September, 2012

September 30, 2012: All of our security guard operations went well over the weekend. Fortunately, all of our private security guards and clients remained safe and secure. There were no major incidents at any security posts over the weekend either. Special thanks to Tyran, Deandre, Brandie, Latoya, Steve, Charlie, and Brandon!!! We certainly had our hands full last night, but everything still went very well. A man in north Nashville was shot at an apartment complex earlier this evening. The incident occurred at 17th Avenue North and Herman Street at Herman Street Apartments. The victim was hit in the ankle. According to police several shots were fired, though. Police officers are still searching for shell casings. The investigation is ongoing. A Nashville man was fatally stabbed yesterday evening at about 8:15 at a parking lot at LP field. The victim was taken to a hospital, but he died shortly after arriving. The man that killed the victim was his brother. The suspect has not yet been taken in to custody and no charges have been filed against him.

September 29, 2012: Last night in north Nashville a man and a 2-year-old were shot while in their vehicle. It is being reported that as many as eight bullet holes are in the vehicle that they were in. The mother of the 2-year-old was also in the vehicle. She was uninjured. Police are investigating the incident. Earlier this week a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly pulling his gun on a private security guard that was working at the hotel where the agent was staying. The details regarding the security guard and the agent are unclear at this time. The ICE agent was released without bail. Police in California are looking for a man that robbed a Walmart on Thursday dressed as a security guard. According to reports the man dressed like a security guard and robbed a Walmart cashier at gunpoint. The man then fled in a dark colored car. A man was robbed and shot in south Nashville last night. The victim was walking on Lewis Street when he was approached by a man that demanded his money. The victim refused to give up his money. The suspect then shot the victim twice in the leg. The victim was taken to a hospital to be treated for non life-threatening injuries. Thanks to Sandra, Steve, and Ty for helping out during an unexpectedly busy Saturday night. Earlier this week in Hendersonville, Tennessee a man was arrested at the Anchor High Marina for multiple felony charges. The suspect was taken in to custody aboard his 43-foot boat that was docked at the marina. The man was arrested for allegedly raping a woman that had spent the night on his boat with him. The man was already under investigation for selling cocaine. Private security guards at Seton Hall called for police when they noticed a strong smell of marijuana in a dorm. Police ended up arresting two Seton Hall students and confiscating dozens of bags of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a pair of brass knuckles. A contract security guard company that has a $1.6 billion contract with the federal government paid $1.9 million to settle allegations that many of the private security guards that work in federal courthouses were not qualified. The allegations were that the security guard company was too lenient with their security guards when it came to tests that the guards had to pass. Specifically, it was alleged that armed security guards were given additional time to complete the shooting part of their test that qualified them to work in a federal courthouse.

September 28, 2012: Yesterday in Nashville a man shot and killed his uncle during a family dispute. There is no word yet as to what the fight was about. There were several other family members at the house when the incident occurred. Among the other family members there was a four-year-old. Thanks to Tyran for leading by example.

September 27, 2012: Two people are wanted for questioning by authorities in Nashville. The two are wanted because they are believed to have knowledge about a fatal shooting that happened Sunday night near Lafayette Street. Special thanks to Steve for helping out. Steve's help has been invaluable over the last few weeks. On Guard Security is pleased to have Deandre C. as the newest member of our security guard team.

September 26, 2012: Thanks to all the security guards that work with On Guard Security. A special thanks to Steve. A man in Clarksville, Tennessee was caught shoplifting twice yesterday. Both incidents occurred yesterday morning at grocery stores. The man was first caught and released with a misdemeanor charge. The second time the man was taken to the Montgomery County jail.

September 25, 2012: Three teenagers in Columbia, Tennessee are in trouble with the police. The teens used an app on their phone that flashes blue lights to pull over a motorist. Police in Murfreesboro are investigating two attempted abductions that occurred on Sunday. Investigators are unsure whether the two incidents are related. In one incident a man pulled up to a group of ten children that were playing and told them to get in. The children ran away and alerted an adult. The adult contacted the Murfreesboro Police Department. There are not many more details available at this time. Thanks to Otis for helping out yesterday. Thanks to Tyran and Steve, too. Brinks Corporation is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone for information that leads to the arrest of a man that robbed an armored car security guard while he was delivering a bag of money to a Regions Bank branch in Nashville. The incident occurred on August 28th at the Regions branch on Nolensville Road. The reward offered by Brinks is in addition to a $1,000 reward that is being offered by Crime Stoppers. The offer from Brinks will expire on October 21, 2012. In Detroit a private security guard was murdered while he worked at a nightclub early Sunday morning. The security guard was stabbed to death at a nightclub called Pandemonium. The murder of the security officer makes the third murder related to that club in the past 16 months. There are currently no suspects in custody.

September 24, 2012: A man in south Nashville was shot outside of his friend's apartment yesterday evening. The victim was visiting with a friend of his in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Harding Place when three men drove up to him in a white vehicle, demanded money, and shot the victim two times.

September 23, 2012: Thanks to everyone that has helped out here at On Guard Security recently. Specifically, I would like to thank Tyran, Steve, Kyle, Tiffany, and Peggy. Thanks to all of our security guards. An armed security guard in North Carolina had a severed finger when police arrived at an apartment complex yesterday afternoon. The police were responding to a shots fired call. The security guard told the police that he was checking on two suspicious cars when one of the cars drove away. The private security guard then began questioning people in the remaining car. For some reason (the security guard never gave an explanation) the security officer shot at the people in the remaining car. There have been no reports about any injuries from anyone in the second car. There has not been any explanation about the armed security guard's severed finger either. Two private security guards in Nashville were taken to the hospital and treated for smoke-inhalation late last week. The security guards suffered from smoke-inhalation because of a fire at August Moon in the food court of Rivergate Mall. Luckily, they responded quickly to the fire and very little damage was done to the mall. Last weekend at a hospital in Indiana a patient was arrested and charged with felony criminal recklessness and misdemeanor battery for allegedly punching a security guard at the hospital. The suspect also allegedly tried to stab the security guard with a knife. The suspect was in possession of a knife when police officers arrested him. Yesterday in Nashville a 30-year-old man was fatally shot in the parking lot of Nashville West shopping center. The victim was meeting someone at the shopping center, located off of Charlotte Pike, to sell two handguns according to police. The victim met the men he was going to sell the firearms to on Craigslist. All the victim's firearms were accounted for at the scene of the crime. Police in Clarksville, Tennessee are looking for an older gentleman that attempted to abduct a 10-year-old girl Friday evening. While the young girl was playing with her friends the suspect grabbed her and began dragging her away. When the other kids began screaming he released the girl and sped away in a dark-colored truck.

September 22, 2012: A retailer that sits directly next to a different retailer that we supply contract security guards to was robbed for about $30,000 worth of merchandise Thursday. Thursday's robbery was the third time that this particular retailer has been robbed in less than a month. No other retailer that is nearby has been robbed this many times in the last year. One of the biggest differences between the retailer that has been robbed so much and the other retailers is the use of private security guards. The retailer that has been robbed so much could have easily hired a contract security guard company to provide private security to that particular location for about one-fourth the cost of the merchandise that has been stolen. Also, it is painfully obvious why that particular retailer is being targeted so frequently. The robbers are targeting that retailer because they do not have security guards on duty in their store. Police in Nashville are investigating a murder that happened Thursday night in Antioch. A 21-year-old man was shot and killed outside the Knights Inn on Bell Road at around 10:30pm. The victim had come to the hotel with one of his friends to buy marijuana. Earlier this morning a woman and her 11-year-old son were able to escape from a man that was holding them hostage in their own home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The woman was able to get help by dropping a note and a key out of the window. Someone found the note and notified the police. The police came to their rescue with the kidnapper completely unaware and relaxing in a recliner. The man is being charged with aggravated domestic assault, violating an order of protection, especially aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated kidnapping.

September 21, 2012: A very special thanks goes out to Tyran. Thank you for representing On Guard Security so well. We are all proud of you. You handled the situation very professionally. Tyran's actions last night went far beyond what he was required to do as a private security guard. Thankfully, no one was injured last night during the incident. Tyran's choice to not shoot at the suspects as they sped toward him with a gun pointed at him was a great move that shows how well trained he is. The parking garage where the incident occurred in a crowded parking garage. Many innocent people could have been injured or killed if a shootout had started between our security guard and the suspects. I am very pleased that Tyran handled the situation so well, that no one was injured, and that currently the police have arrested two of the suspects. Thanks to Brandie for her help yesterday. A private security officer in Delaware pleaded no contest to 4th degree rape and sexual extortion Wednesday. Earlier this week in California an armed security guard had an armed confrontation with two gunmen outside of a popular restaurant. The security guard began shooting at the men after they started shooting outside the restaurant. Not many details are available at this time. One person was shot during the shooting. The suspects fled the scene almost as soon as the private security guard began firing at them.

September 20, 2012: Thanks to all our private security guards. A very special thanks to everyone that participated in our special activity last night (Tiffany, Tyran, Steve, Drew, and Brandon). I would also like to thank N. Musters for her great work!!!! It is significantly cooler in Nashville today. Summer is coming to a close. According to a John Hopkins study about shootings in hospitals you are more likely to be struck by lightening than shot in a hospital. The study also found that over 50% of all hospital shootings involved a security guard's firearm. That figure reflects security guards using their firearms and security guards weapons that were stolen and used. The study suggests that more specialized training should be given to police or private security officers in hospitals, such as properly securing firearms. Thanks to Tiffany and Peggy for their help in the office.

September 19, 2012: Thanks to all our security guards! A very special thanks to the special team of security officers that we put together for the special events that we had last Saturday night. Our special security guard operations last Saturday night went very well. Thanks guys!! A woman that was being booked into the Rutherford County jail in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for public intoxication late last week now faces more charges. The extra charges that the woman now faces are related to her fighting the officers at the jail. One correctional officer was bitten by the woman. The officer that was bitten was treated by medical personnel at the jail. Last week in Georgia a school security officer was injured while attempting to break up a fight among students. The fight occurred at a high school. The officer suffered from a broken ankle and required surgery. On Guard Security is now hiring!! We are looking for one part-time private security guard. This security guard will work two posts as needed. This security guard will have 15-28 hours a week. Both of the posts that the security guard will be needed at are in Nashville. Interested applicants should complete the form on the Career page of our website. Experience in private security or law enforcement is necessary. Applicants should be available to start immediately and should be a licensed unarmed security guard in Tennessee. A private security guard in Florida is now facing charges for calling in false incidents. The security guard called 911 about a man that claimed his roommate was going to commit suicide. The guard claimed that the man disappeared into the crowd when deputies responded to the call. A review of the 911 calls showed that the security guard had a long history of 911 calls. The security guard eventually admitted to investigators that his calls were made up.

September 17, 2012: A middle Tennessee man caught a Piranha last Saturday in Percy Priest Lake. The fish that the man caught was most likely a pet that someone released into the wild. It is a rainy and cloudy day in Nashville. Early yesterday morning at an after-hours club in Houston a private security guard shot four people during an incident in the parking lot of the club. According to the security guard, he was escorting the four people out of the club when the group began to fight him. During the fight the security guard's assailants tried to reach for his gun. The security guard began shooting. One of the four people that were shot died. The other three people were treated at a hospital for gunshot wounds. Police in Houston are investigating the incident.

September 16, 2012: A 17-year-old was shot four times last evening in south Nashville. Police are investigating the shooting. A witness has come forward, but no arrests have been made yet. The victim was hit twice in the abdomen and twice in the arm. The victim's injuries are life-threatening, and he remains in critical condition. Special thanks to Tyran, Steve, Brandon, and Todd!!! Last night went even better than expected!!!! Police in Nashville are seeking the public's help in identifying a man that robbed a woman with a knife in Hermitage on September 2nd. The suspect walked up to the victim's vehicle while she was withdrawing money from the ATM at Bank of America. The suspect put a knife to the victim's throat and demanded the money she had just withdrawn. Police have the suspect's photo from a security camera.

September 15, 2012: Police in Nashville are looking for a man that attempted to rob a group of people in north Nashville last night. The suspect shot two people in the group after they had refused to hand over their belongings. One of the victims remains in critical condition. Both victims were hospitalized. Thanks to Sandra once again!! The last two weeks would have been a nightmare without her help. A candy shop in New York is now using a contract security guard company to provide two private security guards. The move to hire private security comes several incidents in which people had attempted to steal candy. This is without a doubt the first candy shop that I have heard of to use contract security guards. It is reported that a prisoner in a maximum security prison in South Carolina led rescuers to a prison guard that had been taken hostage with a cell phone that was in the prison illegally. The guard was rescued around 10PM last night. The guard had been forced into a broom closet by at least one inmate that was armed with a homemade knife. The guard had only minor injuries.

September 14, 2012: Thanks to Otis for his help last night and thanks to Sandra for all the help this weekend! A police officer with the Metro Nashville Police Department was injured in a struggle with a suspect yesterday afternoon in the Green Hills area. A witness to the struggle between the officer and the suspect called 911. More than six patrol cars responded to the call. The suspect was arrested. The officer has been treated for minor injuries. Earlier this week in California a man attempted to rob a 67-year-old man in the restroom of a hospital. The suspect allegedly followed the victim into the bathroom and began beating him and demanding money. The victim screamed. The victim's screams alerted private security guards that were stationed at the hospital. The suspect tried to escape when security guards began to arrive. The suspect was caught and detained by the hospital's private security guards until the police were able to arrest him. Police in Nashville arrested a man today that robbed a U.S. Bank in Hermitage. The robbery happened around 3:45 this afternoon. Few details are currently being reported, but the suspect was caught very soon after he had robbed the bank. Earlier this week in Nashville a valet worker at Centennial Hospital was caught stealing from a customer's vehicle by private security guards. The valet worker eventually admitted that he stole a 32-caliber pistol from the console of a customer's truck. Security guards found the stolen gun when they searched the valet worker's vehicle.

September 13, 2012: A fight in south Nashville ended with gunfire and one man in the hospital last night. According to reports two men were fighting inside their house when one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other man. The victim was shot in the shoulder. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. Police in Nashville are still looking for the suspect. Thanks to Steve, Tiffany, Christina, and Ash. A police officer in Dallas died yesterday while cleaning his own firearm. The police officer was apparently killed as a result of an accidental discharge while cleaning his weapon at his home. A man in California was arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting a private security officer at a hospital earlier this week. The alleged assault took place in the emergency room of the hospital where the contract security guard was stationed. No information has been released about the man's motive for attacking the guard. A man in Nashville faces several charges after he ran over a police officers foot Tuesday night. The officer had pulled the suspect over and was approaching the suspect's vehicle when the suspect began fleeing. In the process of getting away the suspect ran over the officer's foot. The suspect was later picked up by police at his residence. The man is now in the Montgomery County jail. September 12, 2012: Thanks once again to LaToya! LaToya handled last night's situation as well as any security guard could have hoped. Police in Pennsylvania are investigating a claim that private security guards at a nightclub confiscated a patron's handgun and would not return it until they were paid $500. The alleged victim was involved in a fight at the nightclub and escorted out by security. Security guards discovered his firearm and confiscated it on his way out. The man was licensed to carry his gun. The security guards refused to return the handgun until they were given $500.

September 11, 2012: Thanks to every security guard that works for On Guard Security. Special thanks to Otis and Tyran. Yesterday evening in west Nashville a 19-year-old man was shot in the chest. The man's condition is critical but stable. The gunman is still at large. The 19-year-old victim was on a relative's porch when he was shot. The incident occurred on Indiana Avenue. Earlier this week in Texas two or three people were injured when a man began firing shots from his vehicle into a crowd of people that were exiting a club. A private security guard shot at the gunman, but did not hit him. Police have a suspect in custody. None of the victim's injuries are life-threatening. Earlier this week in Pennsylvania a private security guard was able to disarm a man that was armed with a .45 caliber handgun. The suspect had been kicked out of a nightclub for harassing other patrons. The suspect went to his car to get his firearm and returned to threaten the security guard at the door. The security guard used his pepper spray to disarm the suspect. The suspect attempted to flee and hit two vehicles. Police apprehended the man. The suspect was arrested on a variety of different charges. Special thanks to LaToya for helping out tonight!

September 10, 2012: A body has been found in south Nashville this morning. The body was found near Harding Place and Tampa Drive. The body is the victim of a hit-and-run. According to police the victim had just left Walmart. Police are investigating. On Guard Security will have an unarmed security guard class one day this month. As soon as we have an exact date scheduled it will be posted. Anyone interested in attending our unarmed security guard class should call us at (615) 361-4141. A former officer with the Metro Nashville Police Department was arrested yesterday for several charges. The former officer now faces child pornography, domestic assault, and drug charges. The suspect worked as a police officer from 1995 to 2006. Happy Birthday, Latoya!!!!

September 9, 2012: Police in Maryland have arrested a man for the murder of a private security guard earlier this month. Police arrested a 25-year-old for allegedly stabbing a private security guard multiple times while the guard was attempting to break up a fight between the suspect and another man. A man shot two people in front of a daycare in Clarksville last Thursday. The suspect has been arrested. According to police the suspect shot the woman that he has two children with and her new boyfriend. The suspect allegedly began shooting after a fight between the new boyfriend and himself was broken up. California passed a new law that requires stadiums and arenas to post the number to reach private security in a number of different places that will be visible to fans. The new law was created because of all the violence that has occurred during sporting events. In one notable incident where a man was beaten to death in the parking lot of a stadium, many people that witnessed the beating called 911. Lawmakers think that if the witnesses had called security, security would have responded more quickly possibly saving the man's life. A private security guard in Chicago was found not guilty of sexual abuse and unlawful restraint on Friday. The security guard worked for a contract security guard company that the Chicago Transit Authority contracted. The CTA has requested that the security guard be removed from the contract. Thursday in Oklahoma an off-duty security guard was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a woman and masturbating. While driving the guard allegedly pulled up beside a woman, motioned toward his crotch, and began to masturbate. The security guard was arrested soon after the incident. Happy Birthday, Denise!!!

September 8, 2012: A very special thanks to Al!!! Police in Nashville have arrested four men earlier today. The men were charged with several charges having to do with the suspects being on school property with a loaded handgun. The men were stopped from entering Hunters Lane High School at one time. The suspects tried to enter the school again later and were let in by a student. One of the three men had a loaded handgun in a backpack. A security guard had his firearm taken from him while on duty at a bank in Nashville on Wednesday. The robber took the private security guard's gun at knife point. The suspect then ordered the customers and employees to get on the ground. The suspect jumped over the counter and took money. The man was in the bank for less than 30 seconds. An off-duty policeman arrested the man soon after the robbery. A stack of money was found in the car that the suspect was driving. The security guard's gun was recovered from a creek not far from the bank that was robbed. On Guard Security is now hiring!! We are currently seeking to hire three new security guards. We need one part-time unarmed security guard and two full time unarmed security guards for posts in the Nashville area. Applicants should already be licensed in Tennessee as an unarmed security guard. Experience in private security or law enforcement is a plus. Anyone interested in applying for one of the jobs should fill out the form on the Career page of our website. Police in Nashville are looking for suspects in a murder that occurred early this morning in Antioch. According to police a 26-year-old man was killed when someone fired several shots into his house. Two men were seen fleeing the scene in a black Toyota Camry.

September 6, 2012: Last night's thunderstorms left many Nashville residents without electricity. Police in Nashville are looking for two men that stole thousands of dollars worth of purses from Louis Vuitton at the Mall at Green Hills. Thanks to Denise and T. Calhoun for helping out last night. A contract security guard discovered the body of a woman that had been missing for nine days in a mall parking garage earlier this week. The security guard found the woman dead in her own vehicle.

September 5, 2012: Thanks to Todd and Cassandra for helping out last night. A man in Pennsylvania was arrested earlier this week for threatening hotel security. The man had been told to leave by the hotel's private security. The man allegedly brandished a weapon and threatened security guards. Concealed-carry permits by non-residents in Virginia have increased since Virginia has allowed the tests to be taken online. Many non-residents get permits from Virginia because the requirements are less than there home states. Virginia has reciprocity agreements with 26 other states. A person can get a concealed-carry permit from Virginia for $40 and answering 15 out of 20 True or False questions correctly. A man and woman were arrested in Detroit today for attempting to enter a courthouse with a firearm. Security guards at the courthouse discovered a handgun in the woman's purse while the woman was attempting to enter the courthouse. The courthouse had many different security checkpoints. Security checkpoints in the courthouse include private security guards and metal detectors. The couple is still in custody. Thanks to LaToya for being such an outstanding security officer. LaToya's good work sets a wonderful example for other security guards and makes my job infinitely easier. Thank you, LaToya! A student at Minnesota State University was arrested and has been charged with second-degree felony assault for hitting a security guard with his vehicle late last month. The contract security guard was patrolling an apartment complex on foot when he saw a car driving too fast. The security guard motioned for the driver to slow down. The driver drove away. The security guard then spotted the car again and began to walk toward it to tell the driver to slow down. The car drove to the other side of the parking lot before the security guard could reach it. The guard began walking toward the vehicle again. While the private security guard was walking to the car, the driver accelerated toward the security officer. The guard was hit by the vehicle. The guard's flashlight broke the vehicle's windshield. The student called the apartment complex the next day to report that an apartment security guard had broken the windshield of his car. The rain has come again to Nashville. Hard Rain.

September 4, 2012: On Guard Security is now hiring. We are now seeking to hire one unarmed security guard for a temporary post in the Nashville area. Applicants should have a valid Tennessee security guard license. Applicants should also have experience in law enforcement, the military, or private security. Anyone interested in the position should complete the form on the Career page of this website. Thanks. A shooting outside of a south Nashville nightclub left three people hospitalized over the weekend. Police report that over 50 shots were fired during the incident. The incident happened near a nightclub called Yea Baby on Murfreesboro Road. The three victims are likely just bystanders according to police. No one working club security was injured.

September 3, 2012: Happy Labor Day!!! It's another rainy day in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm about ready for some sunshine. Thanks to all our security guards. Special thanks to Al and Sandra. A security guard in Alaska fell asleep at the wheel of his work car and wrecked into a minivan last week. The security guard was injured in the wreck. A woman and her daughter were injured, too.

September 2, 2012: Many people are owed a thanks for helping out around the office, helping our security personnel on post, or otherwise helping On Guard. I don't have enough time to individually list each person that has helped us out along the way. Thanks to everyone. We greatly appreciate it. Four people make sacrifices each and every day to help On Guard Security. Thank you Kyle, Sandra, Tiffany, and Peggy! Police in Nashville are investigating a triple stabbing that happened in Bellevue overnight. The incident occurred on Beech Bend Drive. The three victims all died of their stab wounds. The victims were a grandmother, a mother, and a teenage son. Police say that the murders were done by a neighbor. There is not much information available at this time. The weather forecast says that it will be a very rainy afternoon here in Nashville. Security guards that work outside posts should always be aware of the weather. A security guard that is wet and miserable is much less effective than a comfortable guard that paid attention to the weather forecast and brought his rain gear to work.

September 1, 2012: Last month in Ohio an observant private security guard led police to a marijuana growing operation. Police arrested two men that were found with gardening equipment where the marijuana was growing. The security guard called the police after spotting a suspicious car parked near some woods and hearing people in the woods. Police discovered 74 marijuana plants in the area. Police in South Carolina have arrested four men in connection with the murder of a nightclub security guard last weekend. The security guard was shot and killed after he questioned the ID of one of the four men and denied them entry to the club. One of the four men allegedly shot the guard as they drove away. Earlier this week in Nashville a armored car security guard was pepper-sprayed and robbed. The incident happened last Tuesday at a Regions bank in south Nashville. As the security officer walked to the bank from the armored vehicle a man pepper-sprayed him and left with an undisclosed amount of money. Earlier this week in New Jersey a private security guard was killed. The guard was actually off-duty at the time. The security officer was shot twice in the chest after having a dispute with his neighbors.

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