September, 2014

September 11, 2014: Thanks to all the private security guards that work with On Guard Security to provide a quality security guard service. Also, thanks to all the office workers and other non-security personnel that are just as important as the security guards in providing a quality security guard service. Special thanks to Officer Chapman, Captain Stack, Officer Cline, Peggy, Officer Traister, Officer Hawk, Kyle, Terry Hoffberg, Officer Sheheed, Officer Forrest, Officer Herndon, Officer Word, Officer Miles, Officer Nunally, Officer Jasper, Drew, and Officer Ellis!!! We really appreciate all the hard work, flexibility, and commitment to quality that these officers and other staff members give each day.

September 9, 2014: On Guard Security is seeking to hire unarmed guards and armed guards in middle Tennessee. We need full-time and part-time private security guards for mostly second and third shift posts in the Nashville area. All applicants must already have a valid Tennessee security guard license. Applicants must already have had experience in the military, law enforcement, corrections, or with another private security guard company. For more information regarding our new job openings, complete the form on the Security Careers page of this website or Contact On Guard Security.

September 8, 2014: I would like to wish Peggy and Kyle a Happy 35th Anniversary on behalf of everyone here at On Guard Security!!

September 5, 2014: Yesterday evening in Antioch, Tennessee a teenager was shot. The incident occurred just before 9 p.m. in Antioch. Few details have been released so far. A male teen suffered from a gunshot wound. Authorities have not released any information about a suspect.
Early Thursday morning in Texas an armed guard shot and killed a homeless man. According to reports, the private security guard had a confrontation with the homeless man because the homeless man refused to leave the property when the security guard asked him to. The private security guard said that the homeless man tried to assault him. The armed guard attempted to get on the opposite side of his vehicle from the homeless man. According to the private security guard, the homeless man became even more aggressive and continued to try to assault him. The armed guard shot the homeless man. The homeless man was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. Authorities have not released the security officer's name. However, the police did reveal that the security guard works for a very large and well-known contract security guard company. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.
It is a very hot day here in Nashville. Private security guards that have inside posts or patrols are very lucky today.

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