October, 2012

October 31, 2012: Happy Halloween!!!

October 30, 2012: A special thanks to Tiffany!!!
Police in Alabama arrested a man that they believe is responsible for the murder of a private security guard. The security guard was found shot to death in a residential complex where he worked as a private security guard. The security officer that was killed was 67 years old.
Yesterday in Michigan an armed security guard was robbed by two men at gunpoint. The uniformed security guard was on duty with an armored truck when two men wearing ski masks approached him, disarmed him, and fled with the money and the security guard's firearm.

October 29, 2012: Last week at an elementary school in West Virginia a fight took place that left one high school student dead. The fight at the elementary school, located next to a high school, was between two high school students before a football game Friday night. One student died from his injuries, and the other was arrested. According to some reports the victim was stabbed.

An armed security guard in Maryland was arrested and charged with several charges related to an incident that occurred while on duty. The armed security guard allegedly pointed his gun at a car full of people while he was driving an armored truck. Police arrested the suspect shortly after the alleged incident.

All along the east coast people are preparing for Hurricane Sandy. According to some forecasts, Hurricane Sandy will cause snow to come to east Tennessee.

A private security guard in Alabama was killed late last week during a fight outside of a nightclub. The nightclub's private security had already called to request back-up from the police because of fights that they could not control. A security guard that tried to stop a fight between two women was punched by a man and knocked unconscious. The private security guard died after being knocked unconscious. The suspect was arrested and charged with manslaughter. The suspect was released on bond.

Private security guards at a Target in Olympia, Washington apprehended a woman that was attempting to steal 152 items from the store. While the security guards were interviewing the suspect, she began to hyperventilate. The woman also claimed to have a variety of injuries and ailments that she didn't have. Paramedics that arrived to help the woman said that she was intentionally hyperventilating.
Thanks to Natalie for helping out with our recent photography and editing. Also, thanks to Brandon B.
It is a cold night in Nashville.
A 17-year-old girl in New Jersey was arrested last Thursday for assaulting a private security guard at a high school. The security guard claims that he was kicked, hit, and pushed by the schoolgirl.

October 28, 2012: Thanks to TJ, LaToya, and Tyran Calhoun. I appreciate the extra effort over the last two weeks. The last three days would not have been possible if I were missing even one of you three. Also, I want to thank Brandon H., Tiffany, and Peggy. Every security guard, office worker, or any other employee at On Guard Security plays an important role in providing our clients with quality contract security guard services.

On Guard Security will have an unarmed security guard class this Thursday (November 1, 2012). Class begins at 6pm and ends at 10pm. Our unarmed security guard class costs $50 per person. Anyone that needs more information about our private security guard classes can check out the Classes and Training page of our website or Contact On Guard Security by phone, fax, or email.

Police in Nashville have arrested a man that they believe is responsible for the attempted robbery of the Shell on Charlotte Pike and the robbery of Mapco on 21st. Police believe that the man could very likely be responsible for other similar robberies in the area. In all the robberies the suspect demanded money from the clerk and made threats with a weapon that he never showed during any of the robberies.

Two men are in custody in Clarksville for a double murder at a Halloween party. The Halloween party which was held on Friday was attended by well over 100 people. Several fights broke out according to witnesses. The two suspects allegedly were in a fight with the victims. During the fight one of the suspects pulled a gun and shot one of the victims. The other victim went to help the first victim and was also shot. The two suspects were caught quickly after the incident.

October 27, 2012: It was a wet and chilly night last night in Nashville.
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October 26, 2012: A very special thanks to T. Wilson!!!!
A woman was found guilty on Tuesday in a Nashville courtroom for berating security guards at the Nashville airport. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct and was found guilty after a four hour deliberation by the jury.
Earlier this week in Texas an observant private security guard discovered a counterfeiting operation. The security guard alerted police to a man that was staying in a room at the hotel that he patrols. Police got permission from the man to search his room. A printer, a bleach pen, counterfeit bills, and a few other suspicious items were found in the suspect's hotel room. The suspect managed to get away, but was later caught. The man was charged with evading arrest and arrested.No counterfeit charges have been filed yet.

Halloween is right around the corner. I hope the people and places that will need security guard services for Halloween parties and other events have already found a security guard company that can meet their needs and has the security personnel that are dedicated to their event. This time of year is very busy for contract security guard companies and security guards.
Thanks to Brandon H., Tyran, T.J. Latoya, and all of On Guard Security's personnel! It has taken much effort to continue to provide quality security guard services amid all the new business and hectic schedules.
Police in Nashville arrested an 18-year-old man today at Whites Creek High School. The man was a student at the high school. He was arrested for bringing a .38 caliber handgun to school.

October 25, 2012: Thanks to Steve for all his help this morning. We definitely got many things accomplished.

October 24, 2012: Thanks to Joseph for staying late yesterday. I appreciate the effort, and I'm sure the client appreciates it, too.
The two men that police in Nashville wanted to question about Monday's triple homicide have been taken into custody. Investigators do not believe that the two men were involved in the triple homicide after questioning.
Earlier this week in New Hampshire a man threatened a private security guard with a knife. The man pulled the knife after the security guard approached the man and his female companion about shoplifting.

October 23, 2012: Police in Nashville are investigating the death of three family members. A man, his wife, and their 26-year-old daughter were all found dead yesterday in their home on Maxon Avenue in Nashville. No word yet as to the cause of death. The police are treating the house as a crime scene.
Thanks to LaToya for all the extra help.
Two 17-year-old boys in St. Louis fire shots at a private security guard outside of a nightclub early Sunday morning. The security guard was breaking up a fight when the two suspects fired at him. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The two boys were arrested shortly after the incident.
Earlier this week in New Jersey a security guard helped disarm a suicidal woman. The security officer saw a man and a woman struggling for control of a knife when he was patrolling. He carefully approached the couple and found out that the woman was trying to kill herself. The security guard and the other man disarmed the suicidal woman. The woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating a quadruple murder that happened earlier this week in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Fayetteville is about 100 miles south of Nashville. The bodies of the four victims were found yesterday around noon. The victims were all family members. According to reports the victims were shot. Investigators have named a person of interest in the homicides.
Halloween is right around the corner. With Halloween parties comes the need and demand for party security guards. Anyone that is interested in utilizing the services of a contract security guard company should immediately contact the security guard company to ensure that a security guard is designated for the party. It is a very busy time of the year for contract security guard companies and security guards. Waiting to long could result in no available security officers for your party or gathering.
Police are looking for two men for questioning in yesterday's triple homicide in Nashville. The two men that the police are seeking already have warrants for aggravated robbery.
According to reports the private security guard industry is quickly growing in South America. Most private security guards in South America work informally as private security. The increase in use of private security guards in South America is believed to be in response to organized crime organizations in the area.
A uniformed security guard in Texas inadvertently stopped a robbery in progress. A man with a hammer had entered a Texas convenience store and demanded money. The man fled the scene when a private security guard pulled up. The security guard is in no way affiliated with the gas station. The uniformed officer had only stopped to get gas.
One man was injured last night at a shooting in south Nashville. Police are investigating the incident. No motive is currently known.

October 21, 2012: Early yesterday morning in Nashville police were investigating a stabbing that occurred downtown. A man was stabbed at 3rd Avenue and Church Street (near Printer's Alley). According to reports, there was an altercation between two groups of people which eventually escalated to the point that the suspect stabbed a man in the other group. The man was taken to a hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.
It is a beautiful day in Nashville, Tennessee!!!
Thanks to all the private security officers that work for On Guard Security. A special thanks to Tiffany and Brandon!

October 20, 2012: This is turning out to be a very busy weekend for our private security guards (specifically our armed guards). We are certainly staying very busy. This year is definitely going to be the biggest year so far for On Guard Security. This statement is true by a variety of different measures. It is predicted that the contract security guard industry will continue to grow in the years and decades to come. On Guard Security is growing several times as fast a the security guard industry as a whole. We expect to continue this growth.
A man that was found dead from a gunshot wound in his home in Alamo, Tennessee may have been the victim of robbery according to investigators. Investigators believe that the murder could be tied to another break-in in that area.
A man in Clarksville, Tennessee returned to his home yesterday and discovered that he had been burglarized. The man noticed that several items were missing from his home. The homeowner then noticed a man standing in his back yard drinking a beer. The burglar was still there and was drinking a stolen beer from the homeowner's refrigerator. The suspect fled when the homeowner told him that the police had been called. Police picked the man up soon after they were called. The man was also wanted for the burglary of a church.
It is a cooler night in Nashville tonight.
A guest at a hotel in Louisiana died earlier this week after a struggle with the hotel's private security guard. The man began breathing irregularly after a scuffle with the security guard. The man was allegedly harassing employees of the hotel and other guests on the third floor. The security guard eventually handcuffed the man after they had a small scuffle. The guard walked the handcuffed guest to the lobby and sat him there. The handcuffed man began to move toward an employee which caused the private security guard to tackle him. When the police arrived the man was having obvious breathing problems. He was taken to the hospital and later died.

October 19, 2012: Earlier this week at a Target in Texas a private security guard was assaulted while attempting to stop a shoplifter. The security guard had allegedly seen the suspect put DVDs in his pocket inside the store. The suspect allegedly put the security guard in a choke-hold an punched him several times. The suspect was able to escape the Target and the scene of the crime after assaulting the security guard. The man was arrested soon after the incident.
Five people in Florida have been convicted for the murder of an armored car security guard during a robbery last year. Two of the people that were convicted worked as private security for a casino where the armored vehicle stopped to pick up.

October 18, 2012: We are currently hiring security guards at On Guard Security. We are looking for one armed security guard for a full time job in the Nashville area. The armed guard will have hours that vary each week. We are also seeking an unarmed security guard for a post in Nashville. Applicants should already be licensed to work as a security guard in Tennessee. Applicants should also have experience in law enforcement, private security, or corrections. Anyone interested should fill out the form on the Career page of our website.
A private security guard in Arizona is potentially in some trouble. The security guard was posted at a high school and had to use OC spray to break up a fight and protect a teacher. The security officer claims that when the teacher attempted to separate the individuals that were fighting the teacher was attacked. The private security guard says that he used the OC spray to protect the teacher from harm. The security guard also claims that he was attacked by students during the incident. The fight broke up after a second security guard arrived at the scene. Several people were hit with the security guard's OC spray. People that were fighting and bystanders were affected by the spray. Many people claim that the security guard was not justified in using the OC spray.
A man in Pennsylvania is under arrest for an incident with an unarmed security guard earlier this week. The suspect and the security guard both were working at Marywood University. The suspect allegedly choked the security guard and slammed him into a brick wall. There is no word yet on what caused the assault.
Earlier today police in Clarksville, Tennessee arrested three men that were in possession of counterfeit money. Police began questioning the men because they were outside taking pictures with large amounts of cash. Police also discovered that one of the men had spent counterfeit twenty dollar bills in a nightclub earlier.
Yesterday in south Nashville a man was nearly carjacked while his daughter was in the back seat of his vehicle. The incident occurred around noon yesterday at the intersection of Harding Road and Tampa Drive. According to reports two men that were armed with handguns approached the suspect's vehicle and forced the victim inside of his own truck. The suspects then told the victim to drive west on Harding Road. The victim saw a police officer working a nearby traffic accident and jumped out of the vehicle to get the officer's attention. During all the confusion one of the suspects fired a shot. No one was injured fortunately. Both suspects fled the scene on foot. One suspect is in custody. The investigation is on going. Police are not sure if the incident was random or if the victim knew the suspects.

October 17, 2012: It is a beautiful day in Nashville!!!
Thanks to LaToya, Brandon, and Charlie!!!
A taxi company in Australia has started using private security guards to help protect cab drivers. The taxi company hired a contract security guard company to provide security guards to cabs during peak periods. The security guards are deployed in "tiger" teams that will respond to cab drivers that are in trouble. The cab company said that historically there are more attacks between now and Christmas than any other period.
A private security guard in Maryland was arrested earlier this week and charged with stealing 300 pounds of copper wire. The security guard was working at a construction site, and allegedly stole the wire. Police in that area have said that copper theft is very common in the area. The 800 pounds of wire would be worth about $800 at today's prices.
According to reports, the security guard that was shot and killed in Memphis last weekend was shot while attempting to help another private security guard. The female security guard that was present during the shooting reports that the first shot was fired at her. Only after the murdered security guard showed up to assist the female security guard was he shot and killed. According to the female security guard, the victim was shot and killed by the first shot that was fired at him.
The forecast for Nashville for tonight is calling for severe thunderstorms. All security guards and other people that have to be out in the weather tonight should prepare for a rainy, stormy night.

October 16, 2012: Thanks to all our private security guards that work for On Guard Security. Thanks to all the non-security personnel that work for On Guard Security. A special thanks to Tiffany, Peggy, LaToya, and Deandre! We appreciate all the help. Yesterday's security guard operations would not have been possible without a very helpful group of security guards. Not only is this week incredibly busy for On Guard Security, but two unarmed security guards were not able to work their scheduled posts because of family emergencies.

October 15, 2012: Police Officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department raided and padlocked three convenience stores today for selling synthetic drugs. Employees at each of the three stores had sold synthetic drugs to undercover detectives. A law that prohibited the sell of synthetic drugs took effect on May 15th of this year.
Early Sunday morning a private security guard was killed in Memphis, Tennessee. The security guard was working at an apartment complex in southeast Memphis when he was killed. The 70-year-old security guard heard a gunshot in a neighboring apartment complex and went to investigate at about 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Police are not releasing many details at this time, but when officers arrived on the scene they found the body of the security guard and the body of a 16-year-old.
A man in Florida was hit by a minivan early last week while attempting to flee from security at a JCPenney store. The man had been caught shoplifting by security guards in the store. The minivan hit the suspect as he ran across a street while being chased by security guards. Two stolen shirts were recovered from the suspect after he had been hit by the minivan.

October 14, 2012: Late last week in Canada a man was acquitted on an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting at a private security guard in 2010. The man allegedly shot at the security guard when the private guard attempted to detain him for shoplifting. The man was found guilty of several other charges related to the incident with the security guard.
Last week in St. Louis a contract security guard was murdered and then set on fire inside her apartment. The victim worked for a contract security guard company that was contracted to provide security guard services to the police department, courthouse, and other facilities in St. Louis. The victim is reported to have died from being beaten. The security guard's apartment was set on fire after her death.
An employee of a contract security guard company has anonymously spoken out against the company that he works for. The private security guard works at a bank. The unarmed guard complains of having no weapon. Also, the security guard said that he feels like a fraud because his post orders are to observe and report, but most of the people in the bank see him as protection for the people in the bank and their assets.

October 13, 2012: What a busy weekend!!! Thanks to all the security guards at On Guard Security that are going above and beyond to help me this weekend.
Very strong thunderstorms are possible tomorrow in Nashville and much of the middle Tennessee area. According to the weather forecast a cold front will move in, too. All security guards that work on an outside detail should definitely bring rain gear and dress a little warmer than the last few days. Being unprepared for inclement weather can cause even great private security guards to make mistakes that he would not have made if he had been dry and warm.

October 12, 2012: Special thanks to every security guard that works with On Guard Security. A very special thanks to Latoya extra hours that she has put in.
Police in Nashville are investigating a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon in east Nashville. The shooting occurred at around 2:30pm at Star's Market. Star's Market is located on Dickerson Pike.
Two suspects are in custody tonight for robberies in Antioch and south Nashville. A 16-year-old and a 19-year-old man were arrested Friday night after they were pulled over in a vehicle that matched the description of a car that was involved in a robbery and shooting on Apollo Drive in Antioch on Wednesday. The two are believed to be involved in several other robberies.
Two people were arrested earlier today after police discovered an active meth lab in an Antioch home. Police officers also discovered three firearms in the house. Both of the suspects have prior drug charges.
A private security guard died yesterday at a hospital in Florida. The man was shot by police officers late last month on accident. The security guard was 73 years old.
October 10, 2012: A special thanks to all of our security guards. A very special thanks to Robin, LaToya, Charlie, Tyran, Steve, and Peggy. Each person has had to help out to make this incredibly busy week possible.
Thanks to Ally, our intern, for all the help!a for all the
A police officer with the Metro Nashville Police Department has been arrested and charged with domestic assault. The charge comes from an alleged event the occurred last February. The officer allegedly hit his wife.

October 9, 2012: The family of a man that was shot and killed by a private security guard outside of a nightclub in Louisiana last August has sued three security guards that were on duty the night that the man was killed. The owner of the nightclub has been sued, too. It is interesting to me that the contract security guard company that was contracted to provide security officers to the nightclub has not been sued. The lawsuit was filed last Thursday. Police determined that the security guard that shot the man was acting in self-defense.
Security at a Walmart in Ohio helped police catch a man that was stealing laptops. The suspect was removing laptop computers from their boxes and walking out of the store with the merchandise. Security guards at Walmart found video on their security cameras that show the suspect in action.
Get well soon, Val!!

October 8, 2012: A 21-year-old man was tasered by a police officer yesterday evening in Clarksville, Tennessee. The 21-year-old man wrecked his vehicle and fled the scene of the accident. When a police officer found the man, he smelled strongly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. The police officer ordered the suspect to stop. The suspect did not listen to the police officer. The officer tasered the suspect. The suspect was arrested and charged with several charges.
It is a rainy morning here in Nashville.
Happy Columbus Day!!!!!
Yesterday in Ohio a private security guard died from injuries that he received while on duty. The security guard's death came one week after he was punched in the face in the parking lot of a strip club where he was working. The guard fell backwards and fractured his skull. The security guard was assaulted by a man that was asked to leave the strip club. The suspect also assaulted a second security officer in the parking lot.
Earlier today a man in Clarksville scared away two masked men that were burglarizing his home. The homeowner went to investigate a noise that he had heard. He found two masked men in his house. The homeowner quickly retrieved a nearby firearm and fired two shots into the floor. The burglars dropped his IPad and fled. The burglars still escaped with the man's lock box and a laptop. This story is great to see in the news. A homeowner with a firearm was able to protect himself and his property. The best part is that no one was hurt. The homeowner fired his gun into the floor and scared them off. The number of stories that the news reports where someone used a firearm in a positive way are far outnumbered by stories of people using them in the wrong way.

October 7, 2012: Thanks to all the security guards that work at On Guard Security. A very special thanks to Charlie, Robin, and Steve. Also, thanks to Todd and Peggy for helping out last night. Thanks to T. Wilson for Friday nights help.
Halloween is right around the corner (Thanksgiving and Christmas, too). Private security guards are utilized in a variety of different ways at Halloween parties. Keeping the peace at the gathering, access control, and restricting alcoholic beverages from leaving the party are just a few ways that our clients have used our security officers. Inevitably, Halloween parties will keep most contract security guard companies busy for at least a few days. Anyone that is considering using a contract security guard service at this year's Halloween party should begin finding the right contract security guard company immediately. (You are on the right website. This is a great place to start.) Selecting the right company and making arrangements as much in advance as possible gives the contract security guard company more time to get the most appropriate security guard for your party.
A 72-year-old man in Alabama is in custody this morning and charged with attempted murder. The man allegedly shot the property manager of an apartment complex where he used to live. The property manager had evicted the suspect on Thursday. The victim is being treated at a hospital. The victim remains in critical condition.
Last night in Hawaii a private security guard at a hotel broke his leg when a man that was running from police officers ran into him. The security guard was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.
A man in Nashville was shot in the stomach last night when he was leaving a north Nashville nightclub. The man was shot in the stomach leaving One Brew Sports Bar on Jefferson Street. The man drove himself to the hospital after he was shot.

October 6, 2012: Special thanks to Charlie for all the extra help!
Police in Nashville closed and padlocked the doors at Yea Baby's yesterday under a court-ordered injunction. Yea Baby's is a nightclub located on Murfreesboro Road. The police and the district attorney's office were seeking a temporary injunction because fighting, assaults, drug dealing, and a variety of other crimes are continually committed at Yea Baby's. The first hearing about Yea Baby's is scheduled for October 11.
Thanks to Tiffany for acting quickly to help me earlier today.
Yesterday in Nevada a private security guard was injured during an attempted robbery. The armed guard was walking through a shopping mall transporting money to an armored car when two robbers hit him from behind with a baseball bat. The robbers grabbed the security officer's bag and fled. The private security guard fired several shots at the robbers as they fled the scene of the crime, but did not hit anyone.

October 5, 2012: A private security guard in Arizona is being charged with sexual exploitation of a minor after thousands of explicit pictures of children were discovered on his personal computer. The security guard was caught after a lengthy investigation by local police into pornographic pictures of children that are shared via peer-to-peer internet networks. The investigation traced pictures back to the private security guard's residence.
There will be much cooler weather in Nashville this weekend.
A man in New Mexico was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly shooting two contract security guards. The security guards were working at a strip club at the time. The suspect and another man had been thrown out of the strip club by security. As the suspects drove away, they fired several shots. Two security guards were hit in the leg by the gunfire. The guards' injuries are non-life threatening.
September was an incredibly busy month for everyone at On Guard Security. Last month On Guard Security grew in almost every way imaginable. All security guard operations went well at On Guard Security last month. There were no major incidents to report. Our security personnel, our clients, and everyone else remained safe and secure on our posts. We got the opportunity to do business with several new clients. We also managed to provide a quality private security guard service to our existing clients. New private security guards and other security personnel that joined the On Guard team last month have done extremely well. Last month was a great month!!!! October is looking to be even better!!!
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is adding armed security guards to their facilities among other new security measures. The armed security guards and increased security in the hospital is the result of a shooting that happened there in March. A therapist was killed in the shooting. Five more people were injured in the shooting.
Police in Robertson County, Tennessee arrested a young couple Wednesday after a meth lab was found in their vehicle. The meth lab was discovered during a routine traffic stop in a Walmart parking lot in Springfield. The couple was taken into custody without incident.
Police officers in Nashville arrested a McDonald's manager yesterday. The incident occurred at the McDonald's on Robinson Road in Old Hickory. The manager of that McDonald's sold marijuana to a police informant. The manager accepted the money for the drugs at the counter as if it were a regular McDonald's transaction. The manager then directed the informant to a vehicle in the parking lot where the marijuana was waiting for the buyer.
Special thanks to Steve and Charlie for being outstanding private security guards and so much more!

October 4, 2012: Police in Columbia, Tennessee are investigating a stabbing that occurred last night. A woman was seriously injured when she was stabbed in her home in Columbia last night. The woman was taken by helicopter to Nashville where she is being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The victim's condition was not released. Police have not made any arrests in the case. No suspect description has been released yet.
A man in Minnesota has been arrested and charged with a variety of charges relating to an incident earlier this week. The man allegedly attempted to run over a security guard with his vehicle and threatened the security guard. According to reports, the confrontation ended when the armed guard pulled his firearm. The man fled and was apprehended later by police officers.
On Guard Security is currently seeking to hire one unarmed guard for a post in the Nashville area. The unarmed security guard post will be part-time. Applicants should already have a valid Tennessee unarmed security guard license. Experience in law enforcement or experience working for a contract security guard company is also required. Complete the form on the Career page of our website to apply.
A 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds are in police custody in Nashville and are charged with robbery. The three suspects allegedly followed a 58-year-old man from a store near 22nd Avenue North. Outside the store the robbers kicked the victim's cane which caused him to fall to the ground. The robbers then demanded the victim's wallet at gunpoint. The victim complied. Police in Nashville are working to see if the three may be responsible for other similar crimes.
An armed guard in South Carolina fired shots at two would-be robbers earlier this week. The armed guard was escorting a man with a bank deposit to a Piggly Wiggly when two masked men approached them. The robbers ordered the guard and the man with the deposit to freeze. The armed security guard then pulled his firearm and fired two shots at the masked men. The robbers fled.
A bounty hunter in east Tennessee is being charged with a variety of charges for allegedly holding a woman against her will and forcing the woman to have sex with him.
The former Chief of Police of Lafayette, Tennessee was arrested by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation earlier this week for allegedly assaulting a prisoner. The incident occurred last March. The former Chief allegedly assaulted a man that he had arrested while the man was handcuffed.

October 3, 2012: Special thanks to Steve.
A private security guard in Virginia is on trial for fatally shooting one man and injuring another in May 2011. The incident occurred in the parking lot of a nightclub where the security guard was working. According to the security guard, the victim had a shotgun pointed at other security guards when he was shot.
Get well soon, Louie!!!
Police in Clarksville, Tennessee arrested a man that is suspected of robbing a Bank of America branch earlier this week. The suspect allegedly presented the teller with a note demanding money.

October 2, 2012: Congratulations to Amy for her promotion and good luck in the new city!!!!
Unfortunately, last month was a deadly month for law enforcement in the United States. Thirteen officers died in the line of duty in September 2012.
A man in Nashville pleaded guilty yesterday to two murders that were both more than a decade ago. One of the murders happened in 1999, and the other murder occurred in 2000. Police found new DNA evidence that linked the man to the two murders after new information was discovered by the cold case division.
On Guard Security is currently seeking two armed security guards for a post near Nashville. Anyone that is interested should complete the form on the Contact page of our website. Applicants should already have a valid Tennessee armed guard license. Applicants should have experience in private security or law enforcement. These positions are part-time. The job begins this Saturday night at 10 PM.

October 1, 2012: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security. A special thanks to Latoya, Steve, Peggy, Kyle, and Tiffany for all their help and the sacrifices that have been for On Guard.
Police in New Mexico are searching for a man that shot two private security guards early Saturday morning. The man was escorted out of a strip club by the security guards and was angry about having to leave. The man returned and shot two of the security guards. According to reports one of the injured security officers was shot while trying to protect another employee. Both of the victims were treated at a local hospital and are expected to recover. The man fled the scene in a vehicle similar to an H2 Hummer according to witnesses.
A man from Clarksville, Tennessee is in custody tonight and is being charged with aggravated assault and a felony drug charge in addition to other charges. The charges come from an incident that occurred Saturday afternoon. The suspect allegedly waited on the side of the road until a man drove by and then began shooting at him. The victim knew the suspect and identified him for police. Police arrested the suspect at his home and seized several firearms marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Police later identified the shooter as a suspect that had fired shots at the same victim in August.
It is a rainy, overcast day in Nashville. I hope all security personnel that work outside brought their rain gear.

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