October, 2011

October 31, 2011:  Happy Halloween!!!

A man was shot in the head early Saturday morning at a restuarant in Lexington, Kentucky.  The restuarant was hosting a private party.  A fight broke out at the party, and the man was shot in the parking lot.  The man is in the hospital in serious condition.  Police have arrested two people in connection with the shooting.  They say that more arrests are possible. 

Three people were injured in a shooting in Scott County, Tennessee.  The shooting happened at a Halloween party attended by over 50 people.  The shooter is in custody.

Over the weekend a security guard in Honolulu was arrested for several counts of attempted murder.  The guard allegedly got into an argument with two men while he was on duty at a post in a shopping center.  The security guard allegedly followed the two men home and fired several shots at them. 

October 30, 2011:  There are so many people to thank for On Guard's continued success.  The list is too long to name every security guard that has covered a shift that is not their own or every person that has made some sort of sacrifice to help. 

The body of a missing fisherman was found in Bedford County, Tennessee this weekend.  Authorities are still investigating the cause of death and say that foul play is a possibility.

October 29, 2011:  Special thanks to David.  David worked as an unarmed security guard at a special event until midnight.  Also, his post was over an hour away!  Thanks, David!

October 28, 2011:  Happy Birthday to Freda!!!!

A patrolman with the Memphis Police Department is in federal custody as of yesterday.  The policeman is charged with conspiracy to distribute at least 1,000 kilograms of marijuana along with several other people.

Yesterday in Arizona a man attacked a hospital security guard.  The man that assualted the security guard was a patient that was attempting to leave the facility early.  When the security guard tried to stop the man, a fight began.  Finally, police arrived at the scene and were able to restrain and arrest him.  Fortunately, the security guard was not seriously injured.

October 27, 2011:  A police officer in Louisville, Kentucky shot and killed a man yesterday.  The officer was being dragged while the man that he shot dragged him with his vehicle.  The officer was trying to serve a warrant at the time of the incident.

Police in  east Nashville discovered a large marijuana growing operation last night.  The police officer that found the grow operation was making a routine traffic stop when he smelled the marijuana.  When the search warrant was executed over two hundred plants were found and three pounds of processed marijuana.  

Police in Memphis, Tennessee have arrested a man that is charged with last week's murder of a security guard.  Allegedly, the man shot the security guard as the guard attempted to stop him from entering the property where he was stationed.

It is a nasty and rainy morning in Nashville.

Two teens were shot outside of an elementary school today in North Nashville.  The two teens were shot by a man that one of the teens had had an argument with earlier in the day, according to police.  The man shot the two teens with a shotgun.  Both victims are expected to make a full recovery.

Earlier this week a man in Illinois elbowed a security guard at a J.C. Penney's.  The security guard was attempting to stop the man from leaving with a pair of shoes that he didn't pay for.

Security guards at a high school in Virginia used pepper spray to break up a fight between students yesterday.  It is reported that this incident was the third time in two weeks that security guards in this particular school district resorted to using pepper spray.

A mother and her daughter were fatally shot today in Smithville, Tennessee.  Authorities say that a family argument may have been the cause of the shooting.  The man that allegedly shot the two has been apprehended.

October 26, 2011:  On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire two quality unarmed security guards in the Nashville area.  If interested please fill out the form on our website.  

October 24, 2011:  Two men that were wearing ski masks entered a home in Dickson, Tennessee and ordered a man and his 18-year-old son to get on the floor.  The man refused and was shot.  The masked men fled the scene of the crime after the shots were fired.  The man that was shot died yesterday from his injuries.

Five people were shot in a home late last night in Chattanooga.  One of the five people was killed.  Another man is in critical condition.  At this time no motive is clear.

A security guard was shot and killed in Memphis last night.  The security guard was killed at the apartment complex where he had worked.  It is unclear whether or not the guard was armed or unarmed.  Police are reporting that the security guard attempted to stop two men from entering the property when one of the men shot him.

Police arrested three men for the production of methamphetamine in Maryville, Tennessee.  Police officers responded after a call from neighbors about a suspected meth lab.

The security guard that shot his supervisor a few days back was arraigned today on charges that could put him in prison for the rest of his life.  The former security guard is charged with multiple felonies.

October 23, 2011:  A special thanks to Tiffany.

Police in Marshall County, Tennessee are investigating a shooting that happened earlier this afternoon.  Marshall County is about fifty miles south of Nashville.  The cause of the shooting is not known.  The police have not released much more information yet.  

A security guard in California has found himself in the news because of an incident that occurred on Friday.  The security guard was working a concert when he tackled the lead singer of the band that was on stage.

October 22, 2011:  Congratulations to all the graduates of On Guard's concealed carry permit class today.  If you are not already licensed, you should be sure to come to our next class.  Anyone interested in becoming an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard should come to our security guard classes.

Yesterday in Murfreesboro a pain management clinic was raided by local and federal authorities.  The raid followed a nearly two year investigation.

Police in Nashville arrested a man last night that is charged with murder and aggravated rape.  The charges are from two seperate cases.

An 18-year-old man plead guilty to murdering his adopted sister in Kentucky yesterday.  The murder happened in February.  The man was sentenced to 50 years.

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October 21, 2011:  A security guard in California that is suspected of shooting his supervisor has been caught by the police.  The rogue security guard was caught in Lake Tahoe early Thursday morning.  The guard allegedly shot his supervisor on Wednesday.

On Guard would like to give a very special thanks to Brandon. 

Earlier this week a man in Nashville was sentenced to six years in federal prison for possessing and receiving child pornography.  The judge sentenced the man over the federal sentencing guideline's range.

A police officer that stopped a vehicle in Hermitage yesterday discovered several firearms and materials to make methamphetamine.  To make matters worse the man and woman that were stopped were also traveling with the woman's eight-year-old daughter.

Yesterday, three men from Kentucky were charged for a robbery and assualt that occurred in September.  The three men allegedly spotted the victim walking, then stopped to strip him of his clothes, cut him with knives, and steal his money from him.  The victim was treated and released from the hospital the same night that the incident happened.

A former security guard at Harvard was sentenced to 50 hours of community service for theft.  The security guard was accused of stealing a computer from a student.  The guard was a supervisor for the contract security guard company that he worked for.

It has turned out to be an incredibly nice day in Nashville.

Earlier this week police in Nevada arrested a security guard for murder.  The security guard was arrested for a murder that occurred in September.  An autopsy determined that the bullet that killed the man was from the security officers firearm.  The security guard was working as an armed guard at the time of the incident.

October 20, 2011:  Last night in Nashville an unmarked Metro patrol car was hit with gunshots.  There were two police officers in the vehicle during the shooting.  Neither of the two officers were injured.  The two officers in the patrol car are detectives in Nashville police's gang unit.  It is unclear if the shooting was random or the detectives were targeted.  A four hour search of the area yeilded nothing.

It is a nasty day again.  Thanks to all of the security guards and other security personnel that were working last night in the cold and in the rain so that we can sleep easier at night.   The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business, family, or anything else that might need to be guarded is in the hands of top-quality security guards is worth the cost just for the peace of mind alone, not including all the other benefits of well-trained security guards. I'm glad that On Guard Security hires only the best security guards for many reasons.  A great benefit of our hiring practices is that our guards are reliable.  Very rarely do I have to wake up to find a security guard to work a post third shift.  Our security guards are reliable, consistent, and punctual. 

Police in Nashville have charged a man for the shooting death of his friend in south Nashville last night.  It still is unclear why the man shot and killed his friend.  The two women that were with him have not been charged.

A man was shot in the head last night during a home invasion in Donelson.  After a struggle with one of the armed suspects, the victim was shot in the head.

October 19, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to thank Dwayne for his help tonight.

It is a nasty, rainy day in Nashville.

A massive marijuana growing operation was discovered last week in Obion County, Tennessee.  Authorities report that the street value of the marijuana that was destoyed would have been hundreds of millions of dollars.

A security guard in Texas has been charged with capital murder for a shooting that happened in 2010.  DNA linked the former security guard to the murder.  The security guard was already in jail on other charges.

Police in Nashville are investigating two seperate shootings tonight.  One of the shootings happened in Donelson.  The other shooting happened a few hours later in south Nashville.  The condition of both victims are not known.

October 17, 2011:  In Memphis four teenage boys will be charged for knocking over a 14-year-old girl at a high school football game and forcibly fondling her.

October 16, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to thank Andy for his help Saturday afternoon.

October 15, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to give a very special thanks to Tiffany!

A student at Eastern Kentucky University has been arrested.  The student is accused of setting fires in a building on campus last Thursday.

A security guard at a strip club in Dallas is suing the city of Dallas because a police officer allegedly pistol-whipped him several times.

Earlier this morning police in Nashville used a cell phone to track down some carjackers.  The cell phone that belonged to the victim was still in the car and could be traced.  One of three men were apprehended by police officers.  All three men fled on foot.

October 14, 2011:  Last night in north Nashville a man was shot and killed around 10:30.  Another man that was with the victim was pistol-whipped.

Last night a security guard at a hospital in Ohio fired several shots at a person in a vehicle that allegedly tried to hit him with the car.  The security guard was responding a a report of a suspicious person when a black cadillac tried to hit him.  The guard fired several shots at the car.    The security guard was not seriously injured.

On Guard Security would like to thank Miles for setting such a perfect example of how security guards at On Guard Security operate.

A woman was arrested in Nashville today for allegedly shoplifting at Target on three seperate occasions last month and assualting a security guard that attempted to stop her the third time.  The woman was arrested by Metro police in west Nashville earlier this morning.

Police in Lexington, Kentucky say that a recent string of shootings and other violent crimes in the Lexington area are being caused by the illegal sell and use of prescription pain medicine.

Police in Knoxville broke up a high stakes poker game at a hotel yesterday afternoon.  The police confiscated a gaming table and over $3000 in cash.  No one was arrested, but information was taken to prosecutors for possible prosecution.

Police in Knoxville are working to find out how a man got shot at his home yesterday.  The victim was able to call 911, but when police arrived the man was laying in his front yard.  No weapon was found at the man's house.

A security guard in Florida was arrested and charged with rape today.  Two women went to the police over the last month and told similar stories about how the security guard raped them inside his apartment.  During one of these alleged incidents the security guard's 3-year-old daughter was in the same room.

Twenty five security guards in Kansas City will lose their jobs at the end of the month.  The security guards will be replaced by guards from a contract security guard company.  The city spokesman said that the move to use a private security guard company will save the city money.

The city of Jackson, Mississippi passed a law this week that requires that all 24-hour convenience stores to have a security guard on duty from midnight to 5 a.m.  The law could take effect within a week.

The FBI arrested five people for the 2010 robbery of a Brinks truck and the shooting of a security guard.

October 13, 2011:Police in Nashville are working to identify a man that robbed a convenience store on Antioch Pike on Tuesday night.

It is a rainy morning in Nashville.  

A couple from Tennessee is are in jail tonight for abducting a 14-year-old girl that they met on facebook.  The girl that the couple met lived in Illinois.

Last week a security guard in Ohio left his backpack with a knife in it in the hallway in an elementary school.  The security guard worked as a guard at the school.  The man has since been replaced by another guard.  It has been alleged that the security guard was on drugs.

Congratulations to Amy on her new job!

Police in Lexington, Kentucky believe that a large fight between two groups of people was the result of a drug deal gone bad.  Two people were taken to the hospital.  The people involved will face assualt charges and drug charges.  

A man in California shot several people yesterday in a salon.  Eight people died and one person is still in critical condition.  The gunman's ex-wife worked at the salon where the shooting took place.  Soon after the shooting police arrested the gunman without incident.

More than fifty private security guards will lose their jobs on December 1st at a naval base in South Texas.  The guards will lose their jobs because of a new rule from the federal government.  The rule will require that all security guards and other security personnel will have to be employees of the federal government at all Defense Department facilities.

A teenager that was allegedly breaking into a man's car in north Nashville was shot in the leg.  The homeowner heard the commotion outside and fired a shot.  The shot hit the would-be car thief in the leg.  

October 12, 2011:  October has started out as a great month for On Guard Security, Inc.

Yesterday a man in Nashville that was wanted by the police surrendered himself.  The man allegedly robbed a store and kidnapped an acquaintance of his.  The man is currently being held without a bond until a court hearing.

Two police officers in Columbia, Tennessee were involved in a fatal shooting last night.  According to reports the police responded to a call, and the victim became threatening.  Shots were fired.  The  victim died, and one officer was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Both of the police officers that were involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave.

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A very special thanks to Jermaine for his help last night.  

Police in Virginia are looking for a man and a woman that dressed up as security guards and attempted to steal from a store.  The couple tried to get keys to the cash register, but they were not allowed.  However, the two did steal $200 worth of cigarettes.

October 11, 2011:  Police in Lexington, Kentucky arrested a man that they believe to be connected to many recent thefts in the area including the theft of a bulldozer.  In addition to these charges the man was in possession of marijuana and methamphetamine.  

A man in Louisville, Kentucky was arrested yesterday with murder in the death of his girlfriend's son.  The son died on Sunday.

A man in Memphis, Tennessee was arrested over the weekend for raping his mother.  The rape happened last month.  The accused rapist is 37 years old.

Police officers in Sumner County, Tennessee discovered what appears to be a double murder.  Two bodies were found.  One person was been taken into custody. 

A security guard in Texas is in jail without bond today for allegedly attacking prostitutes.  Police say that it is very possible that the same security guard is responsible for many similar crimes in the area.

A security guard in Florida died yesterday as a result of injuries that he got while he was on duty.  The security guard had attempted to stop some thieve from stealing scrap metal.  The thieves then assualted the security guard.

October 10, 2011:  It is a beautiful day in Nashville.

Last Saturday night a man was shot and killed inside a busy nightclub in Nashville.  The suspect has not been caught yet.

October 9, 2011:  In Memphis a 12-year-old has been charged with aggravated assualt for threatening one of his classmates with a shotgun. The incident happened at the children's bus stop last week.

Last night in Chicago an armed security guard was killed at a gas station where he had worked as a security guard for the last five years.  The security guard was trying to stop a robbery when the robber stabbed him several times.  The robber then took the security guard's firearm and shot him.  The guard was dead at the scene of the crime according to the medical examiner's office.  The suspect was found at the scene of the crime, too.

Rapid City, South Dakota is in the process of changing many of the regulations on security guards and private security guard companies.  The changes in regulations mostly concern security guards wearing badges or patches that easily identify the security guard company that they work for.  The regulations would make patrol cars that many security guards utilize readily identifiable as a patrol car from a private security guard company and which company that patrol car belongs to.  Insurance requirements for security guard companies will change, too.

October 8, 2011:  Today is another beautiful October day in Nashville.

Judge Leon Ruben of Nashville died yesterday.  Judge Ruben had been a General Sessions judge in Nashville since the early 80's.

Police in Smyrna arrested a man earlier this week that they think is responsible for several robberies in Rutherford County.  The man that is in custody has confessed to robbing two tanning salons, another business in Rutherford County, and places in Mt. Juliet and Nashville according to authorities.

In Kentucky two men were charged with helping an inmate escape from a jail.  The two men that were charged made up a story to throw off the police.

A man in Lexington, Kentucky fired shots inside a strip club, and attacked a waitress in the parking lot with his firearm.  It is unclear whether the waitress was shot or not.  The waitress was injured.  Police have arrested the man that is responsible for the incident.

Yesterday in Colorado a man was arrested after he spit on a hospital security guard.  The man was making a scene and becoming violent at the hospital where the security guard was working.  The security guard and a police officer went to check out the problem.  When confronted the man exposed himself to the police officer and spit on the security guard.  The police officer and the security guard eventually restrained the man.  The man is still in custody.

Early this morning in New York a security guard was stabbed while on duty.  The security guard was stabbed in the stomach.  The guard was treated for non-life threatening injuries.  The attacker has been caught.

October 7, 2011: Yesterday a man from Shelby County, Tennessee (Memphis) died from the West Nile Virus reports the Health Department.  The man was the first person to die from the West Nile Virus in the Mid-South in over two years.

One man was injured in a shooting in Lexington, Kentucky yesterday.  This was the second shooting in two days in the same area of Lexington.

Yesterday 24 people were indicted in Franklin County, Kentucky on various charges related to selling prescription pills illegally.  The people that were indicted allegedly brought prescription medication from Florida and sold the pills in and around Franklin County.

An ex-Metro Nashville police officer was sentenced to 18 years today for second-degree murder.  The former police officer was found guilty in August of killing his wife.

A Clarksville man is in custody today after he attempted to burn down his ex-wife's house.  The same man was arrested in April for the exact same thing.

A security guard was shot and killed in Chicago yesterday.  The guard was shot in a parking lot that he patrolled.  Five other people were shot around the same area as the security guard.  Nobody is currently in custody for the murder of the security guard or the other shootings.

October 6, 2011:  Police in Lexington, Ky made a major marijuana bust earlier this week.  Police seized nearly two thousand pounds of marijuana from a residence.

It is an unseasonably warm day in Nashville.

At Tidewater Community College in Virginia security guards found disturbing and racist graffiti painted on many walls at the college.  The police are still investigating.  The graffiti has already been covered up.   

Police in Arizona arrested a school security guard earlier this week for allegedly stealing $1000 from the school.  The security guard was one of very few people that had access to where the money was stored.  The security guard denies all accusations.

A Lexington, Kentucky woman has died as a result of injuries she received during a home invasion two days ago. 

Police in Nashville are searching for an alleged kidnapper this morning.  The search is focused on South Nashville.  The man is wanted for keeping a woman overnight against her will.  The victim is in police custody currently for her own protection.  According to police, the victim was not injured.

The search for a surgeon from Nashville continues.  The surgeon was last seen kayaking on Center Hill Lake in Dekalb County, Tennessee.  His kayak was found about a mile from where he was last seen.

A security guard and a police officer were nearly ran over yesterday at a hospital in Ohio.  A 21-year-old man is accused of trying to run over the security guard and officer.  The security guard and police officer were attempting to make an attempted theft report.  The 21-year-old was allegedly trying to break into a narcotics cart.  The accused man remains in jail.

October 5, 2011:  We have beautiful weather here in Nashville, and the forecast is good for the next few days.

A traffic stop in Eastern Kentucky last night resulted in the police finding three hundred pounds of marijuana and several suitcases full of cash. 

A very special thanks to Andy for his help on Monday.

Earlier this week police in Sumner County arrested a 20-year-old and three juveniles in connection to several vehicle break-ins at two apartment complexes in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

According to crime statistics gathered by the FBI, violent crime fell in 2010.  The statistics also suggest that Memphis is the second most dangerous Metropolitan Statistical Area.  More violent crimes happen in Memphis per capita than anywhere else in the United States except Detroit.

A disagreement between the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County over how security guards are licensed and how the fees are split between the county and the city may cause many problems for security guard companies and security guards in the near future. 

A teacher at a Memphis, Tennessee school is in jail tonight on charges that he had sex with a student.  The student was also a minor when their sexual relationship began.

Police in Nashville arrested a man in West Nashville yesterday on several charges related to molesting a nine-year-old girl.  Detectives think there could possibly be more victims that have not yet come forward.

According to  The Tennessean , residents of Tennessee are more likely to be a victim of firearm-related, violent crime than any other state.  Few explanations are offered for this trend.  Better reporting by police, the high rate of gun ownership, and a large number of gang and drug-related crimes are three possible explanations that are offered.  The data that was from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  356 people were murdered in Tennessee last year.

Police in Nashville are looking for information about a man that robbed a store on Murfreesboro Rd. yesterday afternoon.  According to police, the gunman fled the store on foot.  Anyone with information pertaining to this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.

A woman in Nashville was seriosly injured in a drive-by shooting last night according to police.  Several shots were fired.  The lady was transported to the hospital.

Two security guards were assualted at a school where they were employed in New Jersey on Monday.  One of the security guards was kept for observation overnight at a hospital for injuries that he received.  Five students were arrested.

October 4, 2011:  On Guard Security would like to thank all our security guards and a special thanks to Kyle.

On Guard Security is currently hiring armed security guards in Nashville.  We also need unarmed guards around the Knoxville area.  Any guards that are interested should fill out the form on the Career page of this website.

October 3, 2011:  Early yesterday morning in North Carolina a security guard was shot and seriously injured.  The security guard was shot after he escorted a group of people out of the club where the security guard works.  Police have made an arrest in the security guard's shooting.  

Police in Murfreesboro are searching for a man that ran from the police on Sunday.  The man is wanted for aggravated and domestic assualt.  A search that included a K-9 unit did not find him.

October 2, 2011:  Two men were shot last night during an incident in east Knoxville.  Authorities in Knoxville report that a man tried to rob another man.  During the robbery both men were shot.  The alleged robber was killed.

A woman  that had once been on Tennessee's death row for arranging the murder of her husband was set to be released from prison in a few weeks by Tennessee's Board of Probation and Parole.

Thanks to William and Nate for all their help.
Four people were injured in a shooting at a Knoxville nightclub early Saturday morning.  Police in Knoxville have made no arrests in connection with the shooting.

October 1, 2011:  Special thanks to Tiffany.

A man in Southeast Tennessee, near Cleveland, shot and killed his wife and their adult son and then killed himself yesterday.  Authorities say the incident followed a "domestic issue" between the shooter and his wife.
Earlier this week in Nashville a school bus driver was arrested and cited for reckless endangerment for missing stops with high school students aboard her bus.  

The most wanted fugitive from Springfield, Tennessee turned himself in earlier this week.  The man was wanted for criminal homicide for a shooting that happened on August 14.
A man from Moristown, Tennessee has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor after many pornographic pictures of children were found on his computer.

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