart. A police officer pursued a car (the husband) that was fleeing the parking lot as he arrived only to be blocked by another car (the wife). Eventually, the couple was apprehended.

A standoff in Kentucky is in its second day now. Police in Bowling Green have been in a standoff with an armed, suicidal man since early yesterday morning. The man has ignored all of the police's attempts to communicate.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department is looking for a man that is a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend. The lady's body was found in a hotel room in Bellevue yesterday.

Congratulations to Chris P. on your engagement!

November 11, 2009: Undercover detectives in Nashville, Tennessee charged 107 people last week. The charges came mostly from drug related offenses. A variety of drugs were seized. Several weapons were seized, too. Among these weapons two handguns were seized. The streets of Nashville are undoubtedly safer with fewer weapons.

The staff of the North Precinct of the Metro Nashville Police Department is hosting a community meeting tonight. They will discuss crime with people that live or work in the area.

The last several weeks have been pretty tough for security guards and security guard companies. It seems to me that there has been an inordinate amount of tragedy for many of the good security guards. Security guard companies and security guards have also been beaten down in the news. There has also been an inordinate amount of bad publicity. Much of the bad publicity is well-deserved (guards acting inappropriately, committing crimes, etc.). Hopefully, the future will be better for the industry as a whole.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky arrested a man that they say shot his son. The son was shot in the leg after the father and son struggled over the firearm.

The D.C. sniper was executed last night for his attacks in 2002 that left ten people dead.

Authorities now believe that what was once believed to be a murder in Kentucky could be a suicide. The man was find hanged with the word "fed" scrawled on his body. The discovery of his body got national attention. There is no official comment yet on the death, though.

A private security guard has lost his job for allegedly asking a young girl for lewd photographs of herself. The security guard was a school security guard.

A man in Franklin, Tennessee has been charged this week with fraud. The Federal charges come from the man's alleged involvement in a scheme to defraud investors.

An Officer in Nashville was stabbed with a pen by an 8-year-old boy. The boy stabbed the officer after the officer handcuffed the boy, and the boy's mother began assualting the officer. Both the boy and his mother were eventually arrested.

Happy Birthday Blake.

November 10, 2009: Yesterday a student was caught with a firearm in a Nashville high school. The gun still had a trigger lock on it, but the student did not have a key when he was caught.

I am not an economist, but there are several things that I have seen recently in our security guard company that seem promising to me for the economy. The number of inquiries and people or organizations that are looking for security guards (or other answers to there security problems) has been increasing. I base this solely on the call/email volume here at On Guard Security. This time of the year is normally a busy time of year for security guard companies, but this year is still different. Another promising sign is the labor market. Recently while trying to hire security guards for new jobs, I have received less interest than usual. That means even less security officers that meet our standards. This only reflects my experiences lately in the contract security guard industry and Tennessee/Kentucky labor markets, but I hope I am right.

Four people were injured in a shooting in Kansas City, Missouri. Police believe that the shooting is linked to a fight at an area high school earlier in the day. The fight was broken up by security guards.

November 9, 2009: A teenager from LaVergne is being charged with robbery. The robbery happened in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Antioch.

A security guard in Virginia entered a guilty plea today. The security officer was charged with possessing child pornography. The security guard is due back in court next month for different charges. The other charges involve sex with a girl under the age of 13. To make matters even worse the security guard was a school security guard.

Security guards in Kansas City arrested a student at a school where they work. The student was arrested for hitting one of the security guards. The incident happened after the guards broke up a large fight. The security guards even resorted to using pepper spray on some of the students.

November 8, 2009: A Knoxville man was arrested on charges of dragging a dog behind his truck.

It was a beautiful day in Nashville. It was warm and sunny. Actually, this entire week has been very nice.

November 7, 2009: The shooting at Fort Hood, Texas on Thursday resulted in 13 deaths and at least 30 injuries. The incident has caused many organizations to review the security that they have in place. In many cases security has been significantly increased. Fort Detrick anounced the following day that they are increasing security. Whether or not the additional security measures will include additional security guards is unclear.

A woman in Clarksville, Tennessee was arrested an charged with abuse of the 911 Emergency System. This is the second time that the woman has been charged with this crime. This time the woman called 911 to talk about relationship problems.

November 6, 2009: A security guard in Beijing plead guilty to rape this week.

The man that Authorities believe is responsible for a murder in South Nashville last Sunday is believed to have left the state. They believe that the man has fled to Atlanta after a fatal shooting during a drug deal.

Nashville is beginning to consider charging to park at parking meters after dark. These parking spots have always been free after 6PM and on weekends.

November 5, 2009: Special thanks to Jeremiah, Chuck, and Sean for all of your help last night. On Guard Security wouldn't be nearly as strong a security guard company if it wasn't for all the help from you guys and the many others.

A former hospital security guard in Pennsylvania was sentenced earlier this week for assualting a woman that worked on his post and forcing her to perform oral sex. The security guard got off without any jail time. In fact, he will only do three months of home confinement. Stories like this disgust me. The guard was on duty to protect the people and property at his post. I suppose this former officer didn't fully read his post orders. It is even more astounding that the guard is not going to do any time in jail.

A young man is in jail in Nashville today. The man apparently admitted to the robbery of two Walgreens in the Nashville area over the last few months.

A man that is being indicted for the rape of a ten-year-old girl in Nashville is behind bars today.

November 4, 2009: Thank you, Murphy, for all your help at On Guard Security.

A security guard was kidnapped Tuesday. The security guard was kidnapped at a Wal-Mart in Arizona. The security guard was released by his captors the same night.

November 1, 2009: I am very pleased to report that October 2009 was another safe month for On Guard Security Inc. All of our security guard operations in October were completed without any major incidents.


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