October, 2009

October 31, 2009:  Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday morning in California two men were injured at a synagogue and adjacent Jewish school. An unknown gunman fired at least five shots and injured two people. This incident has once again prompted an increase in security in and around synagogues. Many that have never used security guards are beginning to hire security guards.

K. Blake, a personal friend of mine and a friend to On Guard Security, is going through a pretty difficult situation right now. K. B. we wish you the best.

October 30, 2009:  A teacher from East Tennessee was arrested today. The teacher was arrested after being investigated for over a month by the Tennessee Bureau Investigation. The teacher is accused of eight counts of statutory rape by an authority figure. She is alleged to have had inappropriate relations with a 16-year-old boy between earlier this year.

Authorities in Boston say that the security guard that shot a man acted lawfully. The security guard fatally shot a patient that was attacking his doctor with a knife. The story received much attention from the media. The security guard says that he plans to continue working as a security officer.

It is a very rainy night in Nashville, Tennessee. I hope the weather clears up for Halloween.

This time of year is always busy. Halloween party security is one big reason. Even excluding our security operations for Halloween parties and all the other holidays that we have booked so far (New Year's party security, temporary holiday security, etc.), we have still seen record growth at On Guard Security.

October 29, 2009:  An Old Hickory man died in custody of Gallatin police earlier this week. The man had been stunned with a Taser during the arrest.

This month has been the deadliest month for the United States in the war in Afghanistan.

The man accused of killing a hospital security guard in Missouri was found guilty earlier this week.

Security guards in Kansas City schools have regained their right to carry firearms.

An adult bookstore was robbed in downtown Nashville early this morning.

October 27, 2009:  A Federal indictment charging nine people in Nashville and Murfreesboro was announced today. The indictment charges the nine gang members with a variety of crimes including murder.

An investigation is taking place in Murfreesboro by the MTSU Office of Student Affairs. A fraternity is being investigated for hazing.

October 26, 2009:  A private security guard was fatally shot in Atlanta early Friday evening. The security guard was trying to stop a home invasion. The guard was shot in the leg. Apparently, the security officer bled to death.

A Smyrna man has been charged with vehicular homicide and several counts of assualt. The man hit a car with five people in it Sunday night on I-24.

Last weekend's Operation Safer Streets gang enforcement initiative led to 56 arrests in Nashville. A fairly substantial amount of marijuana was seized, too.

October 25, 2009:  A privately employed apartment security guard help apprehend two robbery suspects in Utah. The security officers vigilance and attention to detail led to the arrest of two individuals that are suspects in violent crimes. We applaud Chris Barney for taking his post as a security officer beyond his post.

October 24, 2009:  This past Monday the trial began for a man that is accused of killing a hospital security guard. Allegedly, the defendant fatally kicked the hospital security guard in Missouri in 2008.

Yesterday in San Diego, a security guard was stabbed by an alleged shoplifter. The security guard managed to handcuff the shoplifter, but after about an hour the guard took the handcuffs off. When his hands were free, the alleged shoplifter stabbed the security guard.

Our website should be back to normal in only a few days!!!!

October 23, 2009:  A security guard was bitten by a woman in Philadelphia after he confronted the woman for shoplifting.

October 22, 2009:  Extra Duty Officers charged 33 people with DUI last weekend in Nashville.

October 21, 2009:  Monday the Metro Nashville Police Department released the summary in the Steve McNair case.

October 20, 2009:  A security guard at Florida Memorial University pulled out a gun and pointed it at students during a "near riot" at the University.

Oficer John Cumberland resigned from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department effective today. Cumberland's resignation comes after he was arrested last month for a DUI.

October 19, 2009:  It is a very beautiful morning as I write in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is pretty cold, though. Fortunately, security guard operations have led to me having a short break from Nashville.

October 18, 2009:  The On Guard Security Inc. website is currently under construction.

October 17, 2009:  It is very cold for early October in Nashville.

October 16, 2009:  A security guard in Illinois assualted a woman outside of a bar. Most of the incident was caught on video with a cellular phone camera.

Thankfully, all extensions for 2008 income taxes are done.

October 15, 2009:  A group of politicians in Oregon are proposing new training for the security guards that patrol and protect Portland's water supply. The proposal also seeks to arm the security guards.

October 14, 2009:  Four Teenagers were arrested in Nashville last week for stealing a school bus.

Detroit Public Schools has a plan to prevent and reduce school violence that is heavily reliant on private security guard companies.

Police charged a 17-year-old with last Wednesday's fatal shooting at Nashboro Village in Nashville. The young man is a student at Antioch High School.

October 13, 2009:  This month is well on the way to being the best month ever for On Guard Security Inc. This success is not just measured by monetary gain. We have gained valuable employees and partners. We also have big new plans.

Undercover detectives charged one hundred people this week. Most of the charges were drug-related. A variety of different drugs were seized. In addition to the drugs, a few weapons were seized, too.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department was the receipient of an award from The International Association of Chiefs of Police. The IACP announced that the Metro Nashville Police Department won the 2009 Excellence in Victim Services Award.

Thanks Andy for all the help last night. 

October 12, 2009:  A security guard in New York is in the news today. The security guard asked a woman to stop breast-feeding in public. New York is a "breast-feeding-friendly" state.

Police arrested a man that robbed a Walgreens in South Nashville. The man also attempted to rob a Shoney's around the same area on Sunday.

Happy Columbus Day!

Nashville police are looking for Harold Doss. Doss rented a motel room in which police found a man that was fatally shot.

October 11, 2009:  Police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred on Thursday in North Nashville.

Happy Birthday to H. Whitaker!

October 10, 2009:  Earlier this week in Nashville 14 pounds of methamphetamine was seized during a routine traffic stop. The stop was on I-40 near Bellevue. The Drug Enforcement Agency has since taken over the investigation.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Kentucky. The tornado had winds as high as 118 mph. There are no reported injuries at this point. 
A 17-year-old girl was shot and killed on a playground at an apartment complex in Washington, D.C. Two masked gunmen shot the young lady as she was talking to two security guards. Police believe that the security officers were the gunmen's intended target. The guards returned fire, but the gunmen were able to get away.

October 9, 2009:  In Murfreesboro, Tennessee a security guard exchanged gunfire with a man at an apartment complex yesterday. The security guard was shot once, but is doing well. The other man was not shot.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a new high for 2009 today. The DJIA closed at 9864.94.

A security guard in California detained three men suspected of at least two robberies. According to reports, the security guard followed the men back to their apartment, detained all three of them, and then called the police.

October 8, 2009:  The two men arrested for a bank robbery in Texas last Saturday were involved with the murder of a Brinks security guard earlier last month. The police had suspected that there was a connection. The younger of the two robbers has freely admitted to murdering the security officer.

A 21-year-old was fatally shot yesterday in South Nashville/ Antioch. This murder was especially troubling to me because that is the area where I grew up. The shooting took place in the Nashboro Village apartment complex. The murder also took place at around 3 in the afternoon.

In the practice of loss prevention it is imperative to pay attention to detail. Whether a person is formally working for a loss prevention company or just practicing loss prevention in their personal life (We all use some sort of loss prevention techniques with our own assets, whether it is subconscious or not) an eye for detail is very helpful. My point is nicely illustrated by the "PARK SMART" numbers from last week. These numbers are a record by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department of auto theft. According to last week's numbers, 29 automobiles were stolen in Nashville. Of the 29 that were stolen, 10 autos had the keys left in the vehicle. Criminals are opportunistic. They take advantage of favorable situations. When we skip the details, we inadvertantly create opportunities for criminals.

Saddle Brown's new song is now available on his website. http://www.myspace.com/saddlebrown

October 7, 2009:  Two men that are accused of robbing a bank in Texas on Saturday are also suspected in for other bank robberies in the area. One of those robberies resulted in the murder of a security guard.

A man with schizophrenia that was off his medication was shot by SWAT officers in West Nashville (Bellevue) earlier today. The Nashville police were called after the young man was walking around his apartment with a gun while talking to inanimate objects and his deceased father. After a long standoff, the man came outside with his pistol in his hand and pointed the weapon at police officers. Reluctantly, officers fired on the man. As of the time I write this, the young man with schizophrenia is in critical condition.

A teen is being charged with attempted criminal homicide. The charges stem from an incident on Gallatin Road in Nashville last evening. The 17-year-old boy had apparently been shoplifting. When two employees chased the boy, he fired his weapon at them. One employee was shot in the leg, and the other employee was shot on the left side of her face.

Everyone be sure to check out Sticky Kim. Sticky Kim is a local rock band that plays around Tennessee and the Southeast. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the bassist for Sticky Kim, Mark Dodson; and I hope to see a live performance soon. Check out Sticky Kim online at  http://www.myspace.com/stickykim  .

Authorities released the body of a man that was found dead nearly a month ago in a remote part of Kentucky. The discovery of the body, which was hung and had the word "fed" written on it, made news all across the country.

October 6, 2009:  A man was found fatally shot in a motel room in North Nashville this afternoon. The man was from Kentucky.

Saddle Brown has been back in the studio here in Nashville, Tennessee. He has added a new song to his website. Be sure to check it out. The new song seems to be the best so far out of an already great selection of songs. http://www.myspace.com/saddlebrown

October 5, 2009:  Last weekend's Operation Safer Streets intitiative resulted in 67 arrests. These undercover operations in Nashville also led to the seizure of four weapons, including one assualt rifle.

October 4, 2009:  Friday night in Colorado a security guard was the target of a robbery in the parking lot of a strip mall where he was posted. During the course of the attempted robbery, the security guard grabbed the gun and struggled with the robber. The robber bit the security guard on the arm during the struggle. No one was seriously injured in this attempted robbery. After the robber had fled, the gun was identified as a realistic BB gun.

October 3, 2009:  Wednesday in California an armed security guard had a gun battle with two men in the parking lot of a convenience store. The security guard was uninjured, but one of the other men was shot as well as a passenger in their car.

It has just recently come to my attention that a world record brown trout was caught only a few weeks ago. As an avid fisherman this is extremely exciting to me. Brown trout are among my favorite fish to catch. This fish was truly a monster!

October 2, 2009:  Last Wednesday Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., a casino operator, was fined for an incident in which a minor was allowed in the casino. Apparently, no one that worked at the casino had bothered to verify the young man's age, including the security guard at the casino. Besides the fine, the casino also fired several employees including a security guard.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky are looking for a man that is imitating an FBI agent. The Lexington police have had several calls about incidents like this recently.

A Nashville man was arrested Wednesday for fondling women around the West End area. The man was identified and caught by the police after a woman was fondled that then followed the man to his car and wrote down his tag number. The fondler is thought to have been fondling women around West End for the last two or three years. While in custody the man admitted to fondling multiple women.

October 1, 2009:  I can't believe that it's already October! It seems like 2009 just began. Now it's almost Halloween and the need for Halloween party security. Also, it was a cold night in Nashville last night.

A former security guard at a mall in Rhode Island was arrested in connection with stolen cell phones. $16,000 worth of phones were stolen from a T-Mobile store in the mall that the guard was hired to protect.

A new report from Kentucky highlights the problem with abuse of prescription drugs. The report suggests that the recent increase in the number of prescriptions is a result of increased abuse of prescription medication. Of 120 counties in Kentucky, every county had an increase in prescription drugs except two.

Early yesterday morning two thieves attempted to steal copper from a utilities building in New England. However, the theft was stopped, and the thieves were arrested thanks to a security guard. This guard watch the thieves on a security camera and called the police. This guard's vigilance paid off.

Extra Duty Police Officers charged 31 people with DUI last weekend in Nashville.

Five people were indicted for alleged firearms smuggling. Among the five men that were indicted was a former Metropolitan Nashville police officer.

Recently in Montana private security guards descended on a small town and caused quite a commotion on the internet. The small town had no police force at all. People on the internet were afraid that it was a "test town" for privatized police forces.


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