October, 2010

October 31, 2010: Thank you to Jermaine and Blake for the extra security guard posts they worked last night.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

A man was charged with second-degree harrassment after he had allegedly threatened a security guard. The incident followed the security guard asking the man to leave the facility that the guard was stationed at.

October 30, 2010: Special thanks to Danielle!

Congratulations to all the graduates of our concealed carry permit class!

October 29, 2010: We had a full class yesterday at On Guard Security's handgun carry permit class. Also, this month has been exceptionally well for our security guard business. 

A special thanks to J. Wimbley!

October 27, 2010: It seems that the fishing has drastically improved (for today, anyway). Several striped bass and hybrids were caught on the Stones River this morning while I was there. Several of the fish were fairly large, too. 

October 26, 2010: A security guard in Vermont has been charged with grand larceny and other charges stemming from a heist that he had set up. The guard confessed to staging the heist with two of his friends.

An armed security guard in Oklahoma City fired two shots at two women that were shoplifting after the shoplifters hit the security guard with their car. It is unknown whether the security guard hit either of the shoplifters.

October 24, 2010: The rain has come!

October 23, 2010: A security guard in Oklahoma was attacked by a minister with a folding chair at a high school football game. The minister claims that he was trying to defend himself from the security guard.

October 22, 2010: The fishing was really good today on the Stones River in Nashville, Tennessee.

October 21, 2010: Five people in California will be charged with the beating death of an unarmed security guard.

October 20, 2010: It is a cool night in Nashville, Tennessee.

Special thanks to Robert M.

October 16, 2010: A man was shot in south Nashville yesterday. A car pulled up beside a man that was walking and fired at him. The victim is in critical condition. He was shot at least once in the side with a shotgun.

October 15, 2010: A mall security guard fired shots at two shoplifting suspects. The suspects fled when they were approached and sped toward the officer.

October 14, 2010: It is a chilly night in Nashville.

The fishing is below average right now (for me anyway).

October 13, 2010: It was a rainy morning in Nashville, but it is a beautiful afternoon.

October 12, 2010: Police are still looking for clues to help solve the murder of a campus security guard four years ago in Virginia.

Two men handcuffed a security guard and threatened another guard with a handgun. The men demanded cash from the two guards.

October 11, 2010: It is an unseasonably warm day in Nashville today.
A man was shot in south Nashville last night during an attempted robbery. Robbers tried to rob a poker game in south Nashville, and a shot went off during a struggle. 
On Guard Security is looking to hire armed and unarmed guards right now in Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee.

October 9, 2010: Yesterday in Nashville an algebra II teacher was taken away in an ambulance. The teacher had what appeared to be a nervous breakdown. The incident in which the teacher yelled, turned over several tables, and a filing cabinet happened in front of several students. 

A boy in Michigan claims that he was assualted by a security guard at his school last January. The boy's family is suing the security guard.

October 8, 2010: On Guard Security would like to give a special thanks to Dwayne.

It is a beautiful day here in Nashville, Tennessee!

October 7, 2010: Police in New York have arrested a man that they say killed a security guard early yesterday morning. The man had evaded police for sixteen hours. The man allegedly killed a security guard at a rehab center and then escaped.

Police in Nashville charged twelve students from Hunter's Lane High School with disorderly conduct for a lunchtime brawl.
An armed security guard in Alabama was able to stop a bank robbery Tuesday. The would-be robbers fled on foot after the security guard began firing at them. The guard only fired because the robbers had their guns drawn.

October 6, 2010: Today was a beautiful day in Nashville, Tennessee. Every security guard that works an outside post can appreciate a day like today.

October 5, 2010: The Murfreesboro Police Department is looking for help in identifying a man that stole $2,000 from a cash register then fled in an SUV.

October 4, 2010: Police in Nashville are investigating a shooting death in south Nashville that happened Sunday.

Security guards at a nuclear power plant in Massachusetts were planning on going on strike late last week if no agreement had been made. No word yet on the outcome.

October 3, 2010: The Nashville Fire Department has concluded that an apartment fire near West End was caused by a cigarette.

Police in South Carolina have arrested a security guard for stealing copper from a site that the guard patrolled.

There are cold nights to come in Nashville soon.

Police in Kentucky netted 389 pounds of prescription pills during the national "Take Back" initiative in which citizens were encouraged to bring in their old prescription medications as a safe way to dispose of them.

October 2, 2010: A special thanks to Brandon, James, and Peggy.

An armed security guard was shot and killed yesterday in Florida. The armed guard worked for Brinks, and he was shot while carrying a bag of money during a bank heist.

October 1, 2010: Everyone at On Guard Security, security guards, management, etc., is confident that this October will be a record-breaking month for our company as well.

A security guard in Kentucky was convicted of stealing copper cable from a railroad shop that he had worked for. The jury also reccomended that the guard be given the maximum penalty, 20 years in prison.

A man was arrested yesterday by police in Nashville that is suspected of fourteen burglaries or attempted burglaries in west Nashville.

Police in Crossville, Tennessee are looking for suspects and information about a jewelry heist that happened earlier last month. The heist was the largest in Crossville's history.

September was a safe month for all of our guards and security personnel at On Guard.

A man that was restrained and allegedly assualted by security guards in Missouri is filing a lawsuit against the security officers over two years after the incident happened.
I am pleased to report that the fishing has changed for the better.

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