September, 2009

September 30, 2009:  On Guard Security has had another great month for September 2009. There were no major incidents on any of our security operations. No guards, clients, or anyone else was injured, and On Guard Security continued to grow. September also brought an exciting new prospect for 'verticle expansion'.

OGSI is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Davis to On Guard Security. There is no doubt that Mr. Davis will be a tremendous asset. Mr. Davis can be contacted at  .

September 28, 2009:  On Guard Security would like to thank Josh. Thanks for exceeding our expectations and always being able to help out when needed.
The Metro Nashville Police are trying to identify two men that robbed a Mapco last night in South Nashville on Murfreesboro Road.

Hair World in South Nashville was robbed last week. Police are still looking for leads.

Last week law enforcement officials in Los Angeles targeted a dangerous and notorious street gang. The police and federal agents carried out raids on the Avenues, a street gang in Los Angeles. The raids resulted in seventy nine arrests.

September 27, 2009:  A man was killed in Nashville Tuesday after pulling a gun on a police officer. The man died during surgery.

Yom Kippur began today. It is also know as the Day of Atonement, and it the holiest day of the year in the Jewish faith. With the end of Yom Kippur, the High Holy Days will end.

A tip given to police in Florida by a private security guard has led to the recovery of three missing children. The security guard recognized the license plate number on a truck that the lady was driving. The lady got away, and there is a warrant for her arrest for interference with child custody.

Finally, the sun shined on Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area today.

Last week a private security guard at a school in Pennsylvania threatened to shoot up a school. Police are now looking for the guard. The guard allegedly made references to the Virginia Tech shootings during his threat.

September 26, 2009:  Another rainy day in Nashville.

September 25, 2009:  Two security guards were injured Thursday in New York after confronting a group of shoplifters at a Macy's. When the two guards handcuffed one of the shoplifters in the parking lot, the other shoplifters (in a black SUV) tried to hit the private security officers. One guard was hit by the SUV and the Macy's building was damaged. The other security guard was injured while jumping out of the way.

When will the rain end in Nashville?

September 24, 2009:  A security guard and a clerk at a hotel in California were bound with duct tape yesterday as two robbers stole a safe and money in the cash register.

There was trouble in Double Springs, TN two days ago. Double Springs is a small town in Putnam County near Cookeville, TN. A woman in Double Springs allegedly killed her husband during an argument. The Putnam County Sheriff's Department said that the couple had had a history of domestic disputes and each had been charged with domestic assualt in the past. The couple's children were in the next room sleeping during the murder.

In Sacramento a security guard at a nightclub was hit by a vehicle and killed. On Wednesday the police made an arrest in connection with the death of the security guard. The man that they arrested was asked to leave the nightclub where the security officer was working. Also, no one else received any injuries.

September 23, 2009:  In Texas on the 22nd an armed man and a woman entered a Kmart and stole tools. On the way out, they assualted two security guards that were on post there.

After looking through crime reports from Tennessee and Kentucky today, I am left extremely puzzled. There wasn't anything that was particularly different than any other day in Bowling Green, Knoxville, Lexington, or any of the other cities that I check daily. But today something seemed to hit me. It started with a report from Bowling Green, Kentucky. A man in Bowling Green allegedly broke into a house to steal nothing more than a handgun. He was arrested for the burglary and several other charges. This man will do time in prison for this crime. (He was already a felon, and a felon in possession of a firearm is a very serious offense.) He took such an enormous risk for so little reward. It is very disconcerting to me. Again, these sort of crimes are not unusual. I think this is even more reason that every organization should have some type of safety and loss prevention plans. I'm not suggesting that every lemonade stand and landscaping company should hire a private protective services company, but there should be a plan.

We've all been eagerly waiting, and the day is almost here! Tommorrow Saddle Brown will be back in the recording studio in Nashville, TN. As badly as I want to hear some new songs from Saddle Brown, I admit that part of me was wishing that he would wait. Saddle is one of the best fishing buddies that I have found, and I hate for him to miss this fall on Percy Priest Lake and Caney Fork River.

Most security guard companies just want to have a warm body in a uniform to fulfill their contract. That makes the rest of the security guard companies and the security industry as a whole look bad. There is one security guard company in Nashville that is particularly awful in my opinion. I have written about them before, and I still won't mention the company's name. This company actually billed for hours that no one was on post on more than one occasion last month. I am quite sure that this particular company will not last long, but the damage that they will do to the rest of us will last.

A 15-year-old is in custody today for a murder yesterday in Nashville. The young man killed a 16-year-old yesterday with a single shot.

September 22, 2009:  Two men were injured by a security guard during an attempted robbery. The robbers tried to rob an arcade in Texas. One of the robbers is in critical condition and the other is in stable condition after being shot by the security officer.

OGSI would like to congratulate Soupone, a friend of On Guard Security and a dear friend of mine. Congratulations on your externship! We all know you'll do well.

Nashville police are still looking for a 16-year-old that is accused of a fatal shooting last Saturday in Nashville.

September 21, 2009:  A security guard in New York was assualted by a shoplifter at a Target. The shoplifter was attempting to steal a DVD player. When the security officer attempted to stop the man, he struck the security guard in the head. The shoplifter was finally taken into custody.

A security guard that works as hospital security was charged with having child pornography. As if that was not bad enough, the hospital that he does security for is a children's hospital.

Today there was an armed robbery in South Nashville early in the morning. Around eight in the morning a business was robbed at gunpoint. The robber fired a shot as he made his exit.

September 20, 2009:  Today marks the five year anniversary of the murder of a security guard at the Illinois Capitol. The unarmed guard was shot and killed at his post in the Statehouse. The murder prompted an increase in security in many of the state buildings in Illinois.

129 people were charged this week as a result of investigations by undercover detectives in Nashville. As always most of charges come from drugs. These investigations also led to the seizure of many different types of drugs and helped clean up Nashville's streets.

September 19, 2009:  A security guard in Virginia was assaulted yesterday. The security guard had just caught two men attempting to shoplift. While the guard walked the two men to the Loss Prevention Office, one of the two men assaulted the security officer.

Finally, a break from the rain in Nashville.

September 18, 2009:  Two juveniles in Pennsylvania are in serious trouble after one had an incident with a security guard and the other had an incident with a policeman. One of the juveniles attacked a security guard in a high school. Shortly after this incident a policeman in the same high school was assualted by a student.

In Nashville a man was arrested for indecent exposure after several incidents while he was driving around the Hermitage area naked.

A security guard was killed earlier today in Dallas. During an attempted robbery the security guard was shot at very close range and died at the scene.

September 17, 2009:  On the more fun and relaxing side of working at a security guard company was the outing that we had last Sunday. Last Sunday several employees at On Guard Security came on a fishing trip with me. We went to the Caney Fork River. The Caney Fork River is east of Nashville. It runs through Smith County, Dekalb County, and Putnam County. (Putnam County is where I do most of my fishing, because it is closer to the hotel that I sometimes use in Cookeville.) The weather was nice, and everyone had a great time. We even managed to catch a few trout.

Three Mapco robberies are suspected to be done by the same two criminals. All the robberies happened within four days. Also, all of the three robberies have happened in South Nashville. Two of the robbberies even happened at the same location only two days apart.

September 16, 2009:  A security guard in Houston shot and killed a man that was in a car that tried to hit him. The altercation began when the security guard suspected the men of trying to break into a car.

A private security guard that works in a school in New Jersey is providing testimony in a murder case. The guard is the second security officers to provide testimony in the case.

A man that works as a security guard has been arrested in Florida in connection with a murder. The private security guard allegedly drove a man to shoot and kill another man.

The accidental activation of a child's panic alarm led to the seizure of 28 pounds of marijuana, a pistol, and digital scales by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

September 14, 2009:  Yesterdays fishing trip that was sponsored by On Guard Security Inc. to the Caney Fork River went very well. We caught many brown trout and rainbow trout. Pictures will be posted soon.

September 13, 2009:  A reward is now being offered for the security guard that was murdered in Cleveland. The guard was shot outside a nightclub.

September 12, 2009:  A private security guard that worked at a nightclub in Cleveland was murdered earlier today. A fight broke out in the club, and the security personnel at the club removed the participants in the fight from the club. The fight continued in the street. For some reason at least one shot was fired. The bullet struck the security guard in the abdomen. The security officer died.

A former student of Middle Tennessee State University will only have to serve 45 days of her eleven month sentence. The sentence comes from the student assualting another student over a parking space at Middle Tennessee State University according to the newspaper in Murfreesboro.

It was reported by the Knoxville, Tennessee news that a woman in Nashville died while attempting to steal copper wire. The lady was said to be trying to steal the copper wire from a closed auto dealership in South Nashville when she was electrocuted and died.

Undercover detectives in Nashville charged 97 people this week as a result of their investigations. Many drugs were seized in these arrests and taken off the streets of Davidson County, Tennessee.

September 11, 2009:  In Allentown last night a security guard was injured during a robbery. The security guard was struck in the back of the head while two men robbed a Dollar General. The guard received only minor injuries.

A man was killed last night at a poker game in South Nashville. The man was shot during a robbery at a poker game in Nashville.

September 10, 2009:  A teen was arrested in connection with beating, kidnapping, and robbing a security guard. The security guard is the guard that we reported about yesterday.

Two men entered a home in West Nashville yesterday and held a teen at gunpoint while the robbed the house.

September 9, 2009:  Five security guards at a Wal-Mart in China beat and killed a woman that they had suspected of shoplifting. As of now it is unclear whether the security guards worked for a contract security guard company or directly for Wal-Mart.

A employee of Tennessee State University was found dead yesterday. So far the death is being investigated as a homicide by the Nashville Police Department.

In North Carolina early Tuesday morning a security guard for a local Wal-Mart was found very badly beaten. The security guard patrolled the Wal-Mart parking lot from midnight to 8 AM. The crime appears to be part of a robbery.

Last Saturday in Nashville my brother witnessed an armed robbery at a liquor store. The robbers were obviously amateurs or very stupid based on what my brother told me about how it happened. This robbery had special relevance to me because of where it happened. This particular liquor store had no security. The next closest liquor store has an armed guard on duty at their shopping center. Certainly this factor played a role in the decision of the robbers in which store they would rob.

September 8, 2009:  Outside a Nashville club a security guard shot at a car and hit a woman in the neck that was inside the car. The security guard shot, because another passenger in the car had shot a woman in the stomach outside of the club.

September 7, 2009:  Happy Labor Day!

September 6, 2009:  Undercover detectives in Nashville charged 125 people last week as the result of investigations. The amount of drugs, weapons, and especially cash that was seized were much larger than normal.

September 5, 2009:  Eight security guards were fired by the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan. The security guards were fired over allegations of lewd behavior and sexual misconduct. The guards worked for a division of one of the biggest security guard companies in the world. This incident, among many others, illustrates the point that large companies that have been in the industry for years are no more qualified than most other licensed security guard companies.

September 4, 2009:  Two security guards were fired for sleeping on their post at the George Washington Bridge. The security guards worked for a contract security guard company that was hired by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to guard the high traffic area. The guards were fired after pictures of them sleeping on the job were posted online.

Yesterday in Nashville the body of a thirty-three year-old woman was found in an empty lot next to an abandoned house on 23rd Avenue North around nine in the morning.

A dog that works with the Murfreesboro Police Department escaped from a fenced in area and bit a young girl yesterday in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

A Clarksville, Tennessee man was charged with aggravated assualt today because of an incident in a bar. The man allegedly blocked the door to the women's restroom in a local bar while four women attacked another woman.

September 3, 2009:  A security guard in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania admitted in court to stealing computers from the location that he was assigned to guard. The security guard was caught stealing by hidden cameras.

Three security guards were stabbed outside of a bar in New York. Fortunately, none of the security officers received wounds that were considered to be life threatening.

Two days ago a nurse in Nashville surrendered himself to police after he was indicted by a grand jury on rape and sexual battery charges. The man allegedly committed these crimes against a patient that was in his care.

September 2, 2009:  Visit our site on Myspace. It's still not entirely finished, but it has some more pictures. On Guard Security Inc. on MySpace

The ubiquity of theft and property crime was highlighted with a trip that I took to Columbia, Tennessee on Sunday. I went to Columbia to see a friend Sunday, and he told me about a recent increase in property crime in the area. ( I'm not exactly sure that we were in Columbia. I drove through Columbia and Spring Hill, and I know it was somewhere in Maury County.) The area is very rural, and in this year alone he has been burglarized at his home and his business. Many of his neighbors were burglarized around the same time. Rural areas in Maury County, Tennessee are not the first place that comes to mind when I think of crime. Crime in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and other relatively big cities in Tennessee and Kentucky, or anywhere else in the world, is something that most of us have accepted and become accustomed to. As these sort of crimes continue to spread to these areas the need for security guard companies and other forms of security will continue to grow.

September 1, 2009:  I'm pleased to report that all of our security guard operations went very well in August, and we continued to grow. All of our security guards and clients had no serious incidents, and everyone remained safe. 


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