November, 2011

November 30, 2011:  Last night in Nashville a Rite Aid pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint for its oxycontin.  Few specifics were given about the robbery, but apparently the robber was a woman over the age of fifty.  Also, the robber was caught shortly after the robbery.

The security guard post that I worked last night went well.  The temperature was lower than what I had expected, and it was an outdoor security post.

An ex-convict has been arrested in Nashville for burglarizing a business last night.  Police in Nashville believe that the man might have been responsible for several other recent burglaries.

The city council of Foley, Minnesota has voted to hire contract security guards to patrol the streets of the town.  The switch to hire a private security guard company is due to cutbacks in local government aid that the city receives.

Security at Nashville International Airport discovered a .38 revolver in a passenger's carry-on bag last night.

Today a man in Kentucky pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the death of his two-year-old son.  The man said he was trying to quiet the boy, but the child suffocated.

November 29, 2011:  A bar fight in south Nashville turned much more serious very quickly last Saturday morning.  The incident involved only three men.  Two guns were drawn.  Two men were shot and hospitalized.  Also, some very serious charges will come from this incident.

It is a cold day here in Nashville.  Unfortunately, I have a security guard post to cover tonight, and it's outside.  

Private security guards at a hospital in Murfreesboro acted quickly and probably saved a child from serious harm yesterday.  The child's father was attacking the child in a parking lot.  The security guards called the police, and they were able to stop the man from doing any serious harm to the child.

November 28, 2011:  The owner of a convenience store on Meridian Street in Nashville is offering a reward for clues that help identify the man that robbed his store on Saturday night.

Special thanks to Tiffany for all the help last night.

A 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with Trafficking for Sexual Servitude for "pimping out" a 15-year-old runaway in Memphis.  The 23-year-old posted provocative pictures of the 15-year-old online for sexual favors.  The police watched the man's hotel room and eventually raided and arrested him.

On Guard security is currently seeking to hire three security guards by early December.  All the security guard posts that we are hiring for are in Nashville.  We need two unarmed security guards and one armed security guards.  Anyone that is interested should submit a contact form on the Career page of our website.

Last night in Houston a security guard was shot and killed while he worked at an illegal game room.  The security guard was killed and another man was injured during an apparent robbery.  Investigators found illegal slot machines when they arrived on the scene. 

Bell Road will reopen above the dam this Thursday morning.  I can hardly wait until Thursday.  I've had to drive all the way day the interstate to get to the other side of the dam to fish.  The reopening of the dam will save a lot of time for me.  

Homicides are much higher in Memphis this year than last year.  This new trend has been blamed on many things.  The availability of guns, poverty, and the unemployment rate have all been cited as the cause for the rise in homicides. 

A private security guard in Texas got probation for impersonating a police officer.  The security guard searched a woman as if he were a police officer.  In another incident the private security guard attempted to pull over another driver.

November 27, 2011:  It's an ugly, rainy day in Nashville.  The next few days are supposed to be very much like today.  It's great weather for a nap.  The weather is not so good if you are a security guard working an outdoor post.  I hope all private security guards that work for On Guard (and all security guards everywhere) remember to bring their rain gear. 

A traffic stop near Lexington, Kentucky resulted in an arrest and a drug trafficking charge.  The driver was stopped for not having his license plate properly illuminated.  The police officers eventually found $2,100 and prescription pills in the vehicle.  The man was also charged with DUI.

Police in London, Kentucky arrested a man earlier this morning for stabbing his uncle multiple times with a pocket knife.  Authorities say that an argument between the man and his uncle led to the stabbing.  The man is now in jail and charged with assualt.

The Tennessee Titans beat the Buccaneers!!!!

A security guard that was working a teen party was injured just after midnight this morning in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The security guard was shot after he attempted to stop a fight after the party.  Police are still investigating the shooting of the security guard.

A security guard was shot and killed at a gas station in Detroit on Friday.  Police have not released a description of the security guard's shooter.  Oddly, authorities say that robbery does not appear to be a motive for the shooting of the security guard.

November 26, 2011:  It is a warm day in Nashville!!  It's after Thanksgiving, and it is warm enough to wear shorts.  What a great day!

A man in Lexington, Kentucky had a 4 hour standoff with Lexington police on Wednesday.  The man fired at least two shots while police were there.  Everyone in the neighborhood was evacuated.  The man finally surrendered peacefully.

A special thanks to Brandon for all his help.

November 25, 2011:  I sincerely hope that everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving.  It is now time to get ready for Christmas.  Black Friday is sure to be as crazy as it has always been.  Thank you to all of the security guards that worked over the holiday to keep our offices, homes, warehouses, and other places safe and secure.  Good luck to all the security guards that have to work today during all the Black Friday madness.  

Early this morning in Clarksville, Tennessee a man that was drunk crashed his van into a church.  The drunk driver had to be removed from the crashed van.  Police say that the man will be charged with DUI upon his release from the hospital.

In Memphis yesterday a robbery resulted in a Cracker Barrel getting it's windows shot out.  The robber was apprehended near the scene of the crime.

A passing driver spotted a man's body in Boyle County, Kentucky earlier today.  Authorities are still investigating, but they say that foul play is suspected.  The man has been described as looking like he was severely beaten and thrown from a vehicle.  The man had no identification on him.  

The Safeway security guard's treatment of a four-year-old earlier this week is getting a lot of publicity.  It seems that security guards and security guard companies rarely make the news unless someone does something as stupid as the Safeway security guard.  The actions of this one particular security guard are appalling, but every security guard that I know would have dealt with the situation in a better way.  Unfortunately, every security guard suffered from the Safeway security guard's mistake.    

Security guards, loss prevention officers, and other security personnel have a busy night ahead of them.  Several incidents involving violence on Black Friday have already been reported.

November 24, 2011:  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Yesterday police in Nashville, Tennessee found the body of a newborn baby in a dumpster.

Earlier this week in Seattle a security guard at a Safeway caught a 4-year-old shoplifting.  The security guard took the 4-year-old and her parents into a back room.  The security guard then banned the 4-year-old from all Safeways for life.  The 4-year-old scribbled on a form that she understood.  (The 4-year-old obviously couldn't read or write.)  The security guard was employed by a contract security guard company.  The security guard company has fired the guard since the incident.  The actions of this particular security guard are beyond belief in my opinion.  It is ridiculous to have a 4-year-old go through all of that nonsense.  

November 23, 2011:  A very special thanks to William from On Guard Security.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Thanks to all the security guards and other employees that will have to work tomorrow.

November 22, 2011:  An early-morning shooting in Lexington, Kentucky has left one man dead and two different stories about the shooting.

A special thanks to Andy and Peggy.  Without Andy's help I would still be stuck at my security guard post.

All security guard operations have gone smoothly for On Guard Security today.  All of our security guards, clients, and our clients customers remain safe.  Thank you to all of our security guards.

November 21, 2011:  It's very rainy here in Nashville.  The traffic is aweful, too.

Earlier this week a security guard in Michigan was charged with assualt and battery and indecent exposure.  Allegedly the guard exposed himself to a woman and attempted to grab her.

Metro Nashville police are looking for a man that they believe is responsible for or participated in the rape of an 11-year-old girl, an aggravated robbery, and a home invasion from last week.  All of the crimes happened in the south Nashville and Antioch area.

Once again TSU's homecoming brought more shootings and gun violence over the weekend. 

A 74-year-old security guard was assualted by a man over the weekend.   A man forcibly removed the security guard from his patrol car.  The security guard was punched in the face and head several times.  The security guard was able to call the police.  Police arrested the man that had assualted the security guard at the scene of the crime.  The security guard was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

I had to work a post as an unarmed security guard today.  I generally do administrative work for On Guard Security.  Working as a security guard is pretty rare.  Fortunately, the rain had gone by the time my shift started.  The shift went very smoothly.  

November 20, 2011:  It is a rainy day in Nashville.  Fortunately, I brought my rain gear to work.  I had to work a post as an unarmed security guard, and I would have been in trouble without my rain gear tonight.

A very special thanks to Drew!!

November 19, 2011:  Thanks to all the security guards and other employees that have helped us during these last few busy weeks.

The security guards that patrol the grounds of the building where our office is located have changed in a very positive way.  The property management company hired a new contract security guard company to patrol the grounds earlier this year.  It was a great move, because the last security guard company that was here was one of the worst that I have ever seen.  The security guards that worked for the old company seemed lazy and indifferent. Now the security guards are vigilant, friendly, and aware of their surroundings.  

A TWRA officert was arrested and charged with two counts of patronizing prostitution earlier this week.  Allegedly the TWRA officer paid a young man that he met through Craigslist for oral sex on at least two seperate occasions.  The TBI was handling the investigation because of a tip that they received.  State property being used to break the law is a major concern in this investigation.  The man remains on paid administrative leave. 

November 18, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to give a very special thanks to Tiffany!!

Earlier this week a woman in California was arrested for fighting with security guards at Walmart.  The woman allegedly fought the security officers so that her associates could get away with stolen goods.

Police in Knoxville discovered a body locked in a shed in north Knoxville.  Police were acting on a tip that they were given.  The investigation has just started.  Police are not saying much.  Two people are in custody in connection with the dead body.

November 17, 2011:  Police in Nashville are seeking help in finding Danny Diaz.  Diaz is wanted for allegedly robbing a student at Vanderbilt on Tuesday night.

A security guard in New York made a terribly stupid mistake when he called a cameraman a "faggot".  The private security guard has been fired because of the comment.

Yesterday a man in Chicago was arrested and charged with the robbery of an Aldi grocery store and the murder of the security guard that was on duty there.  Earlier this morning the man was found hanged in his jail cell.

Last night in Knoxville two armed men broke into a house and held the residents of the house at gunpoint.  The armed men then demanded "drugs, money,or guns."  Police in Knoxville are still investigating this home invasion.

In Clarksville a convicted sex offender was charged with 10 counts of statutory rape today.  The man was put on four years probation in 2008 for his previous offense.

Police in Nashville have identified the gunman that killed a man outside of a Mexican restuarant in south Nashville on November 6th.

Earlier this week a former security guard in North Carolina was convicted of rape.  The rape occurred in 2009 at a nightclub where the man was working as a security guard at the time.  The security guard sexually assualted a young woman in the parking lot of the club.

On Guard Security is looking to hire a quality unarmed security guard in the Nashville area.  The security guard post we are currently hiring for is part-time.  Anyone interested in the security guard position can fill out a contact form on the Career page of our website. 

Police in Lebanon, Tennessee charged and arrested a 15-year-old boy for two armed robberies at the same market.  The young man was found at a local motel with an underaged girl.

November 16, 2011:  It's another rainy day in Nashville.  I hope all the security guards that are on duty outside tonight remember to bring their rain gear.

November 15, 2011:  It's a rainy night in Nashville, but at least it is fairly warm.

A woman in Memphis was arrested and charged with theft over $500 for not returning a tracking device on the date that she was supposed to.  She was issued the tracking device as a conition of release on another charge.

November 14, 2011:  Last week in  Memphis a 15-year-old was charged with reckless homocide for the death of his 17-year-old friend.  The two young men were playing with a gun when the 17-year-old was accidently shot and killed.

Police in St. Louis started an investigation into an incident where a security guard allegedly used excessive force while trying to catch a student at the high school where he worked.  The student had a heart problem and was sent to the hospital after being pursued by the high school security guard.  The security guard chased the student because he was loitering and late for class.

On Guard Security is looking for one high quality unarmed security guard to work part time at nights in the Nashville are.

On Guard Security would like to thank Sandra for her help.

Last week in Virginia a security guard at an apartment complex was hit by a car.  According to witnesses, the female security guard was hit by the vehicle when she left the security guard shed to stop the vehicle from entering the apartments.  The vehicle was driving very recklessly on the way toward the apartment's entrance.  Apparently, the female security guard was exiting the shed because of the vehicle's reckless driving.  After the car hit the security guard, the driver immediately left the apartments.  Police are looking for a suspect in this case. 

November 13, 2011:  It is a nice day in Nashville today.

Police in Nashville are looking for three or four men that have been spraying people with pepper spray and robbing them in the south Nashville and Hermitage area.  Police believe at least one of the men is armed.

An armed security guard in South Carolina accidentally shot a man in the hip outside of a night club on Saturday.  The security guard claims to have been bumped by someone in the crowd when a fight broke out at the club.  Luckily, the security guard's shotgun was loaded with non-lethal rounds.  

Congratulations to V and TJ on their wedding!!

A security guard at the armory in Montgomery, Alabama was robbed at gunpoint by two men earlier last week.  The guard was on duty and patrolling the parking lot of the armory when the two men robbed him.

November 12, 2011:  A special thanks to Sandra and all the other security guards that helped out last night.

November 11, 2011:  Happy Veteran's Day.

Happy Birthday, Blake!!!

The Murfreesboro Police Department and MTSU police issued an alert yesterday for student's to leave the area around Campus Pub because a man was spotted with a gun.  The alert was lifted in less than 45 minutes.  The man with the gun was actually a bounty hunter.

Last night in Chicago a security guard was shot and killed during a robbery.  The security guard was on duty at a grocery store when two men entered and announced a robbery.  One of the men shot the security guard when the guard confronted him.  The robber shot the guard in the upper chest and in the head.  A shopper was also injured.  Police report that no one is in custody at this time.

Early this morning police in Lexington, Kentucky responded to a call that shots were fired to find one man shot.  Three men had committed a home invasion and shot one person in the house.  

A contract security guard that once worked for the NBA is headed to prison soon.  The former guard was sentenced to six months incarceration yesterday for making bomb threats against NBA offices.

Police officers in Nashville arrested a teenager today at Stratford for possessing a firearm at school.  The young man had a nine millimeter pistol with 12 rounds in the magazine.  The student claimed to have brought the gun to school for protection.  

November 10, 2011:  On Guard Security is looking for one unarmed security guard in the Nashville area.  Anyone that is interested should submit the form on our website.

A very special thanks to Drew for his help earlier in the week.

November 8, 2011:  The FBI has announced that they have a new special agent in charge for the Memphis division.  The former agent in charge was promoted to Washington.

During an indepth audit of the Memphis Police Department's Organized Crime Unit it was discovered that an enormous amount of ammunition is missing.  According to reports, there could be as much as 200,000 rounds missing.  Little other information has been released.

A former private security guard in Hawaii was sentenced to 10 years in prison yesterday.  The former security guard was sentenced for first-degree electronic enticement of a child.

I was able to do a little fishing over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case for most of the year.  I've fished the Clinch River and the Stones River recently.  Where are all the fish?  Other than a 20-inch Brown Trout on the Clinch River I have not had any luck with decent fish.    

November 7, 2011:  Thanks to Drew for his help at a security guard post last night and his continual commitment to On Guard.

It's a nice and warm day in Nashville.  It seems like a perfect day to go fishing!

A man was injured by gunshot in Clarksville on Saturday afternoon.  Police responded to a call about gunshots to find a man with a gunshot wound to his upper body.  Witnesses say that they saw a man behind a building shooting at a fleeing car.  The man with the gunshot wound was listed as being in stable condition.

In Clinton, Tennessee a man went into a pawn shop, bought a shotgun, and began firing it at employees of the pawn shop.  According to reports, the shooter was also shot in the pawn shop.  The shooter was taken to the hospital.  

In a California neighborhood people have been complaining about the security guards that work there recently.  The private security guards were hired by the landlords in the community to help suppress the gang activity in the neighborhood.  Since hiring a contract security guard company to provide security guards for the area many residents think that the security guards are taking advantage of the situation and abusing their power.  There are many complaints from residents in the neighborhood about the security guards.  One resident even claims to have been beaten by some of the security guards.  Police are investigating the alleged assualt by the security guards. 

November 6, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to remind everyone that Daylight Savings takes effect tonight.  Adjust your clocks accordingly.

Special thanks to Louie.  We appreciate all the help Friday night.

A man was shot and killed outside a restuarant in Antioch earlier today.  The man was shot once in the chest.  Detectives are still trying to identify the victim.

November 5, 2011:  Police in Nashville are looking for two men in a van that allegedly pointed a gun at two elementary school girls and said "trick or treat."

It is a foggy morning in Nashville.

The TBI is investigating an officer involved shooting that took place in Greeneville, Tennessee yesterday.  Allegedly, officers went to a man's home to serve a warrant for a domestic incident that occurred earlier that same day.  A confrontation happened, and the man that the officers were coming to see ended up in the hospital for a gunshot wound.

Police in Lexington arrested a woman yesterday for manufacturing methamphetamine and child endangerment for allegedly making meth around her children.  Police were tipped off by a man that discovered the accused woman's son on his doorstep trying to get help for his mother because she would not wake up.  Police later discovered a meth lab at the woman's house.  Police are also still looking for the man that lives with the accused woman.

Yesterday in New York an armed security guard was able to prevent the armored car that he was on from being robbed.  The private security guard fought with the would-be robber for a few moments.  During the scuffle between the guard and the robber, a shot was inadvertantly fired from the robber's gun.  Fortunately, neither the security guard or the robber was injured by the gunshot.  The robber finally left, but he had managed to take the private security guard's firearm before he left.  

November 4, 2011:  Yesterday morning in Antioch, Tennessee a man attempted to abduct a 7-year-old girl while she was on her way to the bus stop to go to school.  The young girl managed to get away because the bus and other children appeared and scared off the would-be abductor.  Police will increase patrols in Antioch and exploring other possible leads to discover the identity of this man and to prevent an abduction from happening in the future.

Police confiscated synthetic drugs from a Mt. Juliet market yesterday.  Police say that they received many complaints that the store was continuing to sell the drug that is commonly known as 7H.

A private security guard was killed in Chicago Wednesday night during an attempted robbery that turned into a shootout.  The security guard and two other people were killed in the shootout, and others were injured.  The armed security guard that was killled was able to kill at least one of the robbers before he died.

An inmate at a Tennessee prison here in Nashville escaped early this morning.  The inmate was caught less than eight hours after he had escaped.  He was apprehended in close proximity to the prison.

Police in Hendersonville are investigating the murder of an infant.  The infant was killed on Halloween.  Currently, there is not much more information available.

Earlier this week a mother and her 18-year-old daughter were arrested in Missouri for hitting a school security guard.  The mother and daughter are now claiming that the private security guard hit and choked them first.  The school district claims that they have reviewed the security cameras and that the security guard was hit first.

A woman's car was stolen in Nashville today with her two children still in the vehicle.  The car theives let the two children go when they stopped to pick up a third man.  Metro police remind people in Nashville that a third of all cars that are stolen in Davidson County are stolen because the keys are left in the car.

November 3, 2011:  Police in Nashville busted a marijuana grow operation in Donelson yesterday.  The growing operation was discovered when Sheriff's deputies were executing a civil bank levy against the man that lives at the house.  Police found over $17,000, a pistol, two shotguns, three rifles, several mason jars full of processed marijuana, and over forty potted marijuana plants.

Police in Nashville have arrested the man that shot at a man outside of the courthouse earlier this week.  The shooter was taken into custody without incident.

Yesterday a former Nashville police officer was found not guilty of official misconduct by a jury.  The former cop still has several other charges against him that will also be brought to trial soon.  The charges come from several seperate incidents in which he is alleged to have paid a prostitute for sex while on duty, fondled a woman, and raped another woman.

Police in Hendersonville, Tennessee seized several pounds of what they believe to be synthetic drugs that are now outlawed in Tennessee.  The police were investigating an unrelated incident when they noticed the synthetic drugs.  No arrests have been made.  The synthetic drugs will be sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for testing.

Early this morning two men drove a stolen van through a gas station in south Nashville and hit the ATM.  The two men stole an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the scene in a second stolen vehicle.  Police say that this incident is very similar to ATM thefts from earlier this year.

A security guard at the University of Michigan stadium was fired for acting inappropriately.  Videos of the guard have been posted online that show him roughing up fans that were attempting to get on the field.  The university had given permission for the fans to take the field.  Apparently, the videos show the security guard pushing, tripping, and knocking down several fans.

A security guard in Georgia has been charged with involuntary manslaughter late last week.  The security guard turned himself in to authorities last Sunday, and he was released on bond.  The charges come from an incident in August in which a 57-year-old man at the hospital where the security guard worked (he still works there).  The hospital where the security guard works is standing behind him.  The hospital says that there was no excessive use of force.

Last night a woman from Lake City, Tennessee was arrested for solicitation of murder.  The woman met with an undercover TBI agent and tried to exchange her car for the murder of her ex-boyfriend.

A security guard at a Kmart in Illinois was stabbed when he and another security guard confronted some shoplifters on Saturday.  The security guard was stabbed by a juvenile with a blade that was taped to a pen.

Thanks to Peggy for her hard work and dedication.

November 2, 2011:  It is a cold autumn morning in Nashville.

Yesterday morning a gun shot was fired outside of Nashville's courthouse.  It was a crowded, busy morning outside the courthouse when police say a man drove up and fired a single shot at another man.  The shooter escaped from the scene of the crime.  Authorities say that the intended victim was going to testify against the alleged shooter.  It is a miracle that no innocent bystander was hit.

Earlier today in Connecticut a security guard tazed a high school student that was breaking windows in the school's courtyard with a steel pipe.  Police report that students and teachers at the school feared for their safety.  The security guard tazed the student because the student refused to give up the pipe several times.  The security guard was finally able to arrest the student.  Security guards at the high school have been armed with tazers for two years.

It is a beautiful day in Nashville.

A security guard in Kentucky helped police arrest two men today that are suspects in a recent string of thefts of catalytic converters.  The security guard saw a suspicious car in a parking lot that was near the place where he was posted.  The police stopped the car and found evidence of the two men's involvement with the thefts.  On Guard Security applauds this observant security guard.  It is very rare that observant and vigilant security guards make the news.  Generally security guards are only featured when there is a mistake or some tragedy.  More security guards like this would help change the perceptions of the whole industry.

November 1, 2011:  I sincerely hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  Thanks to all the security guards and other security personnel that worked last night.

November is here already!  2012 will be here before you know it.  October was a good month for On Guard Security.  We had no major incidents, and all of our security guards and other personnel remained unharmed.  We renewed many security guard contracts and started a few new ones.

A very special thanks to Danielle for her help last week.

The FBI is looking to the public for help in identifying a man that they have nicknamed "the bad hair bandit."  The man is believed to be responsible for at least six bank robberies in Tennessee and Kentucky since June.

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