October, 2013

October, 2013

October 31, 2013: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It is going to be a stormy day and night here in Nashville. Please be careful out there today and watch out for the children.

A private security guard who works in the banking industry is being charged with armed robbery. The private security guard walked into a bank in Minnesota wearing a mask, bulletproof vest and carrying a semi-automatic pistol. According to police this was a planned out event and the private security guard had information as to how banks would work with large sums of money, because he didn't go after the money in the tills. The private security guard robbed the bank in a manner that demonstrated he had some inside knowledge of how the system works. The private security guard was caught and arrested just six hundred feet from the bank as he was trying to escape.

In Nashville overnight two violent robberies had happened. Four masked gunmen went into a small market and forced the employees and a customer to the ground and demanded their money and personal belongings. They were also able to steal the cash register and then fled the scene. The other robbery occurred at a local fast food restaurant. The employee of the restaurant had just closed for the night and was outside talking with other employees when a group of men appeared and pistol whipped the one employee and stole his cash they also fired several shots at the other employees but no one was injured. Police are still searching for the suspects in both cases.

A private security guard for a campus in Pennsylvania was left with broken ribs after an altercation. Numerous complaints had been called in to the campus security office regarding two young men who were riding their bmx bikes on the steps and guardrails trying to perform stunts. When the private security guard asked them to not do that, one man stopped but the other young man took a swing at the private security guard and also tried to push his bike into him and that's when a struggle ensued. Bystanders had to help the private security guard in controlling the suspect. The other man didn't try to help his friend or the guard. The suspect is being charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment. He is currently in jail on a $30,000 bond.

A man has died after a confrontation with Florida airport police. The man was in the fourth floor parking garage of the airport when he was approached by a police officer asking what he was doing. The man told the officer he was just watching the planes. The police officer did a background check on him and found out he was a registered sex offender who was about to be issued a warrant and that a shotgun was missing from the home of the man’s mother. The man at this time had moved into his car and by the time the officer returned he was sitting in the car with a gun in his mouth. When the police officer ordered him to get out and put the gun down, that's when the man got out of the car and lunged at the police officer and the officer fired at him as the man starting running and he jumped from the fourth floor parking garage and died.

A Fort Campbell soldier has been convicted of killing his three year old daughter. The young girl had died of blunt force trauma and the ex soldier has always maintained his innocence. Yet a jury found him guilty of murder and a judge sentenced him to thirty years in prison.

A Nashville man was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. The man had gone to Memphis to ask his girlfriend if she would like to go on a trip to Nashville. She agreed at first and also took along her three year old daughter with them. As the trip got started he became violent and assaulted her and even robbed her at gunpoint for gas money. The woman and her child escaped after he left them at his apartment alone and she flagged down a police officer.

Three schools in Ohio have a unique security guard. It is actually more machine than human. The lobby guard as they call it is a must for all visitors. It will scan your identification and runs an instant background check and it also takes a picture of you and compares it to a criminal photo data base. If a match does come up administrators are notified immediately.

A Clarksville business owner helped police catch the man who tried to rob his store. The owner says that a man wearing a mask came into his business and pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The owner however turned away and ran for the back of the store with the gunman following him. The owner was able to make it outside onto a busy street and the gunman got into his vehicle which was parked across the street. The owner then took out his cellphone and took pictures of the vehicle. Once police released those pictures, someone called into their tip line and told them who he was. The man is now in jail charged with attempted robbery even though he didn't get any money and is in jail on a $100,000 bond.

October 30, 2013: A private security guard in Ohio has to serve five days in jail on a disorderly conduct charge. The private security guard was walking through an apartment complex holding a can of pepper spray and as he passed some residents, consisting mainly of woman and children he sprayed the pepper spray in the air. Some residents complained they couldn't breathe and others ended up vomiting. When he was confronted by police officers he was wearing a bullet proof vest, a duty belt with a handgun, handcuffs, and pepper spray. He tried to deny ever using the pepper spray but later admitted to police he was trying to ward off a raccoon.

A man in Delaware is facing charges after pretending to be a state police officer. The man knocked on the victims door yelling state police, when the victim answered he forced his way inside and was attempting to choke the victim, but someone else showed up at the home and interrupted the incident. The suspect then ran off. Police were able to apprehend him later that day. He is being charged with second-degree battery, strangulation, harassment and criminal impersonation of a police officer and is being held on a 23,000 bond.

In Illinois four young men have been arrested after they tried to carjack a vehicle being driven by an off-duty police officer. The police officer was driving thru a back alley in his neighborhood when all of a sudden he was surrounded by the four young men and one of them pulled out what appeared to be a weapon. One suspect told him to get out of his car and that this isn't a joke. The police officer told them who he was and showed them his own firearm. One of the suspects ended up recognizing the officer as he lives right up the street. The suspects fled the scene while the off-duty police officer called 911. They were arrested shortly thereafter and are each being held on a $450,000 bond.

In Tennessee a man made up a story about an armed intruder. The man called police to tell them he found an armed man standing in his home when he awoke this morning and he fired one shot when they supposed gunman showed him a sliver handgun. He says the suspect ran away on foot after he fired. But when the police kept questioning the homeowner they didn't believe his story and he will be charged with filing a false police report and reckless endangerment. He will get the reckless endangerment charge sue to the fact he had a two year old in the home when he fired his weapon.

A private security guard in California shot a suspect during an attempted armed robbery. Two suspects entered the newly opened marijuana dispensary when one of them pulled gun. The private security guard had struggled with the armed suspect and had to pull his weapon and fire, he struck one suspect in the lower stomach. Both suspects were able to escape. The one suspect that was shot was taken to the hospital by an unknown person and that's were police arrested him. The attempted armed robbery was captured on video surveillance.

In Nashville a manager of a party store was sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray. Store employees saw the woman hiding items under her short when the manager asked her to hand over the items the suspect sprayed her and the ran from the store. The store was full of customers at the time and some say the suspect had a toddler with her. The incident was caught on video surveillance and police are trying to identify the woman.

In Franklin over seventy thousand dollars’ worth of copper wire was stolen from an electric company. Two men had entered the property overnight on foot and used an on-site forklift to remove four large reels of cooper from a storage area. The men then loaded three of the four reels into a flatbed truck and left the scene. There is video surveillance but both men were wearing gloves and had their face covered up during the theft.

A private security guard in Pennsylvania appeared in court today to have charges against him dropped. The incident occurred when the private security guard says he was defending himself when the suspect was trying to rob a delivery truck. The suspect was able to get away with one thousand dollars before the guard opened fire on him. Police are saying though that the video surveillance shows that the suspect who was unarmed never threatened the private security guard. The guard’s attorney says though that the video doesn't show everything that happened that day and they will continue to fight the charges. The private security guard is facing aggravated assault and reckless endangerment charges.

October 29, 2013: A metro Nashville police detective is on a routine administrative leave after his weapon accidently discharged and struck a suspect. Police officers were responding to a call at an apartment complex. Neighbors had seen a man fire shots at a truck following an altercation with the driver of the vehicle. Once police confronted the suspect and did a pat down they located a semi-automatic pistol in his waistband. After disarming him the three responding officers tried to take him into custody. During the struggle one of the responding officers weapons an ar-15 rifle which was being carried via a sling accidently discharged striking the suspect in the ankle. He is in stable condition at the hospital and arrest warrants have been issued charging the suspect with possession of a firearm while intoxicated, alteration of a guns serial number and resisting arrest.

In Murfreesboro private security guards caught an employee stealing from the retail store he worked at. He allegedly stole over five hundred dollars’ worth of Halloween supplies over a three week period. The private security guards told police they have captured each instance on video surveillance. He has since bonded out of jail.

Clarksville police are looking for three male suspects who kidnapped, tied up and beat another man. Police say the trio kidnapped a man and held him for several hours on Monday. The victim was able to call 911 later that evening to report the kidnapping. He told officers he was bound, gagged and beaten until he managed to escape by climbing through a window. He then ran for help to another home in the area. Police searched the home where the victim was held and were able to identify the men as the alleged kidnappers.

In Murfreesboro police have arrested a father and son after they were involved in a fight with another motorist during a road rage incident. The victim told police the father had thrown bottles at his car causing his windshield to crack and later after the two vehicles had stopped the father got out of his car and came up to the victim and hit him four times and spit in his face. The responding officers say that the father was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. He failed a field sobriety test. The son who was a passenger in the car was also drunk. While speaking with the officers the son got very aggressive and began yelling obscenities at them. The son is in jail on a $3,750 bond and charged with underage consumption, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. The father is charged with a dui and furnishing alcohol to a minor his bail is $4,500.

A corrections officer from New Jersey was arrested and charged with shoplifting after she allegedly tried to steal a pair of one hundred dollar earrings from a retail store. The stores private security guards told police that they saw the woman take a pair of earrings valued at $5.99 out of the package and then put the more expensive earrings in the package. She then paid for the package, but before she could leave, she was stopped by the private security guards. The police came to the store and arrested her, but then she said she was sick and firefighters took her to the hospital for a non-life threatening illness. She was given a summons to appear in court and has been suspended from her job without pay.

A private security guard was allegedly threatened with a nine inch screwdriver during a confrontation with a suspect. The suspect and an accomplice had tried to steal from a pharmacy in Illinois. When the private security guard tried to intervene the suspect pulled out the screwdriver and attempted to attack the security guard. The suspect was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor assault.

In Nashville for the second day in a row another loaded weapon was discovered at the Nashville International Airport. The guns owner was traveling from Nashville to Ohio and had a kimber 9mm handgun along with six additional rounds. Today marks the forty fourth firearms found at the Nashville airport this year. People who bring firearms to security checkpoints are referred to law enforcement and subject to criminal penalties.

A burglar alarm saved a business from being robbed in Brentwood today. Once police officers arrived they discovered that the stores glass front door had been smashed in and that's what set off the burglar alarm. Witnesses told police that at least four men were seen running from the jewelry and gift store. No merchandise was taken and police are still investigating.

In Murfreesboro a man was shot after trying to break up a crowd people who had gathered on a street corner. The victim told police he approached a group on the corner and another man he did not know struck him and they began to fight until the suspect pulled a revolver and pointed it at the victims face. The victim slapped the gun away and ran. That's when the suspect shot him and he was hit in the right thigh. Police are searching for the suspect and he will be charged with attempted homicide.

October 28, 2013: A private security guard has been taken to a hospital in critical condition this weekend. A police investigation revealed that the security guard came across a man and a woman drinking in the lobby of a building. When the private security guard asked them to leave he was attacked by the male suspect. He was beaten viciously in the head. Both suspects fled the scene. Police are still searching for the suspects.

Sheriff’s deputies in Tennessee had gone to a home to check on a possible probation violation by a man when they got there though another man came at them screaming. The man appeared behind the home with a knife and the deputies had to use a Taser on him, but he pulled out the probes, ran to the back of the house and returned with a gun. The deputies opened fire and shot and killed him. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the shooting.

A Nashville mother was arrested on a felony drug charge after police raided her apartment. Neighbors had called police because they could see marijuana plants growing out on her balcony. The woman's fourteen year old son answered the door when police arrived. The officers found about twenty marijuana plants in all and the largest was about two feet tall. They also found in a bedroom closet a bag of marijuana.

Police in Clarksville believe that a group of women are training younger individuals to help commit shoplifting crimes. The group of women recently stole several thousands of dollars of merchandise from a local mall. The suspects work in groups and are using special tools to remove the sensor tags from store merchandise. The police are still trying to identify the suspects.

A Kentucky man who had gotten pulled over by the police for running a stop sign seemed a little too nervous. When police started asking questions they say the man told them he had a mobile meth lab in his car and he didn't want the officers to get hurt by the chemicals. A meth lab cleanup crew and a narcotics unit were sent to the scene to process and secure the vehicle. The man is being charged with manufacturing and processing meth and possession of drug paraphernalia, he also had traffic violations.

In Georgia, state investigators are looking into the private security guards in an upscale neighborhood who are making traffic stops. Drivers in this neighborhood are being pulled over by private security guards who are not police officers but drive vehicles with flashing lights and wear official looking uniforms. The private security guards issue traffic tickets and the money ends up going to the homeowners association.

On Guard Security would like to thank all the private security guards that work with us. Special thanks to Lt. White, Officer Wilson, Officer Chapman, Officer Traistier, and Officer Walton. On Guard Security Inc. would also like to thank Britt, Peggy, Kyle and the other support staff. Providing quality security guard service requires quality private security guards, but is also requires quality support personnel and office workers. Too often the private security guards are the only ones that are recognized at private security guard companies.

In Tennessee a county sheriff’s deputy is off the job and facing assault charges. The deputy is being accused of assaulting his ex-wife and there seven year old son and nine year old daughter. During a normal custody exchange the ex-wife says things started to become out of control after she did the normal goodbyes to the children and the little girl began to cry not wanting to go. The ex-wife opened the back door of his vehicle and he starts slamming her into it. She fought back and had her hands around the little girl to get her out of the vehicle when he grabbed her by the skin on her back and jerked her trying to get her out of his vehicle. The two began screaming at each other and he allegedly held his son up by the arms and dropped him. No comments are being made by the sheriff’s department at this time.

A police officer in Kentucky was stabbed in the hand trying to subdue a man. The man was involved in a hit and run with another vehicle but he fled the scene and the victim followed him to his apartment. The suspect then threatened him with a knife and told him don't mess with me or I will kill you. The suspect then told the victim he was going to his apartment to get his gun. Once the suspect entered his apartment the victim called police. Police officers who arrived on the scene said that the suspect came to the door with a black handled object in his hand and a clenched fist threatening the police officers. One officer grabbed the suspect by the arm but he pulled away. The police officers forced him onto his couch and when they did he stabbed the police officer in the hand with the knife. Police also used a stun gun but the suspect continued to resist them. They were able to eventually take him into custody all the time he was still threatening them. Police state the man was extremely intoxicated. The suspect is being charged with first degree assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, leaving the scene of an accident and terroristic threats.

October 27, 2013: Overnight in Nashville two local businesses were robbed by the same man. Police say a masked man came into a fast food restaurant with a gun and demanded money. Several employees were inside the restaurant at the time but no one was injured. After he robbed them he went next door to a gas station and robbed them, then he fled on foot and police tried using canine dogs to track him but couldn't. Police are still searching for the suspect.

A Tennessee man is being held in a New York jail pending an arraignment. Police say the man had tried to board a flight to North Carolina, but in his checked luggage he had two loaded rifles. The rifles serial numbers had been defaced. They also found two handguns and high capacity magazines.

Police in Ohio are investigating why private security guards had chased a vehicle, confronted the driver and wound up shooting and killing him. The victim had a confrontation with a security guard at an after hours bar, he was able to flee the scene and he was known to be armed with a gun. Other private security guards followed the victim. Once the security guards confronted the victim they say he pulled a gun and issued a threat, that's when one of the armed security guards shot him. Police did find a handgun near the scene. The private security guards have not been charged with any crimes at this time.

A private security guard for an apartment complex in Tennessee was shot and killed while on duty. The security guard had stopped two suspicious men near the front gate entrance of the apartment complex. One of these men shot and killed him. Residents of the complex don't think that the men lived on the property. Police are still searching for the suspects.

A shooting at a popular nightclub overnight in Nashville has left one man shot. It all started in the parking lot of the nightclub between two men who have had an ongoing dispute with each other. As one man was getting into his vehicle the other man opened fire striking him in the leg. Police officers were able to arrest the man as he was trying to flee. The investigation is ongoing and another person ended up being arrested for shooting into the air.

A private security guard for a nightclub in Florida was shot overnight. The private security guard was just standing inside the club monitoring the crowd when he was shot in the thigh. Police located a twenty-two casing in the same area the guard was standing. Police are still investigating.

Police in Texas plan on seeking felony charges against a private security guard. The armed security guard was told that they had seen someone with a gun in the rear parking lot of the nightclub he was working. When the security guard went to check he found a car load of people and ordered the driver out of the vehicle. The driver refused and started his car and clipped the security guard with the car door. That's when the armed security guard fired his gun into the vehicle striking one person. Police will not be charging the driver with anything.

Private security guards for a sporting goods store in Maine got into a physical altercation with a shoplifter. Not too much information is available other than the man was caught stealing items from the store and police will not say what items they were only that this will be considered a felony. The suspect is also a fugitive with outstanding warrants against him.

A police officer in Nashville has not been injured after a SUV struck his patrol car. The police officer was responding to an emergency call early this morning when a silver SUV ran a red light and hit him. The driver fled the scene.

Two people have been arrested in the murder of a twenty-nine year old woman who was found on the side of the road who had been stabbed to death. A thirty-eight year old woman and a thirty-four year man have been charged with one count of first degree murder. The suspects and the victim were reportedly friends. No motive is known at this time.

Thanks to Officer Walton and Officer Traistier, and Lt. White for their hard work and dedication to our clients and On Guard. On Guards private security guards always go above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated.

October 26, 2013: Here in Nashville we have been waking up to some very cold weather this week. It seems like winter is going to come quick.

A private security guard is being held in connection to 63 semi-automatic rifles stolen from a cargo truck more than two weeks ago. A truck loaded with a shipment of AR-15 Colt Law Enforcement Carbines was headed for Louisiana from Connecticut. After the truck arrived at its destination an inspection revealed dozens of firearms have disappeared. The suspect was working as a contract security guard for the facility in Louisiana, the trucks destination, when the pallet containing 63 colt ar-15s went missing. None of the guns have been recovered. The semi-automatic weapons, valued at $800 apiece, are black and have 16-inch barrels. They were part of a five pallet shipment of guns. Three others were also arrested last week after investigators searched a home and found a television that had been stolen from the same location and on the same day as the weapons. One suspect was charged with illegal possession of stolen goods. The other suspects were charged with theft of a firearm. An ATF special agent says there is absolutely no indication that the theft is terrorism-related. This is more of a crime of opportunity.
A private security guard for an apartment complex in California captured a murder suspect. Police officers responded to numerous calls regarding shots being fired. Other callers told police that a security guard was chasing a possible suspect, and that he was being detained inside the apartment complex office. Once the officers arrived they found that the private security officer had captured the suspect and had him in custody. Officers then found the body of a female in an apartment nearby. She had suffered significant injuries which was the cause of her death. The suspect was booked into the county detention center on a homicide charge.

A former Dallas police sergeant has been sentenced to four years deferred adjudication. The former police sergeant had been at a bar when the bars owner and their private security guard asked for him to leave. He refused and punched the security guard in the face and tried to hit the owner. The bars owner struck the former sergeant in the knee and pushed him out the door. He fell to the ground and then pulled a gun and pointed it at the security guard and owner. Once police arrived though he was outside chasing the doorman around a car as the doorman begged for him to put his gun away. The former police sergeant says he was acting in self-defense. A sentence of deferred adjudication means the former police sergeant will not have a criminal conviction if he successfully completes the terms of his probation.

In Tennessee a grocery store employee is in jail after being charged with theft. The employee is accused of going to seven of the grocery stores and stealing money from the store safes. Police have surveillance video of the employee opening the safe and putting cash in her sock.

A private security guard in California is being charged with a misdemeanor of annoying a child. The private security guard was driving his vehicle when he stopped and approached a 16yr old girl for sex. The security guard was arrested shortly thereafter in the same area and posted bail later that day.

Vandals have struck a local Tennessee high school football stadium. Paint was splashed on the scoreboard, signage press box and there mascot statue. Some very bad words were also spelled out on the field and track area surrounding the school. Police state depending on the amount of damage it could be a felony vandalism charge. Police will also be reviewing video surveillance to see if they can identify the suspects who are responsible for the damage.

A private security guard for a nightclub in California was shot but is expected to survive. It happened in the early morning hours when the clubs private security guards had approached a group on the parking lot and asked them to turn down their music. At some point someone pulled a gun and shot the security guard. The group got away in two different vehicles.

A private security guard was at work in a store’s parking lot when he was approached by a man who said he needed to talk to him, but ended up shooting him and then stealing the security guards vehicle. Police officers caught up with the suspect a few miles away. He is being charged with aggravated robbery. Police will be reviewing the surveillance video in hopes it captured the shooting. The private security guard is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

October 25, 2013: A Police Officer was killed when he was struck by a vehicle that swerved to avoid the spike strip that had been deployed. Three suspects in the vehicle were wanted in connection with multiple attempted robberies earlier in the morning and led officers on a high speed chase across three counties. As the suspects approached the spike strip they swerved into the median, fatally striking the officer. The vehicle then crashed into a utility pole.
One suspect was killed in the wreck, and two others were taken into custody.
Four private security guards have been charged this week with using excessive and unnecessary force and all of them are facing serious prison time if found guilty. The first armed security guard has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm after shooting a man who had taken a twelve pack of beer from a convenience store. Police say that the shoplifter was unarmed and posed no threat to the security guard.
The second private security guard was charged with aggravated assault and endangering another person. Police say the security guard lied to the police about a man who allegedly was robbing a delivery truck of its cash.. Video surveillance showed the man was unarmed and he posed to danger to the security guard.

A third security guard also faces numerous charges after stabbing a man at a nightclub after the man refused to leave. The two men argued and the security officer stabbed the man in the arm and back.

The fourth security guard shot and killed a homeless man that had been in an altercation with a woman. The security guard told police that the homeless man had threatened to stab him with a knife but he was actually unarmed.

A private security guard who was supposed to be watching over the vehicles of the Philadelphia eagle’s football team has been charged with stealing from one of the players. The security guard had gotten into one of the players vehicle and copied his back account information. He then transferred a large sum of money to his account. The security guard used the money to make purchases for him and others and also used the money to pay various bills. If convicted the security guard could face up to thirty years in jail and fined over one million dollars.

A car crash involving prisoners and security guards is under investigation. The private security guards were transporting prisoners to jail but a driver who ran a red light collided with their vehicle. The driver who hit them tried to run away but one of the security guards was able to stop and detain him. The other security guard was taken to the hospital with a shoulder injury. The prisoners were also taken to the hospital to be check out but they were all okay. The driver of the vehicle has not been arrested.

In Nashville police are still searching for a vehicle that was seen fleeing the scene of a shooting. A young man was visiting friends at a local apartment complex when he stepped outside to take a phone call he was shot in the stomach and witnesses say the saw an older model SUV fleeing the scene after the shooting. Police believe he was specifically targeted.

In Nashville a regional manager for a local discount store had investigated inventory issues and found that one of their employees had been creating fraudulent refunds and slipping merchandise to customers without charging them.

Investigators found the fraudulent refunds and merchandise was all caught on video surveillance. When officials confronted the employee she admitted to the crimes. She was arrested and been released on a $2,500 bond.

Two California deputies spotted a young boy holding what appeared to be an assault rifle and ended up shooting and killing him. The deputies pulled over when they saw the boy but remained covered behind their car doors. They yelled at the young boy to put his weapon down. At this time he had his back to the deputies and when he began to turn around the barrel of the assault weapon was rising and pointing in their direction. The deputy feared for his safety and his partners and shot the young boy. The young boy was handcuffed and the deputies called for an ambulance. The deputies found the fake rifle on the ground near the boy and also found a fake handgun in the young boy’s waistband. The deputy had fired a total of eight rounds and seven went into the boy.

A private security guard has been caught on cellphone video grabbing and slamming a fourteen year old into a cafeteria table at a high school. Once he slammed her touched her inappropriately when he straddled her on the table. Police ended up being called but the private security guard was not charged with a crime.

A private security guard has admitted to lying about getting into a gun battle while on patrol. The private security guard called police saying someone in a red Chevrolet SUV hot at him while he was driving. The security guard got out of his vehicle and returned fire. Right from the start police were skeptical about his version of the story. Five days later the private security guard admitted to lying about what had happened and fired gunshots into his own vehicle to try and make his lie more believable. He told police he wanted to get out of the security business and thought that this story he made up would give him an excuse to quit. He was ordered to one hundred and eighty days in jail but the judge suspended the jail sentence as long as he successfully completes three years of probation and pay a fine of $1,950.

Thanks to all my private security officers who have been working long hours this week. A very special thanks goes to Kyle and Peggy, Britt and Drew, Officer Traistier, Officer Benson, Officer Wilson, Officer Walton, Officer Purifoye and Lieutenant White. The success of On Guard is because of my hardworking and dedicated private security officers to our company and our clients and to our office support personnel.

October 24, 2013: A private security officer shot and killed a young man at a birthday party. The birthday party was being held at a club with over two hundred people. The clubs owner called police after the young man had threatened that he was going to get his gun and close the club down. The young man walked across the street to his vehicle and got his handgun and began shooting at the building from across the street. The club had two private security officers in the line of fire in front of the building when he began shooting. One of the private security officers returned fire and killed him. No one else was injured.

The private security personnel for a hospital reacted quickly and were able to stop a fire from spreading throughout the hospital. The security staff had acting quickly when a fluorescent light in a service duct overheated and ignited which ended up tripping the electrical circuit and activating the fire alarm. The private security staff closed the duct door containing the fire and used fire extinguisher to stop the spread of the fire and smoke.

A private security guard for a grocery store had watched a man take items off the shelves and try to return them to the customer service desk for a refund on a gift card. Once the security guard confronted the man and tried to escort him to the security office things got physical as the man shoved the security guard and tried to flee from the store. He was caught by the security guard and a store manager. He is being charged with third degree robbery and sixth degree larceny and is held on a $15,000 bond.

Authorities in Rutherford county recovered over $250,000 worth of stolen property. Police were able to locate riding lawn mowers, a tiller, an air compressor, and farm tractors. It is being said this was one the largest theft rings in recent history. One man has been arrested but police are expecting to recover more stolen property and make additional arrests.

A fight at a Tennessee armory has resulted in a shooting. Two Tennessee National Guard members were shot and a third is in custody. Each of the victims were shot once in the leg and the other in the foot. It was another guard member who shot the two others. The suspect was subdued by others at the armory.

An 11 yr. old boy has been arrested after he was found to have a handgun, multiple knives and over 400 rounds of ammunition at his elementary school. The school was placed on lock down for about two hours. No one was injured and the boy is in the juvenile detention center. Police are not identifying the intended target.

The Department of Safety and Homeland Security dismissed Trooper Tommie Boleyn following an internal investigation into allegations that Boleyn violated policies and procedures during an on-duty in Shelbyville Tennessee. Boleyn did not follow stop and approach procedures; did not identify himself as a Tennessee state trooper; and engaged in two physical altercations with the DUI suspect. Colonel Tracy Trott of the Tennessee Highway Patrol announced that a Tennessee state trooper in the Lawrenceburg District has been terminated from the department. A memorandum of disciplinary action was delivered to Boleyn that states gross misconduct. “We expect more out of our state troopers, and this type of behavior will not be tolerated.” Commissioner Gibbons stated.

“The actions of this trooper are not reflective of the hundreds of men and women who honorably wear the Tennessee Highway Patrol badge and put their lives on the line to protect citizens every day,” Colonel Trott stated. The Department of Safety and Homeland Security has referred this matter to the district attorney as possible criminal behavior. The department has previously disciplined Boleyn for unprofessional conduct and excessive force. Per state law, Boleyn’s termination is effective October 31st.

“It is the Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s policy to warn, suspend, demote or dismiss any employee whenever just or legal cause exists. Employees shall not commit any act that would reflect discredit upon themselves or the Department while on or off duty.”

October 23, 2013: A private security guard is being charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangering another person. The private security guard had tried to stop a robbery and ended up shooting and wounding the suspect. The security guard is licensed to carry a gun but the police have stated that the security guard has had too many inconsistencies with the story about what happened and that is why he is being charged. The robbery suspect was found near the scene and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police and FBI are going to be reviewing the video surveillance at a gas station. They are trying to get more information and a possible description of a suspect who robbed an armored truck security guard. The private security guard was coming out of the gas station with a money bag when he was confronted by the suspect. They struggled over the money bag but the suspect was able to get it away from the private security guard. Once he had the money bag he was trying to flee in his vehicle but as he was driving away the private security guard shot a round at his vehicle. The private security guard is not sure if he struck the suspect. Police are going to charge the security guard with reckless conduct for discharging of the weapon.

A private security guard has lost his job after he interrogated a four year old girl. The private security guard was working for a grocery store when he saw the little girl eating some fruit her father hadn't paid for yet. The father didn't even realize his daughter did this. The private security guard made her sign a paper stating that she was banned from the grocery store and told her father that they would be pressing charges. The grocery store ended up apologizing to the family and fired the private security guard.

Thanks to the assistance of several bar patrons a robbery suspect is now in custody. Witnesses say the suspect came into the bar looking for a phone. He then pulled out a knife and held it to a female employee stomach and demanded money. The female employee began screaming as he was getting into the cash register. That is when the bar patrons stepped in and started fighting with the suspect. During the struggle the suspect dropped the knife and ran out the door. Police located the suspect at a nearby restaurant and charged him with felony robbery.

A Tennessee police officer lost his job after refusing to comply with policy. The police officer had responded to a call for help to get a squirrel out of a store. Once he arrived though he fired his weapon inside the store and when that didn't work he used pepper spray on the squirrel. When an officer shoots his gun for any reason it must be reported to a supervisor and provide a written statement.

Police K-9 units were called in to assist the police with a burglary in process. Witnesses saw two men trying to break into a hair store and called police. Once the police officers arrived they noticed the back door had been pried opened and the burglary suspects refused to come out. The dogs were able to help capture the two burglary suspects. Police did send in one more dog just to make sure no one else was in there and there wasn't. The two suspects admitted they tried to rob the hair store because they have money issues. They are each being charged with burglary.

A Nashville waitress has been charged with a felony drug offense. The waitress’s boss had noticed her taking allot of bathroom breaks and discovered evidence of drug use inside the bathroom. Police were called when he found a spoon and a used syringe. The waitress was shooting up with heroin. When police searched her they found a half of gram of heroin inside her bra and she also allowed them to search her vehicle where they found several syringes with traces of heroin.

October 22, 2013: In Nashville overnight police confiscated one hundred and thirty grams of heroin, along with $31,000. A confidential informant helped the police set up the drug deal. Four people have been arrested on felony drug charges.

A private security guard in Chicago was wounded during a robbery attempt while on duty. The security guard was doing his normal patrol checking on homes in a subdivision when two robbers approached him and demanded money at gunpoint. When the guard refused they shot him in the arm and chest. The private security guard is in serious condition and police are still searching for the suspects.

A private security guard shot a robber in Michigan earlier this week. Three men in Michigan entered a high end jewelry store and proceeded to use a sledgehammer to smash the glass cases containing high end watches and jewelry. Ten customers and six employees were in the store at the time. The stores private security guard ordered one of the robbers at gunpoint to lie on the floor but as the security guard was attempting to handcuff him he kept trying to get up, that's when the security guard shot him. The two other suspects escaped via a stolen car with no jewelry. No one else was injured.

An armed guard for a gas station was found dead at his work place. It started in the early morning hours when a customer had been hanging around for over a half an hour talking on his cell phone. When the man realized that the security guard was calling the police he started attacking the guard and stabbed him. After the private security guard was stabbed several times the man grabbed the security guards gun and shot him with it. The man then fled the gas station. The whole incident was caught on camera and police are questioning the suspect.

A private security guard was held at gunpoint this weekend. Three men wearing dark clothes with hooded sweatshirts mask and gloves entered a local pharmacy. One of the suspects held the security guard at gunpoint while the other two suspects stole money out of the cash registers. They were able to flee the scene. Police are still investigating.

A private security guard suffered minor injuries when she was hit by a car. The private security guard was on patrol in a school parking lot when she smelled something strange. When she approached the man in his vehicle. He tried to flee the area and struck the private security guard in the leg. When police arrived he responded to their request to pull over and stop the vehicle. Police detected a strong smell of marijuana and asked him to get out. At this time the private security guard was able to identify him as the man who tried to run her over. The man was carrying 7.6 grams of marijuana, a glass pipe, and a marijuana grinder.

A private security officer for a local store has been arrested on suspicion of burglary and receiving stolen property. The private security officer has used his position to steal expensive perfumes and jewelry. He even had a specially altered jacket to conceal the stolen items. The private security officer had been stopped by police for not wearing seat belt and the police requested they search his vehicle. The security officer agreed and that is when the stolen items were found. Police also conducted a search of his home and located allot more items.

A private security guard had received minor injuries after a confrontation with a shoplifter. The security guard had watched the suspect place several wallets and purses into a shopping bag and then leave the store. Once the suspect was confronted by the security guard outside of the stores exit the suspect punched the guard in the head several times. Police and other private security personnel helped break up the fight and the suspect was arrested.

October 21, 2013: A private security officer is being held in jail on a $150,000 bond. A local bakery in Pittsburgh was robbed by gunpoint. The bakery employee says that a male came in with a shirt covering is face and robbed them of eighty dollars, but as the suspect was getting into the cash register he dropped his shirt exposing most of his face. The next day the bakery employee saw the guy come back into the bakery and he was able to get his license plate number and contacted police and confirmed this was the man who robbed them and the police ended up arresting the private security guard. Now the situation with this is the private security officer was a regular customer of the bakery and he also has proof that he was at a training seminar for work. His lawyer is working on getting his bond lifted.

A man tried to rob a local dollar general store with what he said was a gun. Things didn't go as planned when he walked into the store and demanded that everyone to get down on the ground and not to look at him. A local pastor was inside the store with a gun of his own and advised the suspect he will not get down but that the suspect better and stay put. It turns out the suspect only had a spoon wrapped in a plastic bag and the pastor who is licensed to carry a weapon held him there until police arrived.

A private security guard who was working a NFL game didn't see the big wide receiver make a catch and run straight into him knocking him down. The private security guard has his back to the field when he was hit. Once he got back up he gave the wide receiver an atta boy tap in his arm as he walked past him.

An armed private security officer had suspected two males of shoplifting. The two suspects were able to get in their vehicle, but as they were attempting to flee they collided with another car. The armed private security officer opened fire on the fleeing vehicle and shot the driver and the passenger was grazed with fragments. Police have filed no charges against the officer.

A private security officer in Nashville tried to stop a man from shoplifting and leaving the store. The man used his shopping cart to assault the security officer, then drove off at a high rate of speed in the busy parking lot and he had minors in the vehicle with him. Police were able to arrest him and charged him with child endangerment and theft of merchandise.

Early this morning in Las Vegas a man who had paid to enter a nightclub inside a casino had gotten into an agreement with management and requested his cover fee be refunded. When he was advised no the situation escalated to the point the man pulled out a gun and shot at the manager and there private security guards. A patron who tried to help stop the gunman was also shot and killed. The manager and a security guard were also shot and wounded. The suspect ended up being tackled by more private security guards and patrons. He is currently in jail.

A former school security guard is in custody facing charges of molesting children and producing child pornography. The investigation on the security guard began when he had shared some files with a police officer who was on an internet chat room. Police are still searching for some of the victims in two different states.

A local newspaper in New York has hired armed security guards to protect its offices and staff after receiving numerous phone calls and emails regarding a story that the newspaper published about handgun carry permit holders.

A private security guard accidently shot and killed his girlfriend. The security guard and his girlfriend were sitting in his truck when he unloaded his weapon and then pointed it at his girlfriend trying to scare her. He pulled the trigger striking her once killing her. He thought the weapon was unloaded. The private security company that had just hired him as an unarmed guard states they did not know he had a weapon. He is currently in jail charged with negligent homicide.

October 20, 2013: What a beautiful day it is here in Nashville.

A private security guard for a store located in New York is accusing the employees who work there of racial harassment. The employees and store manager are being accused of attacking him verbally with racial statement. It had gotten so bad the security guard was hospitalized for anxiety and depression. He finally had enough of the abuse and left his job. He also contacted the equal employee opportunity commission to file a complaint.

Twenty dollars of scrap metal has left a security guard dead after being in a coma for almost ten weeks. The private security guard in Florida was working an overnight shift at a scrap yard when he was found beaten and left to die. Police are searching for details about the confrontation for they have no witnesses or video surveillance.

A private security officer in New Mexico told his supervisors he felt threatened by a man while on duty and put him in handcuffs. The story from the victim says different, he states the guard was harassing him and a witness who videotaped the incident did so because she also thought the security guard was harassing the man. The victim also states the guard was choking him while he was being handcuffed and is planning on filing a civil complaint. The security guard has not been charged with any crime but did end up losing his job.

An elderly man in Nashville will be facing charges of aggravated domestic assault after the Tennessee Highway Patrol officer and a swat team responded to a 911 call from his home. Once the officers arrived they found the man in a bedroom with self-inflicted gunshot wounds to himself. His wife told the officers her husband suffers from dementia and tried to shoot her also.

An off duty private security guard was shot in the shoulder this weekend. The private security guard was just walking thru downtown Brooklyn when he was hit in the shoulder. He is listed in good condition at an area hospital. It’s not clear why he was shot and police are looking for a suspect.

A high school security guard is facing charges of making a terrorist threat. He had become angry over a disciplinary incident that occurred earlier that day at the school. He supposedly told a fellow co-worker that he was going home to get his gun and blow up this place up. The schools private security guards are unarmed officers, but this security guard has a handgun license. He never made it home, when police arrested him he wasn't carry any weapons.

In Nashville a federal air marshal is being accused of using his cell phone to take pictures underneath women's dresses as they were boarding there flight. The air marshal was on duty at the time. A fellow passenger noticed what he was doing and alerted flight crew to the situation and then tried to grab the air marshal’s cellphone so the man couldn't delete the pictures. The passenger ended up twisting his wrist to get it away from him. Then after losing his phone to the passenger he tried to run from the plane but was met by police officers. The flight ended up being delayed by an hour while police investigated. The air marshal was booked into metro jail on a charge of disorderly conduct.

An 18yr old high school student from Memphis is being charged with murder. When a party was posted on a social networking site about sixty young people ended up at the home where this house party was to be. A 15yr old ended up being shot and killed when partygoers began flashing gang signs and taunting one another after the party had broken up. Police also have charged a 15yr old with three counts of aggravated assault.

October 19, 2013: Two private security guards at a club in South Nashville have been arrested for shooting at one of the clubs customers. The bouncers say that a woman had gotten into a fight inside the club but after she left she crashed her vehicle into another car and started driving away. Both security guards approached the vehicle with the guns drawn and they say she tried to run them over so they opened fire hitting two of her tires and the bumper. She continued to drive away and when police found her she didn't even know her car had been hit, she thought it was gravel against her tires. By the time police had arrived at the club they had picked up the shell casings and they had no answer for police when they were asked why. Police say that by picking up the casing they can’t determine where the private security guards were when they shot at her. Both have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and tampering with evidence.

A car chase in California has resulted in a k-9 dog being shot in the chest. Police were chasing a stolen vehicle when all of a sudden the suspect had pulled over and fired eight rounds at the officers striking the dog. None of the dog’s vital organs were hit. A swat team ended up being called in to surround the field the suspect was last seen running into. Shortly after they found the suspect with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A man and a woman in Pennsylvania thought they could get away with robbing two businesses. The woman tried to disguise herself as a man by putting on a fake goatee and jawline hair. In both cases she demanded cash and lottery tickets. The man would always wait in the vehicle and was the getaway driver. They both face charges of robbery, conspiracy, and theft. Their bond is $150,000 each.

A police officer responding to a robbery call at a McDonalds in Ohio was involved in a deadly crash. A family of six has died after they for some reason stopped their car in the middle of an intersection. At that same time the police officer had his lights and sirens on and went thru that intersection and struck the families vehicle. He received minor injuries. All of the victims were not wearing seatbelts and were just on their way home from visiting friends. McDonalds has turned over the surveillance tape to the police. In the state of Ohio if they find the suspect he can be charged with the murder of the six victims.

A private security guard in Houston has been arrested and charged with assault. The apartment complex has a curfew that all residents must abide by, to help curb the amount of crimes that's been happening. A resident was out after curfew helping a woman who was stranded when her car broke down. That's when the private security guard approached him and told him its past curfew and he must go home. The man ignored the guards request and that's when then private security guard tried to grab the man and place him in handcuffs, when the man told him not to touch him that's when the private security guard sprayed him with pepper spray in the eyes. Other residents of the apartment complex had previously complained about this private security guard.

A mother in Houston had left her two children in the car while she went in to pay for her gas. A man pumping gas waited until she got into the gas station and the he grabbed for her purse, but her 8yr old son didn't like that and jumped out of the car and ran after the suspect and was able to get his mother’s wallet back. The suspect was only able to get her purse and keys, and he drove off with a female passenger who was waiting inside their SUV. Asked why he did this, the child responded that his sister’s birthday is coming up and his mother needs her credit cards and money to pay for it.

October 18, 2013: Private security guards for Victoria Secrets got a huge shock. Two young girls were suspected of shoplifting and the security guard confronted them and took them to a back room and called police. As the teens were being handcuffed by the police, the store security guard was searching through their bags and discovered a dead fetus in the bottom of the bag wrapped in clothes and the stolen items were on top of it. The young lady states she had given birth the day before and didn't know what to do. As of now they are both being charged with petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

It’s not clear at this time if a private armed security officer was on duty at the time he shot and killed another man. The security officer and another man had gotten into an argument outside a local sandwich shop in Baltimore. When police officers responded to a call regarding a shooting they found the victim lying on his back in the parking lot with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest. He died two hours later at the hospital. Witnesses and surveillance footage lead police to the suspect. He is being charged with first and second degree murder first and second degree assault and four other related charges.

A local Nashville woman was arrested overnight is being accused of setting fire to her father’s home. Police say witnesses were key to the investigation. They saw the woman and a male accomplice loading up a television and other items before the fire broke out. She is currently in jail, and no information is available regarding her bond.

Police in Florida are searching for two male suspects involved in a shooting. It happened in the early morning hours at an apartment complex. One resident stated that they heard shots being fired and when they looked out the window they saw a car slowly driving by shooting everywhere. A private security guard was struck by three to four bullets and is in the hospital in stable condition. Three other people in a nearby car were also grazed.

Police are still searching for two males suspects in Florida. Shortly after midnight a police officer approached a vehicle that was in a rear parking lot and saw the passenger hand rolling a marijuana cigar. The officer could also see two guns in plain sight inside the car. As the officer tried to remove one of the firearms the driver tried to flee and doing so ended up pinning the officer between two cars. The officer suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Questions continue to remain in the fatal shooting of a man who stopped to ask for directions. The victim and his male passenger were lost around four in the morning. They had stopped and asked a stranger who was near the expressway for help. Somehow the stranger was able to get into their vehicle where he ended up pulling a gun on them and robbing them off $400, but before he fled he shot just the driver four times in the back. The passenger drove until he found a hospital, where his friend was pronounced dead. Police continue to investigate.

A woman in Washington noticed four large trash bags by her front curb. At this time of year it's not unusual to see garbage bags filled with leaves, but as the day went on she noticed a very strong skunk odor. She thought at first someone was trying to pull a prank on her for Halloween by putting a dead animal inside the bags. It started to concern her so she called the police. Once the police officers arrived the opened the bags and discovered pounds of marijuana inside. The woman thinks due to all the illegal activity in her neighborhood the bags were meant to be picked up by someone else later. Police still don't have any leads in this marijuana mystery.

Police officers were called to a business parking lot in Pennsylvania. Bystanders saw a man sitting in his vehicle along with a two year old child who was playing with two syringes. Police believe the two syringes were filled with heroin. The toddler was examined at the hospital and released to relatives. The man is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia.

October 17, 2013: Wow woke up to a very chilly morning here in Nashville and it seems it’s going to stay that way.

In Nashville police responded to a complaint about the smell of marijuana coming from a home in Hermitage. Officers got a search warrant and ended up finding several bags of marijuana throughout the home and even a pan of marijuana brownies in the kitchen. They found almost two pounds of marijuana, along with two digital scales, drug ledger, smoking paraphernalia and sandwich baggies. The young woman at the home admitted it was hers. She is being charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance with intent.

A father out of Indiana shot his 19yr old son six times with a handgun killing him. It all started when the two went to a restaurant to watch a football game. The father ended up drinking too much and started arguing with his son. The son insisted it was time to go as he was his fathers designated driver, but the arguments just continued and by the time they got home it had escalated to the point that the son head butted his father and it sent him tumbling down a flight of stairs. That's when the father got his gun and shot him in front of his pregnant girlfriend. The father admitted to police he shot and killed him. He is being held without bail on a murder charge.

A man in Houston is wanted by police for posing as a police officer and raping a woman. Appearances seem to be deceiving after the suspect who neighbors say seemed to have everything, a family, good job and a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood. A young woman had told police the suspect had approached her in a gas station parking lot where she was stranded with a flat tire. He had flashed her badge and after she told him she had one drink he asked for her identification. He looked at it and told her since she lived close by he wouldn't take her to jail but would give her a ride home. Since she believed he was a police officer she got into the car with him. He ended up taking her to a parking garage when he ordered her to disrobe and sexually assaulted her. The suspect left her there and drove off after the attack. Police are not posting a picture of him stating they want to save for a lineup and they also believe because of his calm demeanor and control of the situation he has done this before.

In Arizona police are searching for a suspect who shot and cut a private security guard at a convenience store. The plain-clothed store security guard had approached a man that was trying to steal some beer and a struggle ensued. That's when a uniformed security guard came to help his partner. They tried to get control of the suspect using pepper spray but during the struggle the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired several rounds at the uniformed guard. He was shot several times in his bulletproof vest but did also end up getting hit once in his body. Once they used the stun gun the suspect dropped his weapon but then pulled out a knife cutting the guard. The suspect physically assaulted the plain-clothes security guard; they fled on foot before police arrived.

A shoplifter used a stun gun to attack a security guard when he tried to keep her from leaving the store after he caught her stealing liquor. The security guard saw her putting bottles of liquor in her purse and when the two suspects tried to walk out of the store he stepped in front of them and identified himself and that's when she reached into her purse and pulled out a stun gun. She pressed it against his chest and activated it causing him to fall down. While he was down the suspects were able to flee in their vehicle.

Police in Nashville are looking for a 19yr old man who put a gun to a 66yr old woman neck in the parking lot of Opry Mills. The woman said he had opened her door put a gun to her neck and told her to remove her seatbelt; she thinks he was trying to get to her purse. He didn't expect her to fight back though, she had tried to gouge his eyes out with her thumbs and by doing this it made him run away to a waiting car. An arrest warrant has been issued charging him with attempted aggravated robbery.

Thank you to Officer Traister, Officer Walton, Officer Chapman, Lt. White, Officer Wilson and Officer Benson who have gone above and beyond to assist On Guard with a new contract. Your hard work and dedication to our company and our clients is amazing.

October 16, 2013: Wal-Mart security guards and a customer got into a sticky situation in Florida. Security personnel had watched as a man began bagging items worth over $786.00 while in the home section of the store. Once security identified themselves and tried to stop the suspect he bit one of the guards and then pulled a knife. A customer ended up trying to help and punched the suspect in the face while the guard kicked the knife away.

Police arrived and arrested the man he is being held without bail and charged with grand theft, use of shoplifting tools, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

A 71yr old crossing guard was found on the ground by the side of the road. A police officer had stopped thinking he needed medical attention. He discovered that the man was intoxicated. He was taken into custody, and is being charged with being drunk in public and has been relieved of his duties.

In Illinois a security guard was severely burned. A parked trailer at a private camping resort filled with liquid propane from an attached tank blew up. The security guard was checking out a suspicious odor and has just turned off a propane tank when the explosion occurred. Firefighters say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is being treated for burns to his hands and arms. Firefighters had control of the fire within three hours. Farmers in the area say they could hear the blast from three to four miles away, it was that strong. The state fire marshal is investigating the fire and explosion.

Two employees with the Knoxville county school system were fired last week. The first employee was a high school teacher who allegedly shoved a student into a wall and punched him in the face three times. He faces assault charges.

The second employee was a school security officer who was accused of shooting and killing his neighbor. The two supposedly had a long history of arguments and previous run ins.

A Memphis man was arrested for using 911 to make non-emergency calls. The first time he called 911 was to report he was being overcharged for his beer. He said the clerk owed him one penny. He ended up calling back two more times to say that the clerk still wouldn't give him his penny. Police arrived and advised him 911 was for emergency calls only and this situation is not an emergency. The man however walked across the street and with police officers still inside the store called the non-emergency number.

A uniformed security guard in Arizona had tried to stop a man for stealing beer ended up getting shot. Police say during the struggle the suspect pulled a gun and fired numerous rounds, hitting the security guard at least once. The guard was rushed to the hospital and his condition is not known at this time. The gunman is still on the loose.

A 32yr old man was arrested last night in Nashville after he made lewd gestures to a young child and then threatened her mother with a knife. Police say the man was standing on a corner when he allegedly grabbed his groin area through his pants, while he was watching a seven year old girl and told her to come here. The young girl’s aunt, mother and family friend saw what he was doing and chased him into an alley. Once in the alley the suspect pulled a knife threatening the woman. She stopped following him and called police. He is charged with three counts of aggravated assault and is in jail on a $45,000 bond.

A security guard in California had suspected a man of shoplifting when he confronted the man a fight ensued and during the altercation the officer was stabbed by the suspect. The suspect took off running and led police on an hour’s long manhunt. The suspect had made his way into an apartment a few blocks down from the incident and stayed there. Police k-9 unit had to be called in and the suspect is now in custody.

October 15, 2013: A 28yr old woman in Dallas was shot and killed during a robbery at her home. She was ready to give birth any day now and her family is wondering who would kill a woman so obviously pregnant. Neighbors say the home is a drug house and police have been called there numerous times but that nothing happens.

A man is being held without bond in Virginia today. Witnesses say he had driven his truck into a utility pole at the home he was renting. Once police officers arrived and tried to confront him he drove away, moments later he intentionally smashed into a police cruiser. Then he used his vehicle in an attempt to run over another police officer and finally crashed into a third officer’s vehicle. Police opened fire in an attempt to stop him and he was hit in the elbow. The three officers are on administrative leave pending an investigation.

A 2yr old boy fell out of a moving vehicle and then was struck by a car as he tried to cross the road to get back to his mother. Police say the mother placed some bikes and her 2yr old in the trunk area of the SUV and they don't think the hatchback was properly latched all the way causing the boy to fall out once the vehicle drove away. Once the mother realized what happened she got out and spotted her child and as she was walking towards him he was running towards her, that's when another car hit him. The boy has been taken to the trauma center with serious injuries to his face. Police are not saying if any charges will be filed.

A 53yr old mother of three and a teacher at a private elementary school in California was fatally stabbed in front of her students. The teacher, coworkers and her students were at a local park near there school when the attack occurred. Police believe that her grandchildren's father had stabbed her then took off with her camera. At this time they feel the attack occurred over a custody battle involving her grandchildren. One teacher was able to assist the victim until the fire department arrived while the other teachers were able to get the children to safety. Police have the suspect in custody and recovered the murder weapon.

A restaurants manager in Connecticut says they will not be booking anymore parties until there last one gets sorted out. The manager believes she was duped by the family who booked the sweet sixteen birthday party. She had no idea it would turn into a riot when over 500 teenagers began to fight in the street outside her restaurant. The party had turned into such a major event complete with flyers and the family was even charging a cover charge to get in. Once the manager realized she was at capacity she closed her doors which started the melee. Police were forced to clear the streets and didn't make any arrest.

A private security guard for a Walgreens pharmacy in Ohio was able to assist police in capturing a man who has a long list of theft related charges. The security guard noticed the suspect putting five hour energy drinks into his jacket pockets. The suspect walked out the door and the ran to a car, which was reported stolen earlier. The security guard jumped into his own vehicle and followed the suspect. He was able to contact police and give them the license plate number and their location. Police were able to arrest him and have charged him with suspicion of theft, possessing criminal tools and receiving stolen property.

In Milwaukee a security guard was shot dead outside a bar he worked at. The security guard was clearing out the parking lot and tried to break up a fight when he was shot. No word yet if any arrest have been made.

Metro Nashville police are focusing on car break-ins. It’s a crime they say is easy to commit, and metro police are taking a different approach. This time they are doing it with bicycles. The west precinct is putting more officers thru cycling training and adding these officers to each shift. Officers on bikes can blend in easier and are more stealth.

Problems with the Electronic Benefits transfer (EBT) cards this weekend caused a huge frenzy in at least 17 states. A computer glitche caused the cards to not have any spending limit. Customers say the shelves were picked clean in a mob scene that left employees rattled. The glitches were apparently triggered by a system failure at Xerox. Some stores even ended up closing their doors it was so hectic.

October 14, 2013: Police in Florida are trying to locate three men who are posing as police officers. A man was found walking along an expressway barefoot and handcuffed. The victim told police that three men identified themselves as police officers approached him as he returned home. They handcuffed him and told him to get into the back seat of a black SUV. He tried escaping once and after that they just pulled over and let him go.

A 22yr old man in Nashville is being charged with reckless endangerment, possession of a controlled substance and drug possession without a prescription. Last night the young man was inside his bedroom playing with his gun when the weapon discharged. The bullet ended up going through to the apartment below hitting a woman while she slept. Her husband says he awoke to her screaming. Doctors state the bullet went into her chest and they are going to leave it there. Luckily this did not turn out any worse; her 1yr old child was asleep in a crib just six feet away.

A woman in Florida had to be rescued by the fire department after she became stuck on a draw bridge more than twenty feet in the air. The woman had taken part in a 5k walk for a breast cancer charity earlier in the day. It is not clear why she chose this railroad bridge to cross since it has signs warning pedestrians not to trespass and it’s operated remotely. After the bridge raised witnesses called 911 and fire fighters were able to get her down via a 24 foot ladder.

Neighborhood watch has been taken to a whole new level. The incident started when a man had asked a resident to move their vehicle, it was blocking his intended target vehicle. She was suspicious and refused to move it. That's when other neighbors descended on the scene and blocked him in the car. One neighbor even captured the incident on video. The suspect ended up receiving a 32 month sentence.

October 13, 2013: It’s been three months since a security guard was brutally beaten at a gas station in Indiana and still no arrests have been made. Friends of the victim say they just don't understand, there were over ten witnesses and it was captured on camera. According to the police it’s not that simple the video footage is just not clear enough for a good description of the suspect.

A 53yr old woman and a 69yrd old man have been arrested for allegedly attempting to kill a woman. Witnesses say they saw a woman hanging out of a vehicle before falling all the way out of the car. After the two suspects stopped the car they tried to get her back in and when they couldn't they just left the scene. The woman is currently in the hospital. The woman is charged with attempted murder, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless endangerment with a vehicle. The man is charged with accessory to the fact of attempted first degree murder, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless endangerment with a weapon.

Metro Nashville police are investigating a shooting of a 24yr old man. The victim was shot in the stomach and is currently listed in critical condition. Police say the two male suspects were driving a maroon or red SUV. No motive for the shooting is known at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

A Brentwood family went out for a walk to a nearby store, and moments after arriving home they were invaded by two black males with handguns. The two men held the family at gunpoint while they robbed them of cash, electronics, and credit cards. Police believe the two men have left the area and even used one of the victim’s credit cards in Nashville.

Landscapers found skeletal remains of a human body behind a closed down Target store in Antioch. Officials say the remains seem to have been there awhile. Target closed its doors in February of this year. Cold case detectives were on the scene and the investigation remains ongoing.

Police in Michigan have arrested a man for the theft of over 300 pounds of food from the Salvation Army. Thanks to some good leads the police were able to locate the suspect and most of the meat was returned to the Salvation Army. The suspect faces charges of burglary and being a felon in possession of a loaded gun, he has also violated his post-release community supervision. The Salvation Army says the food is used to feed the areas homeless and needy families.

Police are still trying to determine a motive for a shooting in a Cincinnati barber shop. The suspect had come into to the barbershop and walked past two customers to the third chair where they victim was getting his haircut and opened fire shooting him multiple times. Everyone else ran for cover and that is why the only description is of a black male wearing checkered shirt who fled the scene in a black car. Police believe it was a targeted shooting.

A hunter in Oregon was brutally attacked by a naked man. The victim states the man made a reference to a sasquatch before he became violent. The suspect hit the hunter with a rock the size of an apple in the head multiple times; he also used a piece of clothing to choke him. The hunter was able to get the upper hand and held the naked man at gunpoint until police arrive. They had a hard time trying to locate the two men because of the thick forest and steep terrain. They ended up using air horns and the police had the hunter blow a whistle to be able to pinpoint their location. Police still do not have a motive for the attack or why the man was naked. He was taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries, the charged with second degree assault, strangulation and menacing.

Hazmat crews have been brought out to the scene of a methamphetamine lab explosion in Lebanon last night. Two suspects were making meth inside a room on the second floor of the motel when the explosion occurred. All the people staying on that side of the motel had to be relocated. The area will have to be deemed safe and meet certain cleanup standards.

A young man from Kansas was walking along the railroad tracks with his headphones on and didn't hear the train coming when he got hit. The train’s conductor says the crew saw the man walking and blew its horn to warn him and when he didn't move they hit the emergency brakes. The crew noticed injuries to the man’s leg but he kept walking and eventually got into a car. He was treated at the hospital for cuts to his leg and shoulder.

Two friends from San Antonio had their argument turn violent when one of them poured gasoline on the other and set him on fire. The victim was burned over 80-90 percent of his body. The suspect also suffered burns and both men were transported to the hospital. The suspect after setting fire to his friend also set fire to the victims RV and flames ended up spreading to a nearby office building. The suspect had originally fled the scene but ended up crashing his truck into a deep ditch. Using helicopters police were able to track him down.

October 12, 2013: One of the ex-Commodore football players who were indicted in connection with the alleged June 23, 2013 sexual assault voluntarily surrendered himself today to Nashville Metro Police. Miles Finley, of California had been indicted on August 16 on one count of tampering with evidence in connection to the sexual assault investigation. He is accused of "tampering with certain electronic evidence" pertaining to the investigation. His bond has been set at $10,000. Another player, Joseph Quinzio, also indicted with one count of tampering with evidence on August 16, is still going through the extradition process in California, according to Metro Police detectives who travelled to California in late July in connection with the case.

A several week investigation into the lucrative distribution of high-grade marijuana in Davidson and Rutherford Counties led to the arrest of five persons, one in Nashville and four in Murfreesboro and the subsequent seizure of more than $43,000 cash. Also seized were 16 pounds of high grade marijuana with a street value in excess of $70,000.

A man has been arrested for assaulting a security guard. The man was in the hospital and became belligerent and threatened staff members. When the guard attempted to lead the man away from others to another room the man punched the guard three or four times in the face and neck. Other security guard restrained him until police could arrive. He is currently in jail.

Two young men have been arrested for breaking into several vehicles in Nashville. A witness saw the two men trying to break into the vehicles. Once they realized they were spotted they dropped the items and fled into a wooded area Police arrived and were able to talk them into custody. They each are being charged with four counts of burglary of a motor vehicle and two counts of attempted burglary of a motor vehicle. Both remain in jail on $30,000 bond each.

A private security officer for a hospital in New Jersey went above and beyond her normal duties. A pregnant woman thought she had enough time to get to the hospital but her baby girl decided she was ready to be born. As soon as the father pulled up to the front door and ran in for help the security guard came out with a wheelchair. The security guard realized the baby was coming. She helped the parent deliver the baby there on the hospital sidewalk.

In Pittsburgh a couple were surprised when a police officer knocked on their door asking to see their children. Earlier that day the father who is white had taken his three bi-racial girls shopping at Wal-Mart. A concerned customer had contacted Wal-Mart Security saying something was not right seeing this white man with three bi-racial children. Wal-Mart Security had contacted the police to check on the family.

Last night we were again reminded how dangerous it can be as a security guard. One of our own officers was involved in an altercation at a location he was guarding. A fight ended with the officer having to visit the hospital with a possible broken arm. Thankfully, it was only bruised. We are all glad that Officer Teal is okay today.

A Tennessee man has been charged with three counts of kidnapping and first-degree murder in the death of a man whose remains were found near Clarksville. Coray Knight also faces charges of abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in the death of 53 year old Jimmy Boyer of Oak Grove. Boyer's remains were found in May on a gravel road in north Clarksville. His body had been set on fire. Police say Boyer's girlfriend told Boyer she wanted "Jimmy gone". The girlfriend is free on a $150,000 bond. Knight remains in Montgomery County Jail without bond.

A forty-one year old man was shot in the back in Bordeaux last night. The shooting happened between two homes on the 400 block of Cedar Circle around 8:30 pm. The man was taken to the hospital and is said to be in stable condition. Police are talking to neighbors to find out more about what happened.

A man accused of assaulting a Metro police officer was arrested over the weekend. Anthony Williams was pulled over for running a stop sign on Monday. When the officer asked for his identification, Williams refused. He then put his vehicle in gear. The officer instinctively grabbed the frame of Williams' car and told him to stop. As the vehicle begins moving the officer ran alongside. The officer received injuries to his hip and knew. Following an investigation of the vehicle's registered owner, Williams was placed in a photo lineup and was identified by the officer. He was taken into custody Friday. He is charged with aggravated assault of an officer.

October 11, 2013: A Houston area woman is in jail on charges of robbing a store and assaulting there private security guard. The guard has observed the suspect stuffing items into her purse at a local discount store. He followed her outside as she got into a vehicle trying to get away. The guard was able to grab her purse and asked her to come back inside and return the items; she refused and instead tried to run him over. Witnesses thinking he was trying to assault her tried to restrain the guard and while they were holding him she got out of her vehicle and began assaulting him. She tried to get her purse back and when she couldn't she got back into her vehicle and fled the scene. She was arrested a few days later and in being held without bond.

A security guards quick response in Indianapolis saved a young man’s life. It all started when the guard who was working his normal shift at an apartment complex in one of the worst areas of town had witnesses come to him saying they heard shots and saw a young man bleeding from his groin area. He was the only one who administered help until the paramedics arrived. The man is listed in critical condition and police are still investigating.

Police in Seattle say a preliminary investigation shows that a private security guard felt threatened after he tried to break up a fight between several men in a business parking lot, asking the men to leave. One man pulled a gun and started waving it at the others, and then he pointed it at the security guard. The guard shot the man and the rest of the men ran off before officers arrived. The man was taken to the hospital and it’s still unclear if the guard will face any charges.

A security guard for a high school in Pennsylvania suffered minor injuries after a 14yr old student became disruptive in class. School officials had taken the boy out of class and sent him to the vice principle office because of his behavior. Once he was in the office he started knocking things over and throwing things. He started yelling verbal threats saying he was going to harm others. A police officer was already at the school when the call for help came from security and he was able to assist with the student. The young man faces numerous charges including assault, disorderly conduct, institutional vandalism, and resisting arrest.

Hundreds of people in Florida are under investigation accused of getting fake licenses to be armed security officers. One of the people arrested owns her own security school, several others were instructors and held armed security positions. There are as many as 350 security guards who have bogus licenses to carry guns. Investigators also found the people arrested had made fake mental evaluations. If people who have gone through this program have not gotten background checks by the state, FBI. It is hard to gauge their stability.

In Indiana a convicted child molester is facing additional charges after he became violent with law enforcement officials in court after his verdict was read. The man had asked the courts security guard if he could say goodbye to his family and when the guard refused his request he struggled with the guard to the point he had to be tased yet that didn't stop him he pulled the barbs of the taser out and resumed the struggle. He was eventually taken into custody and has been charged with battery.

So Halloween is right around the corner. Time is just flying by this year. I hope that the people and places that will need security guard services for Halloween parties and other events have already found a security guard company that can meet their needs and has the security personnel that are dedicated to their event. This time of year is always very busy for contract security guard companies and security guards.

Special thanks goes to Officer Benson, Officer Walton, Officer Traister, Officer Wilson and LT. White and an extra thank you to Peggy and Britt without you guys we wouldn't be so successful.

A goodbye and good luck goes to Officer Mitchell and Capt. Teal who recently have moved to another state to begin a new journey in their lives. You guys have been an awesome asset to On Guard and will truly be missed. Thanks for all your support.

October 10, 2013: A Kmart security guard has been arrested at his home on charges of abduction and forcible sodomy charges. The security guard had caught a woman shoplifting and told her she wouldn't go to jail if she performed sexual acts in the stores bathroom. She gave in and did what was told of her. When the police had responded to the shoplifting call she told them what happened. The guard kept threatening her via text messages and calling her. She ignored the guard’s messages and gave her phone to police.

Three men have been arrested and charged with possession with the intent to distribute in Louisiana. They are being held on one million dollar bonds each, after they were caught with 71.8 pounds of cocaine at the Baton Rouge Airport.

A fight over a woman at a gentleman's club in Atlanta sent a security guard to the hospital with gunshot wounds to his neck and leg. Two men had been harassing a female after leaving the club. The security guard intervened after hearing the woman screaming for help after the two men grabbed her. When the guard pushed one of the men out of the way the second man pulled a gun and opened fire. A second security guard had taken his wounded co-worker to the hospital and police are still searching for the suspects.

A bail bond company and two bounty hunters face a lawsuit after they went into the wrong house in Tennessee. The homeowner and his son were getting ready for work and school and his girlfriend and infant child were in a back bedroom, when he heard a knock at his door. When he went to open his door one of the bounty hunters started yelling "where she at". Not knowing what was going on he was able to get the bounty hunter out the door. Both bounty hunters started yelling that he had seconds to open the door or they were going to kick it in. They ended up kicking the door in and coming into the home one with a gun drawn and the other with a stick. They terrorized the family for about thirty minutes then left. They ended up coming back and apologizing saying they caught the fugitive they were looking for and tried to give the homeowner money for the damages they caused. The homeowner didn't accept anything from them. Both bounty hunters were not charged with a crime and the company is not making any comments at this time.

Police in Nashville are trying to determine why a man with a long criminal history was in an area of town he doesn't live in, because he had been shot three times in the stomach. The victim ran a few doors down from where he had been shot looking for help. A young man inside the home heard the shooting victim yelling and called 911 and got him a towel. His injuries are non-life threatening.

A private security guard who works for a homeowners association in Phoenix broke up a fight between several males as he was walking back to his car. He heard a shot and realized he was hit in the back. He is expected to survive. There is very little information regarding the suspects and the injury to the guard is non-life threatening.

October 9, 2013: Security officers at the courthouse in downtown Nashville alerted metro police after a weapon was discovered in a handbag while going through security screening. Police state that the woman does not have a handgun carry permit for the gun, not that it would have mattered since you can't bring a weapon into a courthouse even with a handgun carry permit. Police seized the weapon and issued her a misdemeanor citation.

An 18yr old woman was arrested after she broke into her ex-boyfriends home and demanded at gunpoint that her ex turn her cell phone back on. When the victim attempted to take the gun away from her she began beating him with it. The victim ran outside to call police and the woman fled the area. It was also discovered that she had poured bleach on the victim’s kitchen floor and couch and his ipad was missing. She is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault, aggravated burglary, and theft and felony vandalism. She remains in jail on a $73,000 bond.

A security officer was assaulted while on duty overnight in a shopping center. A man had broken in around 3am and as the security officer was attempting to detain him he was assaulted sustaining minor injuries. The suspect was able to run off. Police had cordoned off the area and brought in a police dog that had picked up the scent but ended up losing it when police believe the suspect had a vehicle waiting on a side road. The investigation is ongoing.

A shooting at a nightclub in Georgia leads to a charges against an armed security guard. Police had responded to a shooting at the club and found the victim lying in the parking lot with gunshot wounds to his chest. He was taken to the hospital but did not survive his injuries. The armed security guard had been working in the front parking lot of the club when he had gotten into a physical confrontation with the victim. The victim reportedly left the parking lot but came back; the guard saw him coming and moved towards him. The victim shot at the guard and the guard shot back striking him in the chest. Police state that there are conflicting statements about the victim’s possession on of gun and his actions before he was shot; along with the fact the guard gave them inconsistent information regarding the incident. He is being charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a commission of a crime.

In Michigan a man was arrested for allegedly hitting a security guard with a medical machine inside the local hospital. Doctors had told the man and his wife that there newborn needed to remain at the hospital for treatment. The mother had agreed but the father wanted the child to be released. The man had barricaded the door while his wife, infant and a nurse were in the room. He tried to block the security guard from entering the room by striking him in his forehead with a medical machine used to treat his child. The guard suffered a cut on his forehead. The man is being charged with hindering and obstruction, assault and battery.

In California a security guard was stabbed to death during a botched robbery attempt. The suspect was seen coming and going from the store several times that day. The last time he entered he was able to grab the security guard and place in him headlock demanding that he open the stores safe. When the guard told him he didn't have the key to the safe, the suspect stabbed him. Shoppers in the store tried to help the security guard by throwing cans at the suspect. The suspect tried to run from the store when he heard police sirens but was met at the door by an incoming officer who arrested him. The security guard was rushed to the hospital where he later died. The suspect is in jail charged with homicide and attempted robbery. Shoppers state that he will be missed because he always would greet them at the front door and offered to walk them to their cars.

October 8, 2013: A Nashville woman is in jail facing charges that include forgery and identity theft fraud. A local doctor had contact authorities when he realized that someone was calling in prescriptions under his name. Police waited for someone to come pick up the prescriptions and that's when she was arrested.

In Texas an armored truck security guard was ambushed and shot multiple times. Police state that after the armored truck drove up to an atm outside of a bank, three to four suspects ambushed the security guard. The guard was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and police are still looking for the suspects.

An 89yr old WWII veteran in Detroit pleads guilty to serving as a drug mule. The man is one of the oldest criminal defendants to ever step inside Detroit Federal Court. He stated he knew what he was doing and that he had never committed a crime before but he did so because he needed the money. He admitted he was responsible for more than 1400 pounds of drugs being distributed. Prosecutors are showing him mercy by recommending a 5yr prison sentence because of his age and war service. It is a significant break normally it would call for a minimum of 14 years. As a part of his plea deal he owes $500.00 and has to give up his lily nursery in Florida.

Two security guards were attacked this weekend by a mob of nearly thirty people at a club in Jackson. According to police the two security guards tried to remove a man who was yelling at a woman. The man then fought back and bit one of the guards. Dozens of people surrounded the guards trying to pull them away from the man. They were hit numerous times by several people and were left with bruises and cuts. One person has been arrested and the guards are doing fine.

October 7, 2013: Wow woke up to a very cool morning in Nashville. It is going to turn into a very beautiful day today. I can't believe we have made it to October already. This year has just flown by.

A 13yr old boy in Seattle is being accused of taking part in a vicious attack on a private security guard. The guard saw two women distracting a man while a third woman was stealing things out of his backpack. When the guard shouted out a warning to the man, the crowd turned on him. He was beaten and punched and was rushed to the hospital unconscious. The security guard was able to pick the boy out of a photo montage. The young boy was released into his mother’s custody and must register for electronic home monitoring. He is due back in court Wednesday. No information is available on the other suspects.

An armed security guard in Phoenix received a surprise coming home from work last night. A 22yr old man had broken into his home and was coming out of his bedroom when the security guard shot him. The suspected burglar was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The guard hasn't been charged but police are still reviewing the case.

Transportation Security Administration are trying to figure out how a 9yr old boy was able to board a plane from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and fly to Las Vegas without a ticket or any adult. Normally Delta airlines state that children between the ages of 5 and 14 may travel alone as part of the unaccompanied minor program. Delta has someone pay special attention to the child, walks them aboard the plane, shows them their seat and time permitting introduces them to the cockpit crew. The boy is a runaway from the twin cities. He was able to take a train to the airport, cleared security and almost makes it to Las Vegas without detection. The Delta flight crew became suspicious of the child's circumstances and got in touch with police in Las Vegas and turned the boy over to child protective services.

A 19yr old man is behind bars after he attacked medical staff and security guards at a hospital where he was a patient in South Carolina. He is charged with three counts of third-degree assault and battery. A police report states when officers arrived they were led to a room where the suspect was being held down by staff and security. He allegedly kicked a nurse, punched a doctor in the face, punched a security guard in the head and punched another security guard in the face multiple times. According to the incident reports he was under the influence of cocaine and marijuana during the incident.

A security officer in Illinois was getting ready to walk two males to the security office at an area mall was punched in the arm and shoved to the ground by one of the males mother. The mother told them both to run and as they began to run the security officer tried to grab onto the 16yr old when he did the mother with closed fits began striking the officers arm, he fell to the ground and when he tried to get back up she pushed him back down to the ground all the while yelling for the two boys to run. She is being held without bond pending the arraignment in court this week. The mother already has two unrelated felony charges pending. The 16yr old is in a juvenile detention center. The 19yr old was arrested and arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of retail theft.

October 6, 2013: In a New Mexico courthouse, sheriffs officially are finalizing a plan to bring in an outside private security company. Normally the job of screening visitors for contraband or weapons went to retired sheriff’s deputies. Due to the lack of qualified applicants, they are now going to hire private security guards for the position.

Wal-Mart in Atlanta has suspended two employees and fired a contract security guard after the death of an alleged shoplifter. When police arrived all three men were on top of the unresponsive man. The security guard had placed the man in a choke hold. The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have been filed yet.

A woman from Nashville is in a local hospital after a man she was fighting with at her home walked out and shot one time at her but he missed. He then came back and pistol whipped her repeatedly. Police are still investigating and the search for the man is ongoing. No word yet on her condition.

In Memphis a former police officer pled guilty to driving a woman to a party at a North Mississippi hotel so she could have sex. He entered his guilty plea to a federal charge of transporting a person across state lines for the purpose of prostitution. He faces up to 10yrs in prison.

It’s a rainy nasty day here in Nashville, it seems like it’s going to bring us cooler temperatures though. Special thanks to all my security officers here at On Guard and my support personnel, without your hard work and dedication we wouldn't be so successful.

October 5, 2013: What a beautiful morning it is here in Nashville, the sun is shining and the temperature is nice and cool. I may have to take some time and do a little fishing.

A man in Washington is currently in critical condition after setting himself on fire at the National Mall. Witnesses say he was standing in the middle of the mall by himself when they saw him pour gasoline all over himself and then lighting himself on fire. Passing joggers took off their shirts in an attempt to help put out the flames. Witnesses say they think he said something before he did this to himself but they couldn't understand him. Police are still investigating why he did this.

A 19yr old man is currently out on bail after he was arrested and charged with impersonating a security officer. It all started after a fight at a club in Texas, which police had responded to. While they were investigating the incident they spotted a man wearing a black polo shirt with the words "security" on the back, he also had on a duty belt with a flashlight, two sets of handcuffs and handcuff keys. He showed the police a generic badge and when they asked him for his security license he told them he didn't have one. Impersonating a security officer is a class a misdemeanor, an offense punishable with up to one year in jail and a $4000 fine.

In Nashville police investigators with the gang unit discovered 160 grams of black tar heroin and led to the arrest of two men who belong to two different gangs. The one suspect had 130 grams of the black tar heroin hidden inside a bag of tater tots in his freezer and also in small balloons which were packaged for resale. He admitted to police he sold the heroin for $120 per gram. This suspect is being charged with possession of heroin for resale within a drug free school zone and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and he is currently in jail on a $76,000 bond. The second suspect had several balloons in plastic bags containing 30 grams of the black tar heroin and a .25 caliber semi-automatic gun. He is being charged with possession of heroin for resale, unlawful gun possession in the commission of a dangerous felony and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, he has since bonded out on a $42,000 bond.

An unarmed security guard was shot and killed by a robber in Miami. A woman had just arrived home at an apartment complex when an armed man approached her in the parking lot and demanded her personal belongings. She was able to escape the robber when an off duty security guard came to her aid. Witnesses say they heard two gun shots as the woman fled from the confrontation. Police found the security guard dead minutes later. The alleged gun man was able to escape.

October 4, 2013: A private security guard suffered minor injuries when he was hit by a vehicle at a drive-thru convenience store in Ohio. According to the police report the driver and security guard gave different version of the event. The female driver who had her six year old child with her says the guard was yelling at her and threatening to shoot her and she felt threatened by him. The security guard says she is a frequent visitor at the drive-thru and at first refused to leave when she didn't get the type of cigar she wanted. The woman purposely drove at him and hit him multiple times as she tried to leave the store. The guard was on the phone with police telling them he wanted her removed from the business when he was hit. The woman also called police and they advised her to stay in her vehicle and not to leave the scene, but as the police arrived she was leaving the area she says to get away from him because he was hitting her vehicle with his baton. No charges have been filed as of yet.

On Guard is currently looking to hire two quality armed security guards for a part-time post in the Nashville area, if interested please fill out a form online.

October 3, 2013: In Dallas early this morning a security guard shot two men he said were trying to run him over in their SUV. The guard was responding to a disturbance when the men nearly hit him with their vehicle. He shot one man in the arm and the other in the leg. Both suspects are expected to recover. Dallas police are still investigating.

A 21yr old man shot himself in the leg inside a Wal-Mart in Antioch. The man has a handgun carry permit and had gone into Wal-Mart for some milk; he didn't have his weapon in a holster it had been on his waist when he says he felt the gun slip. Police will not be pressing charges.

Sonic in Antioch on Murfreesboro Rd. was robbed early this morning. The suspect tried to enter the restaurant through a back door but couldn't get in, so he decides to shoot the glass out of the front door. He held two employees at gunpoint and stole four fanny packs which the employees use to make change for their customers. The suspect fled the area on foot. The investigation is ongoing.

In Atlanta a security guard had to pepper spray a suspect during a physical confrontation that began after he stopped the suspect for shop lifting from a CVS pharmacy. The suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the security guard in the arm while the guard was attempting to handcuff him. This allowed the suspect to break free an try to run away, but the guard chased him and fired several shots hitting the suspect in the leg. He was held until the police arrived. The suspect is facing several charges and both him and the security officer were transported to the hospital and are in stable condition.

A trucking service yard in California clearly has signs posted stating "No Trespassing" throughout the entire yard, yet that didn't keep a homeless man from staying out. A security officer guarding the location came across the man numerous times and finally let the man use his cellphone after numerous requests. After the man used the cellphone outside of the property he threw it back into the yard and that's when things escalated. The man hit the guard in the face knocking him down and continuing to beat him. The security guard felt threatened for his life and shot the man four times. The man died at the scene and the security guard suffered a broken arm. The guard is not expected to be charged with any crime. Police state the investigation is not closed yet but it looks like a justified self-defense shooting.

October 2, 2013: A private security officer who had been hired to patrol a local high school in Philadelphia has been charged with stealing $15,000 in musical instruments from the school. He was in court today on charges that include theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property, burglary and conspiracy charges. An arrest warrant has been issued for another suspect.

A man from Ohio is being charged in Nashville with possession of marijuana for resale and is being held in the metro jail on a $30,000 bond. Police had pulled him over for following to close to another vehicle yesterday afternoon on Interstate 40.The police officer had asked permission to check on some new luggage that was in the back seat of the vehicle. The suspect never answered the officer so a canine unit was sent out to investigate. The canine was able to detect an odor of narcotics. Inside the luggage were 34 pound bundles of marijuana.

Jacksonville International Airport had a little scare when a man told security screeners he had a bomb. The airport was evacuated and flights were stopped before reaching the gates for nearly 5 hours. All they found in his backpack were batteries and an electronic scale. He is being charged with making a false report about a bomb hoax.

A private security guard for an Atlanta nightclub was shot after trying to break up a fight between two patrons. Police state the guard was shot by one of the men involved in the fight, who fled the location after the shooting. The second man stayed at the scene. Police are still looking for the suspect. Another security officer drove the victim to hospital. He is in stable condition.

A high dollar jewelry store in Murfreesboro was robbed this weekend. The only security the business had was a burglar alarm and video surveillance and the whole crime was caught on tape. Police don't believe the robbers were rookies, for they had parked a rental truck in front of the business which sits on a busy street. According to police everything was planned and executed accordingly from targeting the store to their escape route. The owner has already made changes to the business including adding high tech surveillance cameras and shattered resistant glass on the display cases. Mainly the one change he is making is the hiring of a private security officer.


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